Sunday, July 5, 2009

♥ My Favorite Things ♥

I soooo LOVE posts on Favorite Things and so just for the heck of it, here are a "few of MY favorite things" right at the moment.


Brown Sugar Bear

This little guy will keep your brown sugar from going hard! And IF it already has become a job for only Popeye to bust through, then this cute bear will soften things up real nicely for you. You just soak him in water for a bit and place inside your brown sugar container and VIOLA! Soft and workable brown sugar just in time to make those luscious Chocolate Chip Cookies to give to your bloggy friend Jodi, who just shared with you such an amazing little gadget!

To order this "beary" wonderful item go HERE !

The Amazing Handheld BUG ZAPPER!!!

This wonder of a doodad, not only gets rid of those nasty little pests but allows you to practice your backhand at the same time! The best part of the Bug Zapper is the sound it makes as it's electrocuting those little irritants that should have never been allowed to inhabit this earth in the first place! Zsst.... Zssst... Just hearing that sound will give ya a cheap thrill!

Turns out the Bug Zapper can rid the room of annoying humans as well. A quick swat to an unsuspecting target and bam, a good static shock will send them running! Works great when trying to get those kiddos to remove their little hineys from the video games and get their chores done too! Now, of course, the Bug Zapper is not meant to be used on humans children, but it is oh so tempting at times! Do not send me any hate mail....I am, of course, just zapping pulling your chain!

Go HERE to order.


Sara Lee Cheesecake Bites

Ever have one of those days when you just need a "little" something to satisfy that sweet tooth? You really want a lot more than just a little, but you are an adult now and have learned to at least "say" you will be satisfied with just a tiny smidgen of sugar, fat, or calories. Or so you say... Well these little puppies were made just for you!

Just one pop in the mouth and you have instantly satisfied your inner adult. But then something happens, that inner child appears and begs for more. So naturally, you succumb and pop another you may find if you are on a diet, these might be just a wee bit detrimental to that program. But go ahead, give it a try. Besides you will be so busy being satisfied that you will not even have time to mourn the death of that nasty little diet between these scrumptious cheesecake bites. I KNOW you will like them!

After all... NOBODY doesn't like Sara Lee!

Pampered Chef Mini Spatula

This has long been one of my favorite kitchen tools. I have at least three of these (maybe four) that I use all the time. This spatula is just the right size to scoop out a slice of pie, piece of cake, brownie, cheesecake, basically ANY of those yummy things we all love! The size is so perfect that is makes serving easy and fun. I have also heard that whenever this is used, all the calories from those yummy treats magically vanish into thin air....

To order this lover go HERE


Small Fry Mini Egg Pan

This handy dandy little pan can be used for many things. It's especially handy for those times you just don't want to haul out the big gun frying pan for something like melting butter, etc. It fries a single egg or makes a tiny omelet. My boys love to make Egg McMuffins and in this pan the fried egg comes out shaped perfectly so it fits between the muffin bread. It's perfect for the college bound guy (or girl!).

To check it out go HERE .



Okay everybody who is sick of getting out a hammer and chisel to clean those dried, backed on spills from the oven, raise your hand! Here is your solution! Yes...this will now free up so much time in oven scrubbing that you will be able to use that Bug Zapper more often and really improve your tennis game.

Just line your oven with this, and the spills all magically disintegrate into ash....just as any good self-cleaning oven would do, only without using a self cleaning oven. If you are like me and have a self cleaning oven, you don't want to turn on the self cleaning mode until it REALLY needs it. So in the meantime you are always either apologizing that you haven't or kick yourself for forgetting to. With this brilliant invention, your oven ALWAYS appears as if it has just been self cleaned. And you didn't even have to strain your arm or finger to push a button to do it! What will they think of next???

Go HERE to order this.


Adjustable Measuring Cup

I love this amazing measuring cup! I have had mine for many years. Since I do a lot of cake decorating, I am always measuring shortening and oh baby, shortening is one of the messiest things to work with in order to get an accurate measure and clean up after. This solves both problems. It insures an accurate measurement and the clean up is a breeze! It is also wonderful for measuring all those other sticky and messy things like honey, molasses, corn syrup, and of course peanut butter! Mine is old but they still sell them HERE. If you want a more fashionable looking one, say made with stainless steel to match your appliances then just google it and you will find one. They are however a little more pricey. And I doubt they work any better!


Hot Chocolate Maker COCOMOTION

Okay, I KNOW it's 900° outside, and so WHY am I telling you about a HOT cocoa maker??? Well because sometimes (even in the summer!) there is nothing like a nice mug of hot cocoa. Well, okay, maybe that isn't totally true... BUT I still have to say this is one of my faves of all time! Winter OR summer! And if you want to get a jump start on that Christmas shopping as so many of us you do in July (yes, there are a FEW of you insanes out there!) then here ya go! Give this wonder machine to everyone on your list and you're done! AND they will be loving you all winter (and possibly summer) long when they pour out that hot cocoa that tastes scrumptiously delish on those cold winter morns.

Try this one HERE

Power of Positive Parenting

As many of you already know, I LOVE this book! It is written by the late Dr. Glenn I. Latham, who became a dear friend of mine a few short years before he passed away. I firmly believe this book should be sent home from the hospital WITH each newborn baby! It is a powerful and almost magical formula to help parents with every challenge that comes with parenthood. Of all the parenting books I have read, (and trust me I have read hundreds!) this is hands down THEE VERY BEST! It truly is my parenting bible. I could go on and on about it, but you won't know for yourself until you read it and put it to the test. And it's such a joyful way to parent. Not like the stuff we see around us everywhere today. Give it a try and change your world.

To order go HERE

Simply Slice Strawberry slicer/scooper

This doo-hickey is as much fun as it is handy! With the ability to get strawberries now year round, it is also a good investment...(if you consider spending $4.99 and investment!) It slices strawberries so quickly and beautifully that you will wonder how you ever lived without it! It is also great for slicing olives and mushrooms too! (not that I would ever eat either one of those things!) Nothing beats a little tool that can be used for more than one thing!

Meet the strawberry slicer's little sister. This is the greatest strawberry huller I have ever used. Well, it's pretty much the only one I have ever used...but still. It is so much fun, that I always end up preparing way more strawberries than I need because I love hulling them so much!

Go HERE to check these out!

Spoon Pot Clip

I love this clever little gizmo! When I cook I almost ALWAYS use a spoon and of course that spoon gets set on the stove or counter leaving behind a mess. By just clipping this little guy on the side of your pan, you have an instant mess preventer!

Go HERE to check it out!


Squeeze Ease

Only one sentence on this one:

Eliminates the need for marriage counseling...

Go HERE to check it out.


Family Matters Garden Stakes

Talk about CUTE! If you are into your family (and of course you ARE!) then you need one of these seriously cute garden stakes! How can it not be cute with the mother in a purple dress?!!! These will be so eye catching that they eliminate the need to weed. Anyone that visits your home will be so captivated by this that they won't notice any weeds. Just think of the time having one of these will save you!!!

*You can add your home address to the bottom as well. Cutsies it up even more! Mine is there but I tried to blur it out for the blog.

To order these little guys go HERE

Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears

These photos speak for themselves. If you want a little instant happiness...go get some NOW!

Consider yourself officially "tagged" to post a list of YOUR faves too!!!
We could all use some ideas on great things that are out there that we might not know about unless we SHARE!!! So don't be stingy! Share what you LOVE too!

If you are in Utah many of the kitchen gadgets can be purchased at Kitchen Kneads (Luv to Cook) here.

If there is no black background when you open my blog will you let me know? It appears for some reason only the purple polka dots show without the black background on some people's, making it very hard to read.


deb said...

Wow! What great things to share! I love all of these ideas! Mostly the chocolate cinnamon bears. Now I need to go buy me some!!! I can't wait to try some of these things out. THANKS!

Kelli said...

I think a few of those items will be on my giving and receiving christmas list. BTW, your blog for me is black background with black pokadots (not purple dots)

Time to Blog It Up! said...

Thanks for all the fun gadgets...I will check some of them out. Seeing that small spatula reminded me that I have one somewhere....It is loveable, only if I knew where to find it. Now that I have married kids things seem to disappear around the old homefront. Good idea for christmas gifts. thanks, have a great one.

Nancy Face said...

I have a Brown Sugar Bear and a Pampered Chef Mini Spatula! :)

I WANT a Nonstick Oven Liner and a few of those Squeeze Ease thingys! :)

Tiffany said...

I love the little brown sugar bear. It works a charm. I also LOVE!!! Chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Mmmmm!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh, oh, oh!! I'm gonna pee my pants! All those awesome things that I love *too* all in one post!?!?! Overload, I love it! Choco cinna bears...I have become their mother I have eaten so many. Cheesecake bites, YUMMO!!! That parenting book, the best I've ever read! The bug zapper--seriously funny stuff! We got it as a white elephant gift! What a great post!!!

Kelsee said...

These are all wonderful! You have made me want to go out and buy them all!!!! THANKS for sharing!

Kelsee said...

Oh....and that parenting book has SAVED me as a mother! LITERALLY!

Kelsee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lesa said...

Oh my goodness what a fun blog post! Great ideas! Guess I am going to have to go out and find some of these gadgets!

Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

The bug zapper is our favorite summer gadget!!

But I have to say that people get a little weird with the zapper, I mean, the fly is dead, and I have seen people just holding the button down and giggle as the fly keeps frying on that thing. :)
Does PETA know what people do to bugs with the zapper? :)

Yvonne said...

When I'm in Utah I'm going to look for one of those spoon pot clips.

The Hot Chocolate machine looks like a great idea.

Hey, Jodi, I signed up to take a Learn to Run class!!!!

Anonymous said...

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