Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mother's Night for Football!

Our high school got a new football coach this year and he is more than awesome! He has made changes that were way over-due! Besides that he has implemented many new and exciting things, one which included a MOTHERS NIGHT.

Mothers Night was designed to teach the basics of football to the moms (sisters and grandmas were also welcome). I loved that idea!!!! With five boys under my belt, you would expect I would know a lot about the game. But I have to admit, I still ask a lot of questions during the game on why a certain call was made, or what in the heck just happened. This was a great help to me and the other moms.

We were taught the basics of the game via a white-board. Coach Gunter explained the positions and the plays that they use. He made it sound like it was a very simple and easy game. Not so. I was shocked how many plays these boys have to memorize! And the brain power involved in determining what play to implement. Coach tried to downplay it, but it takes more brains than brawn!

The boys then got out on the floor and demonstrated where each position was. We then went outside and got to learn our son's position and the basic drills they do every day. Then WE (the moms) got to do the drills! Fun- fun!!! We were coached by our sons and the coaches. What a great opportunity for moms and sons!

We are gathered outside to learn some plays and drills.

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Here's ME catching a pass from Mitch the QB!

Here's my friend and his mom Marilyn throwing a pass to him!

Marilyn running with the ball through the barriers!

My turn!

Me hitting hard!!!!
:D Heh- heh

Mitch and Marilyn pushing the sled....

Me trying to push the sled....alone!

Taylor to the rescue!!!

We even gathered for a pep talk and a cheer after!!!

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It was a very fun and informative evening! Now maybe my boys won't always snicker at me for asking so many "dumb" football questions! They might even be shocked when I tell them why a flag was thrown on a play. Well, okay, maybe I shouldn't go that far. But at least, I got some positions and a few plays downs. :D



LarryG said...

ummm... well.. once again Jodi is Amazing@!!!

Dawn said...

Sounds like a great idea!

Doran & Jody said...

Yep, I also think this is a great idea!!!


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