Monday, March 13, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear run, I headed out on a run but had to walk because my legs were so stiff and tight from that 20 miler.  I knew if I pushed through, I'd risk an injury and so I just took it easy and walked around the hood.  :)  I felt like I do after I've ran a marathon.  That 20 miler was brutal.  hah

dear cool snow, okay, since I am writing this late, I really have no idea what day it snowed.  Maybe it was even last week, but I had some awesome photos from it and so I am adding them.   
This ↓ one almost looks like sea foam on a sandy beach!

dear funeral, second week in a row we've had a funeral at our church.  Today it was for Brother Sylvester.  He was a very sweet and kind man. He used to work at IRS when my Mom did and she knew him.  He was always so sweet to ask me how she was doing.  He always told me how much he liked her.  So sad.  He will be missed.  The funeral was really good.

dear fhe, yes we actually had fhe!  Dave and I usually will play a game or read something or just hang out together, but tonight we watched a movie with Sky and it was so fun. I made popcorn and got out some movie treats and we went down and watched The Magnificent Seven.  The new one.  It was really pretty good.  I even got a foot rub!  My feet have been hurting since that 20 miler! 

dear harp lesson, even though I didn't practice as much as I wanted to this week, my lesson went well.  In fact, she told me that her mom asked about me (she also takes lessons from her) and said how quick I was progressing.  Nanette told her that I was but that I didn't think I was.  Then she said she had been thinking about me and told me that I really am moving fast and she thinks I will catch up to those that have been taking a year or two longer than me sooner than I think.  I was very surprised to hear that.  But very happy.  She also told me that the pieces that are coming up at the end of Book One and Book Two are going to start getting very difficult and it's where she has most of her students quit because it gets too hard.  She said some end up on that part of the book for a year and she's even had some there for four years because it's so tough to push through, but she said to just not give up and keep pushing and eventually I will get over the hump and it will be good again.  Whew....  Okay....
Check out this PURPLE bus I passed coming home!  It says something about purple pride.  I realized it was a Weber State bus of some sort!  LOL

dear lunch with karen, we met in Ogden because she had to pick Barry up.  We went to Walmart first to find some things to use for my favors for my luncheon on Thursday.  We then headed to downtown O town and ended up at Karen's Cafe.  We had to get pix of us in front of the sign since it was Karen's Cafe. hah   We shared an omelet. Not too bad.  Then we really had a good long serious chat about life and what we want to do with the rest of it.  We are serious about starting some kind of movement involving service of some great kind.  We are not sure what yet...but we both feel this push to do it.  We are praying we will know what it is we feel we are supposed to be doing.  I just love that woman so much.  She is like the sister I never had. We get along so well and always have.  When Dave and I were first married, she would spend so much time at our house.  She even came to St. Louis by herself when she was 16 just to visit us.  We have made so many great memories and we just love hanging out together.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life.  

dear visit with pa, I stopped by my parents house after lunch with Karen to visit but my Mom was gone with her friends to lunch and to play Dominoes. Yes, Dominoes. Haha  She cracks me up!  I had a really good long visit with my Pa and it was so fun to just chat.  I have the greatest parents!  

dear speedwork wednesday, I am not a fan of speedwork and so all morning I was gearing myself up for it.  I kept trying to tell myself it would be over soon and I would be so happy it was doneI got out of my car and started to walk around the track to warm up and my right heel was in so much pain I could barely do a light jog.  Every time it hit the ground it hurt.  Plantar Facisitis in my right foot now???  UGH!  So, I just did a light jog but it was too painful and so I had to walk most of it. I hoped it would ease up after warming up and it did a bit, but the pounding was too much for it.  So....NO speedwork in the books!  NOT GOOD!  I am running out of time!  I am feeling so undertrained!  It's starting to wear on my nerves because I already am in fear of the Boston course, but going in undertrained is not going to boost my confidence!   But I did find a boatload of pennies!  And school was even in session.  

dear lunch with dave and sky, since Dave was off on Wednesday we all went to lunch.  We went to Old Grist and had my fave the Turkey Bacon Pesto grilled sandwich. Love that. Then we went to Walmart.  Sky went in with me and helped me find the stuff I needed.  I love having him around.

dear favors, I made the favors for the Bishop's Wife's luncheon.  Glad to have that checked off.  I then spent many hours making the cake and soup for it. It took much longer than I planned but I had Sky to chat with while I did it for part of the time.  Sky was funny, he asked me, "What do other people do with their time?  The ones who are not making food for other people or preparing talks or making things for other people?"  I told him that they watch TV!  hah

Recipe for soup below: (I got this from my friend Bonnie)

dear run, for the first time this week, I felt like I could run.  But, it wasn't fast or pretty. I am still really stiff and not moving too quick.  This is starting to really worry me!  I took a little R&R at the swings before I headed home.  I really wish I had my own swings.  They are so relaxing!

dear chocolate for the bishop's wife's soul, I headed to Katherine's and helped her finish getting ready for the luncheon.  We ended up with all but two there.  The two who didn't make it were the two new ones.  I wished they could have made it so we could all get to know them better.   But we had a  lot of fun with the ones who were there.  We ate and then had everyone tell how they met their husband.  There were some fun stories.  No one seemed in a hurry to leave until one person had to leave to get back to work and then everyone left at the same time.  Hah  Isn't that how it always goes?   But it was a lot of fun and I am so glad we do this.  It's a good thing for everyone I think.  

dear visit with britt, my cute niece Brittany stopped by about 4:00 p.m. with her friend Kelci.  I invited them in and we sat down on my couch and had the greatest talk.  Four hours later, they left!  Yes, we all sat there and talked for four hours.  It was really interesting to hear their perspective on things and I learned a lot.   Especially about what it's like in their daily lives at the high school.  It's not so good actually.  The language, the bullying, the cliques, etc.  Ya know, basically the same as high school has always been.  I think social media makes it a bit harder these days though.  I was very fortunate that I had such a great class.  The older I get the more and more I realize how unique our class was.  They are getting ready for prom and it was so fun to see their dresses!  I told them my sad prom story of getting the chicken pox right before prom and cheerleader tryouts.  They left about 8:30 p.m.  Dave had come home during their visit and ate some cake, but he went downstairs to do something with Sky and even though I had dinner in the crockpot, neither ate until they left.  So we ate rather late.  I offered the girls food too but they said no.  I love being an Aunt.  After they left Dave told me I am the favorite Aunt. I used to actually work to be the favorite Aunt. Haha  A few have secretly told me I am, but they probably say that to all of the others too.  I love being an Aunt!  I think it's because I have no girls and I LOVE to talk to girls!  I hope they love to talk to me too.  Fun night. 
After I ate, I really needed some down time and so I headed upstairs to veg and turned on the TV and the movie Britt was telling me about happened to be on!  It's called The Shallows.  So I watched it! Eeek! It was about a shark!  SO scary, but good.

dear speedwork, on Friday morning I was determined to get my speedwork done.  But...I knew with the way my legs were feeling (still super tight and sore) I would be risking an injury and so I decided I better just be happy with some miles.  I AM GETTING SO FRUSTRATED!!!   I did run with the metronome ticking to get my pace up to 174 consistently. It was so blasted hard!  Then I noticed that I had it up to 180! No wonder!  I felt so much better after I realized that!  Hah  

dear birthday lunch for karen, I headed to Ogden and met Karen and Carolyn at Union Grill for Karen's birthday lunch.  We invited Linda too but she chose to not come since Lynn was off and this was just a chick's lunch.  :/   We had fun talking about Carolyn's trip to New York (she was leaving that night).  It was fun.  I grabbed some cool birthday kits from Hallmark that I am giving away for gifts this year.  My car was not wanting to start every time I tried and so I came right home so I wouldn't end up stranded.

dear date night, Dave had made soup and so we stayed home and ate that.  It is so fun having Sky here.  I am not sure how long he will be here and so I am enjoying every minute.  He has been working like crazy trying to implement a new irrigation system for the orchard.  I really need to get the basement finish project moving while he is here.  Sigh..... I need to decided first how I want it.  I admire people who know what they want and just dive in and do it.  I used to be that way, but honestly after losing Tyson for some reason I have lost that.  I hope it returns!  

dear long run, I met Robin at 7 a.m. on Saturday and even though the high was going to be in the high 50's it was still pretty chilly at 7 a.m.  We ended up getting in 8 miles which was awesome because she is only two weeks out on her broken toe.  She did great.  I have been having horrible runs this week but today I felt better than I have all week.  After she went home I did another four miles and ended up with 12.  Boy, did that take it out of me! I haven't felt that wiped out after a run since I first started to get in the long miles.  I HAD to take a nap because I could not keep my eyes open.  It was crazy.  I am not sure what is happening with my body lately but it seems to be rebelling against running!  It hurts everywhere all the time and I have never been like this.  After a full marathon, yes, but not after a 12 mile run!  I am honestly getting a bit concerned.  Boston is sneaking up FAST!  
I had big plans to get so much done after, but I got very little checked off my to do list!  I did get my lesson prepared and worked on my talk, but felt very unproductive due to my tiredness. 

dear dinner with old friends, we went to dinner with the Nances on Saturday.  It has been four years since we met them at the Mandarin!  It was way past time!  They were our great friends when we lived in Centerville.  It is crazy they have three married kids and three grandkids!  Our kids are all around the same age except her youngest is only in junior high.  Great people!  We had fun talking about our lives now and reminiscing of how they were back when we lived there.

dear daylight savings time, I decided since I was already so beat to go to bed about 10 pm.  I was more than ready.  Zzzzz........ 

dear sunday school class, I had a huge group today and I think things went really well.  We talked about the atonement and I had them play a board game I had made and then I did an object lesson with two balloons. I had them blow them up and then stick a pin in one and of course it popped. Then with the other one I put some masking tape on it and had them put the pin through it to pop it and it wouldn't pop.  The lesson being that the tape represents the atonement and even though justice is a natural law the tape can represent how mercy works and instead of the balloon popping, it doesn't because of the tape.  It was actually pretty cool. 

dear visit, I made some cookies (from the huge jar mix I have had) and Dave and I headed over to visit Marissa and take her the book Tear Soup and the cookies.  It just is so heartbreaking, but she is doing well.  At least on the outside.  I know it has to be so very hard still.  I remember those days after Tyson passed away when we had SO many visitors (for about three weeks!) day in and day out and you are just trying to get through each day. I think the hardest times came about three months out when the visits stopped and people expected you to be over it and "normal" again.   What some don't understand is you never get over it.  It changes, but it never goes away. I think we are buoyed up by the spirit so much in the beginning and that is how most people get through those first few weeks.

dear mr. cat he is waiting patiently for spring!  So am I!  But I'm not being very patient!

dear random, I stopped by the cemetery on one of my runs this week.  There were several pennies on Tyson's grave. I have no idea who left them.

I saw this book when I was shopping this week about missionaries serving in different parts of the world.  This page was on Russia.  The photo of the boy with frozen lashes was taken in his mission.

Two of my boys having a great spring break in Puerto Rico!

Some fun Facebook stuff:
This is so bogus.  I know the deer photo was not the most commented. I guess they make this stuff up.
This is more the truth....
I do grit my teeth!
And I am very passionate about certain things...
This is from my county! 
I forgot to add this last week.

dear quotes,


Dawn said...

I love that Dave rubs your feet. Larry did mine the other night and I thought of you. Lots of food and running this week :) always so much good going on in your life! You're awesome!

Audrey said...

I'm so far behind on blogging who knows if I will ever catch up - e'm even behind on READING! If I would have been on top of things I would have known that you would be on top of things and had given Marissa "Tear Soup". Kim and I took one over yesterday, and just told her to pass it on to someone who could use it.
It sounds like your training is really rough right now. Isn't that the way everything always goes, when you are getting ready for something important everything seems to get it the way. It will work out, and I'm sure you will do GREAT.
So glad that you have Skylar around for awhile. I'll bet you are loving that.

Jodi Wilding said...

Oh, that's funny Audrey! I was given two copies when Tyson passed away as well and I kept both thinking I would pass one on but can't find either! I wonder if I gave both away not realizing it!


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