Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Camp Queen! Who me?

No, not girl's camp! That is in August. I am going to boy's camp! Yep, you heard right...BOYS! I was asked by our Bishop to go to AP (Aaronic Priesthood) Camp this year as the camp mom. It will be a very unique experience for me. Apparently the Camp Mom is up there to provide the "motherly role" for the boys and to give them the opportunity to learn the concept of treating women with respect. I was told I am going to be treated like a Queen while there. Hmm...a Camp Queen? Now, that has possibilities! I was also told I won't be doing dishes or cooking! What? NO dishes or cooking? Sounds like a vacation to me! I guess we will see, since I am not one to just sit around and eat bon-bons...(or S'mores in this case). Although if I was forced to, I bet I could handle it!

So, that brings us to the question of just exactly WHAT will I be doing while there? Even eating S'mores will get a little nauseating after a while. Maybe I should take my Twilight Series since I am probably the only one left on the planet that hasn't read them all yet! I asked one of the mom's who went up before what she did and she said that she basically just followed the boys around and did what they did. Hiking, rappelling, cliff jumping, bear hunting, river rafting, etc. Oh, wait....that's scout camp, the one with NO camp mom! This camp is mostly to help prepare the boys to be future missionaries. It is more of a spiritual camp, although there are also a lot of physical events planned.

It will be a unique experience for me because I a will not be allowed to cook or do dishes, but it will be a very non-unique experience because I will be the ONLY FEMALE in the clan. Nothing new there. And because I will be treated like a Queen. Nothing new there either. My boys and hubby already do a great job of that!

The best part is that it is held up at Sundance. Our Bishop has an old cabin up there and he said that if I go out jogging, that I will probably run into Bob. Yes, Bob. Bob as in Robert. Robert as in Redford! He lives up there and apparently jogs all over. They have seen him many times. Oh, lets hope I do! I have waved to him before while at Lake Powell on a house boat. We passed him on his boat and so I waved and yelled, "Bobby! Over here Bobby!", and he waved back! I also saw him on the same trip in a little grocery store driving away in his truck. I know he is getting to be an old man, but who cares?!! He's still Robert Redford! I have been up to Sundance before (twice) and never saw him, but maybe the thirds time the charm!

I am taking a LOT of treats and goodies I have made for the boys. Nothing says "Motherly Love" like yummy and delicious junk food treats! I have also made a handout for each day to pass out to them. Things that will encourage them and uplift them. Our Young Men President mentioned something about me speaking to them...Aaaa!...but it will be more of an on the spot kind of thing, about what girls look for in guys. So, just in case I had my Young Women do a little survey on Sunday, with those kinds of questions.

The boys will be doing a lot of reading and memorizing scriptures, praying, singing hymns, and other things that will help build strong testimonies and get them excited and more prepared to be great missionaries. I have never heard one boy ever regret going. My son Bryce will be up there with me and he will be my third son to have attended so far. It is a great thing. My husband will also be there as a member of the Bishopric and mainly as a cook and a support. I plan on taking lots of great photos.

I do have to say it has come at a pretty crazy time. Why is that always the way it is? I think I am starting to learn (though it has taken me a while) that service never comes at a convenient time. If it did, then I guess it wouldn't really be service. Although, I'm still not sure I can consider this service. More like an opportunity to BE served...you know, as the QUEEN! But still, it does take some air (or ground) traffic controlling to get things worked out. I have my two youngest both in basketball camps during it and one of them also has football practice every day. My oldest has to work and so trying to work out all the logistics while I am gone is rather interesting. My parent's 50th wedding anniversary is coming up and I am trying to get the invites and a printed book of their life done before I leave and we leave tomorrow! Among at least another million other things...most of which will just go un-done. Oh well, who cares right? Queendom...here I come!


Holly said...

Oh how fun! I can't wait to hear about it when you get back. (And don't expect anything great from the Twilight series either...)

Karen said...

You are going to have a realy neat time. I went a couple of years ago with Brady and Kasey and it was such a neat thing. Alex is also going with our Stake this week. I can;t wait to hear about it!!

Yvonne said...

How fun for you. You will be a great camp mom. I've never heard of anyone doing that--sounds like a great idea to me.

Does that mean if they catch and cook snakes you could to enjoy them, too?????

Can't wait to see all the great pictures.

If you see Robert Redford, tell him hello. I agree--I know he's getting old, but who cares!!!

Enjoy the Twilight series--I did.

Doran & Jody said...


The Hoyt's said...

Oh this sounds so fun. I have never heard of this before... What a great idea.. I hope they do it still when my son gets older..
Have a great time..

Tiffany said...

Oh, vacation? Take me, take me!!! Enjoy being pampered and treated like a queen!:)

Jen said...

Have a great time! And just so you know, I'M the last one to read the Twighlight series. Haven't even started. The boys will love having you up there and I wish I was going for your yummy treats and thoughts. You never called about the book, hope it went o.k. See you when you get back!


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