Monday, March 6, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear funeral, we attended the funeral of Austin this morning.  We were supposed to be holding our annual Chocolate for the Bishop's Wife's Soul this afternoon but we postponed it due to the funeral.  Kathryn asked me if I would help her with her boys during the funeral. I was MORE than happy to oblige!  She got there late and couldn't find me (it was packed!) and so I got up and went and sat where she was.  Mont was adorable. He is a busy boy but so cute.  I got to hold Benson for a bit too. So fun!  Holding the baby - not the funeral. It was very sad.  My heart aches for Marissa and for Tracy.  Tracy lost her husband as well several years ago and now her son. Losing a child is not one of those things you would wish on anyone.  Attending a funeral where another mother is having to say goodbye to her son, is difficult because I am able to relate to it so well.  It is hard to feel comfort when you feel so much pain.  But I know time will help to ease that cutting to the heart agony she is feeling now and eventually it will become bearable.  It will never go away as some people assume it does, but it gets to be more manageableIt's a very hard thing to explain unless you have experienced it.  Tracy also buried her husband and so this isn't her first rodeoI truly ache for her.  Marissa is about as sweet as they come. Her entire family is.  I am not sure I know of a more Christlike family than theirs.  Everyone of them is so humble and kind and just the salt of the earth kind of people.  I pray they will be able to find some peace and comfort and those little girls will somehow remember their Daddy even though they are so young.  Heartbreaking...
These were lined up outside of the church waiting for the procession.
When we got home, Sky had built this little snowman for Carson. He asked him to when Sky told him it snowed again.

dear freeeeeezing run, after the funeral I headed out on a run and I nearly froze!  The wind was brutal and my face and hands were freezing!  It had to be one of the coldest runs this winter so far.  I had to change my route several times to try and get some cover from the icy wind.  It cut right through me. 
These are the coins I found last week!  That's a lot! Thanks to the high school parking lot!

dear zaycon order, I ordered some more of the Zaycon chicken and Dave and Sky were so kind to put them in freezer bags for me.  I really really really hate to touch raw meat of any kind! It almost gags me and just watching them do it, was gagging me.  I was so grateful they were willing to do it for me!  I cooked some of them in the electric pressure cooker and then Dave made some sweet and sour chicken with it.  Mmm..... 

dear group harp lesson, I had to take my harp this time and so Dave loaded it up for me but when I got there, I unloaded it myself.  I was pretty impressed with myself!  hah  The lesson went well and it was a lot of fun. I really like the other three ladies that were there and we accomplished a lot.  There were no young girls this time, just us oldies and it was really a lot of fun playing with them.  I have taken the least amount of time, but I kept up pretty well.  It's always an incentive to practice harder after a group lesson.  I then loaded it back in my Escalade by myself.  After, I thought that was really a dumb thing to do because IF I had dropped it, that would have been one expensive mistake.  I should have had one of them help me lift it in the car at least.  Next time!  I am grateful there was no mishaps!  Whew!  

dear lunch with dave, Dave was off and he took the car to Ogden to get the windshield fixed and so he text me and asked me if I wanted to go out to lunch after my lesson.  I met him at the repair place and we went to Long Horn for lunch.  It was really good and a fun little day date.  We had to kill some time before the car was done and so we went to Costco.  That place is always so packed.  We had some samples and got a few things we needed then we went back and switched vehicles.  I stayed and finished my errands and he went home.  I got home just in time to tell Bryce goodbye.  He is heading to Puerto Rico for two weeks. Taylor leaves on Saturday.  There is going to be about 10 people altogether. Sounds like fun!  What I wouldn't give to be on a tropical island about now! 
 Lunch at Longhorn!↑
I was in Costco shopping while Dave parked and I was looking at some shoes and then noticed him sitting over here at this table ↓ just smiling.  He was laughing at watching me shop.  I guess I am entertaining when I try on shoes or something!  lol

dear russian friend, a lady from Russian sent me a message on Messenger telling me she knows my son and thanking me for him.  I loved it when that would happen with Sky (they would actually call me) or Taylor (they would Facebook me) but I haven't had this experience with McKay until this week!  I was so excited!   

dear pt, I had to be to the Physical therapist by 9 on Wednesday and so I didn't get my run in before.  He basically did the same things to me this week (heat, massage, ice, tens, etc) but also wanted to see how my form is on the exercises he gave me to do.  We worked on my cadence a bit again on the treadmill as well.  He is going to send me an MP3 of the cadence to listen to when I run.  I really want to get my cadence up to 180 one of these days.  Okay, I would be happy with 178. Right now I am doing 174.  Elites run at 180 and so I am sure that is the most efficient.  He is very knowledgeable about running.  I lucked out when he was referred to me  I am hoping to get this dang injury sidelined in the next few weeks!

I was going to get out on a run, and I kept getting ready to, but I got busy cleaning my room and just felt kind of weak all day.  Not sure why.  Hope I'm not getting something!  UGH! I can't afford to be sick right now!   I made the best sliders for dinner!  They were a hit.  (Took the photo after we had ate most of them) :)
 Here is the recipe for the Sliders:

Ham and Swiss Sliders   - Yields 12
1.     12 oz pkg Hawaiian sweet rolls (12 rolls) or any kind of smaller rolls that are attached
2.     2 teaspoons poppy seeds
3.     1 1/2 Tablespoons dried mined onion
4.     1/2 cup of melted unsalted butter
5.     2 Tablespoons Dijon mustard (I used Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Mustard)
6.     1/3 lb thinly sliced deli ham
7.     1/2 lb thinly sliced Swiss cheese

1.     Combine the melted butter, Dijon mustard, poppy seeds, and minced onion. Whisk together until well blended.
2.     Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Then cut each roll in half.
3.     Cut the deli Swiss and ham in half, then fold each piece in half to make smaller pieces that will fit on the bread.
4.     Layer the sliders by starting with one folded slice of Swiss, then a folded slice of ham, then another Swiss, one more ham, and finally top with a folded slice of Swiss. So you’ll end up with alternating layers of 3 folded pieces of Swiss and 2 folded pieces of ham on each slider.
5.     Complete with the rest of the rolls then put them into a baking dish, arranged tightly together.
6.     Spoon the butter mixture on top of each roll, covering each completely with onions and poppy seeds.
7.     Cover with foil and bake for 15 minutes. Remove foil and bake 2-3 minutes until tops are slightly browned.

dear bryce to pr, Bryce made it safely to Puerto Rico.  Taylor and his roomates join them in a few days. 

dear hill repeats, I should have done speedwork at the track but was pressed for time.  I did get out by 8:00 but had to be to the dentist early.  I ended up getting in 10 repeats though so I was happy. I have been finding coins nearly every single day!  I am not sure because they have been covered all winter or what, but I don't usually find this many!

dear dentist, no cavitiesYay! I haven't had any for a very long time!  I am feeling very blessed!  Robin was working and showed me her broken toe.  It looks bad. I am pretty sure she will not be running for at least two or three weeks. Ouch!

dear homemakerswe had the funnest meeting that Beth planned.  She called it the Homemaker's Film Fest.  It was packed too!   
*Second Hand Lions - she had several peeps talk about great things they found at the DI or thrift stores.
*Jungle Book - she had a lady talk to us about planting flower gardens.
*Mission Impossible - she had someone talk to us about apps to help us stay organized.
Breakfast at Tiffany's, - breakfast for refreshments!   
Beth is amazing.  She always inspires me with her energy and all she does.  She is in her 70's and acts like she is in her 30's!  She also asked me to come and speak to her ward on organization.  I used to do that a lot but I feel like my ideas are no better than anyone elses.  And I'm not feeling very organized right now.  But she only wants 15-20 minutes so maybe I can do that.  Haven't decided yet. I just don't feel like the expert because now with the internet there are so many great ideas out there.

dear run, Friday I headed out to the high school and was going to do a little track work, but I ended up running around that area instead.  There was no school again today and so I cleaned up again on the coins!  So much fun for me to find so many!  :)  I was supposed to go the study group on the book of Joseph Smith by his mother, but I ended up getting home too late.  :( 
I wrote Boston in the sand AND snow.  Some workers caught me writing it in the sand!  I felt like a teenager. Haha  Oh well!  Trying to get motivated!!!

dear sky's birthday!  Holy cow my oldest turned 32!  The math just doesn't add up since I am only 39!  He is an amazing person and I feel so blessed to have him as a son.  He is so much fun to chat with and we can talk about anything.  I love being able to just spend time talking.  He is such a smart kid and very driven and knows what he wants.  He is the most amazing writer and can express his feelings so well in writing.  He is so good to me and always sticks up for me no matter what.  He is in my court so to speak.  He is very adventurous and loves to organize and lives his life as a minimalist.  He inspires me to be more that way.  He is very frugal.  He rarely spends money.  He is very knowledgeable on so many things. He loves the outdoors and is such a great person to everyone he meets.  He is so cute with Carson and seriously is the best boyfriend anyone could ask for.  He is very romantic and thinks of amazing ideas and spoils Sarah. He is a wonderful son and I am so grateful to have him.  It's nice to actually have him home on his birthday. It's been a long time since that happenedI made him a Boston Cream Pie because that is his favorite!  He told me not to because they are a pain to make, but they really aren't.  It turned out yummy.  
Look at that ganache that just spread clear to the edges!  Mmm.......
The recipe

Sky wanted to go to Sushi Ya for dinner and so we headed out there and met my parents there.  Sadly, they got lost because I gave them bad directions.  Oh well.  It was still fun to have them there.  Sky and Taylor got all you can eat Sushi!  I just don't get how people can eat that stuff!  Me and my mom got a rice bowl!  Dave and my Dad did too. 

dear 20 miler!  I had not been looking forward to this run AT ALL, but it was here and time to get it over with!  I did it with Sherrie and Grant.  Robin still isn't running.  I was so happy the weather was great!!! It was 43 when we left and probably 50 when we got home!  We met at 7:30 a.m. and then headed south to 6th east and then north to 1500 north and to Watery Lane (almost to I-15) and then south and then east to 800 West and to Walmart.  We stopped at Walmart to refill our water and Grant got talking to some people and so we had about a 20 minute break. I was actually really glad because I was SO stiff (not normal for me but I think it's from all the physical therapy exercises) and Sherrie and Grant run at a faster pace than I do and so I was trying to keep up with them (our first mile was a 8:40 and the second one was 8:44) and so I told them I had to slow it down or I wasn't going to make it 20.  I was supposed to do some of it at race pace which is around 9:10 or 9:15 but the majority of it should be slower than what I will run the marathon (to prevent injury) but it wasn't much slower.  We were bookin' it and it was tough!  Sherrie is not human.  She has never had an injury or really any pain....even childbirth!  I'm telling you she is not human.  She can walk out her door any day of the week and run a 20 and think nothing of it and do it the next day again.  But I do love to run with her because I like to be pushed. She is good to run whatever pace her partner needs to run.  Grant ended up going ahead of us when we got back on the freeway in Willard.  Yes, Willard.  We went clear to the KOA campground and then back up to the highway and back to 9th north and then home.  I was happy to do the 9th north killer hill on mile 20 because that is where Heartbreak Hill comes at the Boston Marathon.  I am not doing any downhill training this time because I want to be ready for the non downhill course at Boston.  I am getting nervous because I have never ran a marathon that didn't have a lot of downhill.  I LOVE downhill!  It's much easier for me.  Not everyone like it, but I LOVE it!  The Boston hills come at the most challenging part of the race....mile 18-21.  There are three hills (Newton Hills) and Heartbreak Hill is the last one.  It is named that not because it is a horrible hill (Veyo is worse) but because of where it comes in the marathon.  Usually around mile 20 is when most people hit the wall.  Most runners say the second half of the marathon begins at mile 20 (not 13 because mile 20 is when things start to really get hard).  I hope I am training well for this one because I have no idea what to expect other than I am going to miss the downhill and I am in fear of those hills at mile 20!  I'm a little more concerned now because when we headed up 9th north, I only got about halfway up and had to walk.  I never do that on that hill, but I have never ran that hill after already having ran almost 20 miles either.  It was brutal!  I was tired and sore and stiff and I just wanted to be done.  But that is how I am going to feel at that point in Boston I fear too.  I just hope because it IS Boston that it won't be as tough due to the crowds and excitement!  I think it is going to depend on the weather.  Anything over 60 is going to be brutal and anything under 40.  Rain, snow, wind, or hail is also a possibility.  Well, actually wind is a given because it's on the coast. I do not like wind.  But I have been training in a lot of it this winter and so hopefully that will help pull me through.  I was so happy to be done with this run!  It wasn't horrible overall even though I kept up a good pace. I think our overall pace was 10:00 or so. I need to go figure it out.  Now, I have one more to go in two weeks!  Possibly three because I think my Lucky 13 half marathon is in in two weeks.  THIS IS GETTING REAL!  
BEFORE and AFTER!  I was dreading this so much but I survived!!

I found some coins!  Sherrie gave me a sample of her liquid salt and OH MY!  I LOVE IT!  It gave me the boost I needed to finish!  Grant nearly got killed in the middle of the highway gathering 20 dollar bills that went flying everywhere. They think some guy's wallet got taken by the wind, but who knows!  Grant had $65 but gave it to another guy that was gathering it to return it. Dang! 
We met this guy at the KOA campground!  Perfect photo opp!!!  We couldn't talk Grant into getting in the photo!  lol
Our Garmin's did not match because I always forget to turn mine (on right) off when we stop.  I left it on at Walmart and at Taco Time for our water refill. 
HAPPY to be done!!!  Robin was walking around the park when we finished.  She looks miserable.  She wanted to be out there with us so bad.  Man, I am glad that is done!

I was pretty sore the rest of the day but gave Taylor a hair cut even though I wanted to be sitting down.  I practiced the harp and the piano and then we sang Happy Birthday to Sky since we didn't on his birthday because everyone was too stuffed after dinner to have cake.  The cake was yummy!  I don't feel like eating much after a long run though but Dave made us pork chops with potatoes, carrots, and rice. He made dinner twice in one week!  I love it when he cooks!
 Brotherly Love!  These two STILL LOVE to wrestle and tease each other.  Sky actually picked Taylor up!  Impressive!  Crazy boys! 
Dave took Taylor and his buds to the airport. I was so grateful because my legs were not up to a long drive!

dear sunday, it was fast Sunday, not always a good thing after a long run because I get so thirsty! I need to plan it on a different day next time! I didn't have to teach SS today for the first time in eight weeks!  That was such a nice break!  I did have to play the piano in RS and I slaughtered the introduction to the closing song.  Oh well.  haha  I just have to laugh!  We feasted on crock pot steak and gravy and rice and homemade biscuits.  I wish I could find a super moist biscuit recipe.  These were too dry for me.  Anyone?  
We had another death in our ward.  Brother Sylvester passed away this week and so Dave and I went to his viewing.  It was raining when we went in and snowing like crazy when we came out!  It was like spring all day until that.  Spring is in the air though!  My daffodils are beginning to sprout on the mountain!  :)
Oh, but PLEASE hurry!

dear mckay, he got transferred last week to Vladivostok.  That is where the mission home is but apparently he's not too close to it.  He is a District Leader now.      
His new District.  He is the District Leader.
Crafting something (his Mission President's wife sent these two above photos and said she thinks this one has something to with Women's Day in Russia.
I had to crop out the Russian in this one. But I think it's so cute of McKster!
Playing chess

dear mr. cat, I couldn't find this guy ANYWHERE and then look where I found him!  Curled up sound asleep in between all of the pillows on my bed.  That is so not like him!
His highness....

dear random,
It's been pretty bad out this way!
I found a little heart in my chocolate covered sunflower seeds!  LOVE!

 dear quotes, this has become one of my all time favorite quotes!
I love this!

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Oh My Word....I am finally getting to read your posts and actually have time to comment. ☺ So much running and I'm glad you are finding $ to make you smile. I loved all the quotes....makes me stop and think. I liked the Homemaking idea...way cute and clever.You have a cute family!


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