Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who Knew Piano Lessons Could Be So Dangerous

Characters: Main- McKay Supporting- Me, friend, Dave, Nurse

Bike, Driveway, Car, Clinic

Just a typical day. All is well. Friend calls and invites me to go shopping for a couple hours. Desperately needed an escape, so accept. Head to Tai Pan. Find many bargains. Couple hours turns into longer.

Call home and tell McKay I am going to be a little late so get a ride from brother or ride bike to piano lesson. No problem. Pull in driveway at 4:07 p.m. Start unloading purchases.

Turn to see McKay walking up street with another boy pushing his bike. Look at watch. Realize he is NOT at piano lesson that began at 4:oo p.m. Feel anger. Put hands on hip while preparing speech to scold him for being with a friend and not at piano lesson. Get ready to give speech. Suddenly notice his head has large red scrape and arms and legs have blood all over.

Drop packages. Run to McKay and ask what happened. Anger turns into concern. Other boy (Taylor's friend who had just left our house) tells me McKay crashed on his bike. I thank him for helping McKay home.

Look at back of McKay's head and see VERY LARGE and DEEP gash. Concern turns into panic. Tell McKay we need to get to clinic fast and to get in car. McKay insists he is okay. I insist he get in car. McKay once again insists he is okay. I insist he is going to need stitches. McKay is not happy with my insistence.

Ask friend to call piano teacher and tell her he will not be coming today. Drive to clinic. Meet Dave. Dave takes one look at head wound and calmly tells McKay he needs to get that fixed. Nurse takes photos with her cell phone. I don't even think about photos. That's a first. Nurse says it's the worst head wound she's ever seen. Dr. Dad shaves, numbs, and stitches McKay.

While Dad is stitching head wound, I am holding McKay's hand (mainly so if I pass out someone will have a hold of me). McKay very seriously asks, "Does this mean I can quit piano now?" I actually for a brief moment in my feeling of guilt and horrible-ness for not being home just 10 minutes earlier so I could take him and prevented all this, was ready to say yes. Eventually recovered enough sense to tell him this wasn't a good time to talk about that.

25 numbing shots - one weak mother - two head gashes - and 14 stitches later, we drive home. McKay tries over and over to convince me that this is a sign he should quit piano lessons for they are very dangerous.

WARNING: These photos are NOT for the weak hearted! I did them small so those who (like me) need a barf bag when just looking at such things can pass them by with only a glance. If you like blood and gore and all that kind of stuff, then feel free to click to enlarge! These should make your day!


We have since concluded that when he made a turn on his bike, his piano book bag got caught in the spokes and sent him flying. He said he did a forward roll over the front of his bike. Weeeeee..... and landed on the asphalt.

I guess this proves it's that time of year again...


If you haven't already VOTED for ME then please read the post below and go to the link and VOTE!!! PLEEEEEEEASE!!!! I"m still begging!!!


nancy mc said...

Scarty, gross, etc. I voted and linked the spa vote to my blog. Hope you win!

Lesa said...

Oh my gosh that looks so terribly painful! The poor little kiddo! Is he okay now? Those piano lessons have always been brutal!

I VOTED TOO! You better win....yours is so much better than the rest!!! You have a great gift in writing. GOOD LUCK!

Jen said...

The poor kid! I can't believe how big it ended up being! I saw it the other day though and it looked really good. I like how he tried to get out piano. Kids sure know when to try and take advantage of us. They know just what notes to play! Good luck in the spa contest! I really hope you win. It sounds like pampering to the 1000th degree!

Holly said...

Poor McKay! I'm glad he's ok and it wasn't worse.

I voted.

EarlGirl said...

How awful! If he ever needed an object lesson on the necessities of helmets, he has it now!

Yvonne said...

Poor McKay--ouch.

I voted and did put a link on my blog.

Mel said...

While looking through yearbook with Stockton I said, "Oh, this kid here has a nasty head wound". My son replies, "Yah mom I know, I sit behind him in class." Small world. Still, those pictures gross me out.

Doran & Jody said...

Oh Ickness!
Glad it wasn't worse.

So......does he get to quit piano lessons?

Jodi said...

Jody - NO! He doesn't get to quit! But he DOES get to never get on a bike again without a helmet!

Mel - I'll ask him if he knows Stockton! It is a small world!

Yvonne - Holly - Nancy - Lesa ---
Thank you for the vote!!!!! I appreciate that soooo much!!!!

Jen - I like your comment about they know the right notes to play ♫ ♫ That's a good one!!!!

Earl Girl - He won't leave home without it - IF he's on a bike!!!!

fawndear said...

Thanks for the pictures! I'm definately showing them to my anti-helmet 13-year old.


Candi said...

Brigitte will always wear her helmet without question. She really liked the gory pics though!!! Glad he is doin alright, you really need to win the spa thing after this experience!!!

Kelsee said...

I just lost my breakfast! Thanks!

Hope the poor kid is okay!

Kelsee said...

OH!!!! And I vote for you! You gotta win sweet! I mean YOU HAVE TO! You so deserve it and you would bring in so much business for them with your great writing skills!

Laane said...

Well, that's a large wound.
He's lucky you saw it.

None of the kids wear helmets here.
But maybe the roads are less bumpy.

Hope it'll heal well.

Lisa W said...

Ouch! Glad he's ok! I guess it's a good thing that dad's a dr. lol! btw--you've got my vote and for sure deserve to win after that incident! I hope he's learned his lesson about helmets! Hope he gets feeling better--that had to hurt!


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