Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's My Birthday and I'll {run-lunch-party-reunion-cry} if I Want To

 Happy Birthday to ME!  
I have always loved my birthday. I have waited for you for a whole year!  I really do love my birthday!  I am not one of those women who dread it when it arrives.  I actually look forward to it.  I mean after all how many days can you get away with this:
Not many!  So I take full advantage!  hah  It's always better to become another year older than to spend another year under the ground right?  RIGHT!   Birthday's should be a celebration of life!  The fact that I am alive and healthy is more than a reason to celebrate!  I used to take for granted the years as they would go by, but not anymore.  One thing losing my son Tyson has taught me is that LIFE IS SHORT and so we must live it to the fullest!  We must CHERISH the MOMENTS and the DAYS - especially birthdays!  Don't let one day (or one birthday) be mundane!  There is so much to celebrate, the least of which is that I was blessed enough to be able to spend another year on this planet enjoying my life! 
(And the chocolate I inevitably get, is always a bonus too!)
This year, since it was on a Saturday, it was pretty low key.  I had to get in a 12 mile run early on and then I had lots of other things that had to be done - birthday or not- and so there was really no party on my actual birthday.  The party was planned for Monday.  The main reason for no party this year on my real day is because I had my Class Reunion that night as well.

Best present by far ALL day was this ↓!!!!  

Yes... all the way from Brazil!  Now, that totally made my day!
It was on Facebook!

I got some really nice things from some really nice people.  I am always amazed at how my family and friends always pick out the most perfect gifts for me!  I wish I was that good at giving gifts to others.  I try, but I am always seriously amazed how they all choose the perfect gift for me.  And very grateful!
Dave gave me a Willow Tree that had a mom cuddling a little boy in a quilt.  He said it reminded him of me and Tyson.  I cried when I opened it.  It will always mean a lot to me.  My Mom gave me the most gorgeous purple earrings and scarf, as well as a cardigan (I picked out!).  She always finds the greatest things for me.  Bonnie searched and found me a Lenox Bowl that we both fell in love with at a bridal shower.  She is just so amazing!  And such a wonderful friend and example to me.  I love that woman!

I got some awesome stuff, like a purple super cool spatula and awesome running book, purple candy from Oregon, dishcloths, a book I have always wanted, Halloween stuff, purple blanket, candles, etc.  I felt like I got super spoiled...
 I really loved all my gifts, but what I love most about birthdays are the cards I get from my friends and family because of the heart felt messages inside.  My love language has always been words of affirmation.  I usually save my cards and love to re-read them when I need a boost.

My Mom brought over a chocolate (and purple!) cake for the party and I invited Linda to join in on the fun and she brought an apple pie.
My Mom has always got me a cake on my birthday ever since I can remember.  I am sure Dave and the boys appreciate that!  If it was left up to them, not sure if cake would happen!  My sweet Mom always comes through and I appreciate her so much!
I got to see my cute little grand-niece Kylah!  Love her!

This is me with my sister in law Linda. ↓ We both share the same birthday, though I won't let her forget she is one year older than me.  It has been something that has bonded us and we usually are able to get together at some point during our birthday.

 On my actual "day of" birthday, I began it with a 12.5 mile run with Jen.  We started at Sherwood Hills and then had a bit of a detour via Dave.  It was a great day for a run and I was happy to have it over with.  More of that HERE.
She gave me a birthday present after we finished and I ran home carrying it.  Bet that looked funny!  hah  She gave me some cool stuff!  Including a running book that I have loved reading.  It's called Mile Markers and has already inspired me!  It was a great way to start the day!
Jen has been such a great friend to me in so many ways.  We have shared pretty much everything about each others lives over the years and now that we are running mates, we share even more than we should! haha  It's amazing what comes out on those long runs!  lol  It's so nice to have a friend that you can share all your secrets with.  Good and bad.  We have a lot of fun together too and we never tire of each others company.  At least I never do of hers.  She is a great example to me in so many ways.  I feel blessed to have her as a friend.

That night, it was the second night of my 35th High School Class Reunion.  
It was tough to decide what to do as far as if I was going or not since it was my birthday, but in the end I decided these things come so rarely and you never know how long it will be until you see some of these people again, so I decided to go.  Dave could have gone with me on this one, but we decided to save the money (since he would be bored out of his gourd anyway) and celebrate together later. 
I am really glad that I went even if they embarrassed me and made me go up to the front to be sang Happy Birthday too.  That was NOT something I wanted to do!  They gave me birthday crowns and candles (a 5 and a 3) but I turned them around to make 35 instead of 53.  Yes, I turned 35 on my 35th class reunion!  Not sure how to explain that, but...  
I have a full post on the reunion HERE.

And...I had lots of fun doing my favorite thing with some of my favorite people.
Going out to lunch!

At Idle Isle with Julie....
I got the open faced hot turkey sandwich. Mmmm....
Julie and I have been friends for over 20 years and have really been through the ups and downs in each others lives.  She is a true friend and has a heart of gold.  If I could be half as good as her, then I would consider myself pretty awesome.  She is one of those friends that you know that no matter what storm is happening in your life she will be there to throw you a life preserver.  I am very blessed to have her as a friend.

Me and my cute friend Dawn celebrated our birthdays together and she was sweet enough to come to my city!  We exchanged gifts and I loved what she gave me!  Chocolate of course, and a darling Willow Tree plaque of two friends (twins).  We always say we are twins separated at birth because we really have so much in common.  And we just keep discovering more every time we are together.  It will always remind me of our bond and friendship whenever I see it.

   This little card that came with the Willow Tree really sums it up.  
We went to the same high school together but since she is one grade ahead of me, we never really hung out much.  We became fast friends on Facebook though.  She came to some of the crafting events our mutual friend Kathy had and we hit it off immediately.  It really is amazing how much alike we are.  There are many ways that I really wish I was more like her though.  She is always thinking of others....ALWAYS!  She will come up with ideas to lift other people's day in simple ways that really make an impact on them.  She started doing Sunshine Bags and giving them to random strangers she felt needed a boost.  She always has something up her sleeve to help life another person.

Her birthday happens to fall on National Milk Chocolate Day (lucky!) and mine falls on National Ice Cream Sandwich Day and so she made up this cute little card that we can pass out to random strangers to brighten their days along with some chocolate and ice cream sandwiches.  We want to start doing this every year around our birthdays since they are only five days apart.  What a great idea!  That is just one of the many things she does to lift others.  She is amazing!  I am so grateful our paths crossed again, even if it was later in life, because she really inspires me and enriches my life.
My favorite picture of us.  Taken a few months ago, but I love it!

 I just feel so blessed to have so many great friends!  And I've only touched the surface with the few I talked about.  I have been abundantly blessed with so many others that I love so much and who also inspire me daily! 

I've also been greatly blessed with family.  I love my in law family as much as I love my own. Dave's sister Karen took me and his sister Linda out for our birthdays together since we share a birthday.
We hit Rovolli's on 25th Street and it was yummy!  Linda's daughter Kimber and grandaughter Kylah also joined us.

It doesn't take us long to find a photo opp!  And THIS one was perfect!!!
We had a lot of fun together even if the time was short.

I had a wonderful birthday and stretched it out over a week or so.  I think I should keep stretching it out over the month!  Like I said above, as long as I'm here and kicking I'll be celebrating LIFE!
The numbers don't matter only the feelings! And I feel great!
I have been so blessed!
It was a great birthday!

 I have asked for a bike for several years for my birthday, but I don't think Dave wants me riding one because he has had too many friends get really hurt (or die!) on them.  I just want one to cross train on when I can't run (like now) and so Jen and I went looking for a good entry level bike for me and found this one.  Since I am injured right now, I really needed it while I can't run.  So I told Dave I was going to order it for my birthday.  He wasn't super thrilled but was okay with it.  I can't wait until it arrives!


Dawn said...

I love reading your posts and finding more similarities we have. I wish I was better at knowing the right gift as well....and don't really care if I have birthday cake either...however I usually don't :)There was something else to but I can't remember

Jodi Wilding said...

Haha! Well if you DO remember let me know! That is another thing we have in common! LOL


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