Monday, March 9, 2015

*Monday Memos*


 (If pictures are too small, just click to enlarge - if print is too small, you need glasses! ☺)

dear monday pace run...'s what for dinner breakfast!
Or more specifically...concrete. 
Yes, Miss Grace biffed it royally while on her run.  And she made sure she waited until she was on MAIN STREET to do it.  Nothing like having hoards of spectators to witness such a graceful and effortless SPLAT! 
Public service announcement:  This photo is not of the actual fall. Had it been the actual fall, you would see the look of pure embarrassment and humiliation. This however is a reenactment of the actual fall.  For photo purposes only.  The lines you see are not chalk lines.  However, they very easily could have become so.

Jen and I had run about five miles and then stopped at the city offices to get a drink and use the lavatory.  Does anyone use that word anymore?  We then headed back out immediately getting in our groove and chit chatting.  No more than 45 seconds later and right in mid sentence, I went from talking to eating asphalt.  Okay, it was really concrete, but asphalt sounds so much more dramatic. I tripped over a raised piece of sidewalk.  The city really needs to get them taken care of and repaired. Ironically the one right before the one I tripped on had just been repaired and the one after it had bright pink tape on it to signal it was in need of repair.  Mine had nothing.  Mine was mocking me.  It laughed at me.  I know it did.  That piece of sidewalk was a runner hater.  It was hating on me and laughing.  

HOLY HUMILIATION!  That was a shock to the system.  As soon as I tripped, I went flying in midair about six feet with my arms outstretched (envision Super Woman flying) as everything turned to slow motion.  I landed on my shoulder, hip, both knees, and both hands.  After hitting, I bounced up and landed again.  Once was just not enough.  Jen said that I landed smart as if I was ready to do a stop drop and roll.  I remember thinking as I was in midair (both times), "This is gonna hurt!"  I was right.  After I hit, I just laid there trying to decide how bad I was hurt.  I immediately tried to sit up and quickly decided that wasn't too fun and so I laid back down (with Jen's encouragement) until I decided that was too humiliating and so I sat back up again and tried to gather my wits.  You know it's bad when you lay back down on the same concrete that just laughed at you.  Oddly enough my hands hurt the worst out of everything.  I thought for sure they were going to be hamburger, but luckily my gloves protected them and they were only bruised.  My knees were my next worry.  The pain was bad, but the thought that I might have sustained an injury that would end my running career and take me out of my marathon, was even more painful.  The knees were stinging pretty bad and scraped up (dark bruising later) even through my thick fleece pants (not a single hole in those!) but after a breather and some time to analyze, I was fairly certain I hadn't done any serious damage to them.  Jen helped me get up.  I stood a little gingerly as I brushed myself off (along with all my pride).  We started out with a slow walk and eventually I was able to run (like a granny on bedrest) another couple of miles home.  Nothing like putting on a show on busy Main Street USA.

Before the public display of humiliation occurred, we got stopped by a train down on Forest Street.  We were stuck and couldn't go either way and so we had to patiently wait.  So much for a pace run!  We waited and waited and waited....and then decided we might as well have some fun while waiting. 
I'm not sure, but this might be illegal.  There were no signs posted saying it was and so we went with it.  I have been trying to plank every day after running so I decided I might as well get it over with while waiting.
If I was going to get injured on that would expect it to be during our adventures while stopped at the train.  But nope... 

This would be us↓  Only we haven't had much hot, hot, sun lately.
If running ceases to be fun, then I will cease to run.
Fine speed that is, while flying through the air enduring the awful thought of that upcoming inevitable splat!

dear lunch with dawn the mom! We met at Union Grill for lunch this week.
All I can say is YUM!  Okay, you already KNEW that wasn't all I could say.  And definitely not all I would say.  So let me just add two more words. 
Caramel Bread Pudding.  
Oops that's three.  Here's a few more words:
I love this fun, energetic, happy, makes me laugh, twinsee friend of mine!  She is one the bright spots of my life.  We decided we needed a lunch with just the two of us.  Sometimes that's the only time we can talk.  When we are with a big group, it just is harder to really chat about what we want to with each other. So sometimes we plan our own one on ones.
Obviously, we don't just talk.  We are never at a lack for a photo opp or for fun.  We really do have a good time together.  And she always brings me some kind of fun treat.  Today she brought me Mickey Mouse RK treats!  She just got back from Disneyland.  I took her a cute calendar that had tons of HAPPY quotes.  When I saw it, it immediately yelled DAWN!
Even though we went to high school together, we weren't really friends while there.  But we should have been.  And I am so glad we are now!
Maybe we have not been friends that long ↑ ~~~ (yet) since we've been down here on earth, but I know we were best buds before we came down here.

dear taylor playoff game, another game in the play offs!  They went in undefeated in the play offs tonight.  It was one intense game.  They were so on!  The other team was too.  We were ahead, then they were ahead.  It went back and forth the entire game.
It finally ended in overtime. We should have had it in the bag, but due to some stupid mistakes and some bad calls, the other team took it by two measly points!  UGH! 
Taylor was on fire.  He had over 20 points and they all played exceptionally well.  They were missing three of their key players, but they still did great. It's double elimination and so they are still in, just in the lower bracket now.  My friend Sandy stayed and watched even though her son played the game before and left. It was fun talking to her.

dear snow!  Yes, I said snow.  What is that you ask?  It's that white stuff that falls from the sky in the winter.  Kind of hard to believe since this winter we haven't seen much of it.  Mother Nature decided to wait until March to start winter. 
We got close to 8 inches up where we live.  It was beautiful.  I really enjoyed it because I knew it wouldn't last long with spring in sight.

Taylor stayed the night because the canyon was bad.  It was probably worse the next day, but he made it back safely. This was my attempt at sneakily taking his photo.  I think he was onto me. 

Only in Utah!

dear hill repeats, I waited to go until the roads had cleared and the snow started to melt some.  It was perfect!  There is nothing like freshly fallen snow to make everything seem so perfect and peaceful.
I even enjoyed the hill kill.

dear cutest camel ever... I had to add this cute little meme because yes, I feel this way sometimes, especially a few days this week, but. oh. my. holy. heck.  LOOK AT THAT FACE!

If not a hug, this will do ↓

dear happy birthday to my first born!  Yes, Skyler turned 30 this week!  My baby is 30!  No idea how that happens mathematically when I am still 29 or is it 39?  He spent the day moving to Oahu from the Big Island.  I felt bad for him because he arrived with no place to live yet. He spent the entire day searching for a place.  He has some leads but nothing firm and so he ended up sleeping on the beach!  In a hammock!  In the rain!  I told him that was so sad he was homeless on his birthday (and alone!) and he said, "Mom, how many people can say they got to spend their 30th birthday sleeping in a hammock on the beach in Hawaii?"  He had me there.  Other than the minor detail he did it because he was homeless for a night.  But he is all about adventure.  So just chalk it up as another one.  He is an amazing son and I just can't believe how fast the time has flown. 
Here is what I posted on Facebook (including for history purposes):
*☆*☆*☆ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ☆*☆*☆* to my firstborn son Skyler!!! I have no idea how you could be 30 when I'm only 39! Thank you for continually making me proud to be your Mama! Thanks for making me a Mama! I love that you always live your life to the fullest and squeeze every drop you can from life. And even though your adventures have taken many years off my life (from worry ;) ), your drive and determination have always been inspiring and I love watching you go for your dreams. You are the only person on the planet that could get me to jump from an airplane that's for sure!  I love your enthusiasm for life! You are one of the most incredible and amazing people I know and I hope to one day be more like you! Now, if only I were there with you in paradise to make you a Boston Cream Cake and enjoy eating it together under the warm sun in the ocean breeze! (Six new inches of snow here!) I LOVE YOU bud and MISS YOU! Have a great birthday! Soak up some of that sun for me! (Don't kill me for posting the pix! It's my right as a mom to do that ;) hah!)

dear weston is back!  My nephew Weston returned home from his two year mission today!  Bryce and I were the only ones that could go to the airport. Taylor had a huge test as did McKay and Dave had to work.  I was happy I was able to go.  It brought tears to my eyes when he gave Karen that much deserved Mom hug!  Oh, my heart!  It also brought tears to my eyes watching another family telling their son goodbye for two years knowing that is going to be me AGAIN in a few short months! 
It was a happy reunion!  He looked good and it's always such an exciting time!
Natalie rode down with us and so I took her and Bryce out to breakfast on the way home.  We stopped at Jeremiah's.  That place knows how to do breakfast! 
Natalie and I had the stuffed french toast and Bryce ordered biscuits and gravy. I also ordered a giant scone for all of us to share because they are their trademark!  It was so huge I brought most of it home.  GOOD FOOD!  When I dropped Nat home, I had to run in and give Isaac a big squeeze and tease him a bit.  He was staying at her house while Kev and Tori are in Alaska.  I love that kid.  Forgot to get his picture!

dear utah homemakers, this month the meeting was my most favorite one all year.  It was the A Few of my Favorite Things meeting.  I always learn some good little tidbits each time I go and this time was no exception. Everyone brings a few of their favorite things to share and it's always so informative and interesting.  I did a separate post just on it HERE.  Go check it out for some great ideas.

dear long run, or aka "death of the sole".  This was one LONG run!  I had to go 17 miles and normally a 17 miler wouldn't be as tortuous as this one was. I didn't say it wouldn't be tortuous, just not AS tortuous.  But today it ended up being the perfect storm for a miserable run.  The only thing left out of the perfect storm was the storm.  It was a beautiful sunny day. So sunny in fact, I got a real nice racoon sunburn.  You know the kind...when you take off your sunglasses and there are huge white circles around your eyes where your sunglasses were.  

The first problem was I had to do it on Friday because I would be gone all day on Saturday.  My pals that I usually do my long runs with had conflicts.  Jen was doing her long run around Antelope Island (I didn't want to be gone all day) and Robin had to work.  I will do almost anything to avoid doing a long run alone.  Anything over 12 is really tough alone.  I ended up waiting to do it after Robin was off work.  Running in the afternoon is not my favorite thing, but it was the lesser of two evils.  I ate a banana with peanut butter and some leftover French Toast about 30 minutes before I ran.  BIG mistake!  I always run in the morning on an empty stomach and so all that food was not sitting very unhappily in there when I started out.

Robin was only going to do 10-12 miles and so I ran five and half before she got off work.  I knew doing it before would be easier than after.  Those miles were not fun.  Mostly due to the stomach issues.  I wasn't real fast, but not a turtle either.  I picked Robin up at her office and off we went.  We headed to Perry and ran down the same road for almost five miles.  Then we turned and ran back down on 89 (Utah's fruit-way).  It wasn't real bad until about mile six (12 for me) and my heels started to  kill me.  I could tell my shoes had broken down and it was time for me to break out the new ones.  Another sole (or two) bites the dust!  But I still had another five to go and so I just had to be in pain for the rest of the run.  I rarely have issues with my heels, but heel issues are of the devil!  I was still not fully recovered from my asphalt breakfast this week either and I could tell I was still suffering the repercussions from that.  
It was hilarious to hear us both list our ailments and aches and pains as we trudged along.  Side aches, knee issues, no energy, stiff joints, new pants that were too constricting, having to pee, stomach pains, dead batteries on our music or phone, on and on.  Runner problems for sure.  I would have loved to have recorded our convo from about mile six to mile eight and replay it just for kicks.   

On the bright side, we were never too hot or too cold, my gel was amazing (Peach Cobbler), we didn't end up as road kill, we actually knew who honked at us (normally we have no clue), we took a little break to take some fun pix, we took a pit stop at Taco Time and got ice in our water, I got to say hi to my cute doggy pals, and we finished way faster than I had planned on.  There's always a bright side to everything, but holy heel pain, I did not think that run was ever going to end!  It just seemed to go on forever and I felt like we were slower than a stampede of turtles moving through peanut butter.  Or is moving through molasses?  Whatever it is, that's how it felt.  Speaking of peanut butter, I got really hungry around mile 13 which is really rare for me in the morning, but running in the afternoon was a different story.  Stopping at Taco Time didn't help either!  So those last four or so were miserable for me.  After I dropped Robin off, I still had to get in almost two more miles and so I ran around the park several times and then back home.  I was so happy to walk in that door!  I crashed on the couch but remembered I still had to plank.  I have been getting close to planking for three minutes and today I only lasted one minute and 30 seconds.  I just felt weak.  It felt like I had just ran a full marathon.  Man, am I glad that one is in the books!

I earned almost 14 cupcakes today!  Now if it only really worked that way. If I ate 14 cupcakes, no matter how many miles I ran, I would be a two ton Tilly!

dear american mothers honor luncheon, what an amazing day!  I wasn't sure if I was actually going to go to this or not since it was clear down in Provo and I knew it would take my entire day.  But Diane asked me if I would announce the Young Mother of the Year and present the candidates and so I decided I would go.  She asked me to bring my cute friend Julie along.  I was so glad Julie said yes!  

When Dave and I were eating dinner at Idle Isle last week, my old friend Shannon and her husband were also there.  She asked me if I was still involved in AMI and I told her I was on the State Board and then she told me to let her know if there was anything coming up because she would love to go.  I thought about telling her about this event, but honestly thought she wouldn't be interested because it was more of an honor event rather than a conference.  As the week progressed, I had a feeling I needed to invite her.  I was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to make arrangements at such late notice, but I invited her anyway.  Much to my surprise, she wanted to go and rearranged her schedule so she could. I was so excited. 


 The event was held at the Riverside Country Club in Provo.  We had a great time trying to find it.  hehe 
With Julie and Shannon

We got there early to help set up tables and decorations.
Julie and I setting up the tables.
The theme was Walk the Walk and so the centerpieces were embellished shoes.  Very fun.  The food was amazing and the venue was beautiful!
The program was very nice and when I announced the 2015 Young Mother of the Year and the Honor Young Mothers, I told them that about eight years ago I traded in my walking shoes for running shoes and I said how as mothers we are always on the run going to and fro running here and running there.  I told my story of this week when I biffed it running.  I compared it to the fact that we as mothers sometimes trip and fall and hope no one saw us mess up but we are all in this together and we need to support each other and help each other along the way as my friend Jen did to me when I fell.  And that we will get banged up and bruised along the way but we just pick ourselves up and keep going. I rambled and so I really have no idea what I said. 
One of the Young Mother candidates performed a ballroom dance with her husband.  They were fabulous and so fun to watch. I have to say that was a first for AMI.☺
With Sister Margaret Nadauld
I was very excited that Sister Margaret Nadauld was in attendance.  She was a former Vice President of AMI years ago when I first became involved and she was my hero and mentor because she raised seven boys!  She was my hero way back then even before I had my five!  She also served as the General Young Women President starting in 1997.  She is Marilou's (our current co-president) sister.  What an honor to get to be with her.  She is an incredible woman.
Some of the great moments of the day...

I posted this one ↓ on Facebook and it has more info and so I am posting it on here to save me a little time.  Sorry for the repetition on photos.
Click to enlarge
I always leave every AMI event feeling so uplifted and inspired to be a better mom.  I never come away feeling like I am a failure, but instead I leave feeling that I have the power to always improve. I love this organization more than words can say. It has given back to me so much more than I have ever given it.  And that is saying a lot considering I have been an active member in leadership for almost 25 years! And on the state board for most of those! I think I will be until the day I die.  At least I hope so.☺

Since we had to drive right by it anyway, I had to make my regular stop at Carrabba's for my Sogna Chocolate Dream Cake. Sadly, Julie doesn't eat chocolate and Shannon isn't a fan of cake.  So I ordered a piece all by myself.  It's pretty sweet that they have a take out parking and so all you do is call ahead and then show up and they bring it out to your car.  Sweet!  In more ways than one!  I brought it home to eat later.

dear saturday evening, when I got home from Provo, my nephew Weston was here.  He arrived just after I left and so he spent the day here.  He had fun with the boys and it was a sweet reunion for them all.  I tried to take his picture, but he is a master of getting out of pictures.  His family moved from Arizona to Utah after he left on his mission and so I asked him how it was coming home to a new house, new ward, new neighborhood, new bedroom, etc. and he responded with, "Being here all day is the first time I have felt at home since I got back." That called for an "ahhhhh..." and so I offered one.  His mom told me that his mission president asked all the missionaries where they felt the most at home and he told him it was at his Aunt and Uncle's house and that he felt the most at home there and the most at peace.  That really did my heart good.  I am glad he loves to be at our home.  He spent nearly his entire summer living here each year of his life and most of Christmas and spring break.  To me he is just one of my boys.  I love having him around.  He is low maintenance to the max and the boys and him are such great buds.

Taylor had come home on Friday for spring break.  Dave made dinner for us.  A London Broil roast with the works.  It was delish! 
When I got home, McKay was gone to Mountain Crest's prom.  Him and a few of his buds was asked by their seminary teacher if they would take some girls to it.  They were mainly on board because it didn't cost them much.  They didn't rent tuxes or limos and the meal was done by one of the parents as was the pictures.  The only thing he had to pay for was the dance tickets.  He is a great kid for being willing to do that.  Not sure if any of them would have though if they would have had to come up with the money to pay for it all.  Prom is ridiculously expensive!  Sadly, I wasn't home and so I didn't get any photos and he said no one took any on their phones.  I am hoping he will get some later of the ones the dad took. 

As soon as I got home, I got busy making food for Weston's homecoming the next day.  I made fudge (for Weston because it's his favorite) and cheesy broccoli soup and marshmallow brownies.  I seriously do not get it, but whenever I am making things to take somewhere or for someone else, it NEVER TURNS OUT!  I totally messed up the fudge because I added the whole can of evaporated milk instead of half a can and so I had to run to the store and get more ingredients.  While there I ran into Suzanne Rees who was a Mother of the Year candidate and was unable to make it the luncheon today.  I chatted with her out in the parking lot for a good 40 minutes.  We solved all the world problems regarding motherhood.  Anyway, I got the new fudge made and it actually turned out but I used a different raspberry extract and I thought it tasted off.  By that point, I didn't care.  I put it in the fridge to set up and the next day when we headed out to the homecoming, I FORGOT to take it!  Yep.  After all that...making two batches and a run to the store, I left it sitting in the fridge!  Oh fudge-a-rama!  It's been one of those weeks!

dear weston's homecoming, what a crazy morning.  Dave had been in meetings, Taylor was singing at another homecoming (in Spanish) in South Willard and so we had to pick him up on the way to Kaysville.  We also had to take two cars because Dave had to come back early to speak at a ward conference, and we got away late!  I needed to stop at Karen's house and plug the crock pot in before the meeting, so I headed out before Dave and the boys and they picked up Taylor. I had time to do it and even arrived a little early to the church.  Whew!  Natalie came and sat by me and we had some good laughs.  The meeting was awesome.  All the speakers were great.  Weston did a fantastic job and I was so proud of him.  He did go over his time, but I was totally okay with that.  We headed to their home for the lunch and it was also fabulous.  SO much good food.  Mormons really know how to put on a spread of the best food!  Seriously!

We got a few photos, but the sun was in our eyes.

I LOVE this picture!  These four have been the best of buds for so long.  So many memories through the years.
 We left Taylor there because he was going to sleep over night at a friend's house so he could head out in the morning to California on his spring break trip. 

dear duty calls, Dave was still not home when we got back.  Once he got home he had to leave again because of three deaths in the stake that night.  And all three were in the same ward.  I feel sorry for that poor Bishop of that ward!  Then after he got back from that, he left on a medical house call for some friends of ours.  He does it all in stride and doesn't mind at all.  I guess the Lord strengthens those who are doing His work.

dear mr. cat, you do love me!  Well, I think it's more that you love that soft blanket that I have become one with this winter.  Whatever it is, I am glad when you come and snuggle up on my legs while I'm cuddled inside it. 

dear taylor mission pix, once again more pix from Taylor's mission that I haven't seen popped up on Facebook.  I keep adding them on here because I know if I don't they will be lost forever.
That is one handsome boy!  Okay, three handsome boys, but that REALLY handsome one is mine!

Photo bomb?

dear the last time poem, I wrote a post about "Lasts" a while back and this week I ran across this poem and had to post it.  It says in poetic form how I feel.  Grab a tissue!
the last time poem

The Last Time

From the moment you hold your baby in your arms,
you will never be the same.
You might long for the person you were before,
When you have freedom and time,
And nothing in particular to worry about.

You will know tiredness like you never knew it before,
And days will run into days that are exactly the same,
Full of feedings and burping,
Nappy changes and crying,
Whining and fighting,
Naps or a lack of naps,
It might seem like a never-ending cycle.

But don’t forget …
There is a last time for everything.
There will come a time when you will feed
your baby for the very last time.
They will fall asleep on you after a long day
And it will be the last time you ever hold your sleeping child.
One day you will carry them on your hip then set them down,
And never pick them up that way again.
You will scrub their hair in the bath one night
And from that day on they will want to bathe alone.
They will hold your hand to cross the road,
Then never reach for it again.
They will creep into your room at midnight for cuddles,
And it will be the last night you ever wake to this.
One afternoon you will sing “the wheels on the bus”
and do all the actions,
Then never sing them that song again.
They will kiss you goodbye at the school gate,
The next day they will ask to walk to the gate alone.
You will read a final bedtime story and wipe your last dirty face.
They will run to you with arms raised for the very last time.
The thing is, you won’t even know it’s the last time
Until there are no more times.
And even then, it will take you a while to realize.
So while you are living in these times,
remember there are only so many of them
and when they are gone, you will yearn for just one more day of them.
For one last time.
-Author Unknown-

dear random quotes, enjoy!

Dandelion bouquets were my favorite!

 I am very good at this...

True, true...

I agree with this...


I really love this...

It's really all about time...
And that dang daylight savings time that has been stolen from us...

A few of my Facebook quiz results...hah!

Just for fun!

dear message from God, this week's said:

Today, Jodi, we believe God wants you to know that ...difficult people are very important, - they teach you tolerance and acceptance.  If all was going your way all the time, you would become a spoiled child, wouldn't everyone? Difficult people are just one of the ways God teaches us to expand beyond our egos and accept other perspectives on life.
I need to memorize this!


Audrey said...

wow: that fall sounds awful so glad you didn't get seriously hurt! You live such a crazy, busy life-how do you manage it all and still be so sane? You never fail to amaze me!

Jodi Wilding said...

Thanks Audrey! Sane? I am pretty sure I am not! hah We need to do some more of those blog challenges. If you see any, send them my way!

Dawn said...

I believe we were friends before and will be friends forever....the thought just makes me smile. ☺

I'm glad I can say no to cupcakes...

I love the poem...I bet I'd love the one you wrote even true about lasts...we never know when the last will be.

I'm glad your fall was just a fall and that you were okay...Love YOU!

Jodi Wilding said...

Say no to cupcakes? WHO can do THAT? You are my hero if you can do that! Cupcakes are my main weakness...well any kind of cake!

I know we were bosom buddies before! hehe


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