Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Happenings

Taylor's Basketball Banquet

Each year we get to attend the basketball banquet in the spring. The food is always so good and we love spending time with all these boys we have watched and supported all season.

Receiving awards ~ Coach Meacham is in purple on the far right.

Coach Hollingsworth the JV coach.

Taylor got Defensive Player of the Year for the JV team!!! Way to go!

He was NOT cooperating for the photo. But hey, at least he's not doing his new "trademark" look in this one.

Josh - Taylor (T-train) - and London

It was a great season! Have I done the post on the basketball season yet? Hmm.... I don't think I have! Oh, I am SO behind!

Running From It All!

A couple of Saturday's ago, I ran the canyon with Jen for my long run. The wind was brutal and of course blowing against us most of the way. The hardest part was running up that first humongous hill that never seems to end. I didn't think there was any way I would make it without stopping, but I did! Running the canyon is one of my favorite running routes, even with the wind trying to prove who is boss. And it's always more fun with a friend. It is inspiring to be running on the downhill part and watch the poor bikers pedalling for all they are worth UP the canyon.

We are both training for the Ogden Marathon on May 21st. I signed up for the full, but due to IT band issues, I am now running the half. Jen is into the new running barefoot craze and hasn't decided if she is wearing socks, going barefoot, or her Evos.

I ended my 11 mile part of the run at my in-laws to stop and help with the family service project to clean up their yard while they were out of town.

Spring Clean Up
Dave's parents were out of town and so Dave organized a family yard clean up to surprise them. It was a TON of work and we were there for most of the day, but it did look so much better after. It was honestly the first nice Saturday that we could do it without snow or rain. It's been a wintry spring!
(Click to enlarge)

Rake wars!

That whole trailer was FULL! We hauled off a lot of future compost!

We headed to the dump to get rid of it. Oh how I hate that place. The stench is horrible! Smells like a massive manure pit! UGH! I'm still in my running clothes, which is good because after that little stop, I couldn't wait to get in the shower!

It was also General Conference weekend and so that night while all the guys hit the Priesthood session I stayed home and curled up in my lambswool blanket that I love and watched When In Rome and ate popcorn and chocolate and root beer all by myself. It was heaven...

Dave's parents were so happy about their yard that they took everyone who helped (and could come) out to Maddox to say thanks. I like those kind of thank yous!

McKay's 14th Birthday!
Oh my stinkin' stars! WHEN did this happen? MY BABY a 14 year old? Waa-waa! Now I am going to be the BABY, or at least cry like one. Time just needs to slow down and fast!

I always make them some kind of theme cake that goes along with what they were involved in or liked that year, but this year McKay requested Key Lime Yogurt Pie for his cake. I was okay with that since it is super easy to make and very yummy! I had to make three though so we had enough to go around.

Taylor was harassing me with the camera and wouldn't stop and so I decided to give him a show so he would leave me alone! Didn't work...

April Fool's Day

This year the only photo I have is the above one. Those are supposed to be mashed potatoes and gravy cupcakes. Kind of hard to tell I know. Oh well, I tried!

I did get Taylor good this year though. I had Dave turn off the water and so when he got up to take a shower there was no water. He came out and very unhappily told us there was no water. I pretended to be on the phone to a neighbor getting the scoop and so then told him that she said there was a gas pipe explosion on our mountain and it broke the water line. He suckered it right in. He sat on the stairs very unhappy and said, "How am I supposed to take a shower?" Dave offered to go get some of the stored water in the basement. He didn't like that idea. Hee hee. After watching him in his distress, I finally said, "APRIL FOOLS!" He smirked a little smile of relief and hit the shower as soon as Dave turned it back on. I went to wake McKay up and play the same scenario with him, but he had overheard me say, "April Fools!" dang it! So he was onto me. I never did get him good this year. =(

Cupcake Cravings

Kristen showed up with all the stuff to make cupcakes one night and so Bryce and Taylor went to town making them. I was impressed how meticulous they were about them. They wanted the batter to be distributed evenly and so they put it in a bag and cut off the end and squeezed it out that way. They had lots of fun. I had lots of fun too.....sampling them! YUM!

McKay's Piano Recital

This is blog worthy just for the simple fact he wants to quit so bad! I am holding my ground! He did a great job and even though he hates it, I KNOW it is a good thing!

This was in the building and everyone wanted to try it out after the recital. I told him this is where he will end up if he quits piano lessons!

LOVE This Lady!

I have a dear friend named Mona who is such a bright spot in my life. She has had a hard life but is so generous and so much fun to be around. I always feel so much better after spending time with Mona. We went out to breakfast one day and she surprised me with this BEAUTIFUL afghan that she made for ME! It was so touching and I still can't believe she did it just for me. And it's not even my birthday! This is something I will cherish forever as I do her!

Here we are at Bert's Cafe with Bonnie.


At Roosters with some old high school pals.

His shirt says, "I tried Polygamy in Utah".... it's a drink they serve at the restaurant. We figured he needed some proof so we posed in the photo with him! haha

Birthday lunch for Holly
You can tell who's birthday it is by the Sombrero! She put a napkin on her head to protect it from the hat that gets worn by everyone who celebrates a birthday! Can't say I blame her! lol

At Tony's Pizza with some high school pals celebrating Gina's 50th! We used to hang out here in high school almost every Friday night.

Things got a little out of face!

At Taggarts in Morgan. We found these canes and so of course we HAD to have a photo! Kathy didn't have any granny glasses with her and so she made her own.

Stake Relief Society Meeting

My friend Bonnie who is our Stake Relief Society President, asked me if I would be in charge of the decorations for their yearly stake meeting. I was a little apprehensive because I have seen them in the past, and they are always amazing, but I couldn't say no. Besides, I had my very talented friend Brooke on my committee. We planned and hoped it would all come off without a hitch, and for the most part it did. The theme for the night was FAMILY and so we made a cozy family room scene on the stage and displayed family photos and many Proclamation's on the Family around that we had gathered from the entire stake that we interspersed on the stage with gorgeous Hydrangeas, Daisy's and Pansies.

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It turned out very nice and brought the theme into play nicely.

With Bonnie and Sister Cheryl Lant - former General Primary President. She was the speaker for the evening and gave an amazing talk! It turned out great, but then everything with Bonnie's touch always does!

Bryce's 20th Birthday!

Wow! I can NOT believe my little Bryce Meister is 20! Once again, WHEN did this happen? Have I been in a coma for the past several years or what? He had just moved home from college and we all went to Iggy's to celebrate before he headed off to Moab with Skyler the next day and I headed back to SLC for the AMI National Convention. For some reason things are ALWAYS crazy around his birthday!

Now he is off to Hawaii to work for the summer with Skyler. I am glad they will be together so I won't worry quite as much. Why do they have to grow up so fast????


This was an extended Family Home Evening. We had an Easter basket contest. Ours was, well...interesting. It did not stand a chance at winning and my photos of the winning ones are gone.

Speaking of gone... I whacked off Taylor's hair pretty short. At his request of course.

Taylor's Track Meets
(click to enlarge)

As soon as basketball season is over track begins. Well, actually it begins before. All of his sports overlap. This year he is the leading high jumper on Varsity. The other events he is good at is the long jump, the triple jump, and the 4 x 200 relay. He has really become a fast runner this year. Not his favorite thing to do, but he is really improving speed wise.

Track meets come with A LOT of waiting around for your events and trying to stay warm while waiting. This spring has been more like winter. The meets are usually freezing cold and either raining or snowing. Gotta love spring sports in Utah. This year seems to be much less "springy" than most though.

Taylor high jumping

The long jump and the triple jump

Click to enlarge

Another few weeks left of track and then basketball camps all summer and football training starts before school is out. All three in one! Fun, fun! Good thing he is young!

Feels good to have this done, but I am still SO behind! Wish me luck! And...



deb said...

Wow, looks like you have had very busy but fun spring! I love all the pictures. Keep up the good work making wonderful memory;s!

deb said...


Jen said...

Wow, that was some post! And lots of great pictures! I can't wait to hear about the American Mother's Convention. I did miss you and the group at Women's Conference this year though!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Hi Ms Jodi!! In one of the above pictures(the one for relief society)the three panneled back drop was mine and I used it for my baby sisters wedding. Well now my other sister is getting married and I would like to use it again. Can you get me the contact info for the lady who own the back drop now? Thanks LOADS!! Happy Peach Days! Heather


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