Friday, March 6, 2015

A Few of my Favorite Things

Once a year at Utah Homemakers we have a meeting called "A Few of My Favorite Things".  Everyone brings a few things to share that they have "discovered" or that they love and then we all share those things with each other.  It is always my favorite meeting of the year.  I always come away with some great ideas and things I had no idea about.  This year was no exception.  The problem I have is, I can't ever remember what I shared the year before and so I worry I am going to re-share it again the next year.  I almost did this year. I almost took the game Telestrations and then I remembered I took it last year! 

The things I took this year were:
ALBOLENE is the best make-up remover!  I used to use Mary Kay's Extra Emollient Cleansing Cream and then they quit making it and I was devastated!  But you can get it on Amazon for like $70 if you're rich!  I did a Google search asking if there was anything similar and I found a post on this stuff!  It's just like it...only better because it comes in the tub.  And it's very cheap!  I think the big jar is only $7-8.  I love it!  I was so excited when I discovered this!

Cover Girl Outlast lip color is really amazing!  It comes with two tubes.  You put on the color one and let it set for one minute and then you put on the clear one.  The clear one is kind of like chapstick.  The color stays on ALL day!  Even through meals.  You reapply the chapstick tube during the day as often as you want, but no need to reapply the color because it lasts so long.  It's amazing and it comes in a lot of great shades.

Sinful Colors nail polish is another great discovery I made by accident.  I was in need of some nail polish when we were in Hawaii and I was trying to match my outfit.  This was the only brand that had the color I needed and so I bought it.  It is only $1.99 at Walmart (and Shopko).  I discovered it is just as good as gel polish as far as staying on without chipping or coming off even WITHOUT a topcoat!  This stuff is amazing!  At least on my toes!  I still have trouble getting polish to last very long on my fingernails.  But it will stay nice looking on my toes for two or three weeks without any touch up!  And it comes off just as easily as nail polish. 

 Chipins Popcorn Chips (cinnamon sugar flavored) are to die for!  If you are a fan of Taco Time Sugar Crustos then you will love these! The best part is they only have 130 calories per 15 chips!  Taco Time can't say that!  They are also really good if you nuke them for a few seconds to heat them up just a bit.

HALFPOPS - I am a huge fan of those 'granny head' un-popped kernels in the bottom of the popcorn bucket. I dig for them. I prefer them over the fluffy popped ones.  I found these at Costco.  They taste a little bit like Corn Nuts, but I just love the crunch and they don't hurt your teeth like the real 'granny heads'.

 Amazon App - this is a handy little app because if you are out shopping and wonder if you could find a product on Amazon for cheaper than you find it in the store, you just open the app and scan the sku on the item (the app reads the sku) and then it will show you what the price is for that product on Amazon.  This is one of my favorite apps for sure!

Some of the things that the others shared were:
  • GAS BUDDY app (I use this and it's great!) - shows you the lowest gas price of your area.
  • RIDE app - it counts up your travel miles and then you can earn nice prizes based on the amount of miles you've traveled.  
  • Electric Pressure Cooker - I have one and haven't used it yet! Going to now!  Cooks food quick!
  • Cut brownies with a plastic knife and they won't stick to the knife.
  • Granulated Honey - great to use when baking calls for honey- like in bread etc.
  • DoTerra Lemon Oil - put several drops in your water to lose weight.  Hmm.... worth a try!
  • On the Avenue Home Decor and Gift Shop - a craft boutique on Facebook that sells crafts for $10 or less.
  • MILS - a cleaning agent they use in the temple laundry.  It takes stains out of everything including carpet.  Can be purchased at the Clean Spot in Logan.
  • Use a Gatorade lid to close bags of chocolate chips etc.
  • Netty Pot - to clear your sinuses and prevent colds.
  • Jergens Self Tanning Natural Glow - great self tanner.
  • Hair piece- this was really cool!  Just stays on with elastic.
  • Freeze York Peppermint Patties.
  • Food Storage Outlet store - Auguason Farms 1833 S. 3850 W. SLC.
  • Bella's Salsa copy cat recipe - 1 can Western Family sweet onion diced tomatoes and 1 can Western Family green chili diced tomatoes.  Blend in blender.  That's it!  Delish!
  • Spray Grip - spray paint holder.
  • Slip pat - got these!  Non stick baking mats to place on baking sheet.  Love them!
  • Original Caramels - at Dollar Tree.  YUM!
  • Chalk Paint - Folk Art brand.  Use with the wax.  Pixie Sticks sells the best brand.
  • Chalk Anything paint - turns anything into a chalkboard. Folk Art brand.
  • Taco Time Ranch dressing - you can buy it for $4.50 for a large cup and that stuff is good!
  • Calendar page a day - Today is Going to be a Great Day.
  • Howard brand Restor-a-Finish to take out white water spots on wood.
  • Denture Cleaner from Dollar General to clean sinks and tubs.
  • Meal Board App - to plan menus and grocery lists.
  • Intuition Razor - comes with soap that dispenses as you shave.
  • Norwex washcloths to help with acne.
I was trying to remember what I took last year, and the only thing I could remember was this AMAZING Dawn Platinum Erasing Dish Soap.  No more soaking pans to get that baked on gunk off.  This stuff just removes it almost like magic.  Well worth buying and it smells so good!

After I got home from the meeting I thought of a couple more things I wish I would have taken this year. I will try and remember to take them next year, but I will post them so you don't have to wait a year!  

~ ~ ~
This Rosemary Garlic seasoning is the best stuff!  It goes really well on chicken or any meat or as a seasoning on almost anything.  I got it at Costco.  You really need this!

And this seasoning is even better.  My son Skyler learned about it when he was living back east.  It is hard to find and I was only able to get it online.  It makes EVERYTHING taste so much better.  It is one of those best kept secrets.  Definitely get some of this!

I am in love with these!  I love the big ones too, but there is nothing like a bite size morsel of pure heaven.  These are really good!  You will like these if you like Reese's PB cups and Butterfingers.

Dove's mint and dark chocolate swirl Promises are seriously TO DIE FOR!  I am not a huge dark chocolate fan, but oh my, these are wonderful!  I am addicted!

I guess that about does it for now!  What are some of YOUR favorite things?  PLEASE share in the comments!

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