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*Monday Memos*

*Monday Memos*
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dear running, well today I decided to take Ed Eyestone's advice and do some intervals.  Who is to argue with a two time Olympic athlete? Not me!  So I headed to the track and did several of them.  McKay and the football team were on the other field and I decided I would do some stairs (bleacher) repeats as long as I was there to help the miles go faster.  Yeah, I still think I'm 25!  BAD MISTAKE!  I was okay while doing them, but the next day.... OH MY!  

dear injury, ouch!  My calves were so stinkin' sore that I could not even touch them lightly the next day!  They really hurt!  It was hard to walk, but I could run without pain.  Go figure.  I was grateful though because I had an 8 miler I needed to get in on Tuesday.  I have to walk with a limp!  It's mostly my right one.  I rarely get sore calves and this was not fun!

dear lunch with dawn for our birthdays, rather than rewrite this post AGAIN, I will just direct you HERE if you missed it.  

dear family party for my birthday, I'm going to do the same with this one.  Since I went to my class reunion on my real birthday, we celebrated on Monday of this week, but I already wrote about it on my birthday post HERE.

dear run in the country, I had to get in and 8 miler even though my calves were so stinkin' sore and so I went west where no one would see me in case I had to limp or walk too much.  Luckily the run went great and I was able to do it without any problems.  I even found two heart rocks!

dear dentist, YAY no cavities!  I do need to have a couple old fillings repaired though.  Boo!  Best part was talking to Robin after (she works there) and we decided to run together on Thursday because I need to go 10 and she needs 12.  Those long distances are always so much better with a partner. I'm excited!

dear football parent's meeting, this was bitter sweet!  Mostly bitter.  This will be my final football parent meeting I will ever attend.  How sad is that?  Waaaa.....  I am not liking all these "lasts".  Next year at this time my baby McKay will be on a mission in a galaxy far, far away!  It was fun talking to Coach Gunter after though about how Taylor and his boys were doing on their missions.  He said football camp this year was like deja vu seeing McKay there.

dear lunch with scare and linda, yet ANOTHER birthday lunch!  I also posted about this one on my birthday post HERE.  This is what happens when you celebrate for a week or two!  ha

dear crazy busy thursday, wow I'm not sure I could squeeze in another thing if I had to.  Up at 5:30 to run a long one with Robin, then make a cake for a funeral, then attend said funeral, then off to lunch with the missionary mom group, then off to the school to help with registration, then off to Pioneer Park for a hospital party and dinner.  More details below.

dear run down canyon with robin, I was worried about my calves, but they felt totally fine as long as I was running, when we made a bathroom stop in Mantua, they were killing me while we walked.  I had to run even up a killer hill to relieve the pain.  I really hope I didn't injure something and they are just sore.  The run was great.  I had a lot of fun running with Robin. She is training for the St. George Martahon.  I ended up getting in 11.5 miles.  The calves were doing okay, but the back and hip started to scream.

dear funeral, I went to mainly support Dave since he had to conduct and give remarks.  It was for a sweet sister in our ward who was in her late 80's that passed away.  I didn't know her really well, but what I learned about her at the funeral made me feel really bad I hadn't been able to get to know her better.  She was a spit fire and a lot of the stories about her reminded me of my grandma and even me.  lol  She became part of our ward when it was divided and I really regret I didn't take more time to get to know her.  I think we would have been really good friends.  Dave did an excellent job (as usual).  He has a way with speaking and knows just what to say. 

dear lunch with mish moms, I had to leave the funeral before the closing song since it went over a bit.  I met some of the moms at Idle Isle so we could catch each other up on our boys.  Our boys all played basketball together for many years and we all feel like they are all our boys.  It was a lot of fun. I love hearing about their adventures and just can NOT believe they will all be coming home soon!  Three of them within weeks!  I also learned Taylor's official release date from Stephen's mom.  Apparently Taylor told Stephen it was Oct. 21st (he just expected us to do the math when he said it would be 12 weeks a few weeks ago) and his mom snooped in his email and read a letter Taylor sent Stephen.  Made me laugh. That will be a good story for years to come.

dear help with high school registration, what a fun group of women I got to work with for a while.  Most of them were all good friends of mine.  Jen, Susan, Natasha, and Allie's mom Stephanie.  I had things to catch up with all of them and so it was a lot of fun.  I mainly talked to Stephanie about Allie and Taylor.  I was sad to hear that Allie has a new guy in her life.  I am still going to have hope though because Taylor will be home in 10 weeks and she isn't engaged yet.  It actually made me feel like I lost a daughter!  They have liked each other since they were 15!  I just love her to pieces.  She is such an amazing girl and they were so cute together.  But, it is her decision and I will love her just as much no matter what.  Dave and I both love her so much that all we want is for her to be happy.  I have faith that she will make the right decision for her.  All will work out.  It will be okay.  But it really is tough to think of not having her as part of our family.  *sad sigh* 

dear hospital party, I rushed over to Pioneer Park to meet Dave for dinner at the annual hospital pool party.  They served the most delicious chicken and steak!  It was really good even if we were late.  I took no photos. Oh well....

dear hurricane in hawaii, I have been following the news pretty closely because my son Skyler is living on the Big Island and there are TWO hurricanes headed that way.  It's the first hurricane in 22 years!  I found this amazing photo that was taken during the storm!  WOW! I want to frame it!  Luckily the storm was not as bad as they were predicting and all is well.  At least for now.  The second one is scheduled for next week.

dear pain, the calves have been pretty intense all week.  Mainly the right one.  I haven't been able to run though because now the pain had gone into my left hip and lower back.  Crap!  I hate back pain!  I think what happened was my limping and poor gait made my back and hip overcompensate and now they are hurting and my calf is feeling fine!  GAH!  It hurts to sit or to walk and especially to run.  GREAT!  Just in time for our big 20 miler down Big Cottonwood on Saturday.  I am really DISCOURAGED and FRUSTRATED! 

dear mona, so glad you were able to make it home after a month.  When I took in dinner for you on Friday I really felt bad I wasn't able to do more. My back wasn't letting me sit or stand without serious pain.  Hoping this is temporary so I can help you out a little more.

dear 20 miler down big cottonwood that didn't happen, now I am not just discouraged and frustrated, but depressed!  I am seeing my Boston Qualifying time slowly slip away!  I have missed two 20 milers now! There is just no way I can expect to be able to cut 14 minutes off my time without getting in my miles - especially my long runs!  I am really sad about it because I have worked SO hard since December and then I go and do something so stupid as running stairs and I can lose it all that fast!  I rarely get injured from running.  It's always from something really stupid I try and do like jumping hurdles, or racing while ice skating, or doing stair repeats!  Oh well, I know I am doing the right thing by not running it. I am sure I would be sidelined for longer if I had when my back is hurting like it is.  It was a hard decision for me whether I should just do it or not, but I made the right one.  I actually went out this morning just to see how it felt.  I could only run about 1/32 of a mile!  Not good!  

dear bike testing, jen called me to see if I had time to go for a drink with her to catch up on a funny story about RS.  I said sure and asked if she would go with me to the bike shop to test a couple bikes. She picked me up and we both laughed at the RS story and then headed to test out some bikes.  I really liked the one I tried out.  The salesman said he could get me last year's model and it would cost less.  It's just an entry level hybrid....perfect for cross training for me.  I got the info on it and came home to make sure I was getting a good deal and couldn't find it cheaper on line.  I couldn't and so I called him back and had him order it in for me.  I am SO excited to get it!!!  Hopefully by Wednesday of next week!

dear emily, I am so glad I am your visiting teacher and was able to take in dinner to you because I got to see your adorable new baby!  He is seriously one of the cutest little guys ever!  He was almost a 10 pounder and so he looks like he's two months old.  So cute!  I can't wait to visit again when I can just hold the ball of sweetness!  I am grand-baby hungry!  SERIOUSLY!

dear saturday, wow!  I had so much more time without doing a long run today!  When training for a marathon your weekends are usually suffocated out with running - then resting and making sure you get to bed at a decent time so you can get up early.  It was refreshing to not have that hanging over me today.  However, having said that, I still would have rather ran and had my day gone instead of being injured!
That didn't even really happen either because it hurt too much!  lol

dear shark week!  I wait for you all year!  I just LOVE to watch you!  I did watch a really scary one Sunday night called Shark of Darkness about a 35 foot great white shark named Submarine.  I was sucked into it so deep that  I stayed up until after midnight watching it.  It was so scary!  Scarier than jaws!  Then McKay told me the next day that it was all fake and made up. I was so let down!  I didn't believe him and still not sure if I do, but that seems to be the consensus on the research I found.  Oh well, either way, it was fun to watch!  I love to watch scary movies and programs.

dear manic manican, here are your fashion statements for this week.  At least the ones I saw.  

dear mr. cat, you were walking and laying on top of a bush!  Huh?  Okay, I guess whatever works!  

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