Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Okay, now this really bugs me!!!

I have uninvited house guests at the moment and they have worn out their welcome. I have been patient, but now they are just really starting to bug me! These guests 'just totally make themselves at home. They aren't the most respectable of company either. They go wherever they please in my house. They do not respect my privacy at all. They even occasionally join me in the shower. Not only that but they have no qualms about crawling in bed with me either! Sometimes they even wake me up after I have fallen asleep. These guests are the worst kind. They have brought all their children along as well, which range in age from newborns and toddlers, to teenagers! And of course they let them roam free wherever they want. You know the kind. The kids just do whatever they want and the parents don't even bat a wing. I can be sitting on my chair in my room and they will let them crawl all over me! Totally undisciplined! I have even seen a couple hanging from the chandelier (okay, it's just a light, but you get the picture), and then they drop down into my lap. Very annoying. And to top it all off, they get on my computer whenever they feel like it without even asking first, even if I am already on it! They mess up things. The parents are apparently not real good at potty training skills. It is not hard to tell which room they have been in! They seem to enjoy my bedroom the most. That is where they tend to hang out because they are sun seekers and my room gets lots of that. I have had to get out my vacuum sometimes three times a day just to keep up with them. They are not well mannered. If they want my glass of water, they help themselves. They are really getting in my hair...literally! These are the kind of guests that you just can't wait until they leave. Oh, and the worst thing is, they keep inviting their extended family to stay with us as well. I have tried to get rid of them, but they just stay! I have been patient. I really have. I even was okay with their behavior at first because they seemed so harmless. But... and I hesitate to admit this, I am finally at the end of my rope and we have had several casualties. I feel bad about that, I really do. Especially when it is a toddler or teenager. Well, not so much the teenagers. The only problem with that is they are a real close knit group because whenever one has met it's demise, the funeral attendance is extreme. They come from all around just to attend. And then they ALL stay and freeload. Do you ever have these kind of house guests? And if so, how do YOU deal with them??? Here are a few family photos of my uninvited guests...

Meet my house guests. The Box Elder bug family. This is the father I presume.

And here is a shot of one of their offspring. A teenager I think.

This is most likely a photo of the mother.

Look what I found! This family is evidently SO popular that you can even buy souvenir mugs and clothing with them on it... just in case you don't get enough of them while they visit! Bet these are big money makers!!!
I am bugged!


Tiffany said...

As pesky as those horrible things are, they are kind of sentimental to me (in an icky way). Hubby and I were married in the Manti temple and in the background of our pictures you can see them all over the temple doors. They also thought it would be great to fly up my dress. Icky! You have my sympathy!:P

Holly said...

Um, ick? I hate bugs. Good luck getting rid of them!!

Jodi said...

Tiffany ~
Well it's good to know they were on the temple doors. At least I know they aren't EVIL! lol

Holly ~
THanks, I will need it. Now, I just found some ants too!

utmomof5 said...

Too funny!! I was trying to think fo what in the world you could be talking about. I hope you get them under control, I wish I had a good peice of advice to get rid of them, sorry I don't. Good Luck!

Amanda said...

Ewwww...those are the worst kind of house guests! Well, with the exception of spiders.

deb said...

I love that song! Where did you find it? I haven't ever heard it before! That's great!

The Hoyt's said...

you are so hilarious.....Too funny!! I know it seems like they are just everywhere. Last year was bad!!

Jen said...

They just don't die, do they! We had them all winter long! I swear they would die when it got freezing and then when the sun would come up they would come alive again! At least it's not mice!


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