Monday, April 17, 2017

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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear one week before the big day!!!  It's almost here ! I didn't sleep at ALL last night! Well, maybe I got a couple cat naps, but I just am so keyed up!  I spent a couple hours last night watching YouTube videos of the course and several of Heartbreak Hill and it psyched me out!  They all said how difficult it is and it makes or breaks many a runner (mostly breaks!)  I have been wondering if I am ready. Have I trained hard enough?  Is it going to be a suffer-fest or am I going to be happily surprised?  I have never ran any marathon without a lot of suffering along the way and so I will expect that, I just don't want it to be overbearing suffering.  Only time will tell.  And the weather will have a lot to do with it as well.  If it's raining, it WILL be miserable.  If it's hot, it WILL be even worse.  I have checked the forecast three times a day for a month and right not it's holding around 59 degrees and sunny!  Crossing my fingers!  
I posted this on Facebook today:
My Boston Marathon jacket ARRIVED! I'm giddy with excitement!! Are you allowed to wear it before you cross the finish line? :) Exactly ONE WEEK from today I will be doing just that! Somebody pinch me! It's really here! I am proof that dreams do come true! It has been a long road to get here but I didn't get here alone. No one knows that better than me. I want to sincerely thank all of you who have helped me in ANY way, whether it be through your encouragement, kind comments or supporting me along this journey. I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for the great support I have had from my family, friends and running pals along the way.
Qualifying for Boston at my age (at any age) is a runner's dream come true. It hasn't come easy and has involved a lot of pain, sweat, and tears....sacrificing sleep, toenails, and even chocolate (believe it or not!).:)It's included hill repeats, speedwork, overcoming several injuries along the way, running in downpours, blizzards, brutal wind, and slippery roads. I've watched my dream slip away several times when I missed qualifying by only minutes. But what's a dream worth if it comes too easily? This race means so much more because it was at times so unreachable. As any runner will tell you, it's not crossing the finish line that matters, but how you got there. Thanks again to all of you who have helped me get here and make this dream come true! 

dear run, I am tapering and so I only ran four miles on Monday.  I tried to find a hill that is a half mile long so I could practice since Heartbreak Hill is that long. I went west of the high school.  The only problem is my legs were fresh and so it wasn't as much of a challenge as it will be at mile 20 on very tired legs.  I went to the track and did my PT work after. 
My serious contemplating Boston look and my STOP IT and ENJOY this instead of worrying look!

dear getting ready, I spent the day doing a million things I needed to get done before I leave.  Cleaning, post office, a million phone calls, emails, etc. etc.  It is coming fast.  I checked a lot off my list but I still have a million more things to do.  I made banana bread because I had some visits I needed to make.  
I also got Carson's package mailed.  I got to Skype with him as well.  He is so adorable!  He wanted to see my bobble head and so I got it out and did a little dance with it.  He was giggling.  He wants me to go to post office and get mailed to California.  Haha.  What a cutie! Sarah sent me these cute photos of when he got the package.  I sent him all the Panda's in the first photo and the second photo is his entire collection.  Too funny!

dear tuesday run, it was really cold this morning but I figured it would be good training for the start of the race.  I decided to do five miles even though I probably should have only done 3 or 4, but I wanted to get in some hills to help with my confidence.  I ran to the tabernacle and took in the gorgeous spring flowers.  I loved how peaceful it was there and soaked it all in before heading to the cemetery.  I enjoy this five mile route because I get to stop in and say hi to Tys.  :)  I felt good!

dear harp lesson, I had a later lesson today but it was an hour long to squeeze in two lessons since I will be gone next week.  We worked hard.  I liked the longer lesson because there was more time to really assimilate it all.  I had a bunch of errands to run in Layton and Ogden.  I am still unsure about what I am wearing (UGH!) and stopped at Dick's to see if they had any cute running things.  I found a couple skirts that I will most likely return but at least I have more options.  I tried to find some bday gifts but didn't have much luck. 

dear boston course, I called Walter (Utah running Guru) to find out when the Utah runners were meeting for a group photo at the Finish Line like they always do and I picked his brain a bit. He said it's a tough course and would be the perfect race it the two half's were reversed. He said it's downhill the first half and uphill the last.  He said that it's hard for Utahn's because  we run mostly downhill courses in full marathons and this one is not like that. He said the ending is not like St. George and it's tough.  Great.  That is not what I wanted to hear.  I didn't feel too positive after talking to him.  I guess I need to prepare mentally for what's ahead though.  Sigh....

dear chocolate appreciation night, I rushed to the church for the meeting I helped plan.  I almost didn't go because I had SO much to still do to get ready for Boston but I felt like I needed to.  It was fun.  At least most of it.  We got to know each other with a few games.  One sister came and gave me a hug and said a prayer for me (for the marathon) while we were hugging.  I won't turn down a prayer no matter how it comes! :)  I got a lot of well wishes and questions.  One sister came up to me and told me she heard I was really fast and she knew I was going to win it.  I laughed and laughed and explained to her that I was certainly NOT going to win it!  I told her there are 30,000 runners and only three women win it.  It made me smile how serious she was.  Bless her heart.  I told her I am just praying that I finish it in one piece!  

dear sweet friends, I had two friends drop by well wishes and some gifts to wish me luck.  Lacy brought me some chocolate and some lotion!  She stayed and chatted about running for quite a while.  It was very thoughtful.  

Then Robin dropped by with some fun little motivating things...

She is so sweet!  I love how sweet people are.  We talked about my nerves and she said I need to trust in my training because I didn't run any downhill on my long runs and I will do great.  I am still not so sure!  I worry it's going to be a suffer-fest.  I really do need to quit all this negative thinking and just from here on out BE POSITIVE and RELISH in the fact I am RUNNING THE BOSTON MARATHON!   It's going to be hard. ALL marathons are.  BUT, I worked hard to get here and I have ran in some pretty brutal conditions and no matter what I have been prepared  through all the hard runs to tackle this thing!  

Then my sweet and thoughtful friend Dawn stopped by on Wednesday! She brought me a very motivating card (which I really needed!) and my favorite chocolate on the planet...seafoam!  Aka Crunchie bar all the way from Australia!  And I ate the entire thing!  I have been really good withholding chocolate the past couple weeks and so I deserved it, right?  :)

Dawn is a very positive person and would make the perfect running coach because she pulls you out of your negative thoughts and helps you see the positive when you can't seem to do it by yourself. I have been really struggling with doubts and fears, but she assured me that I GOT THIS and I CAN DO IT!  Thanks Dawn!  I needed that reassurance and positive vibes!  I am so blessed with amazing friends!

I have decided my mantra for this race is going to be: 

dear mr. cat, he has no idea that he is going to be family-less for the next five days. He will probably not even notice since all he does is sleep anyway!  hah

dear boston bound, I finally got packed and got the house clean and then we were off!  I can NOT believe it's really here!  I seriously can't!  And I am so happy all my boys that are here are able to go!  What a blessing!  I really wish my parents could come but I am not sure my Mom would survive all the walking.  I'll know better after I see what it's like there.  

I guess that is Taylor's eye cover.  LOL

Sorry if I already posted this, but if I did, it's worth repeating!  HAH
If only he were chocolate!
I am ending this week here.  I will post the rest of it on the trip post.  Here we go! Wish me luck!

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Nancy Mc said...

So exciting that you got your jacket and then you are off to Boston. I'm sure it was fun to have the support of your family.
I'm anxiously awaiting next few posts...about Boston and the Marathon.


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