Monday, June 15, 2009

I Just Blinked...

Bryce is now a graduate!

I am not fond of change. Especially the kind that pulls at your heartstrings. Graduation is one of those major changes that I don't like...unless of course it's ME doing the graduating. But for some reason when someone else graduates, instead of feeling joyful and celebratory, I get all teary eyed and melancholy. Especially when it's my own offspring. I guess in many ways it is one of those inevitable time lines that seem to shout (more loudly than I wish to hear) ..."Childhood is now over for good", "Time for that little boy, who is no longer a little boy, to leave the nest and go make a name for himself", It is a cruel way of saying that my time as a mother is up in many ways for that child.

Okay, so maybe I am being just a little overly dramatic here. But, I don't think so. It's hard to let go!!! When my oldest graduated, I don't think it was as hard because he was my first and it was more exciting than sad. Now as my third son starts to spread his wings, the realization that one day they ALL will has hit me hard! I just want this stage of my life, where my boys are gathered here at home to last forever! I can't even bear the thought that one day they will ALL be out in the world and no longer here by my side every day. Oh, that hurts! As the song goes..."the hardest part of love is letting go". ♥ AMEN to that!

There is GOOD to focus on though...

Bryce was named
for his high school!

Becoming a VALEDICTORIAN is based on maintaining a 4.0 (straight A's) from his Freshman year through his Senior year. Meaning not even ONE A minus in four straight years. That is NO easy feat! Trust me I know. He was one of 17 named this year from his high school.

He worked very hard to earn this honor and we are so proud of him!!!

These ↓ photos are from the scholarship awards night. (Okay, utilizing my bragging rights as a mom now!)

Bryce earned scholarships to Utah State University, University of Utah, and a Presidential scholarship from Southern Virginia University. His other awards were Academic All State in football and a Letterman in football and hockey. He received cords and a medal for Valedictorian and being in the top 3% of his graduating class.

Hot Proud valedictorian Comments
Well okay maybe HE'S not...but this MOM is!!! He didn't even want to attend the awards night. And he wouldn't have IF I hadn't "encouraged" him! :D


Memorial Scholarship in Tyson's name
Dave and I wanted to keep Tyson's memory alive in some kind of a way that would reflect the life he lived while at the same time help someone else. We decided that giving out a scholarship to someone each year who has overcome hardships in their own life and who may not otherwise qualify for a scholarship based on academics, would be a great way to do that and honor Tyson's name at the same time.

This is Matt the winner of the FIRST Tyson D. _____ Memorial Scholarship. He was more than deserving and extremely grateful and appreciative. Matt has overcome cancer three times so far, all while trying to keep up with his school work. In his application he wrote as one of his professional goals, "Live life as if every moment counts while making sure to take time for family and helping those important to me."

This scholarship is intended to acknowledge an individual who, despite overwhelming odds, has faced life’s challenges and obstacles with courage and determination. He definitely has! He is truly an amazing kid!

Matt with us and his parents.↑ Sorry about the glare on his face. The best part of all, is the fact that he actually knew Tyson. He said that he used to come to our house and ride our toys down our big hill with Tyson and some other boys hoping that they landed on a soft spot. Sounds like Tyson! We look foward to doing this every year!

Senior Pix (these aren't his official ones ~ just some his amateur mom took for his grad announcements.)


Me with some of my Young Women that graduated from Seminary. Sheesh they were just little Beehives the other day!


Wow! Will someone tell me when THIS happened!! He was just two and I blinked and then....


The Valedictorian's marched in first and sat on the front row. It was nice having him receive his diploma at the beginning instead of at the end, where we always are because of our last name!

(click to enlarge)
Bryce being announced as Valedictorian. I am soooooooo proud of that boy!!! I was so excited and had my video on just anticipating hearing his name to record for posterity forever and ever. Waiting, waiting... not hearing Bryce's name. WHAT? Then the announcer man sat down WITHOUT... I repeat WITHOUT announcing Bryce! As you can imagine, I was about freaking out! All the endless nights of staying up until 2 a.m. working on math with his Dad, and all those insane projects that required hours and hours of time and labor, and all those A- that we sweat over, not sure he could pull them to an A....was going through my little irritated head! Then suddenly all his buds around him started to point at him chanting "Bryce, Bryce, Bryce!" so Mr. Announcer Man would realize he forgot him! Thank goodness Mr. Announcer Man woke up and came back up to the pulpit and apologized for missing him and told everyone to give him an extra loud cheer, which they did. But, Mr. Announcer Man is now on my hit list! Grrr...

WHY you ask? Well, because Mr. Announcer Man caused me such stress that in the chaos I turned off my video camera and didn't have it back on for the big moment!!! I MISSED THE WHOLE THING! Well, other than the fact that I have on video ALL the OTHER Valedictorians....just not MINE!!! Why do these things ALWAYS happen to ME??? I could write a post on that alone!

The top left ↑ photo is Bryce with Matt the boy who received the Tyson Memorial Scholarship.

This year's graduation had a few, shall we say WANNA BE GRADUATES?

During one of the speeches there was a lot of commotion going on in the back of where all the boys were sitting. A security guard and a teacher started wandering around looking for something. Soon after that, the teacher held up a RAT ~ YES A RAT! ~ to show the speaker and audience that it was now under control. The speaker didn't miss a beat, she just thanked the teacher and carried on with her speech. It's a good thing it wasn't crawling around on the girl's side!!! A little while later the commotion started again. Apparently another one was on the loose. As the graduates marched out, I saw THIS↓

I think this one is a mouse! But still! The poor little thing looks scared out of his tail!!! And all the poor guy wanted was one of those diplomas to make his mom proud too. This girl caught him because she said she didn't want the security to catch him and kill him. Apparently there were FOUR turned loose by a couple of the boy grads. Word is they also brought two snakes as well, but they died before they could let them loose! The snakes were probably bored to death. A slow and painful death to be sure! Either that or they just weren't into diplomas and all the pomp and circumstance. Not saying it was could being surrounded with PURPLE the whole night be boring?

Two mice or rats are still at large--er--small. The boys now have to pay for an exterminator because of the two fugitives.

My limo has arrived!! Dreamer...

Hot Congrats grad Comments
Way to go Bryce!


When I did this post I meant to include THIS too! Bryce isn't the ONLY Valedictorian in the family by any means....noooooooooooo! His Grammy Suz was one as well! Yes, MY mother. She was South Junior High's Valedictorian and spoke at 9th grade graduation. This little tidbit of information was withheld from me until I was going through some of her old papers and found the evidence! She likes to keep it underwraps but I LOVE to tease her about it...which is why I am blogging about it now! lol MY mom....a valedictorian???? Oh that is just soooo funny to me!!! This is a high school photo of her....I don't have a junior high one.

Congrats to you to Mom! :D


fawndear said...

Congrats! My baby just graduated too. I'm not ready to be this old.

Lisa said...

Congratulations to Bryce! Great pictures too. Wow, mice at the ceremony, icky! Has he decided where he will go next year?

Jen said...

Way to go, Bryce! That's quite an accomplishment! And Jodi, I think you should drama it up as much you can! You are the only girl after all!

Doran & Jody said...

Congrats Bryce!! Good luck with your future plans!

Kelli said...

I'm so glad he got to wear purple to graduate. hehe. Our high school is purple and gold. Woo Hoo.

Great idea to honor your son. I cant even believe someone surviving cancer 3 times. HE is the guy!

nancy mc said...

Congrats to Bryce. Love the scholarship in honor of your son. Very thoughtful. I agree that graduation is the end of life as mother's know it.

Jessica Alba said...

danng that boy of yours is one sexy thing

Lesa said...
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deb said...

Congrats to Bryce and you! What an amazing young man he is! He is such a good looking kid as well, I am sure he will go far in his life!

MICE? RATS? Sick!!!

One heart and mind said...

Thanks Jodi,
I so needed that today. I was having a pity party on motherhood. Time with your kids is so precious. Thank you! You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Very cute Jodi, you WILL survive!!!

Time to Blog It Up! said...

Congrats to your son, Graduation day is a big deal. My son has one more year then he will be the last one to graduate from High School. WOW the time really flies. I can't believe all that purple, it could only make you smile. That is so nice about the scholarship,some kids really do need a break once in their life times.

Yvonne said...

Congratulations to Bryce. What an honor.

And, Jodi, can I just tell you what an amazing thing to have a scholarship in honor of your son, and to give it to someone who wouldn't qualify for another scholarship. That is so wonderful. Thank you for always being such a great example.

Nancy Face said...

This is such a wonderful post! Many congrats to Bryce for being named Valedictorian, for graduating from Seminary, and for earning scholarships! :)

I love that you and your hubby set up the Memorial Scholarship in Tyson's name. I got misty eyed reading about it and about the deserving recipient! :)

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

So awesome that he was valedictorian! You have much to be proud of!!! Seminary graduation is HUGE, hats off to you!


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