Monday, May 11, 2015

*Monday Memos* (Mother's Day Edition)


 (If pictures are too small, just click to enlarge - if print is too small, you need glasses! ☺)

dear missionary shopping, sigh... I guess it's time I got it started.  Somehow I think if I don't do it, then he won't really go.  haha  And then I want to slap myself because I AM grateful he is going!  I just wish we had a little more time before he does.  I will get there.  I always do, but it's just coming SO fast and furious!
I found him his luggage today.  That's a relief.  Now only 2 million more things to buy!

dear running store, I was so relieved that you were willing to take back my Hoka shoes.  I REALLY loved those shoes but they gave me a serious injury that will now most likely affect how I do in the marathon.  I appreciated your willingness to take them back since you were the ones that talked me into getting them.  The sad thing is they are the most comfortable and fastest shoes I have worn and I love how I feel when running in them, but unfortunately they aren't good for me.  They gave me Plantar Faciitis and it's not been fun!
That's ↑ how I felt.  I wasn't retiring it but just saying goodbye because it was a toxic relationship.

This sign made me H A P P Y! ☺
Since I could only exchange them, I ended up getting the new Torin 2.0's.  I didn't love the color, (kind of a pink and grey) but I know the Torin is a good shoe for me and so I got them.

dear lunch with Karen, we were going to eat at the Cupcake place and get their Liege Waffles, but the peeps working weren't sure if they were the official kind and so we headed to the Blue Lemon where we know the food is good.  We shared a Chinese Chicken salad and a yummy sandwich.  I love that place.
After that we headed back to the cupcake shop and got a mini waffle to share.  It was yummy and the owner was there this time and told us they were the official Liege waffles.  After that I headed back out and did more missionary shopping for McKay.

dear hawaiian haystacks, I used to hate to make these things because there was so much prep time involved chopping etc.  But Taylor requested these for dinner tonight and they really didn't take much time at all.  And they were sooooooooo delish!  I really should make them more often.

dear my little (okay BIG) russian elder... I bought him this shirt at Women's Conference and he wore it proudly at school all day.  He loves it. He wants to wear it for his senior pix but not sure if I should let him or not. I told him to pose like a Russian.  lol

dear taylor basketball game, we are happily back to watching Taylor play on another city league.  He had a great game and if they keep winning he will have two more this week.  It's so nice to have him home from college!

dear mr. cat, I found you all curled up on my pillow.  That is so unusual for you.  You usually avoid pillows at all costs.  I thought it was so cute.  What I didn't think was so cute was when I went downstairs to turn off the lights and found you asleep on my kitchen table!  OH MY!  Good thing Dave doesn't read my blog or you would be an orphan if he saw that!  No idea what you were thinking, because it's not soft and you never do that.  You knew you were in trouble when you realized you had been busted!

dear 5 mile run out west, I headed out west to change the scenery a bit today.  It's always fun to see cool birds when I am running.
BUT... it is NOT fun to see this! ↓
And...I ALMOST stepped right on him!  I stopped to take a picture of some pretty cattails and just as I was about to take a step (which would have landed me right on top of this HUGE UGLY thing), I luckily noticed him!  The top photo is what I saw.  The bottom photo was what he looked like after I had got in my miles.  He was STILL there!  It was pretty chilly and so he probably just hadn't warmed up.  Ever wonder why we call snakes "he" and "him"?  Saying "she" or "her" just does not fit with a snake!  Probably because we all know the devil is a man. And snakes to me are of the devil!

dear she's baaaaaaack!  The manic manican finally made it's spring debut!  She has been in hibernation over the long winter, but she's now back!  They cover that window with a thick plastic weather sheet and so you can't see in the windows during the winter.  But they have removed it now and so the let the crazies begin!

dear shopping again, I headed back shopping on Tuesday to return my shoes that I had bought the day before because I saw some aqua colored ones on line and I liked them much better. I called around to see who had them in stock and found them at a store in Sandy but they were willing to ship them to me.  I told them it all depended on if I could take mine back or not.  Happily I was able to return them to Striders in Layton.  I was super excited!  I really like the blue ones better than the grey!

I got in some Mother's Day shopping and found a purple crockpot at Target.  But I resisted!  It was hard, but I did it.  It was such a beautiful purple too!  And I could have got it for Mother's Day but I decided to just say no!

I loved this sign.  I can think of so many people I could give it to with a great memory of a day with them.  Life is about the days, not the years.  Days are what make the years.  And moments are what make the days. 
~  ~  ~
Cherish the moments!

dear taylor's second game, Taylor played again and he did well again.  He is really an aggressive player and does not hold back.  I love to watch him play.  Tonight it seemed like he spent a lot of time on the floor.  He got elbowed pretty bad and then when a player was coming down from a jump, he pretty much landed on Taylor's neck which landed Taylor on the floor.  I could tell he was hurting bad.  He usually jumps right up, but he stayed there for a few seconds this time. He took an extra turn sitting out because it was so painful.  Mom's don't like to see those things!  At times like these I think sports are really stupid. 

dear tempo run, Jen called and asked me if I was interested in doing a 6 mile tempo run with her on Wednesday and I was totally on board.  My PF (plantar faciitis) has been really flaring up all week, but I told her I would do my best.  It wasn't too bad.  I could feel it, but it was okay.  We basically did the Peach Days route.  I am really starting to stress about the marathon in only 10 days or less!  I pray this dang injury will ease up! 

dear lumberjacks, the boys finished up the tree project this week.  Man, they have worked so hard!  I am just so grateful no one was injured in the process!

dear rain!  I L~ O~ V~ E the rain!  It rained a few times this week and I loved seeing my boys love it as much as I do!  As soon as it started to pour, Bryce and Taylor took off to go play soccer in it.  
Then when they got back, Taylor just laid down and soaked it (literally) all in!  This made me smile!  I think he misses the Brazil downpours!

Then another day this week when it poured, McKay took off without his shirt and challenged Taylor to a basketball game in the rain.  And it was pouring!  So fun to watch.
This was the scene I saw after he came in and showered. Haha I love this and I love that he loves that crazy Grinch robe!

dear easy run, since I am tapering, I haven't been running many miles this week.  I had a hard time only going five on Thursday especially since it was so gorgeous, but I forced myself.  The tapering crazies are starting to set in! 

dear utah homemakers, Beth asked me to get the speaker for this month because the one she had cancelled on her and she was going on a cruise and wouldn't have cell service.  I was happy to help out. I asked Diane Weese and she was excited to come but we had to change the time to accommodate her work schedule so we started a half hour later at 1:00.  I was getting a little tense when she still hadn't shown up at 1:30.  She text me and said she was five minutes away.  I was sure Beth was thinking she had made a mistake in asking me to get the speaker.  I just told them it would be worth the wait.  And it was.  She spoke on "We All Have a Story" and she did a really good job.  She is just always so good at whatever topic she has. 
I have known Diane for about 25 years via American Mothers.  She has always been that woman that I look up to and want to be like.  I truly wonder how I ever was blessed to rub shoulders with such amazing women.  It has been a blessing for sure. 
With Diane and Beth.

As we were heading to our cars, I saw this ↓
McKay and Kaden (and Kaden's bro) walking down the street to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead.  These three do them every single Thursday. I am just so proud of this boy of mine.  What an example he is to me.

dear bryce's birthday, how ridiculous is this that it took us over a week after his birthday to find the time when everyone was home so we could open his presents?  He was out of town on his birthday and then I headed to Women's Conference but I told him to just open them while I was gone, but he waited. So we finally found a time when everyone was finally home all at the same time long enough for him to open them.  Crazy!  He did know most of what he was getting, so it wasn't that big of a deal I guess, but still!

After he opened them, we headed to dinner to Costa Vida.  I'm so happy we have one in our town now!

dear usu running of the bulls 5K, earlier this week I told Taylor that he should come and run this 5K with me. He said no, but a few days later he asked me what time it started and said that him and his friend Justin were going to run it.  I was so thrilled!  It's so fun to be able to run with one of your kids!  The bad thing was, it was raining!  His first race with me it was also a downpour!  He said that he didn't care because he loved the rain and was on board.  I knew the course wasn't the best and it was pretty tough, but since he doesn't have much to compare it with, it was okay. 
Justin, Taylor, me, Jen
Jen also joined us.  I wore my brand new shoes, which probably wasn't the smartest idea in case I hated them, but they were fine.
There wasn't a huge turnout due to the rain.  Imagine a little rain keeping runners away?  lol 
Off we went!  Jen and I paced together for most of the race until about mile 2.  Taylor and Justin paced together the entire race.  They tied.  It was a lot of uphill right at the start and I was feeling it in my lungs.  I kept saying to Jen, "I thought I was in shape!"  But once I got in my groove, I was feeling okay.  I had no idea how many women were in front of me, but I passed one about mile 2.5 and I had no idea that I was the first women overall!  NO. IDEA!  I was NOT expecting to win it!  I just wanted to see what my time would be to see how I would do in the marathon next week. 
I could not believe I won Overall Woman!  I thought the last 5K I did a few weeks ago when I did that would be my last and only in the history of my running career.  I was happily surprised! It's not saying much I know because it was such a small race, but the prizes were amazing! Taylor and Justin came in together with 5th and 6th overall.  I took 7th overall.  The best part was I WON A FITBIT!  A $100 Fitbit!  How cool is that?  I was pretty stoked!  Winning is fun when you get awesome prizes!  Taylor got a cool USU hat and Justin got a really nice water bottle.  The 2nd and 3rd place men got headphones.  Jen came in 2nd overall woman and got a USU hat. She had run 14 miles on Friday and I am not sure how she did so well after doing that.
Even though it was a small race, it was still fun.  I'm sure if it hadn't been so rainy, I wouldn't have won.  I think the rain kept a lot of peeps away.  But, oh well.  Their loss!  haha  I was so excited!  My time was 25:14.  Not a PR, but not horrible. I think it's my 2nd or 3rd fastest 5K. Taylor and Justin ran it in 23 something.  They are speedy.  Pretty sad he never trains and this was only his second race ever and he still beat his geriatric Ma. 
They took a bunch of pictures for the paper and then I talked to a runner friend and asked him if he had any suggestions for my plantar.  He didn't. Great.  Jen told me I should get a Strassburg sock and I think I might.
Dave showed up at the start and again at the finish line. He is always such a great supporter of my races when he can be there.  Fun race!
The shirts were not bad either.  Taylor got an extra one because they were out of his size for the race shirt.
Jen and I ran home because I needed 8 miles today and she needed 10.  We didn't push it and did a lot of slow running and even some walking.  But it was all good.

dear missionary shopping with mckay, after the race I took McKay shopping for his suits and shoes and some other things.  It took FOREVER!  We headed to Holmes in Ogden first and we got a clerk that wasn't too bright.  Luckily the owner helped us out after a while.  He found a suit he really liked and but the pants were too small.  The next size up the jacket was too big.  We contemplated what to do forever and finally decided to take both sizes to the seamstress on Monday and see what she thought.  We spent a fortune and this is just a drop in the bucket.  It was raining pretty hard and as I got into my car I saw a penny.  It warmed my heart so much because I just knew Tyson was telling me that this was okay and that McKay would be fine and that he would be with him. We then headed to Deseret Book and got a journal and some scriptures and some temple pants.  While we were waiting for his scriptures to be engraved we talked to a clerk that had served in Russia in the next mission over.  She talked to us for quite a while.  I told McKay I was planning on going to go to the Deseret Book in Riverdale but felt we should go to that one for some reason and I am sure that was the reason so he could learn more about Russia from her.  We hit a couple more stores and then I took him to Panda Express (his FAVORITE place to eat in the world!).  He was smiling from ear to ear. 
We didn't get it all done, not really even a drop in the bucket, but at least we put a dent in it.  We would've stayed longer but Dave and I were going out to dinner with the Shepherds to talk about Russia because he served there.  

dear dinner with the shepherds, we met them at Idle Isle and the food was so heavenly.  The special as the roasted turkey. My fave!  We stayed talking until after they closed and I think they wanted to kick us out!
Oh my, I am not sure that was good or not because he was honest about things over in Russia and I think I am much more stressed now than before.  Just hearing about how they treat Americans over there and living conditions are so bad and the medical services are not safe (stray dogs running around in the hospitals etc.) and so I am praying McKay doesn't get sick.  Of course, everyone that serves over there says they love it, but the stories are making me feel like this kid really has his work cut out for him.  Sigh.....
 I am still really struggling with coming to terms with all of this.  I wake up many times in the night with thoughts of my baby leaving for two years to go to a scary place like Russia. He's still a baby!  Well to me!  Sending my other boys on missions was really hard too, but not this hard.  I think because he's only 18 and just barely out of high school and of course, my baby, not to mention he's going to RUSSIA, is adequate cause for a mother to stress and feel anxious. Don't you?  Somehow it will all be okay and work out and one day I am sure I will wonder why I had such a hard time with it all.  But until then, I am trying to...↓

dear mother's day, what a great day!  I woke up to BREAKFAST IN BED!
Taylor made this delicious breakfast for me!  I was not expecting that!  I haven't had breakfast in bed on Mother's Day in years because Dave is always at meetings.  I was so happy! 

This was Taylor's post on Snapchat.  lol
I got some gorgeous roses (forgot to get a picture!) as well as a beautiful corsage and some great cards and gifts from the boys and Dave.  I would have been happy with ONLY the cards!  Handwritten notes and letters mean more to me than all of the flowers, candy, jewelry, and gifts in the world.  I love letters from the heart!  I got one from Dave and from each son including one in the mail from Skyler.  That totally made my day!
Being a mother is the greatest thing I have done with my life.  It's the most important thing to me. I am passionate about motherhood and passionate about my boys.  Being a mom is really the only thing I ever wanted to do.  I think I was born with the knowledge imbedded deep in my soul that being a mother was my calling in this life.  I knew that I needed to learn all I could about it so I could be the best mother I could be.  I never had high aspirations of having a career outside of the home (motherhood IS a career after all!) and so in college I graduated in Child Development and Family Science/Food and Nutrition with the intent that my education would serve me well as a mother and homemaker.  But...there is nothing that can be taught on a campus or in books that can prepare you for the actuality of motherhood and for each individual child.  That all comes via experience.  However, I am deeply grateful that I was able to study and learn all I did and it helped me out immensely as a stay at home mom.  I truly feel so blessed I have been able to be a stay at home for my five boys.  I feel fulfilled in my life because I was blessed with such awesome sons and I have been privileged to be their mother.  I don't feel cheated that I didn't have a career outside of the home. I would have felt cheated if I would have had to work outside the home and miss so much of my boys lives growing up.  What gratitude I have for that gift that not many mothers get to enjoy.  I have always felt those women who want to work outside the home are really missing something.  What a gift being a mother is. And I was truly blessed with one of the best mothers on the planet as my own mom.
I read a book like this is 2nd grade and it became my favorite book because it really is all I ever wanted to be.  That book spoke to me.
I posted this on Facebook:

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to the most wonderful woman I get to call Mother! I am so grateful for her and for all she has done and continues to do for me and my family! I feel so blessed to have her as my mother. I love you MOM!
I love her dearly.  She is truly the most unselfish woman I have ever known.  I wish I could more like her.  

This is what I posted on Facebook about my boys:
I can't express how much I love these five AMAZING young men who I have been blessed to mother! Each one of them fills my heart with such joy and gratitude for the opportunity to be their mom. I have three of my five home with me today and for that I am truly grateful! I love being a mom! It may be the hardest job (and very heart wrenching at times), but it's also the greatest and most rewarding job in the world! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you wonderful mothers out there who no matter the sacrifice, get up and and do it each and every day! ‪#‎breakfastinbedtoo‬!
 Wow - I love these boys of mine!

I had to teach Sunday School today.  But church started like this ↓...
Yes, we all wore the exact same skirt!  What are the odds?  The crazy thing is we all got them at a different place.  I got mine at Target, Jen got hers at and Cheryl got hers at Seagull Book.  We knew we HAD to take a photo. Not sure what or how or why about that last photo...but it's good for a laugh or two!

Sky's wrote something like this in his card to me. He can sure write and his cards always make me cry.

We came home and took some photos outside. I feel bad Sky wasn't here to join in, but I am SO grateful these boys were home!  It will be two years before McKay will be back home for Mother's Day.  I DO NOT LIKE THAT THOUGHT!  Why did I have to think it?

 Then we headed to my Mom's.  Dave got feeling sick and so he stayed home and rested. Luckily Jerry and his fam was still there so we could visit.  We had some laughs about a guy who we used to live by named Randy K. that sent me a friend request on Facebook along with some other things.  I thought Jerry was going to die laughing!  Good laughs!
 Here is Jerry imitating that guys walk. I was laughing so hard!
Cute fam!

My Mom with her new shirt
We took some photos with my parents too.

 I had to take some photos of these signs in my Mom's house.  I made the top one that is dremeled and gave her the others.  But since they are family history I thought I should put them on my blog.
Then we headed to Dave's Mom's.  We got there late and so didn't see everyone for long, but it was fun.  I can't believe I didn't take one single photo over there!  Not one!

I'm adding some of the same pictures in large size for the purpose of my blog book.  I want them in there full size.  So forgive the duplicates.

I am so blessed to have this woman as my mom!

dear quotes this week...

dear tapering, let the madness begin!
In my tapering I am trying to find really positive uplifting thoughts that I can "try" and remember while running the marathon.  I usually can't quite pull them up in my head when I need them most, but it always helps to fill it full of inspiring thoughts the week leading up to it. I thought this one was extremely inspiring.
 I really hope I can remember this when it gets tough!

dear randomness, I found these on Facebook..
And this on Snapchat.  The day Taylor moved home from college.

Dave took this of me and I was going to use it as my new profile picture but since my arms are literally glowing with whiteness, and I look like I am a true albino, I am trying to figure out how to Photoshop a tan!  Anyone know how?☺

I got in the St. George Marathon!  I was worried I might not since it is a lottery, but for the first year ever - everyone got in!
 I so want to BQ at Ogden so I don't have to train as hard as I have been for the next four months to BQ at St. George.  But, thanks to my lovely Plantar Faciitis (PF), I don't know if it will happen at Ogden!

Taylor took this of me and posted it on Snapchat.  Thanks buddy!  I am doing my stretches to help with my PF.  Thankfully, I was the only one he sent it to.  At least I hope!
Lovely... just lovely.

dear message this week,
Today, Jodi, we believe God wants you to know that ...a soft answer turns away wrath. When everyone around you seems to be in bad spirits, bickering and complaining, take a step back. It's so easy to answer in kind, but instead feel into your heart and answer gently. Let peace radiate from you.


Dawn said...

I love letters and cards you they mean so much to me! Cute picture :)

Jodi Wilding said...

Wow not sure how you made it through that huge post, but way to go! hehe

Nancy Mc said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. So busy with the missionary too. It is hard to get a missionary ready. Yet we 'know' it is the right thing to do. I bought the Strassburg sock. Helped, but was not the magic cure I was hoping for. I wish you the best as you run Ogden this week! My son is running. Maybe I'll even see you.


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