Monday, March 2, 2015

*Monday Memos*


 (If pictures are too small, just click to enlarge - if print is too small, you need glasses! ☺)

dear what a catch!  Wow!  I'm referring to the fish, but Skyler is quite the catch too!  I think we can be safe in assuming Skyler is a good fisherman! Just the latest of his dinner pictures.  He WILL (did) actually eat those things!  Not sure how (or why) but he lives off the ocean.  I would not survive!

dear package to sky, we sent Sky a bunch of his nice clothes (he had no reason to take them earlier) because he is starting a new job this month.  He is now going to be a pharmaceutical rep but has to relocate to Oahu.  I felt bad for him because he LOVES the Big Island, but in rethinking, I realized, it's STILL HAWAII!  He face timed Taylor so he could show him which shirts/ties/pants he wanted us to send him.  As they went through the ties Taylor kept adding the one below ↓ but Sky kept telling him to NOT send it!  Taylor is such a tease and told him he needed it and wouldn't let up on insisting he needed it.  Sky insisted he did not.  He even called me and told me to NOT send the snowman tie.  I made sure the tie was not there when I placed all the clothes in the box.  I text Sky and told him it had been shipped and the first thing he asked was, "Tell me you didn't send the snowman tie!"  I told him that I did not.  Sky text me this photo a few days later ↓...
 He found it in one of his pant's pockets with the note from Taylor.  Taylor told him he also sent another snowman tie, but Sky can't find that one.  He will...eventually. 

dear bitter cold wind, I do not like you.  I do not like you even one bit. I will run in almost any weather, but the cold wind is where I draw the line.  Running in wind feels like you are running in place pushing a wall the entire time.  It's not fun.  When the wind is cold, it is miserable and not worth it to me.  Sunday night felt like we had gale force winds and Monday morning it was still going strong and so I decided to wait until later that afternoon to do my run.  I had a busy morning anyway. 
The wind never died down all day and so I just bagged my run.  I couldn't even force myself on the dreadmill.  Oh well, I will make up for it somehow. 

dear biting the bullet.  I have decided to finally just jump in with both feet and get my straight teeth back.  I have put it off and put it off, but since the boys are no longer in orthodontics, I felt it was my turn. I wore braces in junior high for two long years and my teeth were perfect after. I even won a Miss Smile contest in high school and onto the district competition.  But, my orthodontist (also my dentist and a rookie) didn't pull my wisdom teeth (he did pull four permanent teeth) before I had them or after and so when they came in my teeth started over crowding.  And now I need braces again.  I didn't really want the brackets and so I opted for Envisalign.  I hope I will not be sorry.  It's going to be tough to wear those things 20 hours a day for almost two years, but I will do my best.  I'm actually excited to get my teeth back to where they were.  Two years will come and go anyway, I might as well just do it.  I spent two hours in the ortho chair while they attempted to get the molds just right.  They should arrive in about six weeks. 

dear taylor's play off game, the game was on Monday night again and so after dinner it was our FHE.  They played another tough team and it was neck in neck at the end, but they pulled it off and WON!  They are moving closer to the championship. I think I was the loudest cheerleader there. Even though I was cheer "leading" no one was following.  But I was doing my best and so hopefully my cheers spurred them on to the win!  Hah!  

Dave at it again taking pix with his phone.

*What I do for most of the game (left) *What happens when I get flashing the heat - aka hot flash (right) I had to get the hair up.  I need a mini fan to carry around with me when these things strike!

 Taylor spent the night and headed back to college the next morning.  This is what happens when I attempt to get his picture before he goes....

dear one of those days, Tuesday was one of those.  I don't get them very often, but when I do, I really have to focus on using my mind to over power my thoughts.  I know that our emotions are hard to force, but I have learned that you can even change your emotions with your thoughts.  We are not victims of our emotions or thoughts. We have the ability and choice to choose them.  It's always better to choose happy thoughts instead of sad ones.  Sometimes I allow others to control how I feel.  I need to choose to not do that.  Sometimes I give others the power to affect how I feel by their actions.  I need to take that power back and give it to myself and not allow them to affect me.  I can choose to allow what they do to affect me or not.  I need to stop allowing it to.  Much easier said than done!  

I have found the following five things really help when we are trying to curb negative thoughts or emotions:
  1. Get Physical -  Do something that gets your heart rate up and you will feel better almost instantly.  Putting the focus on your body instead of your mind pulls it away from your brain and lets you have some fun at the same time.  Hopefully the endorphins will kick in and you will begin to feel better quickly.
  2.  Be Grateful -  Think of what you are grateful for in life or better yet in the situation you are currently struggling to quickly banish negative thoughts.  There is always something to be grateful for in every situation.  Gratitude is like a magic force that really does something to your soul and brings happiness to your mind.
  3. Do Something for Others - Service is also one of the best ways to get out of your own head.  When you are helping others, you may also feel like your troubles aren't quite as bad as you may have thought.  When you are focusing on their needs, it's hard to focus on your problems. Service is an amazing thing for our own souls. Even though we think we are helping others, we are the ones that get the most help.
  4. Write! - Writing is extremely therapeutic.  Vomit all those negative thoughts onto paper with your pen and you will begin to feel them being released.  As those emotions travel from your head to the pen and then to the paper, the negativity leaves in a tangible way.  Keep a journal just for this purpose.  You can always burn the journal when it's full which is also very cathartic.
  5. Smile☺-  This one is easy.  Just turn up the corners of your mouth even if you are not feeling like it and you have just tricked your sub-conscious into thinking you are smiling because you are happy.  It doesn't know the difference and so you will begin to feel happier.  This is a trick I use when I am struggling in a hard race.  It really works! 
 I actually know this woman! ↑ I worked with her in AMI (I called her Milly) and I just found her being quoted on Google!

dear tuesday tempo run, even though I was not feeling up to it today, I knew since I hadn't run Monday that I had no choice. I forced myself out the door and got in a seven mile tempo run.  It should have been great since I hadn't run for two days.  I felt better about three miles into it. Running really does have an affect on my psyche.  I felt good by the time I was home. 
A heart in the asphalt... gotta find that love when you need it! 

dear spiritual bugs, sounds like a catchy title for a talk!  As I was doing my reading in Jesus the Christ this week (trying to catch up in time for the study group on Thursday) I had some company...  a couple Box Elder bugs that wanted to also feast on the teachings of Christ.  This book is not light reading and so I guess they figured they needed to delve in and study hard with me. 
I didn't mind the company...

dear speed work, oh, how I do not like you!  I try and and try to like you, but it's not easy.  I hope I will like you by the end of my training.  I have noticed a huge difference in my speed and stamina since I started though.  Today I went to the track with Jen and our goal was to do 5x800's (Yasso's).  I wasn't convinced we could pull it off, but amazingly we did AND we came in under our goal time on all our splits.  We were shooting for a 4:00 and ended up with 3:55/3:52/3:57's.  Not one was over 4:00 and so that was encouraging!  It was tough!  

 Robin showed up for our last one and then Jen and I had to leave and so she stayed and got in four more.

dear lunch with karen, I got to eat at the Blue Lemon again this week!  I really love that place!  I ordered the Coconut Chicken Curry again.  So delish!  We had a great chat.  I love talking to her.  She is so insightful and I always feel like I learn so much after spending time with her.  She has always been a great therapist and counselor for me!  She is just very wise and practical.  I love being with her.  We shopped at Deseret Book for a bit and then parted ways.

I stopped by my parents house for a short visit on my way home.  I love chatting with them when we are one on one.  I love chatting with them anytime, but especially when it's one on one.  I saw this picture of my Pa and had to add it on here.  He is a crack up! I feel so VERY blessed I still have both my parents!  Not too many of my friends do and I know it's a huge blessing.

dear study group, I am really liking this study group on Jesus the Christ.  That book is rather deep and so it's enlightening to hear other people's different takes on it.  I always learn so much from others.  I feel like I need to study with a little more focus this next time. 

After the study group, I headed right out from the church on my run.  It was a pretty chilly and windy day, but I warmed up by mile two or three.  I loved the cloudy sky in the background behind the temple and so I had to snap a photo of it.

I decided to go and take a swing on my way home because I just "needed" one....  When I got to the swings, this is what I saw ↓....
It looked like the swings had been taken off!  I was so sad until I saw that they were just twisted up on the top.  One was still down and so I hopped on that one.  This place is the ONLY public place in the entire city that still has swings.  It's really sad.  They've removed them mainly because of liability.  I am so happy these are still around and so close to home.
Swinging does something for my soul!  I wish I had these in my backyard!

dear bryce, man this kid is the hardest worker!  He has some time off from his job right now (seasonal) and so he's been doing a lot of stuff for Dave that needs to be done.  With the mild winter we've been having, he's been able to get to all the trimming and pruning a little early.

dear long run, I have to say I was dreading this day.  I needed to get in 16 miles this week.  Luckily Robin was able to go with me.  We decided to go on Friday because the weather was supposed to be nasty on Saturday.  We were going to run down Sardine Canyon, but wasn't sure if we should start at Sherwood Hills or the sheds.  If we started at Sherwood then that meant that we would have to do the two giant hills.  If we started at the sheds we would avoid the hills, but have to go around the dam.  Both have pros and cons.  We decided to do Sherwood.  Big mistake!  Dave dropped us off up there and it was starting to snow.  The snow wasn't so bad, but the wind was fierce!  It made the snow hit your face and it felt like tiny pieces of metal pelting away.  It also made it so much colder.  So much for the good weather.
Before our run...

I wish....

Before we even got in one mile, we were both so miserably cold!  Our hands were freezing, our faces in pain, and even our tushies were numb!  It was so windy and it felt like we were barely moving.  The only thing that kept us going was BECAUSE it was so cold we didn't want to stop moving!  We hit the huge hill (airplane hill) and made it up without any trouble.  I think it's because we were trying to run faster to warm up.  Whatever it was, it went by fast!  The hill, not the run!  In fact, I wasn't sure that run was ever going to end.  I do not like to be cold and usually once you get running you are able to warm up, but my hands were like ice and numb and I couldn't even hold my water bottle. I had to tuck it under my arm which made it hard to swing my arms, but I had no choice. My ears were starting to ache as well.  I wanted to stop long enough to call Dave and have him bring me some hand warmers, but we just kept going because we were getting blown so hard that we knew if we stopped, we would freeze!  Here's what I posted on Facebook:
After today's long run, we've dubbed ourselves Dumb and Dumber on the Run. 16 miles in Sardine Canyon of freezing icy wind, pelting snow stinging the face (that motorcycle scene comes to mind!), numb hands, aching ears, and various other frozen body parts, yet... dumb enough to suffer through it anyway! Winter finally made an appearance early this morning. ‪#‎runnersmakethebestfriends‬ ‪#‎sufferingtogetherisfunner‬ ‪#‎dumb‬ ‪#‎dumber‬ ‪#‎pennyfoundincanyon‬ ‪#‎howdiditgetthere‬ ‪#‎crazy‬ ‪#‎gladthatsover‬ ‪#‎niceandwarminthecity‬

Dumb and Dumber on the Run
Once we got out of Mantua, it wasn't as bad.  And when we got into the city, it was really nice!  Oh well, we got a taste of winter finally.  And we had a lot of laughs along the way.  Robin found a penny as we were running down right on the side of the highway.  I've found several there over the years and it always baffles me how they get there.  But somehow they do.  Thanks Tyson!  

Robin only wanted to go 14 and so we ran to my house and she went back and I kept going for another two.  I had to stop and say hi to my doggy friends and Izzy brought me her rope toy.  She does that so I will throw it for her to fetch, which I did, only on one of the throws I didn't aim too well and it landed in the top of the tree!  I felt so bad because I knew nobody would ever know it was there and it would stay there forever.  So...I hopped the fence and got a long stick and tried to knock it out.  It was up there really high, but I eventually managed to get it down.
Yep, this IS me ↓

dear date night, we went and ate at Idle Isle and then went and saw the movie McCarthur USA.  It was about running and so I wanted to see it.  The fact that Kevin Costner was the star, had no pull for me at all. Hah!  No one I know would mind looking at him for two hours.  It was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.  It was clean, wholesome, had a great story, and an even better moral.  GO SEE IT!  It will be worth your time! I can't wait to see it again!
Definitely TWO THUMBS UP!

dear mr. cat, how I love just watching this boy sleep. 

dear saturday, I had to get in an eight mile pace run and I was not feeling it because I was sore from my 16 miler the day before.  I realized that was not a real smart thing to do right after a long run and so I cut it short to 6.5.  Taylor came home to go play basketball with some friends and to work for Dave.  It was a pretty nice day and the boys got a lot done in the yard.  They pulled out stuff and re-did our rock stairs and hid the white pipe.  Taylor requested Cubanos for lunch and so, of course, I made some for everyone.
 These boys are hard workers!  I am so happy they know how to work.
I worked hard cleaning out the oven...long story!
 After a yummy dinner of ham and funeral potatoes, Taylor hit the road back to Logan.  We loaded him down with lots of leftovers and banana bread.

Dave and I then headed across the street for Don's birthday party.  They are such great neighbors.  We have been blessed with wonderful neighbors all around us.  We ate pie and visited with them and their family and had a great time.

We had fun discussing who was right about the dress.  Is it white and gold or blue and black?  Only four of us in attendance thought it was white and gold.  Of course, the others were completely wrong!  It's white and gold! ☺
Isn't this whole controversy a great lesson for the world?  It proves that we all see things our own way and no matter what someone else tells you, you STILL see it how YOU see it.  The big issues come to mind, but even the little issues in life.  This little example should make us understand that people feel like they are right about things because that is how they see them and no matter how hard we try to change the way they see things, we can't.  Even if we know our way is right.  I know the real dress is blue and black, but that doesn't mean I can see that way.  I have tried.  One time while scrolling through facebook before it came into full view, I saw it as blue and black, but then it immediately went back to white and gold.  So who is right and who is wrong if we are only seeing things the way we can?  Proves to me that we might as well stop trying to change people even though we think we can and just let them accept their reality as their reality.  I can't force you to see that dress as white and gold and you can't force me to see it as blue and black.  So just live and let live and give hugs and kisses to everyone! ☺

dear I need one of these, I got to go sit with this little guy so his mama could go to sacrament meeting.  I had offered and I was so happy she took me up on it!  The only bad thing was he slept the ENTIRE time I was there and so I didn't get much baby time.  But just being near him was enough for me.  He started to squirm right before she got home and so I picked him up and just held him for a bit.  He smelled so good!  There is just nothing like a fresh new spirit right from heaven to make you feel a bit of heaven.  SO. FUN. FOR. ME!

dear season finale, I was sad that Downton Abbey's season has come to an end already. This show is the only thing I consistently watch on TV and it only lasts for nine weeks out of the year.  I wish they would do a few more episodes each year.  But, it is still good while it lasts. My favorite character is the Dowager Violet.  I love her wit and spunkiness!

dear souvenir from disneyland, Dawn tagged me on Facebook in this picture of her while she was at Disneyland with the gang saying she found a harp for me!  Thanks Dawn!  It may be the only one I ever get!  And with extra hands to boot! 

dear random quotes,
So true!



This is so true!

ALWAYS makes me laugh! This has been a family joke forever!


Audrey said...

You are totally CRAZY to run in the cold wind! Dumb and Dumber perfectly describes you! (Honestly, I'm in awe of your dedication!) Love reading your posts! Thanks for the reminders for a good attitude.

Dawn said...

busy busy....I think it's great that you are going to get your teeth straightened. You won't be sorry and you're right the two years will come and go either way.

I'm with you on the dress...white and gold. There was once that I did see a black and blue one but I thought someone changed the color. :D (they probably did) Even on your post it changes a bit when I scrolled. So bizarre.

I meant to frame your harp...oops a good thought right? haha

I sympathize with you and hot flashes. I've been experiencing them off and on for a few years. When I do get them I experience them for about 3 months then they go away...but they have always come back...but not for 6+ months in between. Good Luck!


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