Friday, February 20, 2009

The Surprise Was On ME!

My dear friend Bonnie had "one of those birthdays" this year.

We were talking about it one day and she said she was just going to ignore this one. Just let it pass by un-noticed. Un-noticed? WHAT? Such a monumental occasion? NO WAY! I could NOT let that happen! I decided on the spot I was going to throw a surprise party for her. I was so excited!

I had it all worked out, down to the last detail. Invitations were sent . I had arranged for the building (a SENIOR CENTER! ha-ha!) Everyone had RSVP'd and we had a full house coming. But then her husband called me the night before to inform me that she wasn't coming home when she had planned to from her parent's house because her Dad wasn't doing too well.


I hurried and re-scheduled it for the next week. I called her to let her know that we had Visiting Teaching appointments set up (we are partners) for the time I arranged....the perfect plan! She said she wouldn't be able to make it because of another commitment she could not get out of. WHAT? Again??? Yep! So I called everyone back and told them I would let them know when I could reschedule it again!

I found out she was having a presidency meeting with her Stake Relief Society board (she is the President) the following week and so I worked with Julie who is one of her counselors to try and make it work for that day. We thought we had it all worked out. I even got a better place to have it!


Julie was going to make sure they were done with the meeting by 12:30 and I was going to call her during the meeting and tell her one of the ladies we visit teach called me in a panic and needed us to come help her because her son put her in a nursing home against her will (thus how I would get her to the nursing home!). Greeeeeeeeat plan!


I called her but she wouldn't answer her phone! I text her and she wouldn't respond! Julie text me saying that her phone wasn't by her. She saw it on the other side of the table and so she told me to call back and she would encourage her to answer it. She still wouldn't answer it! During this time, I was texting Julie and she was texting me (both of us in a panic!) and we finally decided that Julie would tell Bonnie I just text her (Julie) and told her that we had an emergency with our visiting teaching ladies and to check her own phone. If she asked how I knew they were together, she would just say that she told me they were having a meeting today. Greeeaaaaat plan!


Bonnie said to Julie, "Is that Jodi that you have been texting all this time?" Julie said, "Gulp, yes", to which Bonnie replied, "Tell her to quit texting you because we are having a meeting!" Julie said that it was an emergency and she really needed to check her text. She reluctantly did and as soon as she read it she said, (and I quote!), "I don't believe it!". WHAT? How could she NOT? Then Bonnie said to Julie, "I know what she is trying to do and I am not going!"


I was really in a panic now! It was getting to be close to the time that the people were gathering for the party and I HAD to get her there! There would be food after all!

She was NOT budging!

I wasn't either!

Three times of planning it and two times falling through, made me more determined than ever to make sure it happened this time! Come to find out, when her husband tried to get her to come home the first time it was planned (on her real birthday), he finally relented to telling her we had a party planned for her so she would come home. I think that is WHY she didn't come home! ;o) SO....she KNEW we were still going to do it! And had been waiting for it! I had NO idea of this or I would have come up with a better plan to really SURPRISE her.

After all my secondary plans and ideas fell through, I finally went and crashed the meeting. What else was I to do? I told her I was there to kidnap her! She was not amused! She REALLY did not want to budge! Her whole presidency was in on it too. She FINALLY (after many threats that we would still have it without her and that I would take pictures and blog all about her party she didn't attend) relented to come! She even said she would act surprised!


Unbeknownst to her we had a lovely walker waiting for her to assist in getting her inside!

Here I am making sure she doesn't break a hip!

Entering the nursing home. I do have to say she was a GOOD SPORT once we got her there!!!

SURPRISE!!! Whatever!

Lots of good food, friends, and fun! We missed all of you that weren't able to make it THIS time! Loraine even showed up the first time because she didn't get her email it had been cancelled! Guess we could always do it again when everyone could come! Egads!

She inherited some really "nice" new gifts!

Click to enlarge

The party did such wonders for her, she was able to walk out without assistance!!!

This woman does not look one day over 30!
It's not fair!



Rachel said...

WOW, WOW, WOWWWWWWWWW!!! You are an awesome friend! I bet she'll never forget that! Too funny that she knew about it the whole time, what a fun day for her!

Kami said...

That is just too funny! Loved the idea to have the party in the nursing home. I just may have to steal your great idea someday!!

Yvonne said...

That is such a fun idea. You are such a wonderful friend. I'm glad you were able to FORCE her there ; )

Whatever age she is--she sure looks great.

mcmommy said...

what a fun idea! you are a great friend to plan such a fun celebration. she was a good sport to do the walker thing too!

Doran & Jody said...

Eh heh. What a fun surprise! Happy Birthday Bonnie.


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