Monday, June 23, 2008

Aaronic Priesthood CAMP

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Here, here! 'Your Highness' the Queen survived AP Camp! It was an amazing experience for me! I spent four days with some incredible young men and their leaders. They came through on their promise and really did treat me like a Queen. I only did dishes once and that was because I snuck and did them (they really needed some help!) It was a beautiful setting and beautiful weather. We stayed at our Bishop's cabin in Sundance, Utah. Now that is my idea of camping! Flush toilets, showers, and heat! I had a great time. It was even better because our Bishop's mother (who owns and built the cabin with her husband 40 years ago) also came along. She is a spry 89 years old but seems at least 20 years younger and an incredible lady. I was trying to keep up with her! We had some great fun together.

The boys were awesome and I really enjoyed my time with them. They worked really hard on memorizing scriptures and other passages. They had to pass off 12 things to me and for each one they received a cool bead to put on a lanyard. Most of them passed off all 12. I learned a lot too! I am pretty sure I can now recite the sacrament prayers from heart and the purpose of the priesthood. They are all going to make great missionaries some day!

I was a little disappointed I didn't run into Robert Redford (I mean Bob!) I got some great photos of his private gate though. He lives only a mile or so from where we were staying. The Bishop said he jogs past their cabin between 8:30 and 10 a.m. on most days. He must have been out of town because we never saw him. My mom really wanted a photo and his autograph if I did. I had visions of me running after him as he jogged on by with my camera and paper and pencil, calling out, "Wait up Bobby!" And trust me I would have too!

I really enjoyed the whole thing. Even when I had to speak to them about what girls look for in guys. That was actually really fun! The marshmallow wars was one of my favorite things. I held my own too. There was a lot of games, service projects, study time, tree climbing, eating, and devotionals. We had a great speaker named Bro. Bingham who was incredible. The boys wore their white shirts and ties for that and then had a testimony meeting after around the bon fire. Every single person there bore their testimony. There was an amazing spirit felt by all.

Here are LOTS of photos and even a slide show at the end. Enjoy!

Studying away. The bottom right photo is the cabin we stayed in.

Having fun. Top right is Johnny the Young Men President having fun with the camp mascot. An old baby (doll) they found in the woods! The bottom shots are of the caterpillars that were everywhere! They would drop down from the trees on us as we were around the camp fire! And of course the boys were having great fun frying them! Ugh!

*Me fixing Bryce's homemade plant tie
*Me and the Bishop's mom
*Dave, me and Bryce
*The name of the cabin

Robert Redford's gate to his house. The private property signs were everywhere. The bottom right is a photo of me running on private property. What a rebel I am. And I never even got prosecuted!

*Bryce modeling the tie I made him from plants. He forgot his and so we had to be creative!
*Campbell in his white shirt and tie....AND...shorts! :D
*All the boys
*Dave and I

*Me and Bryce
*Packing up to go home
*The Bishop got in a little fender bender on the way home.
*This car got it the worse! No one riding with him was hurt thank goodness!

As a side note, I did notice just a few differences in attending BOY'S camp vs GIRL'S camp.

When it comes to going to the bathroom:
Girls always go together.
Boys go alone.
When it comes to food:
Girls eat lots of salads.
Boys eat lots of burnt hot dogs...among other things!
If their food falls on the ground:
Girls immediately throw it away.
Boys pick it up and eat it without a second thought.
When it comes to clothes:
Girls change their clothes at least twice each day.
Boys wear the same thing for the entire week!
When it comes to getting ready for the day:
Girls take an hour to get ready...yes EVEN at camp!
Boys take ZERO, ZIP, NADA, NO time.
If they get bored:
Girls braid each others hair or paint each other's nails.
Boys have a caterpillar eating (or torture) contest.
When it comes to a balanced diet:
Girls have very balanced seven course meals.
As long as boys have meat nothing else matters.
When they see a bug or spider:
Girls scream and run.
Boys run after it and then play with it or watch it sizzle in the fire.
When it comes to a personal supply of treats:
Girls take a large chocolate supply.
Boys take....nothing. (Unless their mothers packed them some!)
When it comes to grooming:
Girls wash, dry, and curl their hair.
Boys don't even look in the mirror.
When it comes to what they bring along from home:
Girls bring their jewelry, make-up, stuffed animals, favorite blanket, perfume, robe, slippers, curlers, air mattress and cot, wall decorations, photos, large chocolate supply, manicure set, two pillows, IPOD, cell phone, at least two changes of clothes for each day plus three extra just in case, card games, board games, razor, mirror, books, journal, yearbook, and six pair of shoes. And I am NOT exaggerating here!
Boys bring their sleeping bag, pillow, IPOD, and one extra change of clothes. And I am NOT exaggerating here!

And last but not least...

When it comes to going to the bathroom:
There is always a line for the girls.
For boys, the world is their toilet!


Yvonne said...

I LOVE THIS POST. You are so fun. I bet the boys had a great time with you there.

I'm so sorry you didn't see Bob. That would have been so fun.

Loved your list of the difference between Girls Camp and Boys Camp. (In fact, I had to sit and read it to Allan for a good laugh ; )

Stace said...

That really does look fun! Looks like you are good sport too. The photos were great. The difference list is so true!!!! Hilarious!

deb said...

Wow what fun! Love the photos! That's too bad about the crash! At least no one was hurt.

Doran & Jody said...

Looks like a great time. Sorry you didn't get to see Bobby. I love the Hicken Coop.

I thought Girls Camp was to toughen up girls. Teach them survival skills. It usually doesn't happen that way. But fun anyway.

I will be leaving for camp here in a couple of weeks. Wish me luck.

Carmell said...


Those handouts you made are totally fantastic! You are very clever. I am sure the boys loved having you along.

Anonymous said... is very informative. The article is very professionally written. I enjoy reading every day.


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