Monday, June 5, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear memorial day, we were hoping to get away to the cabin this weekend but found out there were already some fams up there and Dave forgot to fix his schedule, so we stayed here and did the traditional cemetery visit and breakfast. We wanted to go to Corbin's but they were closed.  We hit the cemetery first.
Sure do miss this little guy!
We met my parents there.  
We couldn't persuade Sky to get out and be in the photo.  Robin and Grant came over and she got this picture of him in the car.  Good enough for me. Not really, but what do ya do?  hah
With Robin.  My Pa showing how he really feels.  lol
We decided to go to The Rusted Spoon this time. The food was good, but we had to wait a long time to get it.  

dear tuesday, I got up early and practiced my harp and then got ready and headed to my lesson.  I practiced a lot this week and felt really prepared.  The song I worked the hardest on (Teach Me to Walk) we didn't have time to get to.  After my lesson, I had a list of things I needed to get done in Layton and Ogden.    
This was my favorite one!  I really love going through the carwash. Check out the sign.  I did relax and definitely enjoyed the ride!   I had a bunch of errands to run but forgot the camera for my phone that I was going to take in to get fixed. Dang!  But I got my other stuff done. When I got home McKay's good bud Carson came over and brought him some "goop" from his mom to welcome him home.  Then later our neighbor's the McCarley's brought him over an oatmeal cake.  People are so nice.  

dear wednesday, McKay started a job already!  He goes door to door getting signatures on a petition for a political candidate.  He worked in SLC one day and in Orem another. It's a great paying job.  They get $5 per signature.  He did pretty well!  It isn't long term but it was perfect for him for now.
   He looks so cute!  It's so good to have him home!!!
He requested Chicken Bundles for dinner and so of course, I made them for him and then another night we grilled thee best burgers! Sky made his homemade teriyaki sauce for them and we also added grilled pineapple. Talk about good!

dear week, I wasn't very good at taking pix this week and I left most of my days open so I could spend time with McKay, so I don't really remember much of what happened and when, and so this post will be a bit shorter than normal. 
I made Robin a Good Luck basket for her marathon in San Diego this weekend.  I took it to her at her work.  She is excited to run it and is very well prepared.  I hope she does well!  I want her to BQ so she can run Boston with me.

dear long run, I managed to get in a 10 miler on Friday morning.  Exactly how, I'm not sure because my injury was acting up big time.  My left leg felt like it weighed 300 lbs!  Ugh!  It's not fun to run when your body is not functioning properly.  I need to figure this thing out.  A muscle should be healed by now. I may be getting an MRI to rule out anything else.
I thought that B looked like a BOSTON RED SOX B!  It was a gorgeous day!

dear lunch with jen, we rescheduled our lunch for Friday and we headed up to Logan.  She needed to get her bike tire fixed and I had an exchange I needed to make. We ate at Kneaders. I forgot to take a photo so I grabbed this off the internet.  I had the turkey bacon avocado salad.  It is probably my favorite salad anywhere because I love the shredded turkey, It's so much better than deli turkey. 

We tried to catch up since it's been so long since we have even really talked.  It was fun.  Dave and I went to the Idle Isle for date night.  I would have suggested a movie too, but I am just so flippin' sleepy by 7:00 pm lately that I would have fallen asleep in the movie!

dear aquarium, Dave had a medical meeting at the Living Aquarium and as part of it they gave families a discount.  Sky and McKay were able to come but Bryce had to work.  We left at 8 a.m. but when we got there Dave's classes started but we had to kill an hour before the aquarium opened.  So Sky drove us around Riverton.  We stopped at Swigs and got me two cookies to take home and McKay wanted a smoothie.  We went back and then started on the tour.  It was fun. Sky blew me away with his knowledge of ocean fish.  He knows all their names and habitat etc.  It was very educational having him around.  We watched a couple of the 4D movies.  One on Wild Cats (of course I loved that one) and one of King Penguins.  It amazes me how big this world is and how much I don't know. 
My faves were the clouded leopard and the pheasant that was luminescent.  I liked the sharks and sea turtles too.  Sadly, the otters were sleeping this time.
We ran into Karen and Mickey and Dave's mom.  They did their own thing.  We saw them again when we waited for Dave after it was over.  He brought out some food for us to share.  It was fun.  
We stopped at Nielson's Frozen Custard on our way home. And then at the Rockin' Country Store for some flowers for the yard.  

I headed to a baby shower after we got home and then to feed the neighbor's cat Trixie.  I was beat at 7:00 again.  Hah.  Am I just getting old?  Booo!

dear sunday, it was fast and testimony meeting today. I was secretly hoping McKay would bear his and he did!  He did such a great job.  I was so proud of him.  He looked like a man standing up there!  I had several people tell me how tall he's gotten and what a man he has become.  It's true.  But he's still the same cute McKay.  He was kind of a celebrity today.  Everyone wanted to welcome him back and to talk to him and some did it from the pulpit while bearing their testimonies.  I went to my Family History class and I hope I can learn this stuff.  It is rather confusing because there is so much to learn, but I know I will have help from the other side.  I had to play the piano in RS and I slaughtered the first song even though I had it down pat. Oh well.  The closing song was a piece of cake but of course we only sang one verse.
We had hamburgers again for lunch.  They were gourmet with a capital G!  Mmm....
I made Mother Goose popcorn to take to an open house (farewell party) at the McCarleys today.  We headed over and it was fun to talk to all the neighbors. Some who I haven't even met yet!  I will miss these two. I really hate to see them move. It's always scary when you get lose good neighbors because you don't know who will replace them.  They have become dear friends.  We should have been better neighbors to them.  I always feel like we should be doing more for our neighbors.  

 We didn't get a great photo.  The top one is good except it's blurry of Dave.  The bottom one is good except Betsy is looking away.  So I added both!  :)

dear random, some snapchats from my boys adventures.
                                 Bryce, this kid works hard but he also plays hard.
 I could go for some of that about now! (Taylor)

Not sure if I posted these of McKay yet or not.
Click to enlarge.  Some of my favorite ones so far.
They got most of these right, but trust me telling McKay goodbye for two years was NOT my happiest memory!
 Wild animals...
↓ Not so wild....

dear quotes, 

I need to work on this!  hah

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Dawn said...

I love going through the car wash too. Your dinners always look so yummy...I wish I enjoyed cooking more than I do. I hope Robin BQ's too...that would be so cool for you both! Your boys are so cute...I wish they'd be interested in Kimleighel...darn it! Loads of good things happening in your part of the world!


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