Monday, June 19, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, I met Robin at 6:30 a.m. and did my long run.  I ran 7 with her and then did 4 on my own.  So 11 total...which was my goal.  I headed out west and the wind picked up.  Then I spent most of the day cleaning the house.  I talked to the boys for quite a bit today. I love when they are all here and we can talk. It's so fun to have adult children.  Dave and I headed over to Troy's for the party we planned for the Parrish's farewell.  I know we already had one, but Mont was in town for one of the last times and we thought it would be fun.  Most everyone came.  I think we had 9 or 10 couples show up.  We had Italian Sodas and snacks everyone brought.  We spent most of the time just chatting. 
 Some of us women talked about our missionaries. They told me they are amazed at how grown up and articulate McKay has become and what a good job he did on his talk. I told them a bit about the doings in Russia.  It was fun to just get together.  A few people had to leave early, but the rest of us went downstairs and played Telestrations again. 
That game is a killer.  We were laughing so hard as we always do when we play it.  It was very sad to say goodbye to such an amazing family. Mont joked around about paying me if I could get McKay to take out his daughter.  Surprisingly enough when we got home we found out that the two of them went and played pickleball together. Too funny.  

dear tuesday, it was raining really hard as well as cold in the morning and so I bagged my run.  I love the rain!  I usually love to run in it but today it was pretty cold.  It rained most of the day.  While I was sitting at the computer, Sky came in and sat down by Dave's desk where his planner was open and he was just casually looking at it and then said, "What does this mean?  Sarah and Carson arrive?"  Dave had written it down in his planner and there it was for Sky to see!  He then said, "Does it mean a package is arriving?"  I said I wasn't sure and that maybe it was a package for Father's Day.  I wasn't sure what to say!  Then I had a sack of the stuff I was putting together to give to Carson when I picked him up at the airport and Sky saw a panda through the sack and asked me what that was doing there and if I was going to mail Carson's package today. I told him I was going to soon.  Sheesh!  I fear he suspects something is up.  Oh well, he will KNOW it is in a few hours!  I was more worried he was going to wonder where I was since it was so late.  I picked up my mom and then we went to SLC to the airport.  We got there early and so sat in the Park and Wait for a good 45 minutes.  She was hilarious and entertaining.  She had me laughing so hard. I think she is getting funnier with age. 
Sarah sent me this text of Carson on the airplane.  Isn't he the cutest lil' thing?  I am getting so excited to see him! The sign said they had arrived and so we drove to the pick up and waited but the security dude made me drive around because I had been there too long.  They finally came out and Carson was so cute!  He was beaming! That kid is one adorable thing!  It was so fun to see him.  He wouldn't quit talking the whole ride back. He was so excited to surprise Sky.  We dropped my Mom off and then arrived at my house about 10:30 pm.  We tried to be quiet but Carson couldn't help giggling.  He got about half way down the stairs and Sky yelled, "I know THAT giggle!"  It was so cute when they saw each other.  Sky ran out and picked him up and hugged Sarah.  He was totally surprised.  He was also very happy to see them. We were up until almost two!  It will be fun to have them here.  McKay got to meet him for the first time too.  Carson headed for the playroom to find all "his" toys.  He loves the Lion King ones. :)
Mr. Cat is not as excited as we are.  He likes his peace and solitude.  hah

dear wednesday, I got up and ran to the high school and past the temple this morning. I actually found a couple coins.  

I also found a purple rock. I am assuming it's part of the Brigham Rocks so I left it there.

Carson slept in pretty late, but when he woke up he wanted me to play with him.  He is such a fun kid to have around.  He is always pleasant and so well behaved.  
We played for a long time and then he came in my bathroom and unbeknownst to me, he took almost 200 photos on my phone.  Most of them selfies of him and some of me getting ready.  He is a hoot.  
An actual real one of us.
When Dave got home for lunch we headed to Bunderson to swing and play on the playground.  
We also went inside because they have a Museum of Natural History! I had no idea!  It was super cool!  They have dinosaur bones, fossils, geodes, rocks, you name it, they have it. I was blown away.  I don't think anyone really knows about it!  We were the only ones there.  
The guy behind me was scary!  No one would get in the picture with me!
Dave and McKay headed to AP camp because was asked to speak about his mission. The rest of us had a bonfire.  It was fun!  Carson is seriously so hilarious!

dear thursday, I ran hill repeats.  I made it to 15!  Wow! I didn't think I could do that many and so I was very happy!  My Mom came over to visit Carson.  Carson was very excited to see her.  Don McCarley stopped by the other night and he thought it was my Dad and he went running through the house yelling, "Grammy and Grampy are here!"  She brought yummy donuts and lots of fruit.
First thing on the agenda:  Take Grammy to jail!  
McKay also got taken to jail.

He wanted to play with the playdough, but it was all dried up and so we made some homemade playdough.  Man, it's been a long time since I made playdough, but it turned out great. 
Good recipe

He's dabbing. We hung out for awhile on the swing and Mr. Cat joined us.  
 We then took a walk to the park.  We stopped at Tyson's tree and took some photos. 
 He made instant friends with the other kids that were playing.
 When we came home, he played with Bryce for a while.  He also buried him in pillows.  
 Then it was McKay's turn.  All of my boys are so cute with him and he loves all of them. Even if he does call them all Taylor half the time. lol
He loves playing with the Grinch house.  I even think it's fun.  It was fun making that thing so many years ago.  

Sadly, Sarah discovered she lost her wallet at the airport including her ID.  That's going to be a pain to fix.  I made stroganoff for dinner and Dave headed to AP Camp as soon as he inhaled his food. Sky took Sarah and Carson four wheeling.  Betsy stopped by for a bit.  I am sad they are moving. You don't always appreciate the neighbors you have until they move.  McKay headed off to his friend Cody who just got home from his mission.  He's excited to no longer be the only one home. They went fishing.  I went to find a gift for Lynn because his mother passed away.  Hard to know what to get a guy. I ended up getting a Willow Tree and gave it to both him and Linda.  His mom was a very kind and nice lady. I am so behind on this blog.  Not much spare time right now.  I was bushed.  (How's that for a day thrown together in one quick paragraph?!)  Time is short and I am trying to get caught up and so forgive the rushed nature of this post.

dear friday, I headed out west and ran 6 miles.  It was pretty dang hot! Dave went to AP Camp for the afternoon.  He gave John Bytheway a ride up there because he was speaking. 

Sarah took this of me and Carson when I was practicing my harp this morning.  He was jamming away on the piano.  It was quite humorous.  
McKay hung out with Carson.
 Carson found me this heart rock!  Those things are hard to find but he found me one!  
 We played with the cars.  I also dusted off a lot of the playroom toys and shelves. It's been a while since it's had any kids playing with those things.  By the way, some of those cars were mine when I was a little girl.   
Sky and Sarah made dinner.  Stuffed chicken things.  Oh my, they were so good!

dear saturday, I got up early and did my long run with Robin.  She went seven with me and then I did another four so I had 11 total. I felt tired the entire rest of the day.  Not sure why.  I did my toenails today and I have lost four now since Boston. It was worth it!  :)  I made a salad for Father's Day tomorrow and Mississippi Mud brownies.  

Sky made us his famous wings.  They really are better than any I've ever had, including Wingers. McKay had been begging him to make them since he got home. I watched 101 Dalmatians (again! haha) with Carson.  He never gets sick of that movie.  

dear sunday , I headed out to Cody's homecoming talk but ended up going without McKay because he had to speak!  I had no idea until I was leaving. I was torn. I wanted to hear both.  I decided to go to Cody's and hope he spoke first and then catch McKay.  Didn't work out. I missed McKay.  He also spoke during our church time at another ward so I tried to get Sky and Sarah into going to hear him but we didn't, we went to ours instead.  Carson was so cute. He wanted to go to the nursery with the toys but I talked him into going to class with the Sunbeams when they went to class.  
In RS Janet told me about Jaren and how Dave had a great influence on getting him to go to AP Camp.  It was a good story. 
After church, we gave Dave his gifts. 

We then headed to Grampy's.  It was a blast.  We DO have a lot of fun!  
Kalani was adorable!
As were Winston and Carson.  They were instant pals.
Kalani even took to Jerry.  We were having  a bit of a competition because Winston gave him a Father's Day card. 
Mia LOVES Skyler.  They bonded big time when he was living with them. She was so happy to see him.
Sarah fit right in!
Love my Pa!
The shenanigans were in abundance as always when my bro is present.  He started another whip cream fight, though he will say I was the one that started it.  Not true.  ;)  Did I mention we have a lot of fun?
 Happy Father's Day to thee BEST Pa out there!
 My Dad with my boys

We then left way too early to go to Karen's for the other Father's Day party but ended up going to the park to kill some time.  Crazy and hot.  
At Karen's we had a good time playing Vball and Badminton and just chillin'.  It was a lot of fun.  We had treats including homemade ice-cream.  YUM!  I think Sarah got to meet a lot of new people today.  Hopefully, it was a good thing. :) 

Cousins volleyball game.  They were competitive.  Especially Aubrey's bf. But they had so much fun.
Then the adults joined in.  They had to tone it down a bit for us.  Well, they should have anyway. :)
These cousins love each other and it's so fun to watch them interact as teens and adults now.
Scott brought his Segway and it was a hit with Carson.
The three of us get a bit silly when we're together.  Love these fun peeps!
 I am not sure what happened to my pictures of Dave's dad, but he was there and we celebrated him.

dear random, 

Dave made this pork chop bake with Brussel sprouts and it was divine!
Back of our home.  I love our lot!
One of the few times we've seen Mr. Cat all week.  He stays outside all day.  Only comes in at night to eat and sleep.

One of Bryce's adventures
These boys went golfing. They laugh and laugh when they are together. I am so grateful for good cousins.
Sky and Sarah on the four wheeler
Colored flames
Our neighbors found a rattlesnake in their backyard.
Bryce's project! (fence for his Grandpa)
 One of my favorite oldies with my cousins.

dear quotes, 


Audrey said...

I didn't realize that you surprised Skylar with Sarah and Carson's visit - how fun! I have a feeling that you like that Carson just a little bit! I'm so glad that you got to have some fun times with family - that is the BEST!

Jodi Wilding said...

It was Sarah's surprise! I just picked them up from the airport. He was happily surprised though!

Dawn said...

fun things always happening .... I like the weeks when we see each other better though and that hasn't happened for over a month. Hopefully Wednesday!

Jodi Wilding said...

Me too Dawn!!!


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