Monday, December 5, 2011

♥Tyson ~ Forever In Our Hearts♥

It it truly hard to believe it's been six years. Hard to believe that's it's only been six years and also hard to believe it's already been six years.

I have a love hate relationship with anniversaries like these. I am glad we have them so we do remember (as if we'd ever forget!), but I also sometimes wish they didn't happen so we could forget. Not Tyson, of course, (that would NEVER happen!) but the fact that he is gone and no longer with us. And the re-living of that "day".

This year was especially tough for me for some reason. And I think Tyson knew it would be and so he sent me some amazing friends to help make the day a little easier to deal with.

Like this ↓ one!
How I love my little Kit Kat!

And my dear friends who were so thoughtful and brought me a card, a text, or a gift from the heart. I appreciate them so much. They have no idea how much it means to me that they even remember. I truly love them for that.

But THIS dear- dear friend really out did herself. She made me a Tyson's Favorite Things quilt.

I knew she was working on it, because she asked me to help choose some of the fabric for it (I didn't do a good job at getting that done and so she ended up doing most of it), but she made me think it wouldn't be done until at least Mother's Day. Sneaky woman! I was NOT expecting it at all!
It is the most amazing quilt! She is the most talented woman!

She got the FAVORITE'S idea from the talk Dave gave at Tyson's funeral. I always would write a list for the boy's to list their favorite things in their journals about every six months (or less). His favorite's on this quilt came from his last favorite's list. What a treasure to have this!

What a gift!

I can NEVER thank her enough for this. And she actually brought it over the day before, which was a much harder day for me than the actual day. Can I say it was well received! What a blessing to have such generous, caring, and compassionate friends!

Trying real hard NOT to cry!

I am so blessed!!! I love this woman!

So perfect!
And it's even PURPLE on the back! Tyson would be happy with that because he knows I'm the one that will be using it the most.

What an amazing thing to be able to cuddle up in this quilt of love and blessings and be able to feel him close. I know that is what it will do for all of us. I was going to hang it on the wall and make it sure it was untouchable to prevent it from getting worn and used, but my sister in law Karen told me to not do that. She told me to keep it out and let the boys curl up in it and it will wrap them up in the memories of their loving brother. If it's on the wall, that won't happen. And she said, if it gets worn, then that just proves it was loved and well used. She totally changed my thinking. It is now on our couch to spread the love. I guess that is what quilts are made for. To bring warmth not only to the body, but also to the heart and soul. This one will definitely do that!
Click on these to enlarge so you can read the individual FAVORITE squares.

One of my best memories is of Tyson is driving that car of his. How he loved to drive. He loved to take his younger bros driving around. His trunk was fully stocked with toilet paper as well. (I learned that after!) He got pulled over so much for under age driving because he was so small, that the cops all knew him by name!
I love the one above that says: Greatest Physical Attribute: I'm bigger than a midget.
Worst Physical Attribute: I'm almost as small as one.
That is just so Tyson! How I miss that boy!

You can't tell me he isn't with us! I found this penny that day and it wasn't just any penny. It's a 2005 penny. The year he passed away. I KNOW it was sent from him to let me know he is near. Thanks bud!

That night me and McKay and my parents headed to Salt Lake for Taylor's basketball game. We went to Bryce's house in Sugarhouse so we could take him out to dinner before the game. Dave couldn't make it that early because he was on call.

This is at Bryce's house ↓. My Mom with Gary the dog. He is Bryce's roomate's dog. He is a pitbull and he made my Mom a little nervous, even though Bryce says he won't hurt a flea. Bryce has kind of taken over ownership of Gary. He has taught him many tricks and Gary loves him. He needs a dog of his own.

Down boy! haha
I love this one!

He likes you Mom!
My Dad likes him. He loves all animals!
Gary jumping HIGH for a treat!

Some photos of Bryce with Gair-dog.
Gotta love Gary!

I didn't get a picture of it, but he will give you a high five!

At East High for Taylor's Varsity basketball game. He was a starter.
These guys were HUGE!
That BIG guy next to Taylor (#2) is named Big Eric (#50). He was ginormous!
Taylor is big, so you can see how huge Big Eric is! Sheesh!

We had an off day. None of our shots were going in! Taylor had an awesome game against Layton earlier in the week. He had 9 points and 7 rebounds!

The student body at East had THEE worst sportsmanship I have ever witnessed! They threw stuff on the floor and yelled some really bad things to our players. They boo-ed every time Shad had the ball until he passed it. I am so proud of our Bee fans. They are awesome sports!

All in all for such a bad day, it was a pretty good one...
Now go give your kids a hug and tell them that you love them!
And always remember to:

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