Monday, January 23, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear behind, not MY behind, but being behind on my blog.  I am trying to catch up but once you get behind, it's so hard!  I feel like Lucy only I don't get to eat all that chocolate to catch up! 
This made me smile!

dear monday, I didn't run because I was meeting Tracy and Sheila to go to the Secret Haven Boutique's going out of business sale.  I spent way too much $$$ on ribbon.  They have the cutest ribbon on the planet, but I shouldn't have gotten so carried away!  That's about all I bought!  I did buy a necklace and some of the napkins to match my valance material that I still haven't sewed yet.  We were going to go to lunch, but we spent so much time shopping that it got too late and I had a few errands to run before I headed home. 

When I did get home, I just was BEAT and feeling so tired.  That is not really like me.  I went upstairs and rested on chair and fell asleep.  I needed it.  Feeling so wiped out!  I think it was my first chance to just chill since Christmas and it finally caught up with me.

dear tuesday, I got up at 5:30 am to practice harp because I was too tired the night before.  That was the ONLY time I practiced all week!  Ugh!  It has been so busy!  I just haven't had time.
 Mr. Cat came in and just sat on the couch and listened to me practice.  It's almost like he has missed it! lol  See the name of that song?  AMEN to that!!!

dear photos, I am in desperate need of a new profile picture and so on a good hair day (which is very rare!) I attempted to get a good one to replace my current one.  They are unprofessional and the background matches my shirt, but they will do for now.  Only now, I can't decide which one to choose because I am not changing it again for a long time mainly because every time you change it Facebook plasters it out there and everyone sees that you changed it, whereas in the past, you could just change it every day if you wanted and no one had a clue.  I changed it all the time back then.  But now, I HATE HATE HATE changing it because then people feel obligated to comment on it.  And, it doesn't matter if you look like Hilda the Haggy Witch, they will say nice things about it and for me, that is embarrassing.  I also have this fear of if I die soon, what picture will Dave choose for my obit photo.  I am hoping he would choose my current profile picture but the one I have now is not what I would want.  So, I am going to add one of these.  Any votes on which you like best would be helpful. They are numbered.  I can also remove the vignette borders.


 I am leaning towards this one ↑↓. The above is unedited and the bottom is edited some.  I enlarged these so you can see the difference.  Not sure if I want it that edited or just go with the top one that shows the aging process...haha.    #3 ↑ and #4↓



dear harp lesson, my lesson actually went good, even though I only practiced once. After my lesson, I ran to Park Station really quick.  Dave was off today and so I tried to get home.  I saw these purple chairs that I fell in love with!  I am just not sure where I would put them unless I redo my piano room.  Hmm.... so in love!
I worked on my blog for a while trying to catch up.  Then I went Visiting Teaching to Kim.  We met her at her mom's this time.  I think we stayed too long though!  An hour is too long for a visit but everyone kept talking!

dear wednesday,  I ran five miles and it really felt good.  I even found three pennies!  It was a cold day.  

I wanted to hibernate but I had to go to Walmart and a few other places but when I got home I had to satisfy a rare craving for hot split pea soup like they used to make at Gable House in St. George. Perfect for a cold winter night. It was so GOOD!  And HOT!  Anyone remember that place? The food was amazing. It was the first time I tried split pea soup and I have loved it every since.  Dave and I also went there on our honeymoon.  It has since closed.

Used recipe on the back of bag.

Dave had meetings and so I went upstairs and snuggled up in my heated blanket.  That is the only way I can get warm since my fireplace has been broken! 

dear thursday, I ran this morning in the snow.  It was so pretty though!  I only got in two miles. Oh well.  It was rather slick, but just so peaceful.

I had on my snow tires today!

I came home and shoveled the driveway and then met Bonnie at Maddox for lunch for her birthday.  I forgot to take pictures!  We had a very long lunch as we usually do. Only three hours this time instead of four though!  hah  She is the sweetest friend and we caught each other up on our lives.  I got talking about some of the things I've been struggling with and she was so sweet that I started to cry.  I NEVER do that!  At least not in a restaurant - haha.  She is an amazing friend and I love our talks.  
My hair matched the curls in my scarf today. 

dear stake yw basketball, the season has started!  I forgot I had to make the candy bar medals until I was on my way. I had to rush home and hurry and make them.  It was SO snowy that I didn't think anyone would show up, but they did.  It was a fun time.  I am excited to start a new season.  It was fun talking to the women I work with.  

When I got home Dave was eating clam chowder that Bro. Wuthrich brought by.  That was so nice of him.  

dear friday, I think I should have stayed in bed today! It was one of those days. ☻ I got up early and practiced piano and the harp and then headed out west to run.  I decided to come back east to see if the roads were better and I parked at the school and ran from there and decided to do my long run.   I went on the sidewalks at Pioneer Park to take a phone call and that was a mistake because I stepped on a patch of black ice underneath the snow and fell!  HARD!  I hit my head on the icy covered cement.  It hurt so bad!  I laid there in shock and cried.  I am not sure if I was crying because of the pain or because all of my discouragement over my Boston training (or lack of) suddenly came to a head (literally!) when I hit and I honestly thought I had really hurt myself and Boston could be out. I heard a car and so that motivated me to get up.  I was grateful no one witnessed my ungraceful fall and that no bones were broken I sat in the baseball dugout for a bit until I felt I could get moving again.  I was going to call Dave for a ride but my phone suddenly died or frozeSo, I had no choice but to run the two miles back to my car.  Oh, the bouncing hurt my head, but I was so grateful I could even still run!  

The aftermath

When I got home I told Dave what happened and just cried haha. That is really not like me but just felt a little overwhelmed and discouraged.  He checked me out and all seemed fine but he wants to make sure I don't get a head bleed.  He had brought lunch home from the clinic from Zuppas.  That cheered me up!  It was a mango salad.  They are sooooo good.  I didn't feel well the rest of the day.  I did manage to get out and try and find a phone case because I was SO grateful it didn't crack when I fell.  It went flying as did my sunglasses and gloves.  Just when I thought my bad luck streak had ended!

dear saturday, I was really hoping to get in my long run, but I felt crappy so I didn't even run at all.  I prepared my Sunday School lesson and practiced the piano. I was also asked to talk in RS tomorrow about when I knew the Book of Mormon was true and so I prepared that.  I made Rice Krispy Treats for my SS class.  Dave was home all day.  That was rare. We both stayed home all day.  I did get a bit of rest because I wasn't feeling well.  Not sure if I am getting sick or it was the effects from yesterday's fall. But it was snowing like crazy and so I kind of hibernated and watched a couple movies.

dear sunday, I still didn't feel too great, but I had a full day and so I got ready and was going to run to McKay's friend Spencer's farewell, but I decided to bag it.  In Sacrament,  Mont was released as Bishop and Johnny was put in as our new Bishop.  Janzen and Brian are his counselors.  They will all do fabulous. They all gave great talks as well.  I am sure going to miss Mont and his family.  I taught SS and had six kids there, three more than I planned on. I had to go make more copies.
Then I played piano in RS and somehow made it through the opening song because it was tough.  Then Glenda had me talk about when I first knew the Book of Mormon  was true.  I said how I LOVED Seminary and soaked it all in and put so many questions in the Q&A box and how I felt that everything I was learning was familiar...... instead of paraphrasing, I am going to just post my notes:
Some people have a powerful experience with the Book of Mormon the first time they open it, but for others the witness of the truthfulness comes a bit more slowly and gradually as they read and pray about it.

I was raised in an inactive home.  When I was 14, I started attending Seminary and I felt like a whole new world was open to me.  My teacher had a Q & A box and I took full advantage of it.  We could ask anonymous questions.  I put at least one question in the box every day.  My mind was full of curiosity!  Yet, everything I was learning felt familiar. It was as if I had always known these things to be true, and was simply casting light on something that was always and deeply rooted my heart.

When I opened the Book of Mormon, it was as if a sense of peace came over me. I cannot tell you the exact time or place that it happened, but sometime as I read and studied it, I started sensing somethingI felt the power and the spirit of that book whenever I opened it.   The feeling grew as I continued to read.
I tell my SS class what Pres. Benson said that there is a power that comes from that book from just opening it.  It is a very unique and sacred book.  
After I read it, I put Moroni's promise to the test to know if it was true and I did in fact receive a burning in my chest.  But even before I knelt down to offer that prayer, I knew it was true. I didn't really even have to ask.  I just somehow knew.
I certainly never doubted it's truthfulness or thought Joseph Smith was a fraud.  If Joseph Smith somehow wrote this book at the age of 20…how could he have acquired so much wisdom?  I never doubted that he translated it by the power of God, but he did not write it.  I have a strong testimony that this book was translated by Joseph Smith and I am so grateful for all he sacrificed so we could have it.
But even with all that aside, I just knew this book was a literal gift from Heavenly Father sent here to bless our lives.  I thank Joseph Smith for the sacrifice he made so that I can have this blessing in my life every single day.

dear SKYPE with Carson, when I got home from church I was practicing the harp and my phone rang and it was Sky calling to Skype!  Carson was so stinkin' cute ! We Skyped for over an hour.  He wanted me to show him each room in the entire house. It was hilarious.  I told him I was going to send him a package and asked what he wanted me to send him and he said a panda blanket but Sky told him I already gave him a scary bear blanket and so he said he wanted a Mickey Mouse toy.  He was sad when we had to hang up and cried and said he wanted to come to my house.  He isn't aware that Sky will be heading back here in about 10 days.  I am not sure how it will all work out, but somehow it will.
The rest of the day, I pretty much hibernated.  We got a lot more snow and it was nice to be able to just chill. This snow is getting crazy deep!
dear mckay, Brrrrr.....  Though I am feeling a bit tougher now that we have experienced the same temps a couple weeks ago!  Still, I am not sure HOW you do it all winter long!!!
This is McKay's current companion Elder Lawrence. He is the one that built the Book of Mormon with him.  I really wanted a photo of them together by it, but after I requested that McKay told me it had already melted.  
Check out that icicle!  Our Russian flag getting a bit chilled.  haha

dear mr. cat, my sentiments exactly!
dear random,  a few photos I found from the past few weeks...
Taylor posted this on Snapchat.  Look at that sweet face!  I miss him!
 I want to frame this!!!!  SO GORGEOUS!!!

Bryce posted this on Snapchat from Idaho Falls before Christmas
Mary sent this to me. I made Weston's favorite raspberry fudge for their anniversary
Taylor and roomies Christmas tree.  Those are empty boxes they wrapped. haha

Taylor's snapchat post
 More of Taylor's snaps...

dear facebook memory, this ↓ popped up on my memories and as I read through the comments, I was laughing so hard. I decided to save it on here.  It was FIVE years ago that I did this crazy stunt when I decided to hurdle at the high school track.  What I didn't know as an experienced hurdler is that they were turned the WRONG way and so there was no give and my leg caught and instead of the hurdle going down, the hurdler (me!) went down!  Hard!  After this week's fall, I decided this was appropriate.  lol
January 17, 2012 at 11:37am
GOOD news-----> Ribs not fractured. BAD news-----> Ribs cracked.
Lungs fine, other than I can't breathe =)
Hurdling is off the menu for a for the rest of my life! Unless of course I learn to hurdle with the hurdles facing the right direction.

No automatic alt text available.David Reber... Maybe you should stick to the pole vault 
Jodi .... Maybe I should just stick to simply running! =)
Teresa Slaughter... OMGosh so sorry to hear you were injured :-( Definitely a good idea to stick to running! Once we reach a certain age, I think its best to stick with the simple exercises in life :-) Love ya and hope you mend quickly (unfortunately this type of injury takes FOREVER!)
Bryce ... this is what happened to you? why would you put your hands on?
Jodi ... LOL- no Bryce I didn't put my hands on it! The hurdle was turned the wrong way and so when my leg hit it - it didn't have any give and I took it down with me.
Sandy Bunderson... Silly lady. Wow I sure wish someone would of been there with a camera or better yet camcorder. Would of been a great one to share.
Jodi ...Yes, it would have definitely made millions on America's Funniest Home Videos!
Heidi Coon Wheatley.... i had no idea you actually HURT yourself! hahahaha! I only laugh because I can totally picture this happening....were you alone? I"ll bring you chocolate. Helps rib injuries. I read that.
Patricia Biggs ....Ouch.....
Jodi ....Yes I was alone! I am sure if someone (like YOU) had been with me, I either wouldn't have attempted such an idiotic feat, or you would have talked me out of it! Chocolate is ALWAYS welcome!!!!!!!!! =)
Karen Olson Windley.... I didn't know you hurt yourself either, silly girl you're no 16 anymore :o(
Jodi  ....Yeah I know. My body knows...just not my mind! I think it got a wake up call this time though! lol
Bonnie Hall Mortensen.... I too ran on the BEHS track yesterday and I too saw the hurdles. However! I thought to
myself "NO". And ran AROUND them.
Jodi....  That's because you aren't 50 thinking you are still 20! The brain cells are still intact! Lol. Did you see any hurdles knocked over backwards???
Colleen Connolly.... Oh Bummer. You get to watch lots of movies and take it easy now..... Glad your breathing.
Frank Sarver....cracked ribs is no fun - been there, sorry about that. Hurdling though, good for you! More folks our age should be like that!
Marilyn Parrish.... I ran hurdles in high school. When you crash, it hurts. So sorry!
Dawn Marie Ropelato.... if you weren't 50 you would have probably noticed you were jumping from the wrong 50 every side looks like the other ;)
Dawn Molgard Spencer ....Oh Jody, I am so sorry!
Kendall K Gillespie.... omg, would you please be more careful and get some rest!
Melanie Allsop Carlson.... Jodi- I can't believe it! You really need to be more careful:)
Cassie Hunsaker.... Oh my Jodi !!! You take it easy for a bit and get better soon !!! (((((((((((((((( gentle hugs )))))))))))))))!!!
Lisa Waldron.... Ohh my goodness hope you heal fast.
Lisa Waldron.... What was Dave's reaction to all of this??
Jodi .... Colleen - I only wish it were that easy! haha @ Frank - I like your thinking and I must say I agree!!! @ Marilyn - hurt my ego that's for sure! @ Dawn- The truth is I thought I WAS jumping from the right side! :/ @Kendall and Mel - I didn't think I was being dangerous, thought I would easily clear it! If I wasn't being careful I would have attempted the much higher one! lol @Cassie and Dawn - thank you! @ Lisa - Dave just laughed and called me a crazy lady. He's used to my adventures! lol
Michael Todd.... Will you be healed in time for the London Olympics?
Jodi .....Yes Mike, that is the plan! Cross your fingers! =)
Gina Talbot SmedleyGina Talbot Smedley..... OMG, Jodi...I just read this...what were you thinking? I hear cracked ribs sister cracked hers a few months back...Has anyone told you we might look young but we aren't to be out jumping hurdles! lol Good grief girl...take it easy!! :D
Linda Garrett.... Oh Jodi Mae!!! What excitement will you get yourself into next??? :)
Jodi .... Trust me I hear ya! I guess I figured if I could jump out of an airplane, what's a little hurdle! lol I found out quick enough! Good thing I have all you fellow 50 pals to keep me "grounded" - lol :)
Jodi .... Not sure Linda, but let's hope it's not painful!
John Cox ....I hear there is now an Olympic event for this, "hurdle pushing"
Jodi .... Is there one for hurdle tripping??
John Cox that's what happens when someone sets the hurdle up the wrong way
Jodi .... Or jumps them going the wrong way!!!!
Jodi ....The main lesson I've learned from this goes along with what I've always said, "You're only as young (or as old) as you feel!" So keep hurdling, BUT... just know when you need to shorten the distance!
Stacy Jardine.... I hope you feel better soon

dear quotes
I KNOW this to be a fact!
Including CARBS!  They will betray you! :)
   A lot of running quotes because I am feeling like such a slacker and I need them.

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Dawn said...

Hey Friend...I'm sad that you haven't felt very good. You seem to be like me and seldom get sick. I'm glad your weren't hurt more on your run/slip YIKES! As far as your pictures...they are all fabulous....out of the two you like best I would go with 4. That's probably because I like the softer look which might mean a little more touching up. They were so close though that it wouldn't matter. Sometimes I leave a few wrinkles on my neck just to be more real...but I still prefer to edit them out. I don't think they belong to me and they really shouldn't be there. ☺


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