Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day was awesome this year! 
With my two boys that were home!  I got to chat with Sky in California on the phone and McKay Skyped us the next day. 
I was a little jet lagged still (from the cruise - that post to come soon), but it was raining (my favorite weather) and Dave somehow managed to pull off getting me a corsage even though we got back late Saturday.  The best part was Taylor has moved back for the summer and as we walked into church, he went and sat on the stand.  He was one of the speaker's for Mother's Day.  I had no clue.  He didn't say a word to me.  The little rascal!  I have to admit I was sweating it a bit wondering what he would say, especially after a couple of the other speakers (also returned missionaries) said such nice things about their moms, (yeah, they basically walk on water :)).  Taylor is a big tease - he's always been - and so I knew it was going to be entertaining.  He started out talking about how when I like something, I really like it, sometimes too purple, chocolate, chocolate wrapped in purple, and lighthouses. Of course, anyone that knows me already knows that.  hah  He said he was asked to talk about a few things I have taught him.  He said the first one was gratitude.  He used the example of whenever someone gave him a ride the first thing I asked him was if he thanked them and said I taught him when people did something nice to recognize it.  Hopefully all Mamas do that.  He said I taught him about perseverance.  He said that I like running (a little too much and he thinks it's crazy) and how I wanted to qualify to run Boston but when one of my marathons was 15-20 minutes over my time, he thought there was no way but when I told him I thought I could do it, he said he told me, "Yeah, I'm sure you can.", but was thinking to himself, "There is no way she can cut off that much time.... at least not until she is like 70 and there's no competition!" Everyone laughed.  He said that I worked really hard and surprised him when I BQ'd 12 minutes under my time and that taught him to never give up but believe in success and to keep on believing in yourself.  Wow, the things you learn from the pulpit!  I didn't know that even had an impact on him.  He said that I love lighthouses because they symbolize standing strong in the storms of life and being a beacon of hope to those around us who need our light and guidance and help along the way.  He told them I even have a blog named Beacon of Hope.  I have to admit, I wasn't sure he even knew why I liked them.  I am glad he was actually listening! :)  He then said how I am done with motherhood (What?!!!  Not true!  I'll never be done with that!) and I'm anxiously awaiting grand-motherhood.  He said you can tell when someone starts having birthday parties with presents for their cat that it's time for them to become a grandma.  Sad but trueHe was very entertaining He read some great quotes and did a really good job.  I wasn't too embarrassed....only about the part where after he said some really nice things, he then made sure to tell them that I am not perfect by any means.  Well duh, but no need to announce it from the pulpit!  haha  Taylor's talk was well received because I think everyone would much rather hear about the funny things and imperfections, than another talk on how we are not measuring up.  He knows that I have always hated those kind of talks and so he made sure he didn't give one.  haha  I had to laugh when Johnny teasingly told me that he thought I was perfect anyway.  Ahhh....  I just love our ward.  
One of Taylor's quotes he read: 

I will never forget when Bryce also surprised me by speaking on Mother's Day about 5-6 years ago, I felt like I was attending my own funeral.  He was so sweet and made me feel so good even though he may have went a little overboard and I remember wanting to crawl under my bench a few times.  It was all very nice, and the kind of things you love to hear your children say but preferably not in a public setting.  haha  Well, maybe a funeral, but on Mother's Day not so much because I know how I feel when I hear those kind of talks.  :) Some of them can make me feel like the worst mother on the planet as I compare myself to them.  Mainly because all you hear is the good, not all the faults or imperfections and so I always leave those talks feeling like I can never measure up to the things those perfect mother's do.  Now, I am wise enough to know that there are no perfect mothers.  We are all imperfect in our own way and all perfect in our own way.  And that's okay.  We should never compare ourselves to other mothers because they don't have our children and we don't have theirs.  But, Mother's Day talks tend to make most of us mothers compare ourselves to what is being said from the pulpit.   However, I will always treasure that talk Bryce gave because he said things in that setting that he wouldn't normally say to me and it will always be one of my greatest memories of him. 
I love being their mother! So grateful to celebrate motherhood today. It's the greatest thing that ever happened to me!
So grateful for my own incredible mom! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have her as my mother! She is more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside and that's saying a lot. I've always said, "To know my mom is to love my mom."  You can't help but love this woman when you meet her! I love my Mom more than words can say.  I am very blessed to have her as my mom!
I know how fortunate I am to still have her here!  Most of my friends no longer have their Mamas!  I feel very blessed to still have her around!

These are what my Bryce and Taylor gave me.  There is a massage and lunch coupon there also.  A massage?!!!  Can't wait!!!
This is what Bryce posted on Facebook:
Happy Mother's Day to this skydivin fishcatchin marathon runnin mother of mine. Love you Mom keep living life to the fullest you rock.
Sky's post:
Happy Mother's Day Jodi Mae! Love you!
I am one blessed Mama!
I got a card or letter from each one of my boys (Dave included!).  These are my favorite and most cherished gifts of all!  I love letters from them!  Skyler's totally blew me away.  That kid should be a writer for Hallmark!  McKay sent me an email as well.  Best part of Mother's Day!

I get to Skype with McKay as well, but not until tomorrow.  :(  

After church, Dave made me spaghetti. He felt bad he didn't make a turkey dinner but we got home too late from our cruise for that.  I was grateful for anything!  The boys did the dishes, but they always do (at least help) even when it's not Mother's Day. Then I laid down to catch a few minutes of rest and fell asleep until 4:30!  I was so tired!  We then rushed to my Mom's and had a lot of fun there.
Like this... ↑  It all began very innocently....
I was teasing him by holding up a pie to his face and he dared me to do it.  Serious?  Not a good idea!  I will always dare!  Hah  So I just got him a little...  But that turned into this ↓
And this↓
It was worth it because it was a riot!  And now I have some great shots for the calendar!  :)
My bro is a blast.  He has us laughing non stop and it was a lot of fun to just have some crazy fun! 
Here you can see what a softy he is too... 
Jerry and Winston
A good time was had by all!
My Dad sent me these from his phone after I had already collaged the others.  They are my favorites!

We then headed to Dave's moms.  I am grateful to have such a wonderful mother in law who taught me so much as well.  She has been such a great example to me in so many ways.  No picture though dang!  Dave had to go do a missionary setting apart and so he didn't make it.  When he got home, Mr. Cat showed him some love.  Yeah, he missed him while we were gone, but apparently not me! 
After a while he came over and jumped on my lap.  He didn't lay down or stay long but did lay on my papers.  Maybe that is his way of showing me love.  :) I'll take it!

We got to Skype with McKay on Monday!  I was so excited!
He called at a very hard time....5:00 pm Monday when only Bryce and I were home.  Dave and Taylor was still at work and so that was a bummer.  It took us several attempts to get the connection right.  We wasted at least 30 minutes of our talking time doing that!  We had Sky connected in from California so that was good. 
Dave got home around 5:45 but McKay had to get off at 6:00 so his comp could call his family.  Taylor was on his way home and so McKay said he would call back after his comp Elder Roosa was done and hopefully it would all work better.  He called back after 90 minutes and we got to talk for about 20 more minutes.  We had Taylor that time, but no Sky.
He is showing us some Russian money.  He told us that he loves his area and that he just got back from his Visa trip to Korea.  He loves it there as well. 
He looked great and sounded good and was so upbeat.  He is still loving it over there and it was so good to talk to him!  Definitely the best part of Mother's Day even if it was a day late!  It's always so tough to hang up though.  I always shed a few tears because it's just so hard! Groan.....  I now have to wait 8 months before I can talk to him again!  Oh, how I love this boy!  I love all my boys so very much!  I am so blessed to be their mother.  

Motherhood is the greatest calling in the world!


Audrey said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! You deserve it!

Nancy Mc said...

I agree 100% about Mother's Day. Too many times in the past I have compared myself to 'other mothers'. I'm trying to get out of that comparing mode.
It sounds like you had a great Mother's Day! So happy that you got the Mother's Day call from your missionary. Something I remember looking forward to for months.


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