Monday, February 16, 2009


Purple ~ Purple ~ Purple....and MORE Purple!!!

Okay, the time has now come for the big reveal of the

Purple Passion Hunt!!!

I received some pretty Purple-ishy stuff! And amazingly I only got two or three things that I already have! I will post my own collection next week sometime.

I had a HARD TIME deciding which one was the most unusual or my favorite. They were ALL so good! You guys are AMAZING!

I finally did chose ONE - BUT for the SECOND winner I am going to have YOU chose!!! 'You' as in anyone that reads this post!

You just have to leave a comment telling me which picture you want to vote on. Remember CHOCOLATE is involved for the winner!

All the entries are posted below (if yours doesn't appear here - PLEASE let me know ASAP! After I published this post I found SEVEN more photos that had gone into my SPAM! They are on here now, but please tell me if yours isn't here and I will HUNT it down!)

I have NOT added any names of the contestants with the pictures. Since you are voting, I didn't want any of you to be biased! You CAN however VOTE for your own! And you can recruit other bloggers to stop by and vote for yours. Just don't mention any names of contestants in the comments please!

There are some duplicate items. Please specify when voting WHICH one it is...the first, second, or third one according to how it was posted. (i.e. I want to vote for the SECOND purple frog)

You can VOTE for your top THREE choices.

Yes THREE!!!

The winning purpliscious thing will be determined strictly by number of votes!

Now for the WINNER I chose!!!

Drum roll please....

A PURPLE fire hydrant surrounded by PURPLE hydrangeas! What more could a dog ask for?

This was sent in by Heather at Happy Chippy Junk! ←click

! ! !Congrats Heather! ! !

Go to her blog and congratulate her! You will love her blog!
Sorry you can't vote for hers...

Now...on to the FAR OUT entries!!!!! Get ready - get set- VOTE!

Only one word for this...WOW!

I wouldn't even mind tweezing with these!

NOTHING could be more tempting...

Even I could learn to LOVE him!

Purple is definitely in!

HOLY purple COW!

I've never seen a purple cow. I never hope to see one. But I will tell you anyhow; I'd rather see than be one!

I also got a recipe for a Purple Cow.
Put 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream in a tall glass.
Pour 8 oz of grape juice over the ice cream.

Purple is the new white...

The color ALL eyes should be!

Proof purple looks good on ANY one!

This will definitely get your attention!

VERY happy gerbils live here ↑

"Sorry honey but my other tux was at the cleaners."

No photoshopping involved!

Some of these photos are kinda corny

I am seriously wondering wny I didn't have one of THESE in my collection!!

This would go real well with those eyes above!

Would growing these give you a PURPLE thumb?

He is beary purple! NO photoshoping involved again. Notice the fence isn't purple either! HA! Busted!!! Just kidding. Photo shopping WAS allowed!

Hmm...a half a head in the park. And purple no-less.

Purplelocks and the three beehives. That is quite a nest!


These next few are just - shall we say...FUN ONES that someone sent ↓

You can never get too many purple hugs! ♥♥♥


The Purple Passion-mobile

This would make a cat happy

This would make a cat happier

How can you go wrong with a purple dress and purple makeup?

Are you SERIOUS? A PURPLE Donny Osmond? I have died and gone to heaven!

A purple bean? What will they think of next?

I just answered my own question!

Perfectly PURPLE!


I wonder if those lips above belong to him?

This is a picture of a PURPLE DENTIST office in New Jersey!

All dentists should paint their offices purple. Maybe then even I would be exicted to go.

I can't believe I am saying this but... ♥he♥ is BEAUTIFUL!

Can you imagine the spaghetti sauce this would make? Mmm...

MORE purple cauliflower. I am pretty sure even I would have eaten this as a kid!

One word......Awwwwwww!!!

A purple baby! Double Awwwwwww!!!!

There's that half head thing again! Creepy... What were they doing, using it for a bike ramp?


Orange you sad these aren't for real?

Now you can have your tree and eat it too...

A welcome sight for any child!

I wish!

I already said, "I wish!"

Keep rubbing it in...

Never too late to wish this.


Purple roses in a PURPLE vase! It doesn't get better than that!

Not to mention any names or anything, because I said I wasn't going to do that, but I just wanted to say thanks Linda! You should be disqualified for entering THIS! Who is that pathetic child?

It's the one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater.

Hmm... are you wondering what these are? Are you thinking that's black, not purple...

You are right!

It's a photo of someone's name in PURPLE written inside on the ceiling of the Tacoma Dome! Can you see it now?

Me either...

She tried to take a picture of it, but it was too dark inside. She made a special trip just to go take the photo for this contest and it didn't work out. Her boyfriend called her (first name) Purple and wrote that above, inside the dome, years and years ago. It's still there! THANKS for trying!!! You rock!!!

Proof she was there.

You wouldn't even need a spoonful of sugar to get these down!↑

But if you did....↑

Perfectly Purple Peeps!!!!

I wonder if Donny would like this? ↑

Now this is what I call good Hard Rock. ♥

That is one purple-icious family! And such cute FACES too!

Soup-er - just soup-er!

This is now on my birthday wish list!

So which is it???

Purple eggs and ham???? WHO KNEW!!!!


M-I-C-K-E-Y P-U-R-P-L-E!!!

Last but NOT least.....

THANKS so much for all your entries!!! This was SO much fun!

Now....GET VOTING!!!!

I will announce the winner on FRIDAY!!!!


capperson said...

I like the purple tweezers :)

nancy mc said...

It's got to be the Purple Cow!

Jodi said...

Which one??? There are three!!!

nancy mc said...

Sorry, I surely mean the the 2nd purple cow. The Holsteins in the pasture. Would you call that the second purple cow?

Yvonne said...

Congratulations to Heather.

If we get to vote for three: The penguin, the first purple half-head in the park or the 2nd purple cauliflower.

Cute idea.

Jodi said...

Nancy- Got it! I guess I should have known! lol

Jill said...

I LOVE The penguin! this was so much fun to look at.

Travis and Crystal said...

2nd Purple cow for sure!!! :)

michelle said...

I vote for the collage thing at the top. And the 1st purple frog
And the Purple Passion Mobile!!!

Precious Love said...

Of course I have to vote for me.
You are the cutest thing ever, in your purple jumper. But are those burgandy socks.

LarryG said...

i liked
1. the beehive
2. the praying angel
3. the purple passion mobile (let's cruise)!

Jeri Dawn said...

2nd purple cow for me too!

Kelli said...

thats a lot of purple!, I would like to vote for myself and I Would have won had my picture been a bit better if you know what I mean.

SO I am voting for donny osmond, since I was in love with him and his purple socks

second choice are the cute baby piggies painted purple (toes) I have that pic on my cell ph txt to me. hehe

The Hoyt's said...

Ok I really need the chocolate so I will be a little bias but I like the purple icecream and the purple lips and last I can help but choose the purple baby piggies.. How adorable..

Dusty and Carol said...

I vote for the SECOND PURPLE COW!

Jodi said...

Very funny Linda! And YES those are burgandy socks! WHERE was my mother!!!! The shame!

The Childs said...

The 2nd purple cow!

Jeppsons said...

My personal favorites are the turtle floating in the water, and the half dome purple head. I am sooooooo amazed at all the fabulous pictures you have!!!!!

Angie and Brian said...

The 2nd purple cow!!

Coffee Slut said...

Everyone (my age, anyway!) KNOWS that PURPLE is Donny Osmond's favorite color!
I vote for Donny ....he still makes me swoon!

Julie said...

My fav is the purple door next to the little boy looking out. What a great photograph.

Jen said...

I like the baby toes, the purple turtle, and the purple passion mobile!

Nancy Face said...

I vote for the purple family, the eggplant penguin, and the dental office!

The mom in that purple family has the biggest, most ridiculously foolish hair I have EVER seen.

Sharon said...

LOVE THE PURPLE .. I'd have to say my three favorites are the 1st frog, the floating turtle and the starfish ..

Annie Bananie said...

Purple baby piggies!! And the purple baby. But I am just a little biast. ;)
Your blog is so cute.

devri said...

purple frog, purple cow 2nd. and definatly the purple penguin.

Anonymous said...

Of course I am going to vote for the purple little devil, since she is mine :)

And of course nothing beats the purple-passion mobile, that is totally awesome!

I ♥ your purplicious site btw!!!

Pam said...

Three choices!! I showed J & K!

J picks the eggplant/penguin

K picks the starfish

I will pick the first collage of purple nature things! LOVE IT!

Carla said...

wow this is 'almost' purple overdose!!
Ok, lets see, I pick
1. Purple frog-the bottom one
2. Purple kisses
oh, thats YOUR picture
2. first purple collage
3. blue house, white trim, purple door with kiddos looking out!!
Great post! This was fun:)

Rachel said...

WOWWWW, so much purple!!! Okay...
* The first purple half head
* The purple Bear
* The purple wig.

Good luck figuring out who wins, wow!!!

Nadine said...

Unbelievable amount of purple. I would say I vote for:

1. eggplant penguin
2. purple starfish
3. purple baby toes

Ginger said...

Since my S.I.L. is a firefighter, I have to chose the purple fire truck!!!

silverhartgirl said...

1. purple starfish
2. purple tweezers
3. purple penguin (eggplant one)

Doran & Jody said...

I am SO going with the baby piggies and the baby!!!!!

McEwens said...

by FAR the purple tweezers!! HANDS DOWN!

Wendyburd1 said...

I like all the purple I sent in sorry, and it was quite a few...I can't believe no one likes the purple apple!! Phones come in every color imaginable pfffft!LOL!

Seeker said...

i have to vote for the tweezers but only if someone will tell me where to get some.....

thanks for the visit...will get my purple together and post it and let you know

The DiStefano Family said...

I would like to vote for the 2nd purple cow please! Thanks!

MarciaBrady said...

OMG...I don't even know how I can vote! You know I love purple and have been told I have an obsession with it. I don't think it's an obsession...but, I do LOVE the color!

So...I'm lovin' the purple house, the purple passionmobile and of course the purple penguin. You know my web address is!

This was fun!!

MarciaBrady said...

Oh...and I LOVE the purple collage!!!

Darwin, Jen, Jensyn, and Hurley said...

I would like to vote for the 2nd purple cow.

Everyday Expressions said...

2nd purple cow.

Darwin Parker said...

I am voting for my MIL Nancy's purple cow-the second one.

Kami said...

Too much fun purple stuff!

I vote for the purple fire truck, the cutsie purple baby piggies, and the purple turtle.

Anonymous said...

The baby piggies!
From: The daddy of the piggies.

Annie Bananie said...

Purple piggies

Banara said...

The purple piggies, they are os cute!

Shultzybabe said...

My little Ellie's purple piggies. I should get some chocolate just for having a baby with such cute toes! ♥

Shauna said...

For sure the baby and the purple toes :) She is a cutie! I KNOW, I got to have lunch with her :)

Anonymous said...

THOSE TOES!! Baby purple pigs. Ah.
Alisha B

Tigger :) said...


Anonymous said...

Purple Piggies! Jenn


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