Monday, February 15, 2016

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear another hard goodbye, once again I arose early so I could tell my oldest (Skyler) goodbye for idea what number this is that I've said goodbye to him...but it's a lot.  He is a nomad.  He has lived and visited more places in his 30 short years than most people ever will in a lifetime.  He just moved back from Hawaii in December which is where he says he belongs.  He says Hawaii is where he will settle if he ever settles.   Smart boy.  This morning I bid him adieu to Bakersfield California.  His heart was set on San Diego so he could still spear fish and be close to his best buds, but his job said he was to locate in the desert with no ocean nearby.  He was a little bummed about that but he sees a great opportunity and is going with that.  It should be short term (six months) and then he hopes to land in Orange County.  

Wherever he ends up, it's not here.  And I am having a hard time letting him go again.  I have cut those apron strings more times than I can count, but this time is really hard for me.  I think it's because he was here for six weeks this time and I kind of got used to him being my daily buddy and I really enjoyed having him around.  He usually only stays for a week or two at the most.  He is such a great kid and we spent hours just talking about life and his thoughts on things and mine.  We can literally talk for hours and it seems as no time has passed.  I love talking to him.  He is so bright and wise and so full of knowledge on so many things.  He has been my inspiration to really get this purge thing on the go as well.  He lives a life of minimalism and does not put a lot of value in "things".  He has a different perspective on life that is refreshing.  He knows what is important and what is not.  He is very stubborn though, but I saw a softening this visit.  There is something about having your firstborn near you that is healing to a mother's heart in some indescribable way.  Whenever he is around, I have always felt that way.  It's like a piece of my heart that was missing has been placed back in a big empty holeThen when he leaves again, it is torn back out and left empty.  It is a tangible feeling that only a mother can appreciate.   

As I write this my mind wanders back to when he was just a little tyke.  He was so precocious and taught me so much even then.  He was my little buddy when Dave was consumed with his medical school studies and was never at home.  It was just me and Sky for the most part and we spent hours talking back then as well.  We were a great team and learned so many things together.  We have a bond that can never be broken.  I think that is why it is so hard to say goodbye even after all the practice I have had.  He is now independent and I know he doesn't feel the same way I do about him leaving.  He is excited to go off on a new adventure, though I can feel deep in my heart that he is also a little sad to leave as well.  At least that is what I am going to tell myself.  :)  I am definitely one of those moms that would be happy if her children all grew up and just lived at home.  I would love it if we had a little community of houses and they could raise their families close to mine.  I may only feel this way because I have none of them married yet.  I tend to think my mind may change a bit once they are married and do have their own families, but I'm not placing any money on it.
As I watched him pull away this morning, my heart really hurt, but I know it has to be this way.  We have babies and then raise them to be good people and to go out into the world and make it a better place.  That is not something they can do if we hold onto them and won't let them go.  They will go even if we try to hold on.  That is the circle of life.  It's the way it's supposed to be.  But it still isn't easy.  I miss him terribly already and he's only been gone 30 minutes.  I know it sounds so odd because he has been living away from home for so many years now.  But it is still tough to say goodbye every time.  Anyway, I know the time we had these past six weeks were a gift and sacred almost.

It's time for my gratitude therapy!  I am grateful he is healthy enough to be able to venture out on his own. I am grateful he is such a good, strong, and smart kid and can handle whatever is thrown at him.  I am grateful he is a safe driver.  I am grateful he loves his job and has so much drive to succeed.  I am grateful he knows how to cook and is so good at it so I never have to worry about him starving.  I am grateful for the six weeks we have had together and all we were able to do and share during that time.  I am grateful he is going to California instead of some city back east.  I am grateful he is seriously thinking about getting married now even though he hasn't met the right person...yet.  I am grateful he has grown up to be one of the most wise, thoughtful, deep thinking, independent, driven, adventurous, kind, handsome, intelligent, and all around amazing son that he has.  I am very proud of him.  But....having said all that... oh man, it's still so hard to say goodbye.

dear monday, I didn't go on my run until later because I wanted to be sure and be here when Sky took off.  I ran my cemetery route today.  
Still buried!  No pun intended...
How crazy is this?  Pansies popping through the snow? 
I came home and cleaned my cabinets but they don't look much different than before.  A few of them (by sink) are really worn and need to either be refinished or redone. I keep wishing I could have an all new kitchen. I wish that a lot. I have a great kitchen. And I love my cabinets, I just wish they looked like they did when they were new.  The kitchen is just well worn from raising five rambunctious boys (and mine were mild compared to others) in it.  Dave built the cabinets and so I understand why he doesn't want to redo them, but it's time.  Past time.  He's just not on board.  I wonder if he would prefer to move?  Hahahaha

Tay came home for his game tonight.  Dave and I went and cheered his team on.  It's really sad not too many people go and watch their games.  Oh well.  That is where I want to be.  I don't care if it embarrasses Taylor that his folks come and watch all his games.  He doesn't seem to mind though and always tells us when his game is. They won by a landslide.  Taylor had a great game.  He was shooting three pointers like it was nobody's business.  He is really a gifted athlete.  

After the game, we took him and Bryce to Costa Vida.  I had a coupon for a buy one burrito, get one free.  So we took advantage of that!  It was good.  It was really cold today.  Can I just say I am tired of the cold?!  I'm gonna say it anyway.  Time for winter to move on. 

dear tuesday, today on my run it was so cold and humid that there were beautiful ice crystals forming.  I wish I had gotten more pictures of them, but here are a couple.  Just gorgeous!  

I had a dentist appointment today for my annual checkup. It felt good to get my teeth cleaned.  The hygienist was so cute.  She was telling me how much she loves my boys and said how Robin showed her a photo of my family holding the 300 lb Marlin.  She said she told Robin to put it away or she wouldn't be able to work on my boys because all she would think of is them without their shirts and how buff they are.  She was hilarious!  We spent as much time talking as she did cleaning my teeth!  But it was fun.  No cavities!  Yay!  I worry I will get more from wearing these Invisalign because of how tight they are and I worry they push the food particles in tighter.  But that doesn't appear to be the case thankfully.
Internet photo
After the dentist I ran to Ogden to find a music stand for my harp.  I guess it could have waited, but I was so ancy I had to go.  It was an unsuccessful trip. I was so tired today.  It's been an exhausting day.  I made dinner when I got home and then got to bed by 10:30.  Rare for me. 

dear wednesday, I got up early and got in some harp practice.  I couldn't get my tuner app to work and so Dave tuned it by ear.  I wish I could do that! It was so fun to play.  I am so excited to learn how.   I truly wish I had done this earlier, but I'm so glad I am now!  Loving it! 

I did hill repeats today. I never ever look forward to doing hills but it's one of those necessary evils of running if you want to get faster.  I got in 15 repeats.  I have been planking every day after running as well and I got up to 2:30 today.  Oh, I hate to plank!  So hard!  But it really does help my core strength a lot.  Those snowmen are having a rough day.
There are a couple homes being built by my route and I checked a couple out today.  Makes me really want to move!  I love that shower!

Dave was off today and after I reorganized my baking center, we tore apart the computer room and tried to rearrange things.  It never got done but after 8 hours or so, I was so tired.  We moved the desk in there that Dottie gave me when she moved.  I really want built ins, but that's not happening any time soon and so I am going to have to be happy with things as they are. Dave put the desk facing the window and I said, "No way!", but it actually would be nice to look out the window while on the computer or doing all the other stuff I do at my desk.  So for now that is where it is, but he has to run the computer lines under the carpet and so nothing will be done until he has time to do that.  I just don't want it undone on Tuesday when I have the luncheon for the Bishop's wives.  I have been so tired this week.  Emotionally, physically, mentally, etc.  Robin called and wanted us to get the flights booked for the cruise.  I told her we could do it tomorrow because I just could not do it tonight.  

dear thursday,  I headed out early for my second harp lesson.  My finger tips are really sore from practicing. I saw the Kripsy Kreme HOT donuts light on and so somehow my car just took that exit and drove right to the drive through and so I had to order one.  Funny how that happened.  I mean what are you going to do when you find yourself at the drive throughI hadn't eaten anything for breakfast and so I didn't protest too much.  My lesson went great!  I loved it.  I am still in need of a lot of practice on my technique, but I still love it. I have been trying to get in my practice first thing in the morning before I go running and while Dave is at Pickleball.  It's kind of nice to actually WANT to practice...unlike when I took piano lessons for all those years in my youth when I HATED to practice.  I am just so excited!
After my lesson I met Karen at Station Park in Farmington.  We went to lunch at Twigs.  We both got soup and salad and then just sat and got caught up a bit.  
We talked a lot about Sky and Bryce and Aubrey.  Aubrey's good friend's sister was just killed on Tuesday in a car wreck while she was on her mission.  So sad.  Karen asked me for advice on what Aubrey can do for her friend.  I told her to gather up memories from others that they have of her and put them in some form of keepsake. Those were the things that meant the most to me...other people's memories of Tyson were so cherished and still are to me.  Dave text me and said, "Martini Bar - really?"  My credit card bill had come through to him and instead of saying Twigs, it said Martini Bar and Grill.  haha  So I told Karen to pose like she was a little stoned and I sent it to him.  We didn't even realize the water glasses said this...  perfect for the pix!
Found out later that he forwarded the picture to Barry!  haha  It was fun!  We shopped and got some fun things at Home Goods and Harmons.   I ran a few other errands while there.  :( 

Had to rush home to get to Stake basketball.  Once again it was a blast!  I love it.  I made the medals this week with candy hearts instead of candy bars.  I took a photo of those too, but it also vanished.

Dave took this when he stopped by (meetings).  It's where I spend three hours every Thursday night.  Valerie was in the bathroom at the time and so I had someone take one of all three of us later, but it vanished as well.  No idea where all my photos went this week!
Dave had meetings tonight and since I forgot to put dinner in the crock pot, I made grilled cheese sandwiches.  They were really good made on wheat bread with oats and real butter.  No one complained anyway.

dear I got up and practiced the harp and my finger tips are still sore. My teacher told me I would most likely get blisters on them. Okay, that is just fine unless I have to still play with blisters!  OUCH!  I took off on my run and did a different route. I needed a change today.  I had a lot on my mind and so turned off my music and just tried to clear my head and figure out some things.  I ran to Pioneer Park and while on the bridge it started to snow very lightly.  It was beautifulOnce again, my pictures disappeared!
I found this split penny this week.  No idea how it would have split like that.
I spent the rest of the day cleaning and trying to purge some more.  I worked on my room a little and on the mudroom.  It's amazing how much can accumulate over 20 years.  I was hoping to run some errands but ended up not.  I made some Valentine popcorn to take to Troy and Carol's (picture disappeared). They invited us over for a game night.  I was supposed to have that video conference with Connie Sokol that I won for commenting on my favorite parenting book that she used on Studio 5 tonight, but I had to miss it.  Can't do everything.   First, we ran over to Robin and Grant's to book our flights.  I got to see her new Quartz counter-tops.  They are gorgeous.  I love that she gets an idea in her head and just goes for it.  I used to be that way.  Wish I still was.  That is one thing that changed about me after losing Tyson. I am always asked how that changed me and that is definitely one way.

We headed over to Troy's.  He is the best host.  He always has the yummiest food.  It was a fun night.  It was us, the Herzogs, the McCarrey's (and Trevor), and the Moyles.  Oh my gosh, Nancy made thee best brownies ever!  She said it was just a Betty Crocker mix but she added milk chocolate chips to it and then frosted them with chocolate frosting.  Good thing I have been trying to cut back or I may have eaten way more than my share!  Just so good!  They are all such great people and a lot of fun.  We played Taboo and the Logo game.  It was fun though Dave got a little Nazi on the rules and I had fun calling him on it.  We had a little battle going on in Taboo but it was funny.
 Troys' aquarium is amazing!

dear inversion, once again the air quality has been horrible this week.  BUT...look at the stunning photos because of it.  I wish I could remember who to give credit to for these, but I can't remember his name. I believe it was Goeffery? something.  Not sure?  But they are stunning!

This one was posted on Facebook too of what it looks like above the inversion.  I can't even imagine how bad the air is being all trapped inside.  I can tell a huge difference when I run as I breathe in.

dear saturday, I took off early on my long run today.  It was really humid and so it was C O L D !  The past few days have been really humid with the inversion.  I ran 10, but should have gone 12 but I had a full day and so just settled for 10.  It was my inaugural run for my new shoes.  I got the same model of Altra Torin's as I had before but in a different color.  I really love my Altra's!  There is nothing like running in a brand new pair of shoes!  Love it!  Can you see the snow heart they are hugging?
I love this spot where I went today.  But it was snow packed and really icy and I almost totally biffed it! 
This photo ↓ was taken a couple weeks ago but I forgot to post. Look at the difference in the sky and air! 
Wow!  I saw some gorgeous scenery today!  I may hate winter, but there is something to say for it's beauty!  Look closely at the photo below.  There was ice crystals on the grass poking out of the water.  It's a little blurry, but oh my, it was so pretty!  And that little patch in the center looks like Mickey Mouse floating along for a ride.

I came home and made Valentine treats for my Sunday School class, Taylor's roomies and for a few others. 

I prepared my SS lesson and ran some errands and then Taylor stopped by.  He was going to go shooting guns in Tremonton but his plans got changed so he hung out with us for a bit.  It was great!  I made meatloaf for tomorrow and made one for him and his roommates.  Since Bryce took off for St. George today, it will just be me and Dave for VDay tomorrow.  I wasn't going to do a VD dinner for just us, but that is kind of dumb because after all, it IS Valentine's Day and I still should.  But, it should be more of a romantic theme than fun with purple and pink food and heart shaped everything.  So we will see.   
Uncooked meatloaf meatlove

We were going to go out to dinner to celebrate tonight, but with Taylor being home we decided to bag the two hour wait somewhere and just order in Maddox.  Dave went and picked it up and the line was clear to the freeway!  He had to wait over 30 minutes for our order.
Not sure it was worth it.  I should have just cooked something for us, but my day was a little crazy and so I am so glad I didn't have to.

Some of Taylor's buds were ice fishing on Mantua and someone else posted this. ↓ A bunch of elk were sitting on the iced lake and then took off running.  That would have been pretty cool to see.

dear valentines' day, it was a little strange having Valentine's Day on a Sunday this year.  It was snowing like crazy when I got up (at 5:30 am).  I have a hard time going back to sleep after Dave leaves for his early meetings and I had a lot to do, so I just got up and got to it.  Oddly enough, Mona text me at 6:00 a.m.!  She never does that!  She always sleeps in past 9!  Kind of funny!

Dave gave me these gorgeous roses yesterday AND... Idle Isle chocolate!  Love the nutballs and the chocolate covered almonds the best!

I gave him a huge bag full of treats and things.  This was one of them. Made me laugh! 

I also found this card taped to my PC screen. I didn't see it until after 5:00 pm!  He thought I would be on the computer after church, but I had too many other things to do.  
I have really been trying to curb my computer time.  Especially social media.  I can't justify spending an hour or more on Facebook every single day.  I don't want to waste my life away doing that and it's so easy to get sucked into doing that.  I still check it, but I won't spend more than a few minutes here and there anymore.  I have found that the time passes SO quickly when I am on it and I have NOTHING to show for it.  SO that is also part of my PURGE this year.  So far, I have done pretty well.  I do feel bad I miss a lot of posts that my friends put up, but as far as I know, I haven't missed anything too important.  Those kind of things find a way of finding you.

THIS ↓ is our VD dinner.  At least the part I contributed.  
I had gone upstairs to rest for a bit and when Dave got home from ward conference he made potatoes and gravy.  He did not color them pink or purple though.  And I didn't make heart shaped rolls or pink salad or pink salad dressing or purple rice or anything but the heart meatloaf!  It's just not as fun with the boys not here. But, it still tasted delish.


Dave had a lot of meetings today and so I took advantage of the time and practiced my harp. He snuck in after his meetings and took this photo of me.
I really just LOVE playing!  I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I am so proud of myself!  Haha  My form needs some work though. It is tough!  I can get the notes, but my form needs lots of practice.  It's not a natural form.  It takes concentration to get it right.  But it will come.

We went to Dave's brother Brian's house for Becki's birthday party.  They live in Corinne and it was so foggy (inversion).  Emily snuggled right up to me and shared her blanket with me.  She was a chatterbox and had so much to tell me. I just love that girl. I have a special a place in my heart for her because she was born right before Tyson passed away (a few days before).  I remember when they came over with her a few days after he passed, I will never forget how she was literally watching the room and turning her head back and forth and almost like her eyes were following people.  It looked like she was talking to angels...which I am SURE she was... considering.
I love my lighted tree!  It is so peaceful. I want to leave it up all year.  
It was a busy, but lovely VDay!

dear mckay, another missionary mama sent me this photo that her son took of you as you traveled to Korea.  Love it!  
Zone Conference ↓
You have been transferred to Ussuriysk which is about an hour or two away from Vlad.  NO MORE SIBERIA!  For now anyway!  But it's still really cold there though.  You have a new comp and new area and I'm sure the adjustment will be hard, but your attitude will help you with that.  The above pictures are of Nahodka where you traveled to last week.

Your Asian friend in Korea.  Chinese New Year.  Companions. Hari Krishna
Nesting dolls.
 My friend sent me this of you!  HOW CUTE! 

dear mr. cat, you are fat!  The end.  Too much indoor time.

dear random, Bryce took off for St. George to rock climb.  Good thing I am not there watching him or I would probably have a heart attack.
Purple oven and stove!  I want this!  SERIOUSLY!  I would put it in my kitchen and do my cabinets white! 
This is coming up!
I think this may indicate the second coming is getting much closer!  Do we really live in this world?
I saw this and laughed so hard!
Taylor and his bud CJ....always having such a good time. 
I've been getting ready for next week's Bishop Wife party!


Audrey said...

I can relate to saying good-bye to Skyler, it is so hard when a child lives so far away! Glad you had six weeks with him! It is so fun to see you enjoying girls sports! One of my favorite callings.
I hated missing the game night at Troy and Carol's. Sounds like you had a fabulous time, as always. Your Valentine's Day pictures are GORGEOUS! You look so good in that red! Just stunning!

Dawn said...

Your pictures of the ice crystals are great...cold but beautiful. ahhhh....I love that you have a harp finally and are playing it! Dreams really do come true!

You're always so busy making things for others...bless your heart! ♥

I think you should get a purple stove for sure...I love that color and it would make any kitchen so cheery and cute!


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