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*Monday Memos*

*Monday Memos*
 (If pictures are too small, just click to enlarge -if print is too small, you need glasses! ☺)

dear wow, I am publishing this not just a week late, but a week and a day late!  But what cha gonna do?  Like I've said before, some weeks are just crazy and it's more important to be living them than recording them!  It will eventually get done!  I hope...  This week was extremely happenin'...and so I will just do my best to get caught up!

dear monday, there are some days (usually on Mondays), that I just don't feel like running and I need some motivation to get me out the door.  This Monday happened to be one that I really didn't want to go for a run (hot and muggy) and I didn't really have any motivation either, other than it was a bit overcast.  I decided to head west because there is really no traffic and I can take my time and just kind of meditate while I run.  I can also stop and use my timer to take silly running pictures if I feel like it.
So I did.
But I had fun even by myself!   I was trying to get a really great running profile picture, but as you can obviously see, it didn't happen. 

dear lunch with julie, we had a fun time at Idle Isle to celebrate my birthday a little early.   A great birthday present was that the special was the hot turkey open faced sandwich that I L O V E !  It was fun to catch up with each other and get a bit of time to chat.  We don't seem to get that chance too often anymore.  She gave me a darling Halloween witch decoration and a Halloween scarf.  Won't be long before my witchey-ness can appear!  Julie and I have been friends for over 20 years.  Even before our house was built (we are next door neighbors) we were friends.  We've shared a lot of ups and downs over those years and she knows me better than most people.  She has a heart of gold and I feel very blessed to have her as one of my friends. She's the kind of friend that would do anything for me.

dear quick trip to logan, I really love being able to shop in Logan and having it so close.  Sometimes I am just in the mood to go that direction instead of always south.  I was looking for a top to wear in the marathon in September and one store was having a sale and I saw a photo of the top I wanted.  Of course, it was no where to be found when I arrived, but the trip was still fun because on my way home I got in the biggest downpour I've been in in years!  I just wanted to pull over and stand out in it and get soaked. I saw a runner running in it and I was so jealous!  I love rain so much!
I didn't shop all of these in Logan, but just wanted to post (for historical purposes - hehe) what some of my favorite stores are that I like to shop at (since I love to shop!). I wish there was a Home Goods closer than 50 miles away.

dear hill repeats, UGH!  I am really TRYING to embrace hills this summer.  Mainly because I really hate hills.  I think I am with the majority of runners on this feeling. ☺ Hills are my weakness.  Whenever I'm in a race and there is a hill, I always get passed.  It's not because I stop, because I never do in a race unless I am seriously dying, it's because I am not super fast at going uphill.  My goal is to become faster going up and to pass others instead of getting passed.  I do pass some because a lot of runners walk up the hills. hah  But, I want to be that speed demon that just shreds the hills some day!  I ended up doing 10 hill repeats at Kotter Canyon and then ran home which totaled 7.25 miles.  It wouldn't have been so bad if the humidity hadn't been 80%!  That was tough!  Humidity really takes it out of you when running.  But I did it and I survived and it felt good!  I am going to embrace you suckers after all!  There is one hill at Kotter that I think I have actually embraced and I can say I almost like to run.  It's the off road trail that is paved and it has enough of a break in the incline that it actually feels good because I can gain some speed on it. Here's the one I really hate:

dear girl's get away to park city,  how I have been looking forward to this little trip!  It's really my ONLY vacay for the entire summer.  Karen invited me months ago to go with her and her girls (my nieces whom I LOVE and ADORE!) to a resort they have as a time share.  I did not hesitate for one second to say YES!  I love getting away, and especially with girls!  Since I have all boys, it doesn't happen very often that I get to bask in a bunch of estrogen.  And when it's with fun people like them, I knew it would be a party!  My niece Aubrey brought a couple of her old friends from Arizona and so that made it even more fun!  Did I mention it was soooo much fun?! ☺ I did a separate post on it HERE.  But here's a little preview.
click to enlarge

dear class reunion, here is just a little preview of my 35th class reunion. (ouch that sounds so old!)  Oh my gosh, we had so much fun even though we were few in numbers this time.  You can check out the full post HERE.
The dinner night was held on my birthday and so I got to be embarrassed and called up to the front as my classmates all sang Happy Birthday to me.  I think I may have stayed home had I known they were going to do that!  They also sang to me Friday night in case I didn't make it to Saturday.  At least that one was more low key.

dear birthday run, what a way to wake up (on my birthday) at the crack of insanity to get in my 12 miles.  At least I had a running buddy for which I was very grateful!  Dave gave me and Jen a ride up to Sherwood Hills and so of course, when I saw the golf carts they yelled out to me, "PHOTO OPP!", and I had to obey!  Luckily two men had just arrived in time to take the photo for us.  
                                         It's my birthday and I'll embarrass myself if I want to...
                              Sorry, I couldn't pick just one! haha
We started to run (I was still pretty sore from my hill slaughter on Tuesday - they slaughtered me, not visa-versa!) and then here comes Dave back up the hill.  He said he had a better idea and that he could take us over this dirt road and we could run that so we wouldn't have to do the airplane hill.  (I call it that because when you are driving Sardine at night that hill is so high that the lights of cars look like they are airplanes in the sky). He knew I was really sore and he thought that would help me out.  We agreed.  Once we got there we were NOT agreeing. At least I wasn't.  The place he thought we could go and run downhill was a private road and so he took us on this other one that was all UPHILL (meaning we were going down as he drove us to the starting point!).  I was dying, but Jen tried to stay positive and kept saying it would be okay...and then we started.  Well, it wasn't.  It was serious uphill and we had to walk a lot of it.  Holy, I was still so sore from the hill repeats.  Happy Birthday to me!  haha Once we were done with those three miles, we then did get our downhill.  We took a detour on the trail run that is just off of Sardine and that was so beautiful.  We managed to get in 12.5.  I was just glad my long run for the week was done and in the books.  Even though it was my easy week! 
When we arrived at Jen's house, she ran in and got my birthday present and I ran home with it, haha.  She gave me an awesome running book that I can't WAIT to get reading and some other really nice stuff.  Her card was very sweet and it was a great way to start my day!  

Dave had given me my present earlier and it was an adorable Willow Tree of a mother and son wrapped up in a quilt in a rocking chair and he said it reminded him of me and Tyson.  It did me too and I cried.  He also gave me some Idle Isle nut balls and almond clusters...which I LOVE!  

For your viewing enjoyment, you get to view it upside down! 
Seriously!  Why does blogger change my rotation and not allow me to fix it!

dear birthday, I have waited for you for a whole year!  I love my birthday!  I am not one of those women who dread it when it arrives.  I actually look forward to it.  I mean after all how many days can you get away with this:
Not many!  So I take full advantage!  hah  It's always better to become another year older than to spend another year under the ground right?  RIGHT!   Birthday's should be a celebration of life!  The fact that I am alive and healthy is more than a reason to celebrate!  I used to take for granted the years as they would go by, but not anymore.  One thing losing my son Tyson has taught me is that LIFE IS SHORT and so we must live it to the fullest!  We must CHERISH the MOMENTS and the DAYS - especially birthdays!  Don't let one day (or one birthday) be mundane!  There is so much to celebrate, the least of which is that I was blessed enough to be able to spend another year on this planet enjoying my life! 
This year, since it was on a Saturday, it was pretty low key.  I had to get in a 12 mile run early on and then I had lots of other things that had to be done - birthday or not- and so there was really no party on my actual birthday.  The party is going to be on Monday.  The main reason for no party this year on my real day is because I had my Class Reunion that night as well.   
(click to enlarge)
And I kept celebrating way into the next week!  I always gave my kids a birthday week where they didn't have to do any of their chores and got special treatment and so why not me?  I still have to do all of my chores, but I am in a stage of life now that I can keep celebrating and go to lunch with friends and just enjoy getting older!  hehe
Dave's sister Linda and I share our birthday and so we always get together and have some kind of fun.  This year Dave's sister Karen took us to lunch and so we had a great time eating and laughing.  And we got lots of good presents too!
I decided to do a separate post on my birthday HERE.

dear bishop's youth discussion, this is the third or fourth one we have had at our home.  The youth all come to our home on a Sunday night and the Bishopric answer questions that the youth had previously written down anonymously.  This time it was really windy and it was threatening rain.  I was sure we were going to end up in a downpour as they all ran into my house soaking wet.  But... it just sprinkled and so they all stayed outside until it was time for refreshments.  I made two Texas chocolate sheets cakes and we also had ice cream.

It was Marcus' birthday and so we put some candles on his cake and sang to him.  He really was happy about that. 
We have some amazing youth in our ward and they are just a lot of fun to be around.  I enjoyed having them over and just chillin' with them after.

dear mr. cat, one of the rainy mornings this week, you didn't want to be outside and so you jumped up on my bed and just let me pet you while you purred.  I was in heaven.  If I could purr, I would also have been purring. ☺

dear manic manican, well it looks like they are trying to sell your twin to a good home with a window.  Only asking $148.32.  What a steal!☺ At first I thought it was you they had for sell, but then I saw you in the side window.  Whew! ☺ Someone does need to teach them how to spell manican though. lol  I was really tempted to buy her because that purple wig just spoke to me. ☺

dear sky, I am sure glad you are happy eating all that fish that you spear.  Sometimes I wonder if you have any of my DNA. hah!  I just could not do it, not even if I was stranded on a deserted island and that was all I had to survive.  I would be eating leaves first!  lol

This poor guy got attacked by a shark as you and your buddy watched.  You said it was pretty cool to watch and the shark was very patient before he even attempted a bite.  I am just glad it's you and not me!

I'll settle for these instead!!! ↓  My latest addiction!  
If you have not tried them, go get you some now!  They are so delish!  I got mine at Costco, but I also got a smaller bag at Target that was Caesar flavored and I liked them even more!

dear new discovery, PURPLE cake mix!  Serious, what more can I ask for to find this on my birthday week...other than having someone else make it for me!
And just like it says, PURPLE IS THE COLOR OF ROYALTY, YOU KNOW...
So I think I will play the QUEEN and demand that someone makes me one of these!
Hello.... anyone?  ANYONE? ☺
So much for being the Queen...

dear throwback to my youth, I saw this photo somewhere and it reminded me of the rocket park I used to play at when I was a kid in Ogden.  The town I live in now used to have one as well, but they took it down too.  Liability issues I guess.  But what a great memory!

Just a thought to end with...
Everyone has a purpose in our life even if we don't understand what it is... 
I'm grateful for them all.

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