Monday, March 20, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear dark run, I had to get out on my run early on Monday because I had a viewing to go to in Ogden.  I left about 7 a.m. and it was pitch dark. Two days ago it would have been light but thanks to DST, it was still dark.  I was surprised how many peeps were out.  I saw more during that time than I do when I run much later.  I actually enjoyed the dark.  It was peaceful. 
Fun to be out when the animals are waking up.  The moon was gorgeous too.
dear viewing, sure seems like I have been going to a lot of these lately.  A friend (more of an acquaintance) from high school passed away.  Some of us planned on going to it and were going to meet in the parking lot.  I was surprised more didn't comeJust Kathy and I showed up.  Chris was supposed to but didn't.  There was another guy from our class we saw that attended as well.   It was sad and unexpected.  She was just getting home (on her front porch) from the hospital and died right there.  She was only 55.  She loved chocolate which I was surprised she never mentioned on Facebook.  They had chocolate in the hall and instead of a flower bouquet on her casket, it was a chocolate bouquet.  The men wore chocolate boutonnieres made out of a mini M&M tied together with a ribbon.

Since I was already down that way, I ran over and visited my parents.  We chatted for a while and then my mom and I went to Bella Me for fun.  I had a coupon and ended up with a new pair of short boots and a cute dress. My mom didn't find anything she liked.  I need to be more like that!  I found a lot I liked!
Yay! I finally got my VD decors taken down and Easter up! I by-passed the St. Pat's decors this year.

dear talk, it is coming up in one day and I haven't really worked on itI did a lot of research and reading today.  We ended up eating Arbies for dinner.  We rarely eat at fast food places, but it was really yummy.  I was so tired today and didn't want to cookSeems like I always am anymore. Daylight Savings Time is kicking my hiney!

dear pt, I went to my appointment with my physical therapist on Tuesday and he had an intern with him this time. He did some strength tests on me to see my progress and my right side is getting stronger, but not my left, so he is revamping things a bit.  He gave me a whole new set of exercises to do to see if that helpsThe injury doesn't seem to be getting better, but at least I am surviving it.  A little frustrating, but I need to be patient.   
dear talk, I worked on my talk for Relief Society tonight but I ended up losing a ton of the research I had done because my computer shut down my session and it wouldn't restore it.  UGH.  Oh well. I had too much info anyway.  

dear relief society birthday party, we had a nice dinner and then we had three presentations on past Relief Society general presidents that I was in charge of.  Caryl did Bathsheba Smith and she did such a great job.  She was so funny and cute and I enjoyed it very much.  Carol did Louise B. Lyman and she also did a fabulous job.  I asked the right people to do it.  I didn't want to follow them with mine. I should have gone first.
Don't you love that both Bonnie and I have our eyes closed in the bottom left picture?  The top right one, Bonnie has hers closed again. Too funny!
I did mine presentation on Barbara B. Smith.  It went okay, but holy I could NOT breath!  My chest felt constricted like it had a tight belt around it.  I have never felt like that.  I wondered if it was some kind of a panic attack or something though I've never had one before and I wasn't really nervous.  I had to speak slowly so I didn't have to keep gasping for air.  Weird!  No idea where that came from, but I could feel it the rest of the night and part of the next day.  I had a hard time feeling like myself when I was presenting because of it and I felt like it was a bit flat and dry.  I was grateful several people told me they enjoyed it and learned a lot from it because I did not feel real good about it.  One even told me she loved it and wished she could speak with my apparent ease.  Oh, that made me laugh.  I should have told her that ease was me just trying to breath without gasping!  lol  And ironically, she is the one I was wishing I could have been more like....funny and so cute during her presentation.  The irony made me smile.
I have been so excited to do it because I had some personal stories with Barbara to share from when I was blessed to be able to work with her in American Mothers for a couple of years.  Looking back at it all now from my perspective today, I see what a miracle it truly was.  I had idolized her since I was in college after watching her handle the Phil Donahue show with such dignity and grace. I was in awe of her for all those years.  And then due to my involvement in American Mothers, I was able to personally get to know her!  We had meetings together, we spoke together, I was even able to visit her home (condo) in SLC where we had a few meetings.  It was like a dream come true for me.  Even though I was so grateful at the time for that great blessing, looking back now I see that it was such an amazing plan of Heavenly Fathers and he worked out all the details so it could happen.  I am in awe of the love and goodness of my Father in Heaven for granting me such a blessing.  It was not one I asked for.  I would have never in my wildest dreams thought I would one day be rubbing shoulders with one of my greatest heroines.  I also met her husband and daughter as well.  I learned so much from her.  She was the most amazing woman.  I will post my talk at the bottom of this post in case you are interested and so I can preserve some of the personal stories. 

dear harp lesson, I headed out early and Taylor was up heading back to Logan.  Him and Bryce got home late last night from Puerto Rico.  I was glad I got to see him for a few minutes.  My lesson went well.  After my lesson my teacher asked me if she could ask me a personal question and then we discussed some deep topics.  She is the sweetest thing and I hope I gave her good advice.  I just love her.

Today was Pi Day! 

dear greenery with sistas, we had our annual St. Patrick's Day lunch but not many came.  Jolene showed up though.  We haven't seen her in ages.  Our group is very unique in the fact that we have people in it that never hung out together in high school, and it consists of everything from Homecoming queens and cheerleaders to band nerds.  Quite the eclectic group, but it's very cool because everyone gets along and likes each other and the high school "status" is abolished.  I know it has to be a rare thing to happen but I am glad it did.  After lunch a few of us shopped at the gift shop.  I had a few errands to run since I was down that way.  Mainly birthday presents.  The big drawback about living where I do is that when I get into O town, I feel like I am under a time crunch to get everything done while I am there and sometimes it interferes with just being able to chill with everyone. But it was still fun.
Even though we are went to school together, the crazy thing is, out of all these ladies, I didn't hang out with ANY of them in high school.  It's so interesting how all the status, cliques, classes, melt away when you are adults. We want our Sista group be ALL inclusive.  It's been fun getting to know them now!
The ST. PAT'S  treats we shared!

dear speedwork, FINALLY!  I hit the track on Thursday morning and even though I have a half marathon on Saturday, I did speedwork!  I did 4X800's (Yassos) and I was so happy because I got faster as I went.  I still am not where I was the last two marathon training times, but I am just grateful I could do it at all!  I ended up getting a 4:00 and I was happy with that for now.  Time is running out!  I would have stayed and done more but I had to rush home so I could get to my Revelations class.  
I have to say those hurdles that were set out when I got there, were VERY tempting!!!  But I resisted!  I'm learning!   I told myself it wouldn't be worth not running Boston just to get out my urge to hurdle!  They looked easy to clear the first few times around but after doing speedwork, I doubt I could have even jumped!

dear revelation's class, I am always blown away at Caryl's knowledge. She is one brilliant lady.  After our class she told us to take some of Jack's books she is getting rid of. I took a few.  I am excited to read them.

dear dentist, I had a quick follow up dentist appt that only took 5 minutes but I ended up talking to Robin and Katelyn for over an hour while there.  Katelyn wants to line Taylor up with her niece who is a beauty.  She really loves that boy (and his gorgeous teeth!) and is always telling me how much she enjoys him when he comes in.  She said she told her niece that he is so cute and gets even cuter if that is possible when he talks.  She talks about him when I go in for a cleaning.  She gives me info sometimes too that I don't get from him. LOL  It is cute.  They both told me how good looking all my boys are.  I must agree!  And I'm not even prejudiced!  ;)  I talked to Robin for a long time about Boston plans.  I wish we were going to be together more while there.  I ran a few errands after.

dear st. pats day, I didn't get in much of a run because I didn't want to over do it for my race tomorrow.  I did however do my strength exercises after doing a bit of running while I was out since I had more room.  
And I wore green!  I wasn't about to get pinched!   I used my app on my phone to take pix of my strength training exercises so I could check my form.  Good thing too because it needed lots of improvement.  I have been taught to always add photos of some kind to all blog posts or the reader loses interest even if you don't think the photos are not interesting.  Prime example here.  Borrrrrrrrring to me, but you might get a kick out of how silly I look!  ;)  Makes ME laugh anyway!
Saw this on my run.  I thought it was so cool!  It looks like a heart to me!
Stole this from FB.  This is Carson as a baby. Oh my cuteness!  What a doll!  He's a little leprechaun! He IS magically delicious!

Taylor came home for the TMAT basketball tourney.  I made a cake for Dave's mom's birthday tomorrow, then suddenly all of Taylor's basketball buddies started showing up. It was like old times.  They all were in town for the TMAT.   I decided I better make food for them and so I made a green dinner in honor of St. Patrick's day.  Last year I didn't even do one and so I was glad I had people here to make one for this year!  I wasn't planning on doing one this year, but I'm glad I did.  The sad thing is more came after I had made it and I didn't have enough for everyone and so I guess Taylor told them and they ended up going out for pizza! Ugh!  I felt bad!  Oh well.  Such is life.  At least I had Taylor, Skyler, Dave and I. 
 Please pass the green....everything!
Adding this recipe for future reference!
I usually use instant mashed potatoes and I add peas and corn as well.  And of course, lots of green food coloring!

dear tmat, Taylor's first game didn't start until 10:30 PM on Friday.  I was a little worried because I had to be up by 5:45 a.m. for my half marathon.  Taylor played amazing.  He was dunking it and making threes and he is just an all around great player.  It is so fun to go and see so many peeps I never see.  I sat by Sarah and Sandy and talked to Miriam and some other moms.  It is so fun to watch Taylor play. He is very talented.  He totally carried the team tonight.  Him and one other.  I think it's because he has kept playing regularly and most of the others haven't.  And the fact that he doesn't have a coach holding him back now. I was proud of him.  They were ahead until the end but then ended up losing. Dang!  But win or lose, it is still so fun to go watch!  The boys on his team are great kids and they've (along with the parents) have spent many years together at basketball games.... starting way back when they were about nine years old on comp teams. Got to bed a little after 1:00 a.m.

dear lucky 13 half marathon, I was up at 5:30 and out the door by 6:55 a.m. I picked up Robin and her daughter Sam and headed to Gardner Village for the race.  It was really mild but windy which made it a bit chilly at the start.  We got our bib numbers (mine was 1113 and the registration peeps told me it will be my lucky day!), our green shirts and even some hats and took some photos and then lined up for the start.  Sam was running the 5K and me and Robin were running the half.  
 With our leprechaun hats
Getting lined up!
 On you marks!  Get set..... GO!!!!
The course was not my favorite because I felt like it was a bit boring since it was an out and back along the Jordan River parkway.  It had no downhill and so I wanted to run it as a training run for Boston and see how I did time wise without downhill since Boston doesn't have much downhill.  I did okay but was feeling like I had that brick in my hiney and just didn't feel like I could go as fast as I was used to and I felt like I was getting passed a lot.  Starting about mile 4, there was a lady ahead of me that I thought was in my age division.  I wanted to pass her, but I honestly didn't think I could because she was quite a bit ahead of me.  But I kept trying. Right at the halfway point where we turned around, I passed her!  I was really surprised I caught up to her. Not sure if she slowed down or I sped up.  I really didn't want her to pass me back and so I booked it the second half. When I could no longer see her, I decided my goal was then to get a sub two.  I wanted to get first in my age division as well, but I had no idea who was ahead of me and if someone was that was in my age group, I was not going to pass them because I could only see men ahead after mile 11.  However, I did pass a lot of peeps the last half.  Since it was an out and back, after you turn around you then run past all the people that were behind you.  I decided to tell every single person good job when I passed them.  Some of them ignored me, some smiled, some told me good job back, some didn't hear me due to head phones, some lit up and I could tell it was what they needed.  It was fun and kept my mind off the running.  I ended up with a negative split - a rare occurrence for me.  A negative split is when you run the second half of the race faster than the first.  I was feeling okay until about mile 10 and then I was really questioning my sanity.  I was not feeling real great and I was wondering why I keep torturing myself like this.  That is a common thing for me about mile 10 in a half and mile 18-20 in a full.  It got hot fast and the heat always makes me sick to my stomach when I run.  I just wanted to be done!  I wanted to quit. I wanted to just sit down and relax.  All those feelings were going through my head and there was not a lot to distract me at that point.  I kept passing people.  I was pushing it because I wanted a sub two.  I cranked up my music and tried to think of other things besides wanting to be done.  I then saw a man walking towards me about a 20 yards away and heard, "Wilding move it faster!" or something to that effect I couldn't imagine who would know me on the course going the other direction.  When I got closer I saw that it was Grant. I told him Robin was behind me.  That little thing gave me a bit of a boost to keep pushing it.  Being cheered on really has an amazing effect when you need it.   About mile 12.5, I could not see any markings of which way to turn!  I started to go the wrong way when I heard (but could not see) some girls cheering me on around a bend and so I asked them which way.  They pointed the right way.  If they had not been there I would have taken the wrong way
According to my Garmin, I crossed the finish line with a 1:57:16!  Not my fastest half time, but considering it was a course with no downhill, and it was my first race since November, I was happy! I really just wanted a sub two to help my confidence going into Boston but I also took 1st in my age division.  I was happy about that!  I got another medal for that. The best part was the pot of GOLD chocolate coins at the end of the rainracebow!   
My shiny GOLD chocolate!

After Robin finished, we got some pictures.
I met a lady that was 62 and she beat me (bottom left above). She looked like she was 40!  I was blown away she was 62.   

We got talking and she has ran Boston four times and is running again this year.  She told me I was going to love it and to not take music because the crowd is so electrifying it carries you through.  She was so enthusiastic and got me so excited.  I told her I was a bit frustrated because I've been dealing with an injury and she said she had been too. I asked her what hers was and she pointed at her glute and then slid her finger down her hamstring.  She has the SAME injury I do!  What are the odds????  We bonded immediately!  haha  I loved talking to her.  She helped me feel the excitement instead of the nerves!  
Here are my stats from their website: 
#1113 *TIME 01:57:58:16 * 15th overall * 7th overall woman * 1st place Female 55 to 59

Robin and Sam rode back with Grant and Carlos.  I changed my clothes in my car because I had to run some errands on my way home for Dave's mom's birthday.  I got home and then finished decorating her cake and then headed to Taylor's last game. 

dear final tmat game, Taylor played amazing again.  He was playing against kids that have played college ball and he was out playing them.  He made the most amazing shot in the first half.  He had five guys on him and so he was trapped and his back was facing the basket and so he broke loose and shot it blind over his head and it went in.  Dang, I wish I had got a photo and got it on video!  They won their second and final games.  They ended up winning the consolation bracket.  Better than last year.  The third game he played against McKay's year in school and a few of McKay's buds. I got a pix of them to send to McKay.  I sat by Sarah again. I just love her.  We had some good laughs.  
 White men CAN jump! ;)
The team minus Kolby and plus Jeremy and Austin (they both only played on the freshman team). Out of 15 freshman, six went on make the team as seniors.  That's pretty unusual.
Taylor with McKay's buds.

dear dave's mom's 80th birthday,

 She didn't want any big production and so we just all took soup and and had a little party at her house.  I made her a cake because she needed an 80th birthday cake.  She was cute when she opened her gifts. I actually decided to live on the edge and buy her a blouse!  And, amazingly she liked it!  She had to go try it on (and the ones Linda gave her) before she would open any more gifts.  It was cute.  She does not look 80!  She has aged very well!
She is in the shirt I gave her on top left! 

dear boys puerto rico trip, I stole some pictures off of Taylor's phone (he let me look at them) and so here they are!  I am only posting a few, but it is SO gorgeous there!  I feel bad that Bryce isn't in many of them. I will have to steal his when I see him next.
Check out that purple picnic table under the palm tree!!!  PR is SO colorful!

dear random,Taylor catching some air!
 I LOVE this shot of him.  I should get it blown up and framed!
With CJ (I think)

Lil' Carson lining up his animals! He is obsessed with Pandas!  Most of those are Sky's from when he was here.  What a cute little guy!

 I FINALLY found my all time favorite Banana Bread recipe!  I have been trying out a lot of recipes over the years, but this one takes the cake bread!  It has the best flavor!  I am always making banana bread because we always seem to have over ripe bananas and I am so glad I found this recipe!  Give it a try!
My new LOVE!  I found these at the FRANZ bakery thrift store in Layton.  They were 5 bags for $5 and they are GOOD!   Yeah, I probably bought them because they were purple, but they are the best English Muffins ever!!! 
I want to do a watercolor of this photo!  LOVE IT!  I haven't water-colored in years!
Someone posted this on FB and it brought back SO many memories!!!  Haha  I did Hooked On Aerobics practically daily when my boys were little!  Karen and I would do it at the cabin all the time too!  Good laughs!

***Presentation on Sister Smith.  This is unedited and in raw form.  Forgive the punctuation as I didn't change it to add on here. Mostly taken from several books and from my own personal experiences with her.
Barbara Bradshaw Smith
Barbara B. Smith, 10th general president of the Relief Society, led the women of the Church during a tumultuous period for women in U.S. history and in the Mormon Church. Mainly due to the proposed Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) which was making women question their rights, roles, and value as mothers and wives. But, Sister Smith courageously defended womanhood and the divine purpose of women.
I feel honored & privileged —to  tell you about someone who I have admired & respected since I was 13 years old when she was called.
Barbara Smith is best known for her role as one of the strong voices behind the fight that defeated the Equal Rights Amendment. One of the standout moments in that fight, was when she appeared on the Phil Donahue Show in 1980.  Her appearance there made a great and lasting impression on me and she has been someone I have honestly admired (maybe canonized is a better word) since I saw her on that show. I watched it in a college institute class (our teacher piped it in live) and as she spoke all the students were yelling, "YES!  Alright!" I tried very hard to find a clip of that show but wasn't able to.

She was a member of the Gen. Board at the time of her call. She had time to just get her bearings as the new Pres, when reporters from across nation came knocking & then pounding at her door. She was on the HOT seat due to the Equal Rights Amendment. The first 7 years were filled w/ media attn. due to the ERA. The church did finally take a stand against it since it was a MORAL issue but not until two years after her call .

She often said. “I stand as a leader of woman’s org. that is in favor of women’s rights. I feel that the ERA is not the best way to achieve these rights.” She was convinced that it would bring more trouble than was envisioned.

TENSIONS exploded when Sonia Johnson- a strong supporter of the ERA & a former member of the church who was excommunicated for maligning church leaders & policies & nationally attacking the church & it’s leaders was invited to appear on the PHIL DONAHUE show.  Barbara was also asked to appear but declined, however she suggested Beverly Campbell, the Church’s ERA spokesperson, be invited in her place. When invited, Campbell accepted. However, at the last minute, Donahue canceled with Campbell saying that Johnson had refused to appear with her. Johnson aired alone for the full hour. Oh, it was vicious.

Oddly enough, during the show Donahue explained to the audience that Johnson appeared alone because “no woman from the Mormon Church would appear with Mrs. Johnson.”  LDS women all over the nation called Campbell wanting to confirm Donahue’s statement. Donahue also received phone calls---mostly calls from upset women. In time, he again invited Barbara Smith to appear on his show and offered her the full hour. Smith asked Donahue to invite Campbell to appear with her and requested that Donahue give a public apology for his false statement. Donahue agreed to her requests.

I have never seen anyone handle such controversy with such dignity and grace as she did. She did an amazing job and made us all proud.  This model for talking to others in non-contentious ways about the Church’s position gave LDS members guidance and confidence to do the same.

On the show she shared her unease if the ERA passed with a requirement for women to enter into military combat due to the brutalizing effect combat can have on a woman and the effect that could have on a family. Smith conveyed to the audience that central to a woman’s role is the importance of protecting the family. She received supportive audience applause with her statement, “Women have a different role than men. Women must bear and nurture children, and we can’t destroy the life giving source and then expect civilization to go on."  It is necessary for women to know that they are different from men, with different responsibilities in life," she said. "Not less than men, just different."

Along with her stand against the ERA movement, she argued that, "indeed, women needed to be equal to men in more ways, just not in the ways the ERA subscribed. The amendment was broad and vague in too many ways that would eventually undermine equality and make all women prisoners, even losing rights they had already won."  ["In my considered judgment the Equal Rights Amendment is so broad that it is inadequate, inflexible, and vague; so all-encompassing that it is nondefinitive. The blanket approach of the Equal Rights Amendment is, in my opinion, a confused step backward in time, instead of a clear stride forward into the future. And because it does not define some differences between men and women, I think it might be very destructive to families."]
She believed that the amendment could bring a sea of troubles in its wake.  "If indiscriminately applied, equality may abolish women's rights," she warned.
Shirley Thomas, said,  “I don’t know if anyone realizes what [Barbara Smith] did for the ERA, she made a real difference. She went everywhere, she had to cross picket lines, she had the protection of the police, and she was in danger in many instances of protecting the Church’s position because those people were fierce. The ERA was a big thing, very well organized, and supporters did not intend to lose. But they did lose, and a lot of the reason they did was because Barbara marshaled a lot of forces."  Ultimately, the ERA was three states short for ratification and expired.

After watching her on that show, I have always been in AWE of this great woman. She became my Super Hero of sorts. (worshiped)  Never in my wildest dreams though did I ever think I would get to meet her, but I did. This is where the story gets crazy. At least to me!  Not only did I get to meet her, but I was blessed to be able to work side by side with her in American Mothers for a couple of years.  Some of my information will be from an interview I did with her for another presentation I did back during that time. She was very gracious and answered my questions very humbly and dignified. 

1st met Barbara in 1994 - at a Nat’l convention for AMI. She was the NATL Pres. at the time and I was representing UTAH as the Utah Young Mother with the organization. Due to that we had many opportunities to work tog, {speak}, attend meetings (even a couple in her condo). It was like I was working with this woman who I thought was already an exalted being!  I'm still in shock HF blessed me with those amazing years to be near her.  However, I never felt less intimidated by her even as I got to know her a bit better.  I was and still am in awe of her.

BARBARA was very serious- didn't see her laugh much - But she SMILED always — and that smile was so heartwarming.  Very serious, but can be funny & down to earth (but also had to be proper). Very KIND - makes you feel important. Not judgmental at all & Very sympathetic w/ people that are struggling.  Always has time for  You- after I interviewed her she said “Call anytime”.  She had a PRESENCE-about her - when you were with her you knew you were not in presence of a Typical woman.......
POWER- in her presence -certain POISE & AIR that demands respect. She brought DIGNITY to everything she did/made it or you better for her being there.
AMI Natl mtg,- The Pres. before her was upset & resigned- got up & walked out.  Barbara got up and sat in the Pres chair & matter of factually said “Let’s begin where we left off’, and she took over with total composure.

When called, she replaced Belle S. Spafford who had served for almost 30 years!  She felt very humbled to fill her shoes.  She had a feeling for 3 weeks before Pres. Kimball came to her home to issue the call. She also had an experience as a child while at a performance at the TAB  -- an impression came to her she’ll never forget even though she didn’t understand at time. She said “I was filled with an awareness that sometime I would stand before a vast congregation of the church in this building.”

CHILDHOOD- She was raised in SLC. When she was a child she was selected to be a model for the bronze statue of a boy & girl that now stands in front of the Salt Lake City & county bldg.  Her grandmother, Caroline Mills, who after being married and in the middle of raising three children, decided to go to medical school to become a surgeon. She was the DOCTOR that delivered Barbara. That may not be right for every family, but it turned out well for them. Barbara had a fierce independence, who stayed home to raise her children, yet grew up to uphold every woman’s independence in defense of the Lord’s way.  She said mothers could be leaders in their community and church and still be a housewife. They could do both.
HUSBAND- Met at-debate meet. He was attending U of U & was one of the judges. He was impressed not only w/ her beauty but also w/ her maturity & a special spiritual quality about her. “ When I first met Barbara, her mother told me she was someone special. Throughout our life together I have come to know that mother Bradshaw’s statement to me was far more than parental pride”.    SUPPORTIVE of her. He claims he learned how to make chicken noodle soup better than any man in the church.  I had opportunity to meet him when I was speaking w/ Barbara & he sat out in the foyer during this meeting & was just so cute. We were asking him if he ever felt like  he was Mr. Barbara B. Smith? He said, "I'm used to it & proud of it." He was once introduced at a very important meeting as Mr. Barbara B. Smith. He’s just kind of a fun and funny guy. Total opposite of her.  But she lit up when he was around.  [ He was Pres. of Beneficial Life . After her release he was called to be a General Authority- He was assigned as an Area Pres of Asia & so they lived in Hong Kong for 3 .5 yrs. Upon their release of those duties, they returned home where she was called as her ward’s RS president. They had 7 children ] 

Another great achievement of Sis. Smith’s presidency was planning and dedicating the Relief Society’s Nauvoo Monument to Women. She felt so strongly about the importance of women’s divine roles and this was an opportunity for women, all over the world to participate under one common cause of Sisterhood. 

The quote she said often was: "We should recognize that ideals are stars to steer by; they are not a stick to beat ourselves with."  AND.... she always asked we referred to our offspring as CHILDREN and not KIDS.

When I interviewed her she was 77 and still sat on many nat’l boards & was always speaking somewhere. She had an amazing schedule & so much energy. She had been tending her grandchildren that week & said “I get along great with the 7 & 13 yr. olds but I can’t understand this 2 yr. old at all.”

SENSE OF HUMOR:  She’s had her share of tongue in cheek moments:
There was the time she became ill while away from home. Late one night she told the Stake RS Pres whom she was staying with that she needed antibiotics if she were to make it to her mtgs. the next day. The resourceful woman located some medicine, but when Barbara asked where she found it the woman replied vaguely, ’’From my stake President, Oh”, Barbara said, and what does he do?” ...’’He’s a Veterinarian”
The humorous moment she relishes most occurred in Idaho at a RS conf.
She had been asked to sit in the audience as the mtg.began. When the woman in charge - who was obviously flustered -  introduced her- she said, “We’d like Sister Smith to come to the podium now. I didn’t want her cluttering up the stage.

Contributions besides her ERA Stand:

• Monuments to women in Nauvoo- great undertaking
• Restoring the RS bldg. Into a resource center for women
• “A Tribute to Women” - commemorating RS 140th B/D
• Witnessed the Space Shuttle Launch - with Astronaut Sally Ride
• Formal State Dinner at the White House- seated next to Ronald Reagan-(1st RS Pres to do that)
• Most widely traveled RS Pres in history at time

Quote: "I’ve become aware of the great purpose of the Relief Society. In the beginning, I thought Relief Society was the Lord’s gift to women of the Church. Now I know it is the Lord’s gift to his daughters everywhere, and that as women in the Church learn and implement the principles of the gospel, they will be an influence for good in the lives of women all over the world.”

Barbara B. Smith served at a critical and challenging time of intense conflict over women’s issues in both Church and U.S. history. Yet she rose gracefully to the challenges concerning women’s rights ---becoming a central media figure. She was not afraid of criticism or opposition from the press, or even members of the Church. She confidently came to the forefront and defended womanhood.

Sister Smith passed away September 13, 2010, having served faithfully.  She has left us a wonderful legacy.


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