Monday, March 10, 2014

*Monday Memos*

*Monday Memos*
dear mckay's date for prom, way to go!  You nailed it!  Your response to answering him to prom couldn't have been any better!  Sending the Deputy Sheriff over to tell McKay he had come to give him a citation because someone saw him back into another car was classic. He had that kid pretty worried and wondering how that all happened.  And then handing him the citation for his signature so McKay could see your YES answer to prom was something he will always remember!  Good job!  I had so much fun upstairs watching it all play out and recording it and watching McKay's response to it all.  McKay handled it like a trooper and was very polite and respectful even though he knew he had not backed into anyone's car.  I was very proud of him. 
The deputy was the nicest guy.  He told McKay that when he was in high school his girlfriend had a policeman come and actually arrest him to ask him to a dance.  Glad McKay's date didn't go that far!  =)

dear mona, I had a good time taking you to Ogden to shop for shoes and to go to lunch.  I can't believe I forgot to take our picture in Olive Garden and so this one has to do.  haha  It was so much fun spending the day with you and we had some good laughs.  It is always a good time with you.

dear mom, I can't believe you came walking out of Olive Garden just as we were walking in and I was on my phone calling you to see if you just might be eating there.  And you were!  I must have had some kind of intuition!  And what perfect timing.  A few minutes later and we would have missed you!  Well, perfect timing would have actually been if we had got there at the same time and we could have all ate together.  But it was still pretty fun seeing you.  Once again, I forgot to take a photo.  Dang!

dear doggy pal, I love seeing you on my runs, which is almost every day!  I run past your house just so I can come and get your friendly greeting because it makes me so happy to see you so happy to see me.  I really wish I knew your name, but for now you will just keep being 'hey girl'.  You are so excited each time I stop by that I can't get you to hold still long enough so I can read your name on your tag.  Thanks for making my runs brighter!  You make me happy.

dear spring! You are really really really here!  I know it's only the first week in March, and technically you aren't here until the 20th,  but I had some undeniable evidence of you this week on my long run.  The pond is no longer frozen and there were baseball games in action! Not to mention the temperature soared to 52°!  I'm so excited!  How I've missed you!

dear pickleball players, as I ran past the courts today and saw so many of you out playing, it was also another confirmation that spring really was here and that I survived another long winter!  It also got me excited to get back on that court and get better at the game!

dear long run, I did it! 
I survived you even though it was only a 13 miler and I really should have got in a 16 miler today, but I had no foot pain!  It was a huge relief that I was able to do the 13 when I missed my long run last week and only ran a couple days this week. And...WITHOUT any music!  I think that's a first!  13 miles tune free.  Not by choice though, my shuffle wouldn't work and I needed my battery on my phone for my mile tracker more than for music.

dear foot, thank you for not being a stress fracture!  At least I am still hoping!  I am cancelling my MRI today because I think taking that week off helped whatever was wrong with you.  Whew......

dear llama's, I haven't seen you two for a while.  Another sign spring is back. I see your cousin on another road, but glad to have you guys back.  I should educate myself on the difference between alpaca's and llamas so I know what you are.  But whatever you are, you make me smile while running.
Is your mama a llama?  Is your dada an alpaca?

dear spring hail storm, how I do love stormy weather!

dear mr. cat, you relax me so much when I see you sleeping, especially in some of the positions you get into.  You just bring me so much joy.  Why did I wait so many years until I got you?  I wish I knew why you - who has feared nothing in his entire life (and that includes pit bulls) with the exception of cars because you witnessed your mama and baby sibling get run over by one - is suddenly afraid to venture outside now.  There must be some mean bully out there picking on you.  If I find out who it is, they better watch out.  The mother bear in me will emerge and they are going to be sorry. I will protect my baby. =)

dear quick logan run, I should head up that way more often.  I do love your little shops and the fact that you are so close.  It's a nice change from Ogden once in a while.

dear foe, how refreshing it is in this day and age to see you display the 10 commandments for all to see and have no one complain about it.  I get to see this sign nearly daily on my run and it is a great reminder that good will prevail.  How sad of a commentary it is that seeing things like this has become a rarity in this country.

dear self, one of these days you are going to learn to stop thinking you can do everything that you want and desire to do.  You always tend to bite off more than you can chew. You are not super woman.  Volunteering to decorate 130 cupcakes AND make a wedding cake for a Relief Society dinner on a week that is already jam packed, was once again the perfect example that you think you can do more than you actually can.  Yes, you can do it, but at the cost of your sanity.

dear utah homemakers, I am going to start making some of the recipes of green smoothies I got at our meeting this week.  McKay has been asking me to make these for a long time now.  I especially liked the one that tasted like a Wendy's Frosty but was actually healthy.

dear maddox, I never tire of your delicious food.  You were a good choice for our Friday date night.  I am going to try out a roll recipe this week that is supposedly just like yours.  I will let you know if it really is.

dear talk I am giving at a relief society meeting in bountiful next week, I have once again cast you aside and don't have you prepared.  It's getting down to the wire and I really should have you written by now.  I have so many ideas flowing through my head that I am not even sure where to begin.  Only a week until D day to get it ready and perfected.  Praying for lots and lots of inspiration this week.

dear daylight savings time, you suck.  Though I do admit that I enjoy more light during the evening, but adjusting to this time change is like having jet lag for a week. 

dear brownies with fudge frosting, oh my, I can't stop nibbling on you!  I should have resisted making you and just went and bought candy bars for my Sunday School class so I wouldn't have been so tempted to get you in my belly!

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