Monday, November 2, 2015

*Monday Memos*


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dear jet lag! Our plane landed at 7:15 a.m. after a long red eye flight. Bryce came and picked us up.  
I had high hopes for a nap today, but that did not happen because I spent most of the day doing....

dear laundry and unpacking, when I unpacked our stuff most of it was damp.  The price you pay when you go to paradise!  So I basically had to wash EVERY SINGLE THING!  Nothing says the vacay is over like bonding with the laundry room all day.  
Nope, did it all in one day!

It was however, very good to be home.  I just wish Sky was here with us!  But, I am also very glad he lives in Hawaii otherwise I wouldn't get to go there so often.  I am still in a bit of shock but extremely grateful that Dave was the one that planned and really made this trip happen.  Now, if I could just get Sky to move to Greece or Italy or Japan or New Zealand or Ireland or.... so many places I want to see on this planet!  I really have a bad case of Wander Lust going on since basically becoming empty nesters!  Sadly, Dave does not share in that with me.  He is more of a homebody and is content just going to Alaska to fish.  Not me!  I want to see the world!  I do have to say though that I loved sleeping in my own bed!  And I was happy that I didn't have to worry about roaches or giant spiders joining me in my bed.  I like living where I doI even blessed a Box Elder bug I saw in my bathroom when I got home because I was just grateful even though we get them by the thousands, they are the only bugs I really have to deal with and they don't "bug" me much!  (pun intended)  Well, they do if they crawl on my face or body while I'm sleeping, but from now on when that happens I will just praise the heavens it is only a BE bug! 

dear mr. cat , I have to admit I was a bit surprised how Mr. Cat treated me when I got home. I thought he was going to rub his legs and purr and be all happy to see me like he was after I got home from St. George.  Nope!  He treated me like a leper!  He was all nice and lovey to Dave, but when I pet him, he turned his head away as if to say, "Don't touch me!"  He basically gave me the cold shoulder paw!  He seriously wouldn't have anything to do with me!  So I decided instead of kissing up to him, I would just treat him the same.  Which I did.  It's not in my nature to do that and so that didn't last too long.  So instead I tried getting him to play with me, which he finally did and then he was more willing to give me the time of day.  I figure he was acting like my boys would sometimes (before they could talk) when I would leave them for longer than a day or two.  They would be angry with me for leaving them.  Rather funny actually.
Sleeping on the towel I left out for him while I was gone so he would have a soft place to rest.  He is all happy and content now that I returned!  Yeah, right!

dear mckay, looks like Russians know how to have some Halloween fun!  YEA!

dear speed work, well my post marathon training called for some speed work in the name of 400's.  So I Headed to the track and did four repeats of them.  I was happy that my time was still okay.  I fear after a full marathon and lack of normal running miles each day that it would drop down a lot, but I was happy it hadn't.  It has been really hard for me to get my biscuits out on the road to run this week!  

dear national chocolate day! YES!  HAPPY NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY!!!! You now have an excuse to eat as much chocolate as you want for an entire day!!!  It's all about the chocolate! It's always been about the chocolate. It will ALLLL-ways BE about the chocolate. Any questions? Now go and celebrate this most wonderful day of the year! PS Scientists have now proven it's even good for your heart! But, of course, we women always knew that!

I actually celebrate this day every day.  But in honor of it, I made yummy Ranger Cookies!  I loaded them with semi sweet and milk chocolate chips!  YUMSTER!
Taylor stopped by to pick up some things, but he left before I made the cookies.  He was a little sad about that.  I told him I would save him some and bring them up this week. 

dear empty nest in full force, well Bryce officially left for his holiday job.  He will be gone until January.  Hopefully he will come back and forth a few times during it all though.  He's not super far away, but far enough that Dave and I are pretty much it now.  And Mr. Cat.  Thank heavens for Mr. Cat!  I need a Mr. Dog too.  I also need a Mr. Grandbaby.  Or a Ms. Grandbaby would be even better.  But... I must not focus so much on what I WANT or NEED, but on what I already HAVE!  I have much to be grateful for and for that I AM grateful
A little of Bryce's work.... he will be wrapping trees for days with beautiful lights and setting up the wire figures they have made.  His boss is letting him drive his Camaro while there.  

dear ward halloween party, in honor of National Chocolate Day we dressed up as a Smore.  I think we looked pretty cute, but Dave was a little apprehensive dressing up because very few of the adults do! I think they are a bunch of Fuddy Duddies if you want my opinion.  We need to change that trend!  But he was a good sport.  He wasn't by me too much of the time and so many people were wondering what in the heck I was.  Most figured it out though. 
It was also a chili/soup cook-off contest and Dave always makes our entry.  This year he made Autumn soup with the garden haul and WON third place!!!  I was impressed.  There were quite a few entries too.  It is yummy soup!

It's tradition that I go through the spook alley and round up as many BRAVE SOULS as I can to join me.  This year I got Mona (I force her to go with me every year!) and a minion and a witch to come along as well.  They were scared, (VERY SCARED!) but I told them they had nothing to fear because the big STAY PUFF Marshmallow would protect them!  We felt so accomplished after braving that VERY frightening adventure. 
Yay!  The Bishop and Marilyn dressed up too!

dear busy thursday, today I had my Jesus the Christ study group and I went unprepared for the first time.  I just hadn't had time to get my reading in. But it was on the parables and so I didn't feel too lost.  I really enjoy our discussions and I learn so much.  I then hurried off to Logan to take Taylor to lunch and grocery shopping even though he only had an hour before he had to work.  It was bad timing because Travis' mom was coming that night to take him grocery shopping (I think I started something!) and all the boys to dinner that night.  And then Brad's mom was also coming up the next day to take him grocery shopping.  Pretty sure I started something!  It's a good thing for them though!  They share all their food and no one labels it or says "Hey that's mine!" like me and my roommates did!  We had EVERYTHING labeled with our names and had our own shelves and we didn't mess with anyone else's food! Boys are so differentThey just share it all!  I took up about two dozen of my cookies for them as well.  They can really pack the food in those bodies.  All those groceries will probably only last them this week! 
Taylor wanted Panda Express for lunch (no surprise!) and then I helped him carry and put away all his groceries.  I also did a little quick clean up of the kitchen.  I wish I had more time and I would have done a thorough clean up.  They are pretty good, but it needed a woman's touch for sure.  They had pumpkin's on the porch they had carved.  Taylor's was a palm tree.  He said it was his and Kelsey's.  Not sure who that is.  

After I dropped him off, I headed to the mall to find my outfits to model at Christopher Banks for the Women's ForumI was asked to model a couple outfits for their workshop.  Everyone else went when I was in Hawaii to choose their outfits.  I walked in and looked around and couldn't really see much I liked.  The things I did like were all too big.  They were pretty much out of smalls.  And the mediums drowned me.  Their sizes run large.  I was very discouraged.  I asked to see what everyone else had chosen and so the sales lady pulled out the rack.  The skirt I had chosen was already on there.  It took me a lot of time and a lot of outfits to find something I like.  That's not normal for me.  But this store is geared to much older ladies.  I was about ready to bag it and just drop out of the fashion show.  But...I FINALLY found two outfits.  The pants were knit and kind of like leggings but even the smallest size was too big.  I had to roll the waist band down.  But that's okay because my shirts will cover it up I hope!  I was there way too long!  These are the two outfits I choose...
I have a necklace to wear with this one too...
I'm wearing a grey top under the sweater instead of black.
I'm not usually one to just wear black and grey, but I really couldn't find anything with color I liked!

I came home and made a spooky treat for Carla's party tomorrow!  Went a little "batty!".....

dear hocus pocus! On Friday I headed to Carla's Halloween party! I was so excited!  We munched down on scary treats and then watched Hocus Pocus.  


The party ended up being more of a intervention for one of our friend's that has been struggling for a while now, but it was meant to be and we did what we needed to do.  It was quite a miracle how everything worked out. 
The four musketeers out to save the day! :)
It also ended up in a very different location than we planned on but we will be forever grateful that it did! 

dear halloween! First thing on the agenda was my long run!  I am grateful for Robin for calling to see if I wanted to go with her.  I have not been too motivated to get myself out the door lately.  I only ran twice this week besides today! So not like me. But I am not signed up for any race right now and that is usually what motivates me.  Besides, I am still feeling like I deserve a little rest after training so hard for the past year and half to qualify for Boston.  I need to stop that thinking! We ran a 8 mile route.  It was perfect fall weather, not too hot and not too cold.  I love running with Robin.  We are each others therapists I think.  We have some great discussions during all the miles we log in.  When we were done I went to tour her house to see all the remodeling she's been doing.  It was nice!
Here's my remodel:
Just kidding.  Actually, I made this house several years ago.  I often wonder how I did things like this when I had five little boys to take care of and now I have no little boys to take care of, I am not sure I could find the time to do one!  Explain that!
I had to run to Walmart and get some treats for some special peeps and then I delivered them around and when I got home... I heard a knock on my door...
On all Hallows EVEning....
 Look who it was!
YIKES!  At first I was NOT sure WHO in the heck was standing on my porch, but almost immediately I realized it HAD to be Nadine!  She loves Halloween as much as I do!  And she goes all out!  WOW!  What a great witch she makes!  And she was just dressed up to do the Trunk or Treat!  She told me she invited me to her friend's Witches Ball this year, but I never saw the invite. I told her to be sure and invite me next year!  It will be a blast!  

This Halloween was VERY different than any other in MANY years!  I knew we would have no boys home for dinner and so I figured there was no point in going all out for Dave and I.  I figured we would just sit and stare at each other all night.  lol  BUT, my Mom called and asked if I was doing the dinner (they always come and join us each year on Halloween) and I told her I would if they would come.  She said they would and so I decided to at least do my traditional potato and cheese soup in pumpkin bowls. The soup turned out exceptionally delish this year.   BUT...I was not going to make any scary or creepy food.  Didn't even get out all of my scary dishes!  Too much work for just us.  Bad attitude I know.  Then low and behold, WHO shows up? 

And his bud Travis!  I was NOT expecting him to be home!  They had come back to work for their landscaping boss.  I was a little sad I hadn't gone all out like I always do, but he wasn't home for long. Just long enough to do his laundry.  I did convince him to stay and eat.   Not a hard thing to do because that is pretty much all that kid does!  He eats more than any of my other boys and Travis said he eats more than any of them (roommates) as well.  That kid can put it down and he is still so skinny!  He is ALWAYS hungry!  I thought he was going to starve to death in Hawaii because he wanted a meal every two hours!
My parents with Taylor and his friend Travis
YES, she is! 
Tyson's cute friend Brooke and her family stopped by!  It is TRADITION!  I always look forward to it and have a special treat for her kids. She's expecting #3!  A boy. Named Wesson.

Who DIDN'T stop by was my chocolate buddy JAIDA!  

I couldn't believe she didn't come!  Last year she DID come and we weren't here for the FIRST time in forever because we were in SLC at McKay's state playoff football game!  (I added a couple pix of that night a year ago because I remember it was the most gorgeous sunset EVER!)
It was also the last time McKay will be in the country for Halloween for two years!  Sadly they lost and it was a sad day!
Anyway, back to Jaida....
Last year she sent me the picture on the left.  This year I sent her the picture on the right! 
  I was TRULY sad!  I didn't want to miss this tradition for two years in a row!  On Sunday night (day after Halloween) I posted the above photo on her mom's Facebook and wrote: 
Last year....this year....
We've got to stop miss-meeting like this!
I was home this year! Waited for you with your chocolate and no you!

Within minutes, my doorbell rang!  
And look who it was!!! 

And all dressed up in her Halloween costume JUST for me!
 We had to take the traditional photo of how tall she is getting!  I wasn't even dressed up but I looked scarier than she did because I had been in bed with a migraine all day with no make-up and my hair a mess!  I told her mom thank you so much for bringing her!  She said Jaida's dad told them to not go over because what if I already gave her giant candy bar away?  Jaida told him that she wasn't going for the candy, but for the picture because we take one EVERY year!  How sweet is that!  I love my chocolate buddy!  We've taken a photo EVERY SINGLE YEAR since she was a baby!  13 now.... and I'm counting last year's because she took one at my door.  The next day (last year) I delivered her treat and we took these:
2014 - oh my gosh I'm wearing the same shirt!
This is the Manic Manikin's house decorated for Halloween.  I needed a better shot, but you get the idea.
I LOVE HALLOWEEN!  Until next year...


dear daylight savings time, why?  Just why?  Even when we gain an hour it messes me up! 

dear migraine,  I woke up at 2 a.m. Sunday with a killer migraine.  Could this be why....
Could be!  I haven't a full blown migraine for about a year!  I usually catch them in time but not this one.  I think it actually started on Friday when I got a killer headache.  This one kept me home from church.  Thankfully Dave filled in for me and taught my Sunday School class!  Glad I don't have to experience these things as often as I used to!  This one wiped me out and left me weak for several days!  But God bless Maxalt!

dear quotes,

dear quizzes,
Dawn!  I shared this one for you!  HEHE
Oh....hahah!  I needed to read this BEFORE the race! 

dear women's forum,
It's not too late to register!  You can even show up at the door!

It's going to be great this year!  And you won't want to miss my modeling debut in the fashion show! Not! hehe

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