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dear cokeville miracle, I have been looking forward to seeing this movie for about a year now because a friend of mine was one of the survivors.  Her name is Lori Conger and I worked with her in American Mothers a few years ago when she served as Young Mother of the Year. 
Lori is standing next to me on the far right at the State Capital with Governor Herbert.
At the premiere - she is tallest one on the back row middle.
On Good Things Utah promoting it.
Speaking at a group of youth about her experiences.
I got a text from my friend Jenny Walker (who runs Walker Cinemas) that the director of the film was going to be in our town on Monday night along with one of the survivors at the evening showings.  They were going to do a question and answer after the film.  I arranged for us to go and invited our friends the Singletons.
With TC Christensen the director of the film.
I also wanted to go because the director of the film T.C. Christensen was the son of Roselyn Christensen whom I also worked with in American Mothers.  She was the Mother of the Year the year I was the Young Mother of the Year....many, many moons ago!
With Roselyn Christensen (TC Christensen's mom) in 1994 when she was Mother of the Year and I was Young Mother.
I told him that I served with his mother and he was very nice and gave me an update on how she was doing.  I loved how he signed my poster:

 I listened in on the question/answer of the film before ours as well.
With TC Christensen and one of the survivors. The survivor is actually my friend Lori's cousin.
I highly recommend going and seeing this film.  It was incredible and it had a very powerful message of the reality of the help we receive from the other side when we need it.  I was truly moved by it and the great spirit I felt while watching it.  I know that angels do help us when we need them, especially when we pray for their help.  I have felt it in my own life.  What an incredible story!  It gave me goosebumps to realize that our ancestors are usually those angels that are helping us because they already love us so much. 

After the movie, we headed to Robin and Grant's for ice cream sundaes.  I forgot to take a picture!

dear running, I am SO sad that my pals Izzie and Kaydance have moved.  I stopped and played with them almost every day while on my runs for a few minutes. Izzy would always bring me her throw toy and I would toss it and she would bring it back to me so I would toss it again.  When I saw the For Sale sign, I was hoping they really wouldn't move, but this week when I ran past their house, this is what I saw. 
No more doghouse and no more dogs.  I am very sad because some days they were the highlight of my run.

I thought Pioneer Park pond looked beautiful this week.
I was so happy that I found many pennies and coins this week because I needed them!

dear buddies, my friend Colleen sent me these pix of our boys from when they were just little.  They are now both serving missions and left only a week apart.

At the MTC.  Tanner is serving in Nebraska.  Where does the time go?

dear mr. cat, you were a little bit more loveable with me this week. I think it's because you like me to brush your hair with your comb. 

dear flow rider, the boys and their cousins went to do Flow Rider on Tuesday.  Karen called and invited me to come up and go to dinner after.  I got there late because I had so many other things on my agenda, but I'm glad I went.  It was fun and YUMMY!
Cousins and best friends!
We have a great time together!

dear taylor trip jackson hole, Taylor was in charge of the Young Single Adults trip to Jackson Hole this week. He had to plan it, buy the food, make all the arrangements (carpooling, camping, Bar J, white water rafting, etc) and pull it off for 130 people!  I was proud of him and what a great job he did.  I was NOT happy he didn't take ANY pictures though!   But, I DID find these on the River Rafting website.  They are just the thumbnails and so they are watermarked, but you get the idea... 
Taylor is front on the left
This picture is of him making his lunch before his long day at work.

dear davaleen's viewing and funeral, the day of the viewing I was getting text messages and facebook messages asking for help in planning her funeral from her kids and Davaleen's friend Jayhmie.  I have to be honest and say I was a wee bit frustrated because me and my friends had been offering ALL week our help and services.  We told her kids we would be willing to do anything....a tribute, a musical number, anything they needed but they never took us up on the offer.  That is...until the day BEFORE!  But, we tried to cut them some slack and realize that they had just lost their mom and they were put in charge of doing something they had never done before without much help and so we tried to just jump in and do what they asked of us to make it nice for Davaleen.  I was asked to get some prayers and to get a musical number together as well as a meal for the family for after the services.  It was still up in the air about whether it was going to be a graveside service or an actual funeral.  We were told it was for sure a funeral, even though the paper said otherwise.  I got one of our classmates Dennis Ball to give the family prayer and tried to track down our friend that had written a song about angels that Dave had heard and loved, but was having NO luck.  We found her Branch President's phone number but he wasn't returning our calls.  It was kind of getting frustrating. Deep in my heart I knew it would all come together though.  Things like this always do. 
I put together this poster to display at the viewing. That was a story in and of itself because I left it at the store in my cart and was sure it was long gone, but someone ended up turning it in.
I ran into town and hurried and visited Mona and then met the Sista's at the mortuary.  I got a hold of Jolene our friend who wrote the song just as I was pulling in the parking lot. She said that she had it recorded and would try to get to the viewing so we could practice it.  I was not sure how this was all going to work out unless we had a huge group of us to sing it.  But, I had faith it would all work out.
This was just stunning!  I had no idea Dave loved purple so much!
Classmates at the viewing with Dave's grand-baby Sunshine.  This photo is missing a few of us.
The viewing
Jolene arrived and so we went in the basement (that was kind of creepy!) and practiced the song.  We struggled through it and I wasn't sure it was even a possibility, but we really had no choice.  We only had two of us that actually could be considered singers and they weren't even really strong singers.  It sounded horrible. But by the last time through it had some potential.  We stayed until 9:30 pm practicing.  We also had to help them come up with two more pall bearers as well.  Thankfully, we have such good classmates with kind hearts that were willing to do it.

I was never able to get the Branch President to call us back and so I had to tell Jayhmie they would have to go to Chuck a Rama or something.  We thought about throwing together a lunch with just the Sista's bringing stuff but since we got out of the mortuary so late and had to be there early the next day, we knew that wasn't going to happen.  And, there was no where to do it.  She was very let down and ended up making about 20 phone calls but was able to get a meal done by Dave's ward.  That was a miracle in and of itself. I know Dave had a hand in that!

The next morning we met early to practice the song again.  There were a couple more of us and that helped a lot.  It actually sounded REALLY good by the time it was time to go back upstairs to the funeral.

We were invited to join in on the family prayer. I think 90% of those in attendance were.

With our poster of our dear friend.
The funeral was short and sweet and her son Patrick conducted it and did a great job.  He is so young and inexperienced but he really did well.  They played Stairway to Heaven and then Jayhmie did the life sketch.  After that Tiffany (her daughter) gave a tribute.  It was very short and she mainly said that her mom was a good mom over and over.  After that they had an open floor for anyone that wanted to get up and say something.  We had previously decided I would read the story she wrote about turning 50 and Dawn would talk about when she came to help her when she lost her son Jared.  I thought most of the friends would get up but only her friend James (who worked with us in the movie) did and then Dawn was motioning for me to go up. I wasn't really ready to, but since no one else was, I did.  I wrote a few notes down and so I will just copy and paste them here to save time: 


Davaleen was truly one of the kindest, most sincere, non-judgmental, caring, loving persons I have ever known. She was ALWAYS very observant  and complimentary about what she saw in each of us. Dave had a beautiful heart and one of the purest souls I have ever had the blessing of associating with.  She truly was an example of pure Christlike love for others. She loved deeply from her heart.  She had such a sharp wit.  She also had a very distinctive laugh, that I loved.  We all loved her so much.  

I remember the first time she came to one of our lunches.  I was lucky enough to get to sit by her and so I asked her about her life and when she told me that one of her son's was killed by a train the day before he turned 17, we had an instant bond  because we were both a member of a club whose dues are way too high.  She also shared with me how months earlier she would see the pictures our high school lunch group would post on Facebook of our fun outings.  She said that she told one of her friends how fun it looked and that she was going to ask if she could be part of it.  Her friend discouraged her saying, "You weren't even friends with them, they won't invite you." Luckily she didn't listen to her friend because we welcomed her with open arms and hearts.  

A few months later she told me that our group literally saved her.  She said she was in a really dark place and that we were the bright light that pulled her through. I am glad we were able to help her and I am glad we were able to be a bright spot for her.  However, she is the one that brought sunshine to us.  
She wrote a short story for an assignment and posted it on our school page.  We thought it would be a good thing to be read here today, so I am going to read it. 

Dave's passing has caused me once again to remember to CHERISH the MOMENTS! Life is so fragile and so short.  To honor Davaleen's memory maybe we can all be a little more kinder to one another as Davaleen was to everyone she met.  And to make as many memories as you can while you can. Memories are a great thing. Cherish them.

You will be missed Dave.

After I sat down, Dawn got up.  She did a great job and spoke from her heart.  I was proud of her.  Dave would have been happy.  After she sat down Patrick was going to close it but Jolene went up.  Staying true to her character, she brought in the spiritual aspect of it by talking about Gethsemane and a conversation her and Dave had about it. I was so glad she did that.  Once that was over, we watched the film we made for the 48 Hour Film Festival. I was dying of embarrassment, but it was also very funny and so I am glad they showed it to lighten things up a bit. I know Dave would have been happy about that.

Then. We. Sang.

Oh my.  I am just glad there weren't very many in attendance because we sounded pretty bad.  Nothing like in rehearsal.  Oh just goes to show how much we REALLY loved her in order to get up there and do that.  The lyrics were beautiful and so I hope people just focused on those.  They talked about if angels could come and help us when we need them.  I've noticed that has been a theme for me this week.  I KNOW they can and I KNOW they do.  I have a firm testimony of that.  And I know Dave is going to make one amazing angel!

We then headed to the cemetery.   
It was a very short ceremony.  They played a song she loved and said a few words and then Kathy's husband James dedicated the grave. I know Dave would have been happy about that.

A picture of those of us that were in her movie.
Dawn imitating Luke the Spook!  lol  Gotta laugh when things are hard or they are only harder.  Dave would have been laughing too.

We decided to go to El Matador for lunch since it was close.  But AFTER we decided that I realized that El Matador was the very first place Dave joined us for lunch!  I knew that was not just a coincidence!  And then they seated us at the EXACT same table we sat at that day!  What are the odds of that?  I knew Dave arranged that too.  We tried to sit in the same spot we did that first time.
The first time Dave joined us for lunch at El Matador.  I was lucky enough to get to sit by her.
Those that were there the first time tried to recreate the seating arrangement.  We forgot to put Bonzo on the end. Dawn is representing Dave at the far end.
Dawn made me trade her places on this one because she doesn't like to be on the end in photos.  lol

While we were eating, Chris shared with me something that will always stay with me. She told me that she had asked Dave how it was after that first lunch.  Dave told her that it was fun but she wasn't sure if she would go back. She then told her on the second invite when she said she might not come that I said to her, "Oh, but you need to come.  It won't be the same without you!" and so she came and the rest was history.  You just never know the impact the words you speak might have on someone.  I don't even remember saying that.  That story warmed my heart a lot though.
It was a nice service and a nice day.  I think Dave would be happy with it.
That afternoon it just down-poured like crazy! Very fitting I thought.

dear president boyd k. packer funeral procession, I was heading to the airport on Friday to welcome home my niece Tanae from her mission in Australia. I was a little torn because it was President Boyd K. Packer's funeral that day and he was being buried in our city and everyone was encouraged to line up in front of the temple with flags as the procession drove by.  I really wanted to be part of that history.  I text Dave and asked him to go and take photos if he had time during lunch.  He did!  He even went to the cemetery!  I was told it was going to be closed to the public, but it wasn't.  There were a lot of people that went. 

On my way to the airport, I passed the funeral procession in Roy.  I pulled over on a side street about the time I thought they would be coming so I could get a good picture without getting in an accident.
President Boyd K. Packer's funeral procession in Roy.

These are some of the professional photos taken as he entered my city.  He was responsible for the temple being built there.  He is buried very close to the prophet President Lorenzo Snow.

Pictures Dave took:
It is very exciting to have such an amazing man buried in our little cemetery! 
Elder Nelson conducting
All the VIPS on their way out.  I spotted my good friend Lesa Stevenson!  She is right next to the coffin in the black dress.  She is married to the Presiding Bishop Gary Stevenson.
And here are shots of the most important people in attendance.  Can you guess who each is?
[Elder Ballard - Elder Christofferson - Elder Cook - and the most important one of all...our home teacher Brother Packer! If you are reading this Bro. Packer (he says reads my blog occasionally...then know that I am totally serious!)]

Rest in peace President Packer....

dear tanae, welcome home from the land down under!  I must say I was very disappointed you didn't bring me a Koala bear home.  But it was good to see you after a year and a half.
 I loaded up my car with most of her and her family's luggage (they went over and picked her up) and then hit a few stores on my way home looking for a few gifts.  I found these SUPER cute plates that I absolutely DO NOT NEED but couldn't resist!  They are just salad size plates and I only bought four, but now I love them so much I am thinking about going back and getting the dinner plates because they are just so fun and cute. And they aren't even purple and I love them so much!  I will have to really decide because I have MORE plates and dishes than anyone on the planet and I need to start getting rid of some.  It's my weakness!  Always has been.  About the only thing I had in my Hope Chest for my trousseau were dishes!

dear hummingbird, I found a hummingbird in my bedroom on Friday and I could NOT get him to go outside. Bryce had to come and actually capture him with his bare hands and let him go.  The poor little thing was so scared and exhausted that I wasn't sure he was going to make it, but after a few minutes he flew off.  Hope he survived!

dear busy weekend, we headed to the Gunter's reception in Corrinne on Friday and it was quite the bash.  Coach Gunter told us he wished we had five more boys he could coach because he loved coaching our boys so much.  They served waffles and it was really good.  We sat by Coach Funk and he told us how much he loved coaching Taylor and McKay as well. 

Early on Saturday I went on a long run with Robin.  We had a cut back week and only had to do 10 or 11.  We just ran around town and it wasn't too bad.  We stopped to say hi to Dave at the pickleball courts.

I came home and showered and headed to a family reunion on my Mom's side (the Sharps) in Plain City.  Dave had to work and the boys were both out of town.  It was a lot of fun.  I love my family.  There are a lot I never see and many I don't know, but it doesn't seem like any time has passed when I see them again.  
 I don't even know half of these people's names. I guess that's why we have family reunions. 
Cathy started a tablecloth years ago of our names and I had to take a photo of the ones we wrote about 40 years ago!   She embroidered some of them.
This one is a bit more current.
This is my Aunt Florence Sharp.  They said she was a Peach Queen or a Tomato Queen.  No one was sure which one. 

That night the  Singleton's invited us to go see Jurassic World and go to dinner.  We went to the Maddox drive inn and sat outside on the tables and then went to the movie.  Holy heck, that was ONE SCARY MOVIE!  But it was good.  It was fun to go with them. 

The home teachers came on Sunday and I should have got a picture of them, but I wasn't thinking and instead I took one of Taylor while they were there because he was looking so lay back and chill.  We all need to be more like him.  Our home teachers are awesome.  They never miss and they always brighten our day.  Brother Packer is hilarious.  He just has the funniest sense of humor.  I look forward to his visits.  And Brother Coleman is just such a nice man.  Brother Packer is Pres. Packer's nephew and he gave us some details on the funeral and such. 

dear mckay at mtc, McKay is doing great and he was so excited he got to see the fireworks from the MTC that were going off at BYU's stadium.  He said there was a tree in the way, but they still got a pretty good show and got to stay up until 11 pm.
 With their light sabers at the fireworks.
His buddy Elder Dallin is now at the MTC and they were happy they found each other!
He also found his childhood friend Tanner!

An MTC selfie.  The view from his room.  Elder Dallin and Elder Robinson from his town

Random shots. The bottom one of Elder Barr he wrote: Sometimes the MTC gets to people.  lol
One of his roommates Aunt made them a full red, white, and blue meal.  I should get on the stick and do some cool things for him.  I need more energy!
So happy he is doing so well and enjoying his time there.  It's going fast!

dear family pictures...I like how you turned out for the most part, but not sure these are my favorite all time ones.

 I did a separate post of all of the pix individually HERE.

dear messages this week:
Today, Jodi, we believe God wants you to know that ...there are times we are called to be a light in the darkness. Now is that time. Be a calm presence of love. Let your heart shine like a beacon in dark times. It is surprising what a difference one light can make. 

Today, Jodi, we believe God wants you to know that will get back to solving all the wrongs in a moment, - how about taking a moment to treasure what is right. All too often we focus so intently on solving the problems, that we forget to zoom out and celebrate what is good in our life already.

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Audrey said...

I love The Cokeville Miracle also, it was an amazing movie. I know that angels are all around us!
I’m so impressed at the way you and your Bonneville friends provided so much service for Dave’s funeral. What a tribute to her!
You are always such an inspiration to me!


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