Saturday, March 12, 2011

Know & Tell Friday (Saturday this week!)

1. Do you have fake plants in your house? Yes...if I lived alone ALL of my plants would be fake! Like I said before I have a brown thumb. Dave keeps the ones alive that we do have. I never buy real ones, they are always gifts. Do you like them? Yes, I like my artificial dry and silk ones. They look so real now days. Keeping them dust free is the only thing I don't like about them.

2. What is the oldest piece of furniture you have that is not an antique? My piano. I took piano lessons for 10 years while growing up and when I got married (since I was the only one that played), my parents gave it to me. Describe it. It is a natural oak color and very pretty. It does have two broken pedals though from one day when I was about 13 and bored with practicing...I did a back bend over the bench and somehow I fell off and the bench crashed on the pedals breaking them.

3. Do you have any antiques? Not now, because we got rid of a TV we had since we got married. THAT was an antique!

4. What type of dishes do you use? China, stoneware, Corelle, Tupperware, paper plates? I use Corelle (purple and white) and my Mary Engelbreit plates that I LOVE!!! I also use Snowman plates in the winter and I have an eclectic collection of various purple ones that I use if there aren't a lot of people eating since I only have a few of each.

5. What is your favorite thing in your house? My family!

6. Do you like to use lamps or overhead lighting? I use both but I really like soft lighting that comes from lamps the best unless I need to really see what I am doing.

7. Are you a pristine white wall person or do you love color? I love COLOR!!! I painted my basement walls an eggplant purple. Surprise, surprise! All the walls in our basement have of color. I am going crrraaaaazy because I want to paint our entry way and family room but they are 18 foot ceilings and that little detail has deterred us from getting it done! They are gray because gray was "thee" color when we built the house. I can NOT wait to get those walls painted! I have re-done my boys rooms with lots of color as well and still have one more to go.

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Sara said...

Been a while since I played this. Glad to see you did. I do the same thing with plants. So does Phil though. We make a bad team! haha

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Doran & Jody said...

I am so ready to repaint too!
I need a little 'change' from the sameo sameo. I do NOT have your tall walls but I do have lack of time and energy.

Good luck with the entry way.


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