Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crepes and Craftin' 94/7!

Yes that is supposed to say "94-7". Kathy was so enthusiastic about crafting that she accidently slipped that out once and it stuck!

My friend Kathy sells Stampin' Up and so once a month we gather at her house and she teaches us a new technique. We take turns hostessing the party but we are all really there for each other's company, not really the crafts.

This month we learned to make cards out of soot. Yes, I said soot. In order to get soot, you must first have fire. Luckily we didn't burn down her house, though it was close!

Robin's was in flames and she didn't even notice until I yelled, "FIRE!" This is what was left of hers.

Gina had a hard time keeping the finger prints off hers. We don't care, we just like to laugh! And laugh we do!

I was being sneaky trying to do another one because I didn't like how mine turned out.

Now for the GOOD part! Crepes! YUM!!!

Dawn enjoying her crepe! They were soooooooooo good! Can't wait for next month!

This was taken when we got together to just do our own crafts. We were all wearing our "Crafting" aprons and so we just HAD to have a photo!


Jen said...

I love how you've reconnected with your friends and have regular time with them! It's awesome! And you all do the cutest things!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I love your posts! You're so full of life!


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