Monday, February 29, 2016

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear delicious new recipe, this week I tried another new recipe.  It is a keeper!  It's called Chicken Crack.  There is a reason for that.  It is so good you just want to keep eating it.  Anything with cream cheese tends to have that effect.  I made it in the crock pot and served it on sesame seed buns.  It was perfect for a cold night.  The boys loved it.
Slow Cooker Chicken Crack Sandwiches
  • 3 lbs boneless chicken breasts
  • 2 (8 oz) blocks cream cheese
  • 2 (1 oz) packets dry Ranch seasoning
  • 8 oz bacon, cooked crisply and crumbled

  1. In a slow cooker combine place chicken, cream cheese, and Ranch seasoning.
  2. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 4 hours, until chicken shreds easily.
  3. Once chicken shreds stir with a large fork or spoon, so the chicken shreds and all the ingredients combine.  You really have to stir the sauce to remove any lumps at this point.
  4. Add in crumbled bacon and stir to incorporate.
  5. Serve warm on buns.
dear taylor's game, this was possibly his last game of the season.  He will be gone on his cruise for the next two games and a few of his teammates will also miss some of the games due to spring break and so he isn't thinking they will be able to keep winning with so many gone.  They may even have to forfeit.  It's really dumb they keep the playoffs going during spring break.  But they do and so it's doubtful they will still be in them when he gets back.   If that wasn't the case, they would probably be the champions again. 
 He had a great game.
This was the first game they were behind in for the first half.  They were 14 behind at one point.  Nothing would go in.  I didn't think they would be able to come back with that deficit, but they did! They came back and tied it with less than two minutes left.  It was neck in neck the rest of the game.  We had it won but on the very last few seconds one of our players got a foul called on him and so the other team got to shoot two.  He missed the first one, but made the second so we lost by one point.  It was a heart breaker.  They have had such a great season.   

dear profitable run, today I found a penny and was so excited because I haven't found one in a while.  Then I found a nickel!  Then a dime and a quarter one after another.  It was great!  I found one of everything and then I found two more pennies.  Love it when I hit the jackpot!  lol  Heaven was awake today!  haha

dear mr. cat, awe.......  He is ready for spring too!  See his paw on the shutter in the top right?  He wanted to go out but it was too cold for him.  So he slept instead.  How anything can sleep as much as he does is a wonder to me!

He LOVES it when I practice the harp.  He always comes in the room and just listens.  One day he started to rub his head on my music stand.  Too bad all my pix of it were blurry, but it was sweet.

dear hill repeats,  I forced myself to do 15 hills repeats on Wednesday. I did seven miles total.  My cute little doggy friend helped to keep me going.  She is so sweet.  And to think she used to try to attack me!  I tried to get a shadow running pix but obviously that was a fail.  

dear logan trip, I had to run to Logan to take up my ring because I lost another baguette.  Luckily, I had it inspected in the past six months and so they will pay for it.  Or at least I am hoping.  She tried to tell me I will have to pay for the metal but not the diamond. I have never had to pay if I had it inspected within six months.  I learned the hard way.  Now, I stay up on it because they tend to fall out easily. This is probably the 6th time I have had to replace one.

Taylor was working but was going to meet me for dinner.  He chose Rumbi but as I was driving there I got a call from him.  He forgot he had a lab right then. I went and bought some groceries for him while he was in his lab and then we met at Smiths and headed to Rumbi.

He even let me take his picture...(kinda).

dear harp lesson, I practiced really hard this week and tried to get my form correct.  It really is so much harder than I imagined.  I'm sure it comes naturally to some, but I'm not one of them.  This week I had my first group lesson.  It was very short but it was very fun!  The lady before me as well as Nanette (my teacher) were in the group.  I played Twinkle Twinkle and Lavender Blue and it sounded SO amazing with them playing also.  It gave me chills.  Yes, Twinkle Twinkle actually gave me chills!  hah  I loved watching them play and I loved the sound we made together.  My teacher was happy with my progress this week and is pushing me rather quick into some of other things I'm not so sure I'm ready for.  She told me this recital is not a solo recital but a group one...which means I will play with one or two other harpists for it.  That sounds much better than a solo one.  I am pretty sure I would have turned that down!  I'm not sure I want to do the group one either though.  But, if I practice really hard, in two months maybe I will feel different.  It's on May 14th or sometime that week.  

dear shocker, during my harp lesson my phone was going a little crazy. I knew it had to be a group text.  Sure enough.  After my lesson I checked my phone and it was from the Sista feed.  We sometimes will get talking about something and so it's not real rare.  I didn't think much of it and so didn't read any of them and headed to Layton to run some errands.  It kept going off and when I glanced at one of the messages I saw, "That is so awful!".  My heart sank and I knew that it was something bad. In my head I was afraid it would be Robin.  I really didn't want to find out but I scrolled back up and saw that Robin (Bonzo) had a massive heart attack the night before and then a four hour surgery and was in ICU.  WHAAAAAAAT???  Oh man.  I was sick inside to think that she had been through so much.  I just saw her last week at lunch and she seemed to be doing so well.  I was just grateful she survived it because apparently she shouldn't have.  If she hadn't been in the ER at the time, she wouldn't have lived through it according to her docs.  VERY SCARY!   I arranged to go visit her but had to kill some time before we could get in and so I did some shopping.  That's always a tough thing to get me to do.  Hah  Dave wishes!  I met Kathy at the hospital and when we went in she was awake and totally being Robin.  She is one of the funniest people I know and her sarcasm just makes you laugh.  She told us the story of how it all happened and she had us laughing.  Especially when she talked about a male nurse that she said made her feel violated.  It was a relief to see her being herself.  She is still not out of the woods and will be in ICU for a few days.  It hasn't even been a year yet that we lost our other high school friend Davaleen to a massive heart attack.  And around two years since we lost Gina to cancer.  Another wake up call.  I am so glad she came to our lunch last week.  She really seemed to be doing great that day. 

dear last yw basketball game of season, tonight was our last game. These seven weeks have flown by!  Since I was in Ogden visiting Robin, I wasn't able to get there to set up on time.  I also had to run home and make the medals.  The only week I didn't make them ahead of time is when I needed to and I was out of my cute ribbon.  But, I got there before the first game started and so it was all good.  The Stake gave all the girls a treat for participating and we handed out the sportsmanship awards. 
 The middle game was crazy!  Those girls were having so much fun!  It was loud and noisy and really a blast.  The last one was pretty subdued.  But still fun.  Not sure what I will do on my Thursday nights now.   It was fun while it lasted.  Volleyball will start in the fall but we might do softball if there is enough interest.

dear visit to the legislature with American Mothers
Jenneice asked me if I would be able to go to the State Capital on the day they honor the Mother of the Year and Mother's of Achievement to help take photos etc.  I LOVE to go when they go up there.  It's so exciting to me and my schedule was open, so I told her I could.  We were few in numbers this year, but it was still a great day. 
We first went in the Senate. Renee Hawkes (our 2016 Mother of the Year) was able to say a few words.  She did a great job!  She is going to represent Utah really well.  They also introduced two of our Mother of Achievements Dorene and Sandra. Then we went to the House of Representatives.  It's always more formal in there but also great.  No matter who you are, you have a mother and everyone has a special place in their heart for mothers and so we are always well received.  The year I was Young Mother (1994), we actually had to give speeches in the House and we received standing ovations after.  They make you feel really special that's for sure.
 It's so busy during this time and it's so exciting to see so many people there to be honored or to push through their causes.  One of the Mother of Achievements used to work in the Senate and she told me for six weeks she had a ball doing tours and answering the phone and just being a part of it.  She told me I would be good at that and I think I would love it!  Especially since it's only six weeks out of the year.  She gave me a name to call to apply for next year. I think I will.
 After the Senate and House, we headed over to meet with the Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox.  We usually meet with the Governor, but he was gone today because Vice President Joe Biden is in town.  Spencer Cox is so young to hold this office but he is an amazing man.  I'm sure he will be Governor someday.  He showed us around his office and told us about a wood carving on the wall and talked to us about his family.  He was very nice and in no rush.  I was impressed with him.  He had to rush off and give a speech but he was didn't make us feel rushed at all. 

With the Lt. Governor

I really wanted my traditional photo on the purple chair in the gold room, but they were all taken.  One of the purple couches was free and so we all squished onto it for a picture.  Sadly, you can't even see the couch!  hah  The gold room is much more purple than gold and it is stunning! I love it!  The Governor's office connects to it.

I got a picture of me on the couch this year because the chairs were all taken.

It was a lovely day!  With amazing women!  They all have such incredible stories and it was an honor to spend the day with them.

When I was looking through my Facebook's "On This Day"memories, and these photos were on it!  What are the odds?  Me in the purple chair!!!  I think it said it was from 2009??

And the couch! 
How crazy is that?  Almost the same photo seven years later! ↓

We did meet the Governor that year...and a couple more times over the years. 

And even crazier is that these ↓ popped up as well.  They were in the same album.  This is me giving my speech at the House of Representatives in 1994. 

Being introduced at the Senate in 1994

With Governor Leavitt (how sad that it's blurry!)
 This is one of my favorites.  Tyson is being Tyson with the pen the Governor gave him.

And these!  Oh my....great memories of some of the parades we were in that summer.  Love the one of Taylor (bottom middle) driving the jeep.  ;)  They were such good sports to ride in all those hot parades that year.
So much fun to go back and remember those days.
dear visit to bonzo, after I left the capital I met Dawn (and her daughter and grandson) at the hospital to go see Robin again.  Dawn happened to be up there for a dentist appt. and so it worked out great!  Robin was still in ICU and was resting and so I felt bad when we walked in and woke her up.  She was happy to see us and had us laughing like last time though not quite as much.  I could tell she was really tired.  We didn't stay too long but it was good to see her still doing well.  
Before I headed back, I ran a few errands and was just feeling so good because the weather was feeling like spring!!!  I LOVE this time of year!  LOVE IT!  I am not a fan of winter and so when I feel like the bad weather has climaxed and is on it's way out for good, I get very happy!  I may be wrong and it may still come back with a vengeance, but for now the air feels so good!  Either way, it IS coming!  The worst is behind us!  

Dave was on call on week and so he was working late.  We had a reception to go to but he was still working at 7:30 and so I ran over and picked him up and we ran to the reception at the Law's house (they have remodeled it beautifully!)  and then he went back to work to finish up.  
I found this heart rock Dave left on my desk when I got home.  It made me smile.  Dave finds them for me once in a while and he's so sweet to give them to me. 

dear sherri dew talk, I got out on my run fairly early because I had to be ready to go to Sherri Dew in Perry at 9:00 a.m.  It was a very mild day and felt like spring!  Oh, I am loving it!  Most of my friends were leaving really early to go get seats because it was a quad stake event.  I found out this week that they were reserving seats for the Stake Pres. wives on the front row.  I was so happy because that meant I didn't have to go as early.  Earlier this week they said we were sitting on the stand with our husbands but I guess there wasn't enough room.  I prefer the front row so I can see the speaker's face anyway.  Besides, I don't enjoy sitting on the stand and having people gawk at me.  But Dave got to sit up there.  haha  He's used to it.  He came walking in with Sister Dew holding onto his arm and she was looking up at him.  She is tall but he is still taller.  It was very sweet.  She was talking to him about something as he escorted her in.  I wish so bad I could have taken a photo of it because it was just so sweet.  But no photos in the chapel. I have always loved Sister Dew.  She is one of my heroines in life.  Before they came in, I was talking to the other Stake Pres. wives.  One of them told me they have never had a GA stay with them.  I picked her brain a bit about what things she has done.  Happily, she said not a lot.  There is no manual for this calling so we are all kind of not sure what we are supposed to do. 
Sister Dew's talk touched me deeply.  She is one of the most profound speaker's in the church.  I love her honesty and how she shares with us about her own life.  One thing I have learned is that the speaker's I enjoy most are the ones that share personal stories from their own life.  She talked a lot about how she feels about being single.  She isn't a fan.  She had us sing Hark All Ye Nations and it was powerful. She said we need to be defenders of the faith but in order to do so, we must have faith. She said she's struggled with being shy a good part of her life and spent a great deal of time feeling inadequate when called upon to do something she felt she was under qualified for.  She quoted Pres. Nelson, "The Lord uses the unlikely to accomplish the impossible."  

 I took a lot of notes.  Some of the things I learned were:  So many things in the gospel have been accomplished by those who seem unlikely.  Joseph Smith for example.  Sending boys out at the age of 18 to grow the church.  Totally unlikely.  :)  We are the weak people of the earth but have been held in reserve as the most noble souls to come forth at this time.  We must have courage and determination for these challenging times.  She taught how we must ask good questions in faith and go to the right source to get answers to our prayers.  Revelation and knowledge isn't magic or a gift from heaven.  Questions lead to revelation, knowledge, and greater faithWe have to ask.  We must be willing to engage in a spiritual wrestle and be willing to dig deep for our answers. She shared a story of a young woman she helped to study through her doubts about the gospel.  Wrestling increases our faith.  He will pour out His grace and heal us.  We must ask "What do I know for sure?" instead of what we don't know.   The Savior has all power and with His help we can do things we aren't capable of doing alone. That power is His grace.  He has come to heal the broken hearted, free the captive, and heal the wounded soul. She said to ask for angels to help us.  Seen or unseen, they are near.  Motherhood is wired into us. The atonement is a doctrine of healing and it is to heal the full range of pain we experience. The grace of the Lord can heal our heart and mind. His grace will take the pain away, but not always the want.  

It was magnificent!

dear dinner date, we went to Jen's son Justin's reception on Saturday night and it was crazy to see him married.  How did that happen?  Jen is almost 15 years younger than me and already has a child married.  I'm sure she will be beat me to the Grandma stage as well.  Isn't life odd sometimes?  After that we went to Logan to dinner with our friends the Singleton's to Frederico's.  It was really yummy!  I didn't get a photo of either event.  I wish I had taken a photo of the cake at the Law's reception I went to the night before but I completely forgot. 

dear deer, Bryce got this photo of these guys in our backyard.  Not sure what the one on the left is doing. Maybe calling everyone over for dinner?  Whatever it's doing, it is so fun to have them as our backyard pets. 

dear random, I made it to 2:42 on my planking!  I feel so accomplished! hah  Oh man, I hate planking!  It kills me!  But I know it is what I need to do for my core strength for my running and so it's worth the torture! 

Facebook has a daily thing that shows you what you posted on that day ever since you have been on Facebook.  It is really a lot of fun to go back and remember what happened over the years.  This week was full of great ones.  This is one of my faves from 2012 or 2013 (can't remember now):

It's been posting a lot of messages from friends in 2009 when I first joined Facebook and was just starting to reconnect with everyone.  I guess there was no private messages at that time because all of those were on my wall.  I loved this one from my friend Carla because I needed it at the time...
It made me happy to read what she said.  Especially the part about nicknames.  I pretty much gave all of my friends a nickname or two.  I still call some of them by those names.  Bonzo, JB, Leeza, Clog, Clara (Belle) name a few.  I need to repost these from time to time for the memories.

dear quotes,
Amen to this one!
Today is my best day. I love that...
Oh, so true!
I have ALWAYS loved Knock Knock Jokes...
Sure does!
I do believe this 100%
I believe this too! 

So true!



Audrey said...

I'm so glad that you posted information about Sheri Dew's talk because I have already forgotten most of what she said. But I do remember how wonderful it was. I love the fact that she shared so many personal stories.
I'm reliving my days as Stake Sports Director, fun, fun, fun!

Dawn said...

I'm going to try that Chicken Crack....sounds yummy!

I was so glad that I was able to go see Robin with you. I'm glad it worked out. I love watching you with my will just have to share mine until you get some. Seeing my friends love on my grands does amazing things to my heart. ♥

Thanks for posting what you learned from Shari Dew....I loved the notes. I like "real experiences' of others too. I had to save a few of your quotes this week. I love all quotes like you do!

Nancy Mc said...

Loved this post. I too loved what you posted about Sheri Dew's talk. I enjoyed the knock knock jokes. I can hardly wait to try the chicken crack recipe. I LOL as I read the quote by Abraham Lincoln.

Jodi Wilding said...

Audrey I forgot you were the Stake Women's sport's director! How fun it has been for us!

Dawn and Nancy, that recipe is worth trying! It's so yummy! You might want to use the fat free cream cheese because it has a lot of cream cheese in it and I wish I had used that instead of the full Monte.


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