Monday, July 20, 2015

*Monday Memos* (Family Reunion and Tyson Bday edition)


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dear mckay blog, this week I started a blog for McKay's mission.  It is where I will post his letters and pictures.  I did a website for Taylor, but I can't publish his into a book whereas I will be able to with McKay's.  I think that will be a really good thing.  I really regret I didn't do the same with Taylor.  But I did like the website for Taylor because you could just find the photos altogether in one place which you can't with a blog.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.  
Either way, it's done!

dear trip to o town, I had a million errands to run and so I hurried off to o town after my run.  It gets inconvenient to always have to drive 30 minutes to either Ogden or Logan whenever I need something since my city has very limited shopping options.  But, I had to get a bunch of stuff for Tyson's party on Wednesday and I needed to go visit Mona. 
Mona was looking a lot better this week.  She told me she had been missing me so much and was so glad I came.  I was too.  It was crazy because she sent me a text that day asking when I was going to come and see her. I told her I was in town and would be there in a bit.  She was very happy to see me.  I had to hurry back home though to go to a baby shower.  It was for Trish and I went with my friend Heidi.  We had a good time catching up a bit.  The shower was nice, but we didn't stay real long.

dear taylor real game, Taylor and CJ took dates to the SLC Real game.  Taylor took Hadley and it sounds like they had a good time, but he said the best part was the star of the game that night took a selfie with them.  They said it was his idea.  Pretty cool.  Sorry, I have no idea what his name is. My boys follow them passionately, but I have no idea.  But it was fun to see this picture.

dear mr. cat, three words...WHAT. A. LIFE!

dear new car!  I am so excited that we FINALLY got a new car!  Ever since I totaled our last Lexus (not my fault btw) we have really needed a car instead of the two gas guzzlers we currently drive.  Dave really needs one to drive to work and his church meetings and I need one for when I drive to Ogden or Logan, which is at least once or twice a week.  My parents bought a new Avalon and asked us if we were interested in buying their Lexus. Interested?  Are you kidding!!!!  My Dad takes such great care of his cars that you could seriously eat off the engine!  His cars are always kept meticulous inside and out and even the engine!  People line up when he has a car or truck for sale because everyone knows what a killer deal they will get because he keeps them up so well.  So we jumped at the chance!  The timing couldn't be better!  We have been talking about getting a car, but just never did because Dave has been driving Sky's the past few months (with Sky's permission!).
With our sweet new ride!!!
My parents with their sweet new ride!

We met at the DMV in our town to do all the paperwork.  My Mom hasn't dared to drive their new car yet because it is brand spanking new!  I don't blame her. I 'm nervous to drive the Lexus.

dear happy birthday tyson!  Hard to believe Tyson would be 27 today!  This is the 10th birthday we have celebrated without him here. 

This photo was taken on his 17th and last birthday with us.  I love it so much because it shows his personality to a tee.  And it's so cute because McKay is right there with him.  They were the best buds.  I posted this picture on Facebook.  What I wrote is below it....
 10 years ago today, this amazing kid celebrated his 17th and final birthday on this earth. Today we CELEBRATE with joy those wonderful 17 years we were blessed enough to spend with him. The cherished memories of those short years fill our hearts each and every day with love and happiness. HAPPY BIRTHDAY in Heaven Tyson! We miss your laughter, smile, kindness, gratitude, example, giggle, pranks, and fun personality more than you know! Keep em' laughing in heaven! We love you bud! __̴ı̴̴̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡*̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡ ̡̡͡|̲̲̲͡͡͡ ̲̲͡ ̲̲̲͡͡π̲̲͡͡ ̲̲̲̲͡͡͡ ̲|̡̡̡ ̡ ̴̡ı̴̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡̡.*̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡_
In McKay's email today, he also included this ↓ as a PS:
Can't believe it has been almost ten years. I think about Tyson all the time. I know he is here with me. I watched the Joseph Smith movie and when his brother Alvin dies I feel like I could relate to Joseph a whole lot. It said that Alvin was Joseph's hero on earth. That's what Tyson was for me.
I miss him everyday.
Elder Wilding

These two always had an unbreakable bond and I love this picture because it depicts their strong brotherly connection. (I should've used waterproof mascara today.) 

Oh, how I miss this boy!  Some years are worse than others.  This year I have felt him near and so it has been a lot harder. 
It's amazing how quickly, yet how slowly these last 10 years have gone.  10 years ago today we had no idea that we would be celebrating his last birthday on earth.  We knew there was always a chance, there had always been a chance since he was a newborn due to his health, but we had no idea it would be just five months later that we would be saying goodbye to him.

But we STILL do celebrate!  We celebrate his life each year on his birthday because he had one awesome life and he made our lives so much better because of his life. 

This year they tore down the bowery that is right near the cemetery where we have had his party for the past nine years.  That meant I had to improvise and come up with a different plan.  I decided to take over tables and chairs and set them up off to the side of where all the graves are.  It ended up working out just fine.  And it was closer to his grave.
I really wasn't sure how many would be able to make it this year, but we did get a pretty good turnout.  

When I was at his grave earlier in the day, a cute older man came over to me and said he wanted to meet who tended that grave.  After we got talking I realized it was Mr. Griffin, who is one of  Dave's patients.  He goes to the cemetery every single day since his wife died.  He said he hasn't miss a single day in three years.  I actually attended his temple sealing with her in the temple right before she passed away.  They were the first couple sealed in the new temple.
Here we are with them right after their sealing.  She passed away a few weeks later. 
When I was chatting with him earlier, I invited him to come back later and join the party.  He said he couldn't do that but I told him he was family and I would feel bad if he didn't come. So he did!  I was so happy to see him there!  He is a cutie.  And so sweet.

My cute parents!  They have never missed one party!  They are always faithfully there to support!


Trying to untangle the mess!
Sam's cute kids!  They are adorable ! She named her little boy after Tyson.  His name is Maxx Tyson.
This is what we attach to the balloons.  Everyone rights a personal note on the back to Tyson.
Ready to launch!!!
Up, up and send birthday wishes to heaven!

This is the first year that Matt's balloon didn't end up in a tree! 

We always gather round his grave to let off fireworks.  We center about 9 or 10 around his grave and light them and listen to the VERY LOUD explosion!  So far we have never had any cops show up!  If they did, I know Tyson would be giggling his little head off in heaven!

Those in attendance this year.
We always serve Chocolate Ecstasy.  It was Tyson's favorite!


dear adorable baby dear, I absolutely LOVE it when we see baby dear in our backyard.  They are the funniest and cutest little things ever!  They have SO much energy!  They don't walk or move, they jump and burst!  I tried to get some shots of this little guy, but he was so dang fast it was hard.  I love his spots.  When they have spots that is a sign they have a ton of energy.  I could watch them all day!

dear runs this week, I am about halfway in my marathon training right now.  The hard miles are starting to come now.  This week I ran quite a bit out west.  I stopped and saw Dave playing Pickleball a couple times as well.  He is really good.  I haven't played all year and so now I doubt I even remember how.  This marathon training takes over my mornings! 
I see a lot of road kill when I am out running.  I took note of a dead bird (and a photo) this week because when I saw it the scripture popped into my head about not even a sparrow shall fall without the Lord taking notice. 
Matthew 10
29 Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.
30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 
31 Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.

That scripture has always brought me comfort but it also makes me wonder with awe how that is possible. I have never been able to understand how a God who is over all things and all people and all creatures has time to take note when a single sparrow falls.  Especially when there are millions of them.  But, His ways are not my ways and His thoughts are not my thoughts and He has a way. (Isaiah 55:8)

dear manic manican, she has been kept in hiding for most of the summer.  They keep their blinds down most of the day in order to keep their house cool...(well, that is my assumption, but considering the manican and the other things in their yard, I could be way off! LOL).

dear family reunion! It was that time again for the annual family reunion.  This was the third annual year of doing it.  Dave missed the first two due to work but this year he was able to make it!  Taylor came as well, but Bryce had to work and so he didn't make it up.  One of these years we will all be there together! 
Most of the family was there but we are missing most of Scott's fam in this photo.  It was taken at Bar J.

The cabins where most of us stayed.  Two of the families rented cabins down the road a ways.
The first night at our annual Hawaiian Luau.
Boy photo bombing girls

The weather was great!  The food even better!

That night we gathered around the bonfire.  It was a lot of fun!

Check out the S'more bar!
Lots of fun!  (Sorry for duplicates)

It is always a party at the cabin!

The next day we got up bright and early for breakfast and then played games.

You can tell by these photos that my family needs our own littles because we were all hogging these cuties!
Taylor LOVES little kids and they love him!

Then we began the Great Race!
Looks familiar!
We split in teams and competed for the grand prize!
We had a lot of fun events.  My team was winning!  Isaac was on my team and he was very happy we were in the lead!
Boat races
It was lots of fun!
We won the boat race! I have NO idea how because our boat was having serious issues!  It was Kevin's lungs and blowing power!
Our team was the champions!!!  I have never seen such excited kids! (and adults!) We were very competitive!  Taylor's friend CJ was on our team too!

That day we decided to hit the snake river and go white water river rafting!
I can't lie, I was pretty nervous this year because it was low which meant the rapids were a little more least Big Kahuna.
I stressed about Big Kahuna the entire way and then after we hit it, I realized it was nothing compared to the rapids way before it.  Taylor's friend CJ got thrown right out of the boat on one, but not on Kahuna.  It was FUN but intense!
Taylor and CJ either fell in, pushed each other in, or jumped in!  Three or four times each!  They were both just shivering and so cold.  It was pretty chilly and a little rainy.

I am glad we went!  It was a lot of fun!  I tried to figure out how many times I have floated the snake.  It has to be close to 25 or more times.

That night we went to Jackson Hole to see the Bar J Wranglers!
Dave and his Dad are good friends with them.  When they are on tour in the winter they always stop by the clinic if they are in need of medical attention of any kind.  They have become good friends over the years.  Scott sat down and chatted with Dave's Dad for a long time before the show began.  They are just the greatest people and always treat us amazing when we go there.  Way beyond what we expect! They are just so generous!
Grandma has returned!  She is out of jail and in her pink nighty again!  I was laughing so hard that I had tears coming down my face - but that is the case EVERY TIME I watch them!

The next day was pretty low key.  I got up early and went on a short five mile run.  It started to rain (pour) while I was out.  I love running in the rain and so I didn't mind at all. It was just gorgeous to run in the forest.
We had breakfast and then some went to the hot pots and some went fishing.  Some went home.  I took Isaac on a four wheeler ride and we found a deer by a cabin.  I love that kid.  I call him Newt and he calls me Joey.  He brightens up the party!  Then I watched a movie with Dave's mom.  She loves the Sound of Music and so do I. I had to go pick up the fishermen before it got over, but it was fun to chill for a bit.
It was a great reunion!  I love Dave's family and I feel so very blessed that I am part of it.  We have a lot of fun and do a lot of fun things.  We headed home and got caught in a huge rainstorm as always seems to be the case on the way home!  But, I for one can't get enough of rain, so no complaints here!

dear homecoming, our good friends the Parrishes son McKay reported on his mission on Sunday.  He did a great job.  Taylor was heading over to their house for the dinner and Dave said we needed to join him.  I agreed and so we headed over and it was a lot of fun.  Best part was not having to cook Sunday dinner.  We actually had a chicken in the crock-pot but that always saves for another day.
They had a handstand competition.  McKay won.  I tried to get Taylor to join, but he declined. 
It was a fun way to spend a summer Sunday afternoon.

dear messages of the week,
Today, Jodi, we believe God wants you to know that ...when you want God to knock on your door, you go and knock on God's door. Give of yourself and you shall receive.
Today, Jodi, we believe God wants you to know that ...generosity will make you rich. The best thing to do if you're feeling poor is to give something away. Give a few dollars to a homeless person, some clothes to a thrift store or pay for the person behind you at the drive through. Instead of focusing on what you don't have, focus on what you do have and how you can bless others with it. Being able to give is a Divine gift in itself with it. Being able to give is a Divine gift in itself.

Today, Jodi, we believe God wants you to know that ...when you need some energy and inspiration, step outside. Touch the Earth with your feet, lift your face to the sun, breathe the air, listen to the birds and the wind through the trees. Glory in the creation that surrounds you.

Today, Jodi, we believe God wants you to know that ...greatness is your birthright. Who are You to shine brighter than others? Who are You to take a step forward when others are shrinking back? Who are You to make others feel insecure with your greatness? You are a child of God. Take a step forward, shine bright, - inspire others with your light to their own greatness.

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