Monday, March 3, 2014

*Monday Memos*

*Monday Memos*

dear fast sunday, do not, I repeat, do NOT get on Pinterest until you have broken your fast.

dear foot, I feel betrayed! Allowing yourself to get a possible stress fracture right in the peak of marathon training is cruel. 
Well, I did until I find out I might have an injury!  Waaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

dear skyler, I raised you better.  O U C H !

dear bryce, I'm sorry you have to learn so many life lessons the hard way.  First your back, and now your eyes.  No more welding without proper eye protection!  I'm afraid your days of hanging from waterfalls and doing flips on mountains may be over.  So not fair, at such a young age.  I keep praying your back will make a full recovery, but it's sure not looking like it now.
Bryce on left.

dear rain, I can never get enough of you. Keep it coming!
That's me!
dear porch stairs, you are of the devil for older women.  First Margaret and now Mona.  Or maybe it's women whose names start with M.   But both have taken falls off of you and you won the battle.
dear see's mixed salted nuts, I am seriously nuts about you.
dear sunday school lesson, some days I just can't get it pulled together.  At least one of my object lessons was a success.
dear kids in ss class, I really love being around you and teaching you every other week.  You have a way of making me laugh even though I know I am the teacher and I should be keeping you quiet.  You really are hilarious.
dear residents at maple springs assisted living, I am not sure that getting old is fair even though you have a nice place to live, but the reward for living a good long life should not be having to be taken out of the comforts of your own home and put in a place where people can just barge in your home (and privacy) at any time.  But it was nice to visit a few of you.
dear hill repeats, you are also of the devil, right up there with my porch.
dear running in the rain, I find so much pleasure in you that I wish it would rain every day.  Okay, maybe not EVERY day, but close!  Even doing hill repeats aren't so bad when it's raining! 

dear not running in the rain, it's hard enough to not run but when it's raining and 55 degrees, it's pure torture.
dear long run, I can't believe I am saying this, but I missed you terribly on Saturday!
dear foot again, please don't be a stress fracture....please!  Four days off without running has almost done me in, if I have to go a couple months, I will be in the looney bin.
dear geese who crossed the road, only chickens are supposed to do that.  Asking a goose why he crossed the road just doesn't have the same ring to it.

dear mr. cat, seriously. so. irresistible.

dear mckay, you are such a good example at reading your scriptures that even mr. cat wants in on the fun. 

dear skyler, Hau'oli La Hanau! HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY today! It's amazing how we are now the same age! If you were home I'd bake you a Boston Creme Cake. I hope living in paradise is worth missing out on that. Thanks for showing the rest of us how to live our dreams and not take a single day for granted! I love you so much!!! Take the day off and catch a wave for me (but please put on sunscreen)!
click to enlarge

dear crystal, thanks for baking Skyler his favorite Boston Creme Cake since his mom couldn't just hop a plane to Hawaii and make him one! You rock!  And it looks better than mine!
Glad to see your sunburn looks much better!

dear elder wilding, I  L O V E getting photos from you and from Sister Kemer's mom.  There is nothing that makes my day better than seeing your smiling face (or your panting in the heat face) than that!  Keep up the good work in Brazil!
I'd really like to get my hands on that apartment and give it a good cleaning for you.  And this is after you said you guys had deep cleaned it.  The joys of living foreign!
The cell phone Elder Wilding found.  Great missionary opp when he returns it to the owner.  Ah... look at the smile!  How I miss it!
dear blog, dang! I am trying so hard to catch you up from the holidays and I am still not there!  But, I will keep trying!  Here it is Wednesday already and I am just posting Monday Memos!  Life is just spinning so fast all the time.  If I didn't need sleep I could get so much more done!  And even though I'm not running right now, it's crazy that I still seem to have no more time!
dear time, SLOW down!  Is it just me, or does time seem to be going faster and faster all the time?  And now we have to lose another hour on Sunday when we set our clocks ahead!  Aaargh!

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