Monday, September 4, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, Taylor left for Logan.  It's his last year of college and he still has no where to live.  They have a few prospects, so I'm not worried and I'm enjoying the fact that he will be coming home for a while still to eat and sleep!  
I tried to plan our 35th Anniversary trip but got nowhere.  Dave's schedule is frustratingly impossible to plan around sometimes. I imagine we will end up not going anywhere (again) but to dinner.  Oh well.  Went on my run but had to walk because I was pretty sore from the half marathon.  I made it six miles. I found two pennies and a really cool purple ball.  Hah! I took some secenry pix.  We do live in a beautiful world. 
 We had BLT's for dinner.  I LOVE fresh out of the garden tomatoes!  One of my favorite sandwiches ever is a BLT. I even love just plain tomato and mayo sandwiches. So good!  I should have taken a photo of the sandwiches.  One of my favorite parts of summer.
Robin brought me a birthday present.  She felt bad it was so late but said she couldn't find the perfect thing and she was so excited when she found the framed quote because it relates so well to our running.  She is sweet.  I told her she isn't late because I celebrate all month!  
Taylor brought me these home from Hawaii for my birthday too.

dear tuesday, I ran six miles today and felt really good.  I love runs where I feel great!  It doesn't happen often enough and so I savor every mile when it does! I found two pennies too!  
 I headed to Ogden for lunch with the Sistas.  We met at Bickering Sisters.  Here's the invite I made:
It was a lot of fun and I was so excited that Lori Oram came.  She hasn't come for a while.  We had a good time chatting and taking pictures.  The food was really yummy as well.   
 We all were wearing Alex and Ani bracelets so we had to get a shot of them.
 Dawn made a cuter version:
I ran to the running store after and decided to buy some of this powder drink mix to use for my fueling.  It's called Tailwind. I have to try something new because I am tired of getting sick and I can no longer take the gels or blocks without getting sicker.
The people at Strider's told me it is really good and it's all they need when they run a marathon.  I am excited to see how it goes.  Hoping it works!  :(  I then went to mom and dad's and visited for a couple hours.   I took my Dad the hat Taylor got him from Turtle Bay. He liked it!
SO TRUE!  One of the hottest summers on record! One of my fave signs that they've ever posted!  
Dave made a steak dinner tonight with a killer salad loaded with all the garden harvest. I can't believe I didn't take a picture!  Taylor and CJ and McKay were all here. McKay here. It was great!  I took McKay shopping for a few groceries because he text me earlier today saying he had no food.  Poor kid.  What mother can resist that?  Not this one.  Dave was at meetings.  I was dead tired.  My stomach was churning all night. Didn't sleep well.  :(
dear wednesday, I did hill repeats today.  I was so happy I got to 15. It really wasn't too bad because I tried to stay focused mentally only on the repeat I was on and not think of how many I had left to do.  I am amazed how much that helped.  But it was HOT! 
I love being up to see the sunrise!  I thought this looked like the eclipse in reverse because of the round dot in he center.
I actually found a dime on the hills.  That is NOT a normal place to find one.  When I find dimes I think of my Grandma Mae.  I felt her with me today.  I know my loved ones are there with me sometimes.  It truly is a comfort.
 I had an Ortho appt and I am so excited because I am finally getting to the end.  It's taken much longer than I planned.  I really want to be done!  I got a slushie for my bday though!  Mmm...
I did my VT alone because it was the end of month and we hadn't made appts.  I had fun at Bev's.  She is the sweetest.  She told me I have aged well and I look 35 and that I have no wrinkles.  Hmmm...  I guess she needs her eyes checked. She said we see ourselves differently than others do.  However, when it comes to wrinkles, I'm pretty sure I see what others see.  A LOT!  But I love people who make you feel good when you are the one supposed to be doing that for them. I need to do better at that.  :( 
Love Mr. Cat!
Karen sent me this and said Mickey has the best math tutor around.  How cute is that?  I am glad Sky is staying there because it will be good for him to be around them.  They are a great family.

dear thursday,  it was raining this morning.  When I headed out I only planned on running five miles but once I got going I felt so good, I decided to go 10.  I called Dave and had him bring me my music and take my rain jacket.  I loved it!  I also found three pennies!   
Sometimes I find pennies in the most remote places, like I did today.  That's when there is no doubt they ARE pennies from heaven.
 I made a couple of fresh peach pies!  Peaches are on!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh peaches!  SO good!
 Here's my peach pie recipe I love!  The pie crust is a good one too.
Dave's Dad hurt his back and so I also made a spaghetti dinner for Dave's parents. I ended up with a killer headache which didn't put me in the best mood. It's been a rough week.  hah  Been fighting this headache all week. I have also been really tired this week for some reason. :(  Not looking forward to my 20 miler tomorrow. On a good note, Taylor home found an apt!  Yea!  
Saw this in the pkg lot.  Haha  Love it!

dear friday, I got up early to do my long run.  We were going to run the canyon but Robin woke up with a bad feeling about running it and so we did Perry route instead. I usually have a bad feeling about running it because I know it's not the safest place, but it's the only downhill and huge uphill.  I was glad.  
Isn't this the cutest picture ever?  We saw the CUTEST cows on our run!  And I mean the CUTEST!  Baby calves!  What could be cuter!  AND....they let me pet them!  That has NEVER happened!  Cows usually are scared to death of people and run away, but not these guys!  I pet one and he slobbered all over me, but it was okay because I was so happy I got to pet one. I just love cows! 
'Twas a moo-ving experience!
Today I tried my new fueling Tailwind and LOVED IT!  Oh man, I am so excited!  No stomach issues and I felt strong the entire run!  That has not happened in forever! Now I know why some people don't mind long runs!  Why did it take me so long to discover this stuff! Wow!  I can't even tell you how happy I am that I found something that won't make me sick and I don't have to gag down!  AND...I finished strong!  I feel like I discovered a new planet or something!   And, I didn't have to eat anything else with it at all.  It did make me thirsty however.  But, I haven't been this excited about running in forever!  Just knowing I am not going to get that sick feeling in St. George, makes me ecstatic!  I ended up using two full packets for the 20 miles. It was funny when we stopped at Old Grist and I took it out to mix it.  I had this little bag full of white powder.  I'm sure some peeps were wondering what I was doing.  Hah
Photo from one of our other 20's around Mantua
We had fun.  Had a good heart to heart after about kids.  After I got out of the shower, Sky was here!  We skyped with Carson.  Oh, he is just so cute!  He showed me a picture of a purple cat he drew just for me.  He is seriously adorable. I sent him a package with some fun panda stuff.  He was talking about some Panda glue he saw and wanted but it was broken.  I actually bought him that exact glue and sent it in his package without having any idea.  Crazy!  
Sky and I went to Smith's caselot sale.  We had fun chatting. I have missed him.  Dave got home late.  Sharon K brought us a peach cobbler. Mmm so good!  We even had ice cream!  I got some of my blog caught up. Didn't practice the harp though! UGH!  :(

dear saturday,  I was a bit sore from the 20 but I got out and did a run/walk.  I was on the phone talking to my Mom and saw Robin on her bike when I was in the hs pkg lot.  We chatted for a while and she rode a long side me for a bit. OI then scoured the pkg lot and found a load of change! School must be back in session!  Hah
Robin on her bike after our little meet up.
93 cents total!  18.6 cents per mile today! Who says running doesn't pay?
I ran back home and worked in the yard for over two hours pulling lots of weeds and trimming.  I even found more coins.  Oh man, it was one HOT day!  I was sweating bad.  I was still feeling really tired.  Probably dehydrated.  
The deer have destroyed my pot plants this year!  These were SO stunning at the beginning of the summer. They started to die while we were in Alaska and then the deer finished them off.  But there is still SOME green and flowers and so I hate to toss them in case they come back.  Yeah, right!
Then I chatted with Sky. Love having him home.  The deer were entertaining us.  The babies are so dang cute and there are several of them.
I practiced the harp finally.  I was very relieved I hadn't lost it all.  Figured I would be starting over. Dave was off and was helping poor Bryce finish the building. That kid   worked from 7 a.m. Friday morning until 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning straight!  No break!  That kid is the hardest worker I know.   And he does it even in pain....his back always hurts him.  He then left for the Elk Bow Hunt.  Sky and I had dinner together cause Dave was gone until late.  I practiced piano for RS and worked on my SS lesson until my computer froze so I went to bed.
 How gorgeous are these?  Really gorgeous until I found out Dave picked them all to can.  Ugh!

dear sunday,  I got up early and finished working on lesson. My lesson went really well.  I enjoy having Ben in my class. He contributes a lot and I like that. His dad stays but that's okay.  I played piano in RS and didn't even slaughter the songs too bad this week. Hah  I came home and Taylor and McKay were here!  We had a yummy roast dinner and then I made Taylor a bday cake for his party.  He wanted this lemon blueberry cake he found online and so I made it for him.  It was tasty.  
I cleaned the house and then everyone came for the party.  I was going to have it at the park but it was 96 degrees outside at 6 pm!  It was fun.  After everyone left, we hung out and it was so nice to have all the boys home again.  
42 or 24?  hah
Mr. Cat has a huge infection on the side of his cheek that I think he is going to need a visit to the vet or some antibiotics. I should have taken a picture of it.


Nancy Mc said...

I love, love, LOVE the first picture of the calf with the sunflowers!
Cool that you found something to take while running. I thought maybe I should try it...then maybe I could run. I am shocked how much money you find while running.
The peaches look absolutely delicious. Nothing like a Brigham peach!

Audrey said...

Kim and I ended up doing NOTHING for our 35th anniversary. It should have been the awesome because it is just a milestone, but I guess we just have to deal with what life gives us.
I just love how you find so many fun things to photograph during your runs. You are so amazing to keep at running with injuries and the time it takes. I'm glad you found something to help.


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