Wednesday, April 6, 2011

~ A Knight for a Princess ~

I am doing a whole post on Taylor's Junior Prom because:

#1 I took a lot of great pictures!

#2 Other people took a lot of great pictures and gave them to me.

#3 Taylor almost didn't get to go with Allie because he thought he had more time....long story, but to sum it up, she also got asked by someone else 10 minutes after he asked her! Whew!

#4 I didn't get to go to my Junior Prom so this is kind of like therapy to get over the trauma I endured over 30 years ago! ☺ My dress sat in my closet while my friends danced the night away at the STATE CAPITOL! all while I sat in bed covered from head to toe with a severe case of chicken pox! To make it worse, my date didn't believe I had them. He just thought it was a good way for me to back out! Trust me, I HAD THEM!

#5 They look so good!

Gotta love the pinning on of the boutonniere at Allie's house! I should have put the photo in with Allie's mom finally doing it! lol I can never pin those things on either!

Taylor and Allie with his friend CJ and his date. CJ was crowned PROM KING!!!
Gotta love CJ!

At the Promenade. They rushed so fast this was the only picture that turned out! Allie spinned Taylor under her arm and they ended in the GQ pose.

My girls! Aren't they beautiful? I was their Youth Conference MA!

So cute with Grammy and Grampy!

Allie with her parents.

HOW much?

Pictures of the group! You will have to click on these to enlarge (especially the one with the girl's shoes at the bottom!)

Such a fun time in everyone's life! (unless of course, you have the chicken pox!)

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deb said...

AH...what a beautiful couple! Such stunning photos!


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