Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun!


I have mentioned before that I been blessed to re-unite with some of my high school pals thanks to Facebook. We have not only re-connected but we have taken it to the extreme of monthly lunches, birthday celebrations, craft nights and days, shopping, and just having a blast getting to know each other again. It has been such a blessing in my life. I've also mentioned before that some of the girls that are now part of this re-united group, we didn't even really know all that well, but just being a Laker is like a bonding glue and so that doesn't matter. For us that were close, it has been like no time has passed at all and we are back to where we left off without skipping a beat.

My dear friend Kathy planned a Girl's Night Out Crafting Party. She started a group on Facebook called "Crafting 94-7" just to keep us posted on the happenings. That is not a typo...it is supposed to say 94-7. At one of the craft days she blurted out, "I love to craft with you guys 94-7!" She had no idea what she said, and so it has stuck. She keeps us laughing that's for sure. She also has an AMAZING craft room in her home that she lets us crash for the parties and we have such a blast getting together.

This particular craft was very time consuming and it ended up being an all-nighter that went into the wee hours of the morning! And I thought I was too old for that! I guess it depends on what you are doing. We were very intensely trying to finish our projects and so the time flew!

Me with Kathy and Dawn posing in front of my finished "SPRING!" Isn't it cute?

We ate pizza and treats and looked at the "OLD" yearbook.

Check out this awesome craft room!

Kathy has quite the set-up for crafting and is so generous to let us all crash her home and use her stuff!

The later it got, the crazier we became!

Who has the next appointment! Ö

Karie getting a little carried away with the drill! Watch out Tim the Toolman!

Robin showing the INSANE time on the clock while Kathy takes a nap.

Hmm.... what's your preference? Granny glasses or PURPLE eyes that Kathy edited in this photo? I am liking the purple eyes myself

Robin's very cute PURPLE "I" that I tried to hock! So cute!

The BEFORE....

AFTER .... TA DA! The lighting in this picture doesn't do it justice.

The best part is SPRING is REALLY here...finally!


Jodi said...

Sorry about the posting issues. I have no idea why it's posting this way. Picasa is also having issues with photos disappearing. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. Thanks!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Love this colorful post! And how cool to get together with old besties!


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