Monday, March 17, 2014

*Monday Memos*

*Monday Memos*

dear week, wow you were a busy one!
dear adorable nieces, I L O V E spending time with you chickees!  You are so much fun to be with!

dear karen, I am glad you had a birthday so we could go to lunch at The Greenery!  Love those Mormon Muffins and that Caramel Bread Pudding.  Union Grill's is a wee bit better, but this will do in a pinch. haha  It was fun having Kevin and kids along too!  And you can't beat that kind of action when a million dishes break right behind your table.  That was L O U D !

dear isaac, holy cow you remind me of Skyler when he was that age. You totally crack me up and I love to be near you.  I love to tease you and I love how you tease me right back without missing a beat.  I also love how much you love chocolate cake!  Atta boy!

dear relief society birthday party, you put me through some stress this week but once we heard we were serving 130, I was off the hook to make the wedding cake since it was out of the budget.  Whew!  So glad!  I have no idea why I volunteer to do things that I really don't have time for anyway.  I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew.  It really wouldn't have made sense to anyone to have that there anyway.  Not sure they would have connected the whole Bridegroom theme.

dear cupcakes, I love you so much I could marry you!  Luckily I didn't have to make all 130 myself for the RS birthday party.  Thankfully I had someone else do half.  But you were DELISH!  Especially the red velvet ones with cream cheese frosting! Mmm..... Oh, and the lemon ones were divine as well!  I may or may not have eaten eight of these during the three days they were around.

dear 10 virgin program, you were very inspiring.  You were one of the best programs I've seen at our RS birthday party.  I saw myself in so many of you.  You brought tears to my eyes and tenderness to my heart and soul.  I sure do love this gospel.  The sisters were chosen so perfectly that acted you out, especially my dear friend Audrey.

dear running, you provided me with quite the scenery this week.  Snakes, spoons, and women's products strewn along the roadside.  Oh many interesting things to see.  It's kind of comforting to know that if I really need something while running, there's a good chance I can find it on the side of the road.  hehe
Running out in the boonies for an 8 miler.

dear long run, thankfully my running pal Jen is recovering from her injury and was able to do part of my long run with me.  I don't like doing those real long ones alone.  The time goes by so much faster if you are with a friend.  We started at the sheds in Sardine Canyon and ran down until Mantua and then we ran around the dam.  After that we finished running the rest of the way down the canyon until Main Street.  Jen was only going to go 10, but felt good and so she went 13 with me.  I was really feeling it by about mile 10 and it wasn't feeling like my other runs this week.  Just felt labored and a bit weak.  There was a reason for that. When we looked at the time, we were both shocked.  We ran 13.6 miles in 2:06!  That is like running at race pace in a half marathon!  My PR for a half is 1:51.  We had no idea we were going so fast because we usually don't push it on training runs.  We even stopped and took photos and we were talking the entire time. Crazy! At least I know why it felt so labored.  Because it was.  Crazy!  But it was awesome we did it without even knowing we were.  She had her husband pick her up and then I ran home.  I got in 16.5.  Then I headed over to Dave's parents to help clean up their yard.  I really wanted to just stay home and take a long nap.  Man was I sore!

Yes, I found a spoon today!  I found a fork earlier this week and now a spoon!  Totally cracked me up!  What's next, a knife??

dear yard cleaning family party, you were a lot of work!  Thankfully we had a lot of hands to help.  The photos below are the only time that everyone stopped to take a break.  It was a long day of hard work, but Dave's parents yard sure looks nice now. It's a lot of fun when everyone comes to help.
We had to have a little fun!
My awesome sister in laws and cute niece Natalie. Love these chickees!

dear mr. cat, I am helpless to not take photos of you when you are looking so comfy and serene.  I do love this boy!

dear ward fund raiser, you were a lot of fun and I loved the camp theme this year.  The food was good and the live auction was a great idea.  My homemade Twix Bars went for $42 in the first auction and $45 in the second one.  I should have made more to sell.    

A great photo of the Bishopric
A different view

dear nieces, I love you girls!  I love how you will come and talk to me when we are at family parties and I love talking to you.  You are so much fun and you are amazing girls.  You are the girls I never had.

dear talk, well I finally got you written and done!  Then I completely changed you.  After I worked so hard on you, I got some inspiration that I needed to talk about Tyson.  So I rewrote you.  Let's hope I don't rewrite you again before I give you tomorrow! 

dear hamstrings and quads, please be nice to me.  I don't like walking down the stairs backwards anymore.  I promise I will be nice to you on my runs this week, if you are nice to me and quit hurting!

dear st. patrick's day, BRING ON THE GREEN!  I will post those photos next week!


Audrey said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading about everything you did this week! You are truly AMAZING!

Jodi Wilding said...

Haha, you and me both!
Thanks friend!


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