Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Feeling frustrated and relieved at the same time.  I worked for quite a while on a blog post (a Monday Memo post) and spent a lot of time adding many photos and it has disappeared.  Just gone.  Last week, my posts were duplicating and I had one post that appeared four times.  Now this week, my post is just gone!  I got on here to finish up last week's Monday Memos but I can't bring myself to redo everything I lost and so I decided instead to do a post about my feelings of last night's election results.  That's where the "relieved" part comes in.
When I turned on the television last night to see where things were standing, the very first thing I saw on the screen was "Hilary Projected Winner".  I wasn't one bit surprised.  Disappointed yes, but not surprised.  As I sat there watching, I kept hearing the reporters say over and over how Trump was leading in many states that he wasn't projected to win and as more and more results came in, it kept getting better.  You could tell they were almost in shock what was going on.  I soon realized that the "projected winner" sign I saw earlier for Hilary, was for only one of the states that just turned in their results. Trump was in the lead!
What?  Could it be true?  I have to admit I was trying not to get my hopes up because I have seen how fast things can turn.  But, instead it kept looking more and more hopeful.  You could tell the reporters were a bit stunned by what was going on.   Some were clearly excited and others clearly upset.  It was one of those shock and awe moments that felt almost surreal.  But real it was!  Trump managed to pull it off! 
I have felt for a long time that this year's Presidential election was basically in the bag for Hilary, yet I still had a very dim flicker of hope for Trump.  However, deep down I really didn't think there was a snowflake's chance in H E double hockey sticks for him to win. 
This election will become historical due to the fact that Hilary was projected to win in all the polls and yet Trump unexpectedly arose as the victor. I am still in shock.  Also, I don't think there has been another time in history where a Presidential race has been so vicious and ugly. The two candidates spent more time tearing down one another than they ever did on the issues at hand or on policy changes.  It has been a race filled with hate, name calling, mudslinging, accusations, and just plain attacks against one another.  Social media has been ugly for months and I am so tired of reading all the hateful and very opinionated posts that have been going on nonstop for months.  I for one, am exhausted!  EXHAUSTED!  And relieved it's over!
Trump is not someone I would ever think would be a prime choice for our next President, but he was the lesser of the two evils in my eyes.  I absolutely could not vote for Hilary who has committed treason and has endangered our country.  It really came down to if I want my children and grandchildren growing up in a conservative America or liberal America?  I cannot condone or support someone who thinks it's okay to abort a child up to and including their due date. I cannot condone or support someone who wants to limit my freedom of religion, speech, or the right to bear arms. This is a great nation founded on Christian principles, morals, and integrity. I think those of us that voted for Trump understand that even though he was not the best we could do for a choice for the presidency, he is what we got and God uses the most flawed of us for His purposes.  Winston Churchill was shockingly crude, rude, ill mannered and yet, look at the great things that man accomplished.  He is credited by many as saving the western world during WWII.   

My vote for Trump not was based on his policies per say or on his personality (definitely not on that!) but on what would happen to the Supreme Court if he did not win.  The future of our country due to that fact alone is what my vote ultimately came down to.  Read more about that HERENeither candidates are paragons of virtue and both have many flaws. I guess my vote was mainly a vote against Hilary rather than a vote for Trump.  As it was for many people.  But mainly a vote for getting back the America we once had and cherished.  I pray he can help us get there.

When I woke up this morning, I had a big grin on my face that I couldn't help.  I am so grateful that we actually might get our beloved America back!  I am anxious to see the changes that will come about now that are long overdue.  I am especially anxious to see the riddance of Obamacare (crossing my fingers) along with so many other things (lack of jobs) that have brought our country to the point it's at.  One of the things that has bothered me most during this whole drama infested race is the policy on late term abortions.  To say I am relieved is truly an understatement in so many ways.  I feel at peace and very hopeful!  Something I haven't felt for this country in many, many years.  
Now to find a way for our nation to become united again and heal the divisions this race has caused.  That, in and of itself is going to take a long time and a lot of prayer.  But my hope has been restored in the American people and I believe with love and gratitude (the two most powerful forces in the Universe in my opinion), it can be done.  

LOVE for our country.  No matter who we voted for, we are blessed to live in a promised land where we are given the FREEDOM to choose!  And in this country, if you run for President and get the votes, you become the President.  We may not like the results, but it's still a glorious thing because WE THE PEOPLE get to choose!


GRATITUDE for that freedom and the acceptance that even though we might not all believe the same, THAT is the blessing of freedom because our beliefs are not forced upon us, WE get to CHOOSE them!   

America is a blessed land and I feel honored to be a citizen of this great country!
May God ever bless our nation!


Nancy Mc said...

Well said! My sentiments exactly. The future of the supreme court was my reason for voting for Trump.

Audrey said...

You lost everything for your post? How frustrating! Your post is full of good, well thought-out comments. Thanks for posting.

Jodi Wilding said...

Audrey, yes I did! Blogger has been having issues lately and I think it all relates back to what I showed you in that email. One time it published a post four times! Actually it's done that a few times. And then this time my entire post was gone except the title and heading. I had downloaded all the pix and they were no where to be found. Now I fear it will keep happening. Let me know if you hear of anyone else having issues.

Dawn said...

great post!

Dawn said...

I actually thought about just copying it ☺


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