Monday, December 5, 2011

We've Adopted!!!

Yes, it's true! We've finally adopted! It is something I have been hoping and waiting for forever! Thankfully the long wait is over!
Introducing KIT KAT!
Isn't he precious???? Oh, I LOVE him!
He struts around like a King. We almost named him Ramzeys.
This ↓ is his ride home with me. He was in an enclosed box, but escaped within seconds. I put him back in the box and put my purse on top, but he still got out! He was climbing on the dashboard and all over the car before we arrived home. I finally set him on my lap knowing that would be safer. He liked that and started to just purr....

Those of you that know me and Dave well, know that this is some kind of a miracle. Dave is NOT fond of cats. In fact, he dislikes them as much as I LOVE them. BUT... I felt like this sweet little guy was meant to come to our home and so I just did it. No divorce... yet! Dave was not thrilled with the idea and wasn't super fun to live with for a week or so, but he has gotten used to the idea now ----I think. Or not... either way, this little guy needed US! And we needed HIM!
I know those of you that know Dave are in shock here, so here's how it happened.
I was Christmas shopping in Riverdale at Sportsman's Warehouse and as I was going to my car, I had a powerful feeling to go into Petsmart and check out the cats. I will do that occasionally, though very rarely, just to go see them. Cats have always made me happy and I needed a boost that day, even though I was real short on time. I tried to talk myself out of it, but something pulled me in. The cages were full of cats that day and I enjoyed just talking and playing with them. This little guy was in a cage with his brother (who was a runt) and their card said: Three Brothers. The third had been adopted. The card also said that they had been dropped off and abandoned in an South Ogden park and left to fend for themselves. I was just drawn to him. I think it's because he reminded me so much of my cat Lightning I had growing up. After a while, the worker came in and asked me if I wanted her to get him out. I said, "Sure, why not."
It was love at first sight! We played a bit and he climbed up on my shoulders and just laid there for a bit. I was immediately smitten! I wanted to adopt on the spot. But, I also wanted to stay married! So I decided to test the waters and called Dave and asked him what he would do if I brought home a dog. He likes dogs a little more than cats, so I figured I could measure his reaction to that and have my answer. If I had said I was bringing home a cat, there would be no discussion. He just said, "Not a good idea." Hmm...
So I walked out of that store empty handed thinking that if it was meant to be it would work out. The next day was Thanksgiving and they were closed. I just kept thinking that he was meant to be mine. I decided that if he was still there by Black Friday, I was going to go get him. I went shopping with my son Taylor in the morning and even bought a cat bed and a little cheap cat house. I figured if he was gone, I could return them. I bought the little house because I was pretty sure he would end up in the garage if I did get him. I explained it all to Dave and he gave me a long list of why we can't have a cat. Number one being McKay is allergic to them. I knew that, but was sure he would be okay if it was a garage or outside cat.
Later that afternoon, I called Petsmart and asked if he was still there. They told me that he had been adopted. My heart sank. I felt bad, but figured that was how it was meant to be and was grateful he went to a good home. Then the lady said, "Wait, you do mean the one with the cute little orange face?". I said, "No, I mean the white one." She reponded with, "Oh, Joe?" As soon as she said "Joe", I KNEW he was supposed to be mine. Long story, but basically Jo is my nickname and it sealed the deal for me.
I ran in and told Dave, that I was going to go get the cat and he could support me or not, but I was going to do it. He just gave me one of his "looks", but it didn't damper my determination. I arrived at Petsmart and I knew when I saw him, that he was to come home with me. I didn't have a single doubt in my mind. I took care of all the paperwork and loaded him in my car (in his box), and the rest is history! I have not regretted it since!
Skyler was also home from California for the weekend and informed that if I brought a cat home that it wouldn't live long and that he would not visit me at home anymore. Like father, like son! I was actually more concerned about that, than Dave's reaction. But it didn't take long for Skyler to also like this guy. He even said, "I don't mind this cat. He is not like other annoying ones." He even let him fall asleep on his lap! That was a sign right there it was supposed to be!

He loves to chill on Taylor's shoulders. So cute!
As far as McKay goes. He had a few sniffles the first day or two, but I bought a hypoallergenic shampoo for the cat that is supposed to prevent allergies. I bathed him the second day and McKay hasn't had any reactions to him since! SO SO happy! McKay isn't super fond of cats either and I guess HE is the one I should have worried about. He likes to torture the poor thing by holding him up in the air, among other things! The cat is so mellow, he just dangles. It doesn't bother him too much. I think McKay secretly loves him, but just doesn't want to admit it!

Taylor on the other hand, really likes him. Taylor loves all animals like me. Allie came over to check him out, and she loves him too! I even caught McKay petting him and being nice to him!

He has this thing for necks and shoulders. It's really comfy and soft to have him just sprawl across your shoulders. He is just such a mellow and nice cat. He doesn't scratch the furniture or crawl on the counters. And he purrs nearly non-stop. I think he is happy he has us too!

What a guy!

He is about four months old.

This is me with my cat Lightning when I was a little girl. I had him for 17 years!!! Can you see somewhat of a resemblance? I can!

Gotta love my Kit Kat!!!

I honestly believe Tyson had his hand in this. That is just something he would do for his Mom. Thanks Tys!

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