Friday, May 8, 2015


For Today...May 8, 2015
Outside my is 48° and sprinkling and the sun is hiding behind the clouds.  The lilacs are all but gone.
I am thinking...I really need to get dressed and ready for the day since I am not running this morning due to an injury.  
I am thankful...for uplifting quotes and articles that inspire me to be better.
I am wearing...leopard silky pajama bottoms and a purple Nike shirt that says, "As long as your sweating, you're still alive".
I am creating...a new blog post to publish this weekend sometime.
I am enjoy this rainy spring day and just soak in the wonderful storminess of it all.
I am wondering...if it is going to rain for my marathon next week.  I am praying so hard I won't have to run another 26.2 miles in a downpour.  That was hard and I am not sure I am up to it this time. 
I am reading...a cute new children's book my friend Diane gave me yesterday called, "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?"  by Carol McCloud.
I love children's books!  They are so inspiring!
I am hoping...hoping beyond hope that my Plantar Faciitis will hit the road before next Saturday (marathon day) or I'm not sure if I can finish!  I have been training for this race HARD for four months and now I have this to deal with!  It is so painful!
I am learning...that I have no control over most things in life and so I might as well just go with them.  Not putting up a fight makes it easier.
In my garden...things are starting to grow and others are being planted.  I am trying to get my porch pots planted too.
In my kitchen...I will be making some Amish Bread this weekend because my starter will be on day 10. 
A favorite quote for today...
A peek into one of my days...tomorrow I am going to run a 5K with my son Taylor (praying my Plantar allows me to!) and then the fam has to go clean up the yard at Dave's parents.  Then I am taking McKay shopping for his missionary suits, shoes, and a HUGE list of things for his mission.  Then Dave and I have a wedding reception to go to and then we are going out to dinner with some friends (Pres. Shepherd and his wife Katie) to hear a little more about Russia because Pres. Shepherd served his mission in Russia years ago.
One of my favorite things...spring rainstorms!  It could rain everyday in spring and I would be totally okay with it!
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Nancy Mc said...

I hope your plantar faciitis will hit the road before your marathon. You are ever busy. How to do you do it?

Jodi Wilding said...

Oh me too Nancy! Me too! If not, I will be so bummed!
I think we are all so busy! I always read your blog and wonder how you do it all too. Maybe because we see an entire week or day at a glance and don't see that there is still down time. I used to wear "business" as a badge of honor, but not anymore. Sometimes I am the most productive when I am NOT busy.

Audrey said...

Beautiful thoughts! I hope you are able to overcome the plantar issues - you have worked SO hard! Good luck!

Jodi said...

I hope you are healed and can run!! I don't think I could handle rain everyday in the Spring... a few good rain storms would be ok... but I would take them over snow anyday!


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