Saturday, December 3, 2011

Turkey Trot and Snowman Shuffle


On my way to the big trot...

It was pretty chilly this year!

AFTER the race..
The only real difference is we are standing on opposite sides. It was so cold that everything else, hair, make-up, sweat, smiles, all froze in place!

Oh my Gizzards! I won 1st Place! And that means a TURKEY!
McKay will be so disappointed!
He wanted a pie which meant I had to get 2nd or 3rd.
It is a four mile killer race. I have never once enjoyed it, so not sure why I keep doing it. I guess because it puts food on the table! Gobble gobble! I ran it in 35 something this year. I think my best time was 34 something a few years ago, but I am very happy with my time! Especially since now I am in the geezer division! haha

With Jen and our winnings!

This puppy weighed in at over 13 lbs!
It was worth the trot!

I'm going to leave him out here until Thanksgiving since I have no doubts he will stay completely FROZEN! (jk!)

I'm not sure how many years I have run this one, but it's at least four. It was VERY VERY cold this year. Many didn't show up that registered this year because of the temps! I was tempted to join them!

There was still a large turnout though considering the chilliness!

Posing with some buds after!

Attempting to do a jumping picture...
As you can see it didn't work!

Another attempt...

With Robin and our hardware!
I won 1st place for the second year in a row. Yes that means I got another one of those deliriously cute snowman trophies!!! LOVE LOVE IT!

I ran it in 25:18. I came in 19th overall! Wow! That is the best overall placement I have ever had! I was surprised- yet very happy! Maybe I am a real runner now! I even had in my sight the woman who always takes the overall prize for the first two miles. I think I was about 5th overall for the women. Not bad considering there were over 80 entries! Maybe all this running in the early morning and bitter cold doing hill repeats and laps and speed work IS worth it after all!

I was so freezing! But so excited with my new trophy!

My Kit Kat is happy too!

Isn't that the cutest thing ever?! A RUNNING SNOWMAN!

I felt like a real Snowman after this one!
It is most definitely Decemburr.....

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