Monday, May 2, 2016

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, I had planned on doing a long run today to make up for not doing one Saturday, but instead I ended up on the mountain basically hiking to the waterfall.  I got the most incredible pictures and they somehow vanished from my phone!  I was so sad.  Dang phone! They were amazing.  I nearly broke my leg coming down because I didn't take a real trail and I was slip sliding away big time.  So, I am in no hurry to go back up there.  But I might have to because the waterfall in the spring is so beautiful.  My phone has been trying to give up the ghost all week. Sky helped me find one on KSL but someone bought right before we called.  It was windy and rainy all day today.  I had a huge list of things on my To Do list today and I got a lot of them done thankfully.  It's like that all week.  

dear bryce's birthday party, we celebrated Bryce's birthday a little early due to crazy schedules this weekend.  Bryce requested a Chocolate Haupia pie for the party and so I made got out my tried and true recipe and it turned out so HEAVENLY!  It's my favorite pie in the entire world. I would fly to Hawaii just for a piece of one from Ted's Bakery.  This recipe is pretty close, but not exact, but it will do until I retire in Hawaii.  ;)  It's not hard, just a little time consuming.  But so worth it!  He is going to be 25 on Friday!  Wow!  That is crazy!  

 Happy Birthday to this adorable boy of mine!  
 He didn't want a big party and so we just invited the grandparents.  Taylor came down for it as well.  We watched the NBA playoffs for a bit with my parents.  My Mom was hilarious talking about Curry and one of the commercials she loves that some of the NBA guys are in.  She had tears coming down her face she was laughing so hard.  It was hilarious.
My boys with my parents

Today was 425 day since it's 4/25 at Papa Murphy's and they had Pepperoni Pizzas for $4.25.  The entire free world knew about it because I was in line (in my car) FOREVER!  We doctored it up and added lots of sausage, peppers, etc.  It was tasty!

dear long run, I ended up FINALLY getting in my long run on Tuesday.  I was feeling great at the beginning but midway I felt so slow and lacking energy.  But I made it over 10 and so I was happy.   It tried to rain again and the wind was fierce but it wasn't unbearable.  I saw these hilarious geese on my course.  They are really quite territorial and one of them came at me with it's mouth open ready to attack.  :)
Geese in the air and geese on the ground...  You don't see that everyday.  Dark skies.  Gorgeous scenery

dear hill repeats, I actually drove to the track to do speedwork again, but my phone decided it didn't want to do that again this week.  It totally went dead (full battery - just dies) and I didn't have my Garmin and so I came home and got it and then took off and did FUN FUN FUN hill repeats!  I ran there and back and so I was happy to get in six miles and nine repeats.  It really wasn't that bad. 

dear sick phone, ugh!  My phone has just been misbehaving like a bangee.  Sky has been looking for one for me and he text me this morning (great timing) and said he found a good deal on one in Logan.  I called Taylor and he said he would pick it up for me after work, but the guy said someone else might be looking at it around 3:00 and so I decided to go up myself.  I really had no time, but I need a new phone.  I am always a little concerned about buying electronics from others because Taylor has had some bad experiences.  I was telling Sky that and he said his experience with buying and selling is most people (95%) are honest and aren't trying to screw you.  I hoped he was right.  So I drove up there and picked it up. I paid the seller and went on my merry way.  I had some birthday and Mother's Day shopping to do as long as I was in town so I pulled into a store parking lot and compared the new phone with my old one.  I noticed it looked a bit different than mine. I text Sky and told him I didn't think it looked like a 5.  He asked for the model number and said I was right, it was a the guy screwed us because he advertised it as a 5 and the 5C's aren't worth what I paid.  Great.  Sky also told me the camera in the 5C's aren't as good and so I would probably want to return it.  I tried to call the guy but he didn't answer.  Not good.  I figured he probably wouldn't answer or take it back now.  I told Sky I bet he would not be there when I got to his house.  He said, "I bet he is."  Then he said, "Good things always come back around and you're like the sweetest person I know, so you're due a few good things in life."  Awww... how sweet is that?  And what a great attitude he has about life as well.  That totally and completely made my day. He really is a great kid and I'm always learning from him.  I miss that boy!  I responded back with, "Trust me....I'm not sweet when you mess with me."   I got in my shopping and then headed back to the guy's house.  He was outside and saw me first and said, "Hey!", very nicely.  I was very pleasantly surprised. I explained the problem and I could tell he didn't realize there was a difference between the two and so it was an innocent mistake.  He very willingly gave me back my money.  I feel bad I had misjudged him.  Sky was right.  For the most part, people are nice and honest.  

dear cyclone run, I left pretty early this morning on my run and holy hurricane!  I was literally blown away!  The wind was so strong that it literally pushed me over.  It was insane!  When it was a headwind, I was pretty much running in place!  I really loathe wind, but today I have to say it was actually kind of fun!   I am not sure if I have ever ran in that strong of wind before.  It either slows you down or speeds you up depending on the direction you are going.

dear dead phone, well it finally gave up the ghost and committed suicide today.  I couldn't even get it to power on.  Very frustrating. Mainly the timing of it all.  I ended up running a million errands today and since I had my harp lesson down south, I headed to the Apple Store to see if they could resurrect my phone.  No such luck.  They said it was not going to be risen from the dead.  Well, they actually said there was nothing they could do, but they could sell me another one for almost $300.  No thank you.  I am desperate, but not quite that desperate.  So, no phone!  I can't believe how many times I went to use it and couldn't.  To google an address or a ask Siri a question or to call a store about something or to take a photo.  Not sending text messages was the hardest. When you are in constant contact with people and then suddenly can't be, it is a new experience.  And to think we have only had that ability for less than 15 years or so.  I do not think we realize how easy we have it these days with instant access to everything until we don't.  I prefer having the instant access!  hah

dear shopping/harp lesson, I had SO much to do today.  I did go visit Mona for about 20 minutes because that is all the time I had but I wanted to at least see her for a bit.  She looked much better than she did last week.  Dave says my harp lessons are much more expensive that he thought they would be.  What he meant is I always go shopping after my lesson because I'm already in town.  Today I had Mother's Day gifts to buy, Bryce's birthday gifts to buy, and several returns.  My harp lesson was a group lesson this week, so those are always in the evening.  The lesson was fun.  We are trying to get our recital pieces ready.  We sounded okay.  We had six in the group this time.  Five women and one girl.  It went fast.  I then headed to Krispy Kreme because it was a buy one dozen get one free today.  Not sure how we will eat all those donuts. I did share with a few peeps.  But wish I could take them to Logan to Taylor and his roommates.

dear spring blossoms!  I can't get over how gorgeous the earth becomes in the spring! If only it would last a bit longer. Here are some more pix from our yard.

dear online orders, I ordered a couple of running shirts this week and I was a little surprised at how BOTH of them came packaged from two different company's.  They were wrapped in ribbon and one even included a card!  What?  Yep! I do have to say, I was impressed.  In this gigantic world, it's always nice to be treated as a person instead of a number with payment. 

I ordered this top for Boston.  If I can find what I want to go with it.
dear mr. cat, this may be your best sleep position yet.

dear bryce's birthday!  My middle son is 25 years old!  That's a quarter of a century!  How can that be when I am only 29?  Okay, maybe 39? 
 Oh, how I love this boy! This kid is one of the most amazing people I know!  He truly is. He is so kind and so concerned for others. He spends most of his time either working his tail off or serving others.  He is an incredibly hard worker and if I even mention I need something, it appears before me instantly, almost like magic.  He is just that way.  He is such a great person and is one of the most generous people I know.  He has a kind and quiet nature but has a very loving heart.  His sense of humor always has us laughing.  I love having him around and I know it will be short lived, but so grateful he is at home for now.  I feel so blessed to be his mom.
I took him a giant fritter to wake him up!  He's not into sweets that much, but that thing is as big as your face....bigger! 
Facebook post: *HAPPY * BIRTHDAY* to my handsome son Bryce!!! Thanks for being such an amazing son and good person. You have brightened our lives with your sense of humor and kept us on our toes (and knees!) with your adventurous spirit. I am so grateful for your generous, kind and loving heart. You would gladly give the shirt off your back to anyone. I am so proud of your drive and determination and for what an incredibly hard worker you are. I feel so blessed to be your mom! Thanks for being such an awesome son! I love you bud! Happy 25th Birthday!

dear quotes, 
Thanks Dawn! ;)


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Dawn said...

another birthday of our kids that are so close to each other. Your Bryce sounds so much like my Justin who is born on the 30th. ☺ That pie looks delicious.

Your harp lessons might be more expensive than Dave thought they would be but you are still a very thrifty gal. I admire that...I think I would have bought the phone and I am one thrifty gal as well. I love Sky's attitude and his compliment to his momma! What great kids you have!


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