Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boy Oh Boy ~ Do I Need to Win This!

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The TV segment for the final five was very spa-cial. Only it ended up being for just four. One of the bloggers was unable to make it. She really missed out. What a fun time! It was filmed live at KUTV Channel 2 studios but was aired as the KJZZ news on channel 14. That little tidbit of info I somehow missed out on. I had told everyone to watch it on channel 2. When I heard the correct info after I arrived....I had to make a few (thousand - yes I told everyone!) phone calls to inform my peeps they had been mis-informed!

The day began early (5 a.m.). Especially early since I was up until after midnight adding the final touches to my poster. Won't chalk this one up as a night of beauty sleep, that's for sure. The dark circles made me look like I was a racoon imposter.

I had a great group of supporters going down with me. Three who happened to be my boys. Oh, you could feel the excitement ooze from their pores when I woke them up to get ready...(three different times!) They would have rather slid down a barbed wire fence into rubbing alcohol than get up early just to be on live TV.

The final product. ↓
Taaa-daaa.... (click to enlarge)

I think the only thing I left off the poster was a pair of dirty underwear. Trust me I was tempted to add that too, but my boys protested (not because they didn't want their skivvies flashed on TV but rather because they can never find enough as it is.) I came close to making the poster in the shape of a toilet or a washing machine (just to make my point), but ran out of time.

My biggest fans! ↓ Plus my nephew (aka adopted sixth son) Weston. No, they didn't make this poster. My friend Julie did. They wanted me to make sure you knew that!

The fabulous Sego Lily Team ↓ getting ready for the segment. They really went all out and made it look like a mini spa! And they brought us thirst quenching delish drinks!!!

Here we are receiving instructions for the shoot. ↓ We were told they were going to have two of us get pedicures for the segment. I was so jazzed because I had just said that very morning to my husband, "Dang! I REALLY need a pedicure before I go on LIVE TV! What if someone sees my toes?" When I realized I might actually be getting one on live TV, I was so hyped! Well... at least until I thought to myself, "Yikes! Now they really will see my toes! AND... close up!" I finally concluded that would probably be a good thing because I would for sure get more votes after the viewers saw how bad I NEED this spa stuff. One look at my toes and they would say, "Yep, she needs my vote...those toes of hers need some immediate Sego Lily spa-ing...STAT!"

To select the winner they had us do Rock, Paper, Scissors in groups of two. "Oh just smashing", I thought, "I have NO idea what the strategy is for this game." I turned to my boys with a pleading look of HELP on my face, but they just smiled. Soon after my nerves turned to excitement when I won! I lovingly smirked back at them. I was a rock and my opponent was scissors. Then they told us it was to be the best out of three. What? I wanted to protest. I should have. The second round was a tie....both paper. The third round I sadly lost. I was scissors and she was a rock. My boys were disappointed with their flunkee mom. My toes would stay in hiding after all.

My "fans" ↓ awaiting their moment to shine for me. The sun was not awaiting to shine however. It was a scorcher! We were all dripping with sweat before the segment began.

Getting ready to film the teaser....

On the air.... That's me with the big poster standing behind the lucky girl getting a pedicure.

It was a three minute segment. We were told to bring posters because they couldn't guarantee we would each be interviewed. There's NO guarantees on LIVE TV. Nope. Those three minutes cruised! Fortunately we were each asked a question and given some time to respond.

This is me with Mr. Anchorman↓ (sorry can't remember his name). Mr. Anchorman was very nice and very good at his job. Not too bad to look at either!

This ↓ was MY drink that I was so looking forward to guzzling after we were done shooting. But look who decided to go for a swim. He was probably drowning his sorrows because he heard I didn't get the pedicure.

Me with two of the other finalists, Amanda and Angie. ↓ Heather left before we took this photo. They are all great women. I loved meeting them!

Standing ↓ in front of the studio on Main street in Salt Lake City.

Me looking all Flamingo-ish with my gift bag from Sego Lily. Okay, maybe this will make up for the pedicure (or lack of).

A few random shots ↓

Boys being boys...

It was a lot of fun!

Boy OH boy! I seriously NEED to win this!!! IF you haven't yet voted for me, there is STILL time. Voting closes on Friday July 3rd. Go here to vote. Just leave a comment saying you want to vote for Jodi!! Thanks! Then go HERE and enter my Pamper Me Give Away!!! After all, you NEED to be pampered too!


LarryG said...

you are MARVELOUS!

Go Get'em JODI!

Kelli said...

what a lot of fun and a great adventure for all of you. I so hope you win. How cool would that be!

Jen said...

That was really fun! Glad I got to come along. I really hope you win!

Lesa said...

How much fun is that? It looks like you enjoyed every minute....minus the fly!

Lesa said...

How much fun is that? It looks like you enjoyed every minute....minus the fly!

Lesa said...

Link the segment from their website if they have it posted or add it on here! I want to see it!

Jodi said...

What fun!!!

deb said...

Looks like a real party on air! I hope you win !!!

Kelsee said...

Wow your poster was great! I bet that was so fun!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love that poster you made! it looks like you had so much fun!!!!


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