Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DEEP Spring Cleaning

My last post was called SPRING CLEANING because I posted many things I never got around to blogging about. Well this one is called DEEP Spring Cleaning because I went WAY back! I should call it RANDOM DEEP SPRING CLEANING because this is one random post! I almost changed it to WINTER CLEANING since there is 8 inches of new SNOW on the ground and it is March 8th! Or maybe I should call it SLACKERNESS because it represents many of the things I never got around to blogging about that I really should have. And the sad part is, this is only a fraction of it all! I could do MANY more posts like this and still not have it all represented.


Oh well... at least getting in a taste of some of it makes me feel better. The saddest thing is I haven't done any posts on our great vacays to Puerto Rico, Lake Powell, and Alaska! I have decided to do a mini version of those in the near future (just don't hold your breath waiting!) Mainly because I am also planning on making this blog into a book form so it will become a personal history of sorts. But, those of you who know me well, also know that for ME to do a mini version of a vacation (or anything) is going to be a challenge. I take SO many photos and I have a hard time choosing which to use and which to leave out.

*SIGH* again

BUT... at least I do have lots and lots of pictures. And for that I am grateful. Sometimes I let this blog become more of a GUILT trip than anything and then it takes the fun out of it for me. So ONWARD and UPWARD and I will be happy with my RANDOM Deep Spring Cleaning. Well...at least for now!

Photo's are ALSO in totally RANDOM order. Kind of the way I do my spring cleaning. Ya know... "If you give a mouse a cookie..."

At Capitol Hill with American Mothers meeting with Utah's Governor Herbert. He was honoring our new Mother of the Year and Young Mother of the Year.

"MY" purple chair is still there! (hey I figure my taxes have more than paid for it!)

Elaine Dalton, me, and Emi Edgley. Emi is our new Utah Young Mother and Elaine is her mother. I was so thrilled to meet Elaine. Both are such great and incredible women!

To read more about the entire day go to the new American Mother's Blog here .

BASKETBALL SEASON for Taylor!!! Loved it!

The BEE'S had an amazing season this year. Almost each and every game was a nail biter or in my case and ulcer sprouter. Most ended within ONE or TWO points and could have gone either way. The Bee's tied for 2nd in Region and due to the numbers went in as a 3rd seed in State.

This game was a BARN BURNER! It was DO or DIE. They DID! They came from 12 points behind to take it into overtime and then pull off a 71-74 win which took us to the State Playoffs!

The students stormed the floor!!! It was one of the greatest thrills all season!

My parent's were his biggest supporters next to me and Dave...AND more importantly they always wore PURPLE too!

Taylor playing in the State Playoff game at Weber State University. We played Springville. Sadly we lost, but what a GREAT season for the Bees!

I already miss these games!

At Taylor's basketball game against the Lakers with my Mom and Robin. We loved the Laker team chairs so much we tried them out and while doing so, Bonneville's Athletic Director came over and asked us if we liked them and we raved on and on about how we did and that we were Laker Alumni and the next thing we know he is telling us we could each have one. We just need to go there and pick them up, which we still haven't done. He then came out with Laker shirts for us with Coach Budge's theme PAY THE PRICE on them. Coach Budge was the legendary coach when we attended Bonneville. Great fun!!!

Where we could all be found each Wednesday and Friday cheering at two games each night.

Me with some of the Team Mom's. Notice all the PURPLE!!! You can NEVER have too much purple! You just can't....

Valentine's Day ~♥~

We only had two boys this year. Seems so bizarre! In two years, it will just be McKay! Poor kid! =) I am NOT liking the thought of this EMPTY NEST stage that is fast approaching! I knew I should have had five more! ha

These delectable little morsels are called Peanut Butter Bombs and they are 'da bomb'! The only place you can get them is at Idle Isle. If you are a fan of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, you will go nuts over these... (pun intended) ...they are AMAZING! I have a stash hidden in my room just for "those moments".

Look what I found on my porch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went nuts! Isn't it the cutest thing you have EVER SEEN? And a wallet to match!!! Thankfully there was a card inside. It was from a dear sweet friend whom I admire and love greatly but is waaaaaay too generous. I LOVE IT!♥

McKay and Carson after snowboarding. They were soggy dogs!!!

With Brooke and Julie at the American Mother's State Convention.


Me with America's Got Talent FAB FIVE! Their mother is on the far right. She was a nominee for Mother of the Year. I tried to talk them into changing it to the Fab Six, but it just didn't have the same ring to it. Either way, I think I am going to drag out those old clogging shoes.

At Bonneville High School's 50th Birthday Party! It was founded the year my classmates and I were born so we are the same age! (well....not quite!) I can't believe I just admitted to that!

Reliving our great memories of the sour lemon twists! Pucker up!

With Carla at Rainbow Gardens. We have such great times when we get together!

At Kathy's house doing crafts. Kathy still thinks she is a cheerleader! I will let you guess which one she is. haha

Thanks to Facebook I have been greatly blessed to reconnect with many of my high school buds after soooo many years of us each living our own lives and never really staying in touch too much. The past couple of years, we have made a determined effort to get together frequently for lunch and other events. It has been so much fun getting to learn about them and their families now and what is going on in their lives and to help each other through current life crisis that are now happening. It is a shame it took us this long to renew our friendships. I look forward to being with them. We have such fun together! We think we are STILL back in high school! And truthfully, THAT is what makes it so fun! Life is too hard to not ENJOY!!!

LIFE LESSON: The most interesting thing about our newly reconnected group is that even though 'most' of us were very good friends in high school, there are a few that have come and joined us that we didn't even "hang out" with at all, but 30 years later it doesn't matter. Karie (in the middle) had a different group of friends in high school, and Davaleen (on the far right) some of us didn't even know who she was or even remember her, but when we get together now it's like we are all best friends way back then. None of that high school petty stuff that was filled with cliques and groups and was so self esteem destroying for some. It's amazing what time will do. Why can't it happen earlier? I am sure if everyone could be so accepting at THAT stage of life, many people's lives would be so different.


Thanksgiving at my Mom's house.

Jeremy's mom, Jeremy, Mom, Sky, Me

So much to be thankful for! I am so grateful for such wonderful parents, boys, and husband!

All of my parent's grandkiddos! Tyson is even in the picture-- (far right)♥

No 'he' is not one of their grandkids---though my Dad would claim him as one I'm sure. He likes to hang out in our backyard.

My boy's room that has been done for quite a while, but I never posted the photos.

The top half is METALLIC SILVER even though it looks gray in the photos. McKay is a huge fan of the Carolina Panthers and their colors are silver, blue, and black. Taylor was a good sport about it even though he likes the Rams. Definitely NOT Better Homes and Gardens, but they like it.

Happy Birthday Taylor! Wow, this really is DEEP cleaning!

I really hate this photo, but I wanted to include it because I have been going to do a post forever on making breads ---white, wheat, Amish Friendship, Almond Poppy Seed, Cinnamon, and Orange Rolls...BUT...as usual, I just never found the time to post it and didn't get super good photos of the process and so this will have to suffice. The look on my face in this one will tell you how I feel about that. haha Truth is I LOVE making bread! I LOVE baking! The look on my face is because Dave took a photo of me elbow deep in dough! Now if I were elbow deep in the other kind of $$$"dough"$$$ I am sure I would be sporting a different expression!

My oldest son Skyler. I love it when he stops by.

I just prefer it's not THIS way!

Yep, he went and bought himself a "Donor" Bike, a Death Machine, a Kamikaze Ride, a "What in the High Heaven's Are You Thinking Toy?!!"

No, I did NOT give him my support. I prefer to see him live a long and non-paralyzed life! BUT... as us mother's know, when they get to be a certain age, you have NO CONTROL and the only thing you can do is PRAY! I will be praying much HARDER now. Groan...

His cousins think he is pretty cool in his riding gear.

CHRISTMAS! (well a very small portion of it!) It deserves it's very own post - but...

My boy's on Christmas Eve ♥♥♥

The fam on Christmas morning.

My parent's and the boys on Christmas morning.
Bryce and Kristen during the holidays.

Christmas Day at Dave's parents.

Allie and Taylor at Dave's parents.

That's one lucky guy!!!

Finally eating our Alaskan "catch" for Christmas dinner. Okay - "they" ate it. I just observed.

Christmas lunch at Rainbow Gardens. We can have fun wherever we go! And we haven't been kicked out yet...

Robin, Carla, Moi, Kathy, Lisa

Family Ice Skating Party! We do this every year between Christmas and New Year's and it is a blast.

Poor Kristen!

My cute nieces. I LOVE these girls.

Happy Birthday! It's okay Dave, look at it this way ---at least you are on this side of the soil!

This one (Mackenzie) is quite the character. We all do love her!

McKay and some of his buds.... being BOYS!!!



My cute cute Jaida!

My cute cute Mom!

My cute cute boys!
My um... cute cute Dad!

The cute cute little witch below is Taylr. She is Tyson's friend Brooke's little girl. She is really an angel NOT a witch. I love her to pieces! She held on so tight to the Boo Berry cereal I gave her. No one was going to mess with that!

NOT Halloween....it just looks like it.

With my two sister in-laws Carolyn and Karen...

Young Women's --- us three were being released and they gave us presents! We are faking the smiles because we are really NOT happy about it.

I'm gonna miss these crazies!!!

My cute Mom dancing her little toes off in her dance group! She's the young one in the middle.

So proud of her!

We don't just eat when we go out to lunch...sometimes we play with bunnies too!

Girl's Just Wanna Have FUN!!!

...and trust me we DO!!!

Union Station

Like I said...girl's just wanna have FUN... sometimes we overdo it just a bit!

Temple Groundbreaking
for the new temple to be built in OUR town!!!

I can't even remember what we were all laughing at, I just remember it was good.

I am so grateful for this and that I can see it whenever I want on my daily runs!

Out to lunch with great friends to celebrate!

McKay the serious hunter!

Celebrating Skyler's birthday at The Mandarin Restaurant...YUM!

We also hit Nielson's Frozen Custard! Double YUM!

Oops...it looks like I over did it and went a little too deep this time! ha-ha Sorry I couldn't resist!

Okay.... I will STOP! I definitely went much DEEPER than I had planned. But once you start spring cleaning-- you know it's hard to stop. But hopefully you survived.

Deep sigh.... I feel so much better now! Nothing like a good spring cleaning! Now if I can just have the same motivation to do the same to my house. Groan...


Tammy said...

This post has made me want to start a blog! I loved this. You have so much fun!! What an amazing looking family you have Jodi. Thanks for inspiring me!

deb said...

I think my next post will be like this one. A little of everything but not a million posts. You sure are a busy and involved woman--way too go.

Lesa said...

Wow Jodi! What a fun and adventureous life you live. Some things never change. You go girl! I miss living so close.


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