Monday, June 12, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, I wrote up a very long list of things that need to get done this week in order to be ready for McKay's homecoming. I usually have a lot more time to get things done, but due to him surprising us in coming home so early, I had a long, long list. 
I drove to cemetery to clean up the things on Tyson's grave. It was cold!  I came home and then went on a run.  I also did my PT while I was out.  Not sure if it's helping.  I cleaned the basement today and recruited McKay and Sky's help.  It got really hot by the afternoon and I was glad I was working in the cool basement!  It's so good to have that kid home!  He headed off fishing with some buds tonight. Meanwhile Sky made my fave chocolate pudding cake!  Mmm........  I was trying to be good, but I succumbed and had some! 

dear tuesday,  I got up and got in my run. It was hot!  I came home and practiced my harp and then got ready and headed to my lesson. It wasn't until noon today.  After my lesson I headed to Karen's to borrow her chairs.  Aubrey and Mickey were there and so I stayed and hung out with them for a while.  It was fun.  I then ran a bunch of errands including Costco. While there, another cart rammed into mine.  It was Scott. He was trying to get my attention because I was so focused on getting out of there fast.  That didn't happen.  I think I talked to him for at least 30 minutes.  I also had to hit Home Depot and several other places.  Dave had meetings.
The boat Scott told me I needed to buy for Alaska.  Yeah, that would be fun trying to get it there!  Hmm....

dear wednesday, oh man, it was another hot one today! It was actually National Running Day but I didn't do anything to celebrate it other than run.  I ran to the high school but I didn't find a single coin.  That might be the first time running there that I didn't find one! 
The track has been totally demolished.  Ugh!
We had some crazy wind last night as you can see by this tree in my hood.
I saw this gorgeous butterfly!  It's the little things in life that are the best.
I had an Ortho appt and I am still going on my aligners. I really want to be done with these things but I also want my teeth to be exactly how I want them after enduring them this long.  I came home and got going on my list.  Mainly cleaning.  I also painted the top of the hutch.  There was a swing on our street that the neighbors left out with a FREE sign and I had the boys go haul it up so we could have it for the Homecoming because I am worried about having enough seating and it was in great shape. I just needed to spray paint the wicker.  I chose to do it in navy.  It turned out nice!  Taylor called and he is happy and still enjoying paradise.  Mitchell stopped by and brought cookies.  He is such a cute kid.  He told me to get McKay to ask out his sister.  That would be awesome if he does.  I still haven't been sleeping well.  :( 
McKay's homecoming picture was in the paper today.  Hard to believe he is really home!

dear thursday, I ran out west.  I love going way out there because there is hardly any people.  It was another scorcher!  
I spent the day cleaning and fixing things.  I have also been feeding the neighbor's cat.  She has taken off though.  Hopefully she is okay.  She's an outside cat, so I am sure she is just hiding from me.   I went to Corinne to pick up the pulled pork for the homecoming.  It was a pretty good deal and so I decided to buy it instead of make it. Cleaning is not for the weak.  It never took me this long to get my whole house ready for something like this when my boys were younger because they ALL had many chores that they did every day and so I was much more on top of things then.  Now, every single thing is pretty much up to me to do.  I did put the boys to work, but mostly the big things outside and their rooms. I went visiting teaching tonight as well. I really need to get my camera fixed on my phone.  It doesn't take crisp photos at all.  Especially indoors.

dear friday, I was going to do my long run, but I had too much to do today so I only got in five miles.  Even though I keep working like a Banshee it doesn't seem like the list is getting any shorter. *Sidenote:  I actually wrote working like a Bangee and then I thought I better be sure I spelled it right.  GOOD THING I checked because the way I spelled it is NOT how I was working!  LOL  Look it up!    I spent a LOT of time in the yard today trimming bushes and trees and cutting back overgrowth.  Luckily, I didn't see a snake or it would be the last I would be out there!  It was SO hot!  But it needed to get done and Dave is so busy at work right now and with church.  Bryce is working constantly for Dave's dad and the neighbors who are moving doing handy work for them and McKay has been working a lot as well.  It's crazy when your kids grow up, they have lives of their own and you are left to the entire yard and house.  I see why so many people downsize. It's almost a necessity!  Not sure how we will keep it up with just the two of us one of these days because the boys still do a lot.
I have been feeding two of our friend's cats this week.  Zoe has quite the set up as a litter box. It's more of a porta potty for cats. It's high tech and fun to operate.  They also have the most amazing fish tank.  Check out those colors!  I enjoy feeding other's pets. I love animals so much I could do it as a full time job. Hah
When Dave got home, we headed up to our Stake Girl's Camp.  He was asked to speak and they invited us for dinner as well.  They served Hawaiian Haystacks!  Yum!  It was fun to see everyone.  Everyone was so nice and made us feel so welcome. Robin and Grant were there as well.  
I love girl's camp.  I told Johnny (our new Bishop) that I kinda miss it!  Oops!  He told me that is good to know.  Not sure I miss it THAT much!  hah  
We sat by the Hollingsworth's and Mont loves Dave.  He just takes to him and is so cute how he just stares so sweetly at him.
While Dave was speaking, Mont walked up to the podium like he was going to reach up to him to pick him up, but when Dave said Mont's name over the speaker, it scared him and he ran back. It was so cute.
He gave a great talk.  He is very gifted at speaking.
We then went to our ward's testimony meeting. They were combined with the 12th ward.  It was so cold!  The wind was blowing like crazy and it got really chilly.  Kim brought me his blanket. He is such a nice guy.  I was seriously freezing and would not have been a happy camper without it. Hah   I made a huge batch of caramel corn to take up there from Dave and I.  They ate it around the campfire at testimony meeting. 
The theme was ASK.  It stood for something different each day.  Always Seek Knowledge was the day we were there.   We left before the meeting ended because it was still going strong at 10 pm.  

dear saturday, I got dressed to run but got working and never made it out on my run. I cleaned windows instead.  Fun.  I had a professional come but he was trying to charge me double what he did last time and so I only had him do the high scary ones. I did the rest.'s going to rain Tuesday.  Great. Oh well.  Such is life.  
I spent the entire day baking for the homecoming, cleaning, organizing, cleaning, gathering tables and chairs, cleaning, and cleaning.  My house is way too big for one person to try to have spotless all at the same time.  I was exhausted.  I even had a little meltdown when we couldn't find the touch up paint for the house.  Luckily, Bryce came to the rescue and found it.  That kid misses nothing!  We had all looked everywhere!  I mentioned it to him and within minutes he found it!  No idea how he does that but he has always been the most observant person I know.  It's like he has a built in radar.  

We had a wedding reception in Perry to go to and so we cleaned up for that and then came home and kept working.  It's a lot of work to throw together a full meal in your home (and yard) for 60-80 people.  It's like doing a ward party by yourself.  That is how I felt.

dear photo overload, I took these pix of McKay for the local paper to announce his return.  I was going to just add my favorite but realized they are all my favorite. I haven't seen this guy for two years so I can get away with posting them all.  Each one is a bit different but I love them all!
I so love this good looking boy!  And I am SO SO SO happy he is home safe and sound!

dear mckay's homecoming, I got up early (5:45) and began Russian around to get ready for the big day!  I went outside and started to set up the tables and chairs.  The wind was blowing like crazy! I had to tape things down. Once again, I felt like I was setting for a ward party by myself.  Dave got home about 9 a.m. and helped me. 
I think the yard is looking nice.  Check out the swing I painted and added seat covers to.  Not bad for free!   I love the flowers!
My parents stopped by right before church.  We then headed over and saved some seats.  It was also Jame's Lindsey's farewell and so I knew it would be a full house.  Most all of Dave's family came and mine as well.  It was full.  McKay did an 
 job!  It was one of the best homecoming talks I have heard.  Man, he is so grown up and speaks so articulately.  He was funny, interesting, spiritual, cute, and just did a great job. I was so proud of him.  And hearing him speak in Russian always gives me chills.  I have no idea how he ever learned that language.  He is such a fun and cute kid.  I had so many people come up and tell me how good looking he is and how he has truly become a man.  I couldn't have been more proud of him.  It was so fun to talk to all the people that came to hear him speak.  The Connolly's, the Parsons, several missionary moms who boys are serving in Russia (now in the US).  And several of his Russian companions.  Elder Brower (MTC comp), Elder Lyman (trainer), Elder Bodily (from our city), Elder Crabbe (comp), Elder Parry (just assigned as very last comp when learned they were dissolving the mission), and Sister....I forgot her name.
I told them to do a serious pose for Elder De Sandre (still in Russia) but McKay and Elder Lyman could NOT keep a straight face for even a second.  These guys sure do have a lot of fun together.  They were talking for almost an hour after the meeting.  It did my heart good.  I tried to get them to come over even though McKay had to stay for the block, but they didn't.  
They were so fun to watch.  McKay was laughing so hard.  He loves them and they love him.  
I actually got a serious one for Elder De Sandre after all.
My parents and bro's fam were already at my house when I got home.  I finished setting everything up and then we waited for the rest to come.  
Some of the stuff McKay brought home.
The food...

The guest of honor:

Mostly cousins.... with Chris and Aub's boyfriend.

Isaac wearing some of the Russian souvenirs.
One of these is my brother...  just not sure which one.  hah
With my cute Mama.  She had me laughing all day.  She is so funny.
Sky and his mini me Isaac.
Carolyn and I look like we are doing some kind of a play or dance.  Made me laugh. favorite photo of the entire day!

With the grandparents
With the fam....
The bros..... minus Taylor (I'm sure Tyson is hovering in there somewhere)
Weston is holding the stick pix of Taylor in the top left.  Love it.
A couple of proud parents! 

It was a lively bunch.  It was also hot and we had very little shade.  But everyone seemed to manage okay.  I was EXHAUSTED by the time everyone left.  
But it was worth it all!

We did seriously miss this guy though!

dear flashback, my friend Lynda W stopped by and brought this cute photo of McKay and his pals when they were about five years old!  How cute is this?  McKay is the one in the middle with the navy blue and red shirt on.  Several of these are now serving or did serve missions.
 These popped up on my Facebook memories this week.  CRAZY!  These are of Taylor.
These also popped up of McKay!  Dances, graduation, seminary graduation!  Then he was gone!  Just like that!  So glad he's back!

dear random, SHE'S BACK!  And with a vengeance!

This is a new candy bar and OH MY HECK, it's soooooo good!

I love this that my friend Brooke made, but I need to get the vinyl fixed on it.


Audrey said...

I CANNOT believe everything you did to get ready for the homecoming. You are seriously a crazy woman! So glad that it turned out so nice!

Nancy Mc said...

So glad that McKay is home! The homecoming celebration looks fantastic. You are amazing to get that all put together.
And so many pictures. Do people complain? (My family does!) I've always wondered how you take such great pictures while you are running.

Jodi Wilding said...

Thanks Audrey and Nancy! And yes, they do complain! haha I have to beg one of my boys to ever be in a photo and the others sometimes I have to bribe them. lol I had a lot of peeps taking pictures on the homecoming for me as well, so that helps!
I love taking pix while me it's worth the stop. :)


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