Sunday, May 1, 2011

National Football Foundation Scholar-Leader-Athlete Award Banquet!

Can I say I am one proud mom! Okay, I better say "well pleased" to be politically correct at my house. Either way, I apologize ahead of time because I am going to brag a bit. Afterall, a mother should have bragging rights after giving birth and all those sleepless nights wondering if it will all be worth it someday right? Besides, those paydays don't come as often as they should for us moms, and when they do it's hard not to share. So here goes...

I am so excited to report that my son Taylor received the prestigious award of Scholar-Leader-Athlete by the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame! This award is given to only 12 high school juniors out of nominees from 96 state-wide schools and approximately 6000 football players. It is given to football players who have demonstrated outstanding academic success, exemplary community leadership and superior football performance.

Taylor with NFL player Haloti Ngata who plays for the Baltimore Ravens. He presented the awards to the juniors.

This is the first year that high school juniors have been eligible. The juniors were nominated by their coach and the qualifications were:

*First or Second-Team All-State
*Achieves a GPA of 3.5 or higher
*Demonstrates outstanding football ability, performance and attitude
*Displays proven leader on his football team
*Contributes in a positive way to his community

We didn't even know anything about it until a few days before the banquet when we learned his coach had nominated him and he had won. Even then we had no idea what a prestigious honor this was. We thought it was just some little award that would look good on a scholarship resume. Taylor tends to down play things but even he didn't realize what it was. I guess we should have had a clue when his coach said it was a black tie event. Luckily only the senior winners had to wear tuxes.

Waiting for the program to begin. It was held at Utah Valley University in Provo.

Foundation President of the Utah Chapter Kevin White welcoming everyone.

Introducing all the dignitaries. It was a Who's Who in Utah football. Every College and University coach was present as well as many other distinguished guests. We saw Stephen R. Covey in the audience. His grandson was receiving one of the awards.

Taylor with the other Juniors from the state being announced and honored.

We always hold our breath when names are announced in our family for awards and such because for some reason our name is jinxed and is overlooked even though it is right there in front of the speaker. Usually I am video-taping waiting to catch the announcement of the name. The last time it happened was when my other son was Valedictorian. They announced all the others and we waited and waited and waited and they never said his name. I turned off the video camera, in shock thinking NOT AGAIN when sure enough as soon as I did they realized they missed it and announced it. I didn't get it on video. This time, they read all the names on the list and once again I was video taping and waited and waited and waited and they never said Taylor's name. This time they never corrected it until the very end of the banquet. Our last name must just become invisible on paper or something. I could write an entire post on that with all the times it's happened.

Being presented with a pin by Haloti Ngata from the Baltimore Ravens. He was one BIG GUY!

The food was amazing! Prime Rib among other things!

Haloti Ngata was also presented an award.

Taylor with Coach Gunter his awesome football coach that nominated him.

What an exciting evening it was!

This is signed by NFL player Haloti Ngata and Mike Price former coach at Weber State who also received an award.

The pin he was awarded.

We are crossing our fingers he will meet the requirements for next year and maintain his 4.0 so he can be nominated as a senior because if you win while a senior you get a $1000 scholarship among many other cool things. And you get to wear a tux and sit at the head table. That would be the one reason Taylor would NOT want to win! haha

They also said their names will be in the College Hall of Fame in Georgia or somewhere far away, and if we ever get there to go check it out.

One of the best parts of the night was being able to see Bryce since he is attending UVU. We took him shopping for his birthday before the banquet and it was so good to see him for once!

I was actually enjoying not having to worry about all the injuries associated with the sport of football when he is practicing and playing, but tonight he came home with both legs wrapped in ice from track. I think after all this maybe I am looking forward to next year's season after all!


Anonymous said...

be happy and love. kiss

deb said...

WOO-HOO! That is such an amazing honor! What a talented and handsome boy!

Yummy Mommy Mia said...

Wow ---something to be very proud about! :D

Sal said...

PayDay for sure! Tell Taylor congrats and to you as well!


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