Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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Weekly journal of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear busy monday, I didn't go running this morning because I was still feeling a little hung over from the migraine and I knew I needed to save some energy for my crazy day.   I ran to Walmart to get a gift for Mona and then picked her up for her birthday lunch.  She turned 78 today.  We met Bonnie and Cheryl at El Toro and had a delicious lunch.  We all ordered the same thing!  Chicken Mole Enchiladas.  Mole has a bit of chocolate in it and so that's why I wanted it.  I order it every time I go there. Everyone thought it sounded good and got it too.  It was yummy!

 Mona got to wear the Sombrero and got some complimentary scones for her birthday!

 She's a cutie!  After lunch I took her to Walmart to pick out some yarn for her birthday gift.  I also gave her a bag to hold it in and some Dove chocolate and the Christmas Mint Kit Kats!  Mmmmm.....  It's the only time of year you can get those!
The Jazzy's were all taken and so I had to push her around the store in a wheel chair with a broken wheel.  Now that was an adventure!  

I took her home and drove to Roy to meet my pals to go to the Secret Haven Christmas Boutique.  It is the same place we went for the Halloween one.  It was fun because Catherine, Sheila, Tracy, and Julie all came this item.  We got 25% off one item and 15% off of all other Christmas things.
As you can see we love to shop.  Especially Tracy!  hehe  In the end she only got two of those pillows.  I got that gorgeous lighted tree after much deliberation and persuading by my friends.  I really loved it but I also wanted to get a couple of tops that were to die for.  They had the yummiest treats too.  Gingersnap cookies and mint brownies!  Oh my! Catherine and I ran over to the bakery where they made them and got some to go home.  I got one for Bonzo too because I was going to see her right after.
 We had a great time!  I couldn't decide on which photo I liked best so I added both.  
↓ ↑ lol

They dropped me off at my car in Roy and I headed to Ogden to go meet Dawn so we could visit BonzoIt was an interesting experience but I am so glad we went.  She was doing much better and I think she is understands more how important this is.  They wouldn't let me give her the brownie though...dang it!  

When I got home I found Dave making salsa!  Ugh!  I was not really in the mood to spend a few more hours doing that.  But, I knew he needed my help.  We were up until almost 1 a.m. if you count it as before Daylight Savings Time and how my body felt....or midnight if you go by the clock.  Either way, I was tired!  I think I am trying to get sick.  I have been feeling pretty crappy. 
It was a long day.  I was hoping to get some good sleep but my body was not cooperating! 
Salsa is pretty!
The best part was he got some purple jars!  LOVE THEM!  Sadly, you can't tell they are purple once the salsa is in them! 

dear tuesday, Dave had to head to SLC to do a consult with some attorneys for a medical case.  It was a rainy and stormy day.  While he was gone I put away my Halloween.  Can I just say I strongly dislike (hate to say hate but I should!) putting away my holiday decors.  I don't mind getting them out so much, but the put away part stresses me out!  Mainly because I have TOO many and it's always a challenge to get them to fit in my totes!  I was feeling crappy again and just wanted to lay down, but I had to get it done.  I also got two blog posts done.  I am still trying to get the Hawaii one done. Hopefully soon! Dave had meetings from 6 until 10 tonight.
These chicks were hanging out in our yard today...
Marilyn posted this photo of us on Facebook and I like it much better than the one I posted on last week's post.

dear bryce, looks like you have are staying busy in Idaho setting up the light park.  That squirrel looks like winter is just around the bend.  I think it is!

Looks like I was correct according to this next pix you posted. Winter has arrived in ID!
Yes, I do believe it has! His Snapchat

dear wednesday, I woke up feeling pretty crappy again today.  I really should run but I'm not sure if it would do more harm than good when I feel like this.  Maybe I just need to give my body a break.  I actually didn't leave my house for two straight days because I wasn't feeling well.  That is so not normal.  But it was kind of nice!

dear thursday, I finally felt well enough to go for a run today.  I made it five miles.  Not fast, not really fun, but gotter done!  Then I headed to our monthly Homemaker's meeting.  We had a class on baking with beans and then we did a thing called ME IN A BAG.  Everyone had to bring a bag with three or four items that represented them.  I honestly wasn't sure what to take but I ended up taking these things: 
Boston Baked Beans (to represent I will be running the Boston Marathon), a race medal, Violet Crumble (because I LOVE purple AND chocolate!, and my Pennies From Heaven jar (I hid my name on it). 
It was fun seeing what everyone brought and guessing who was who. Mine was WAY too easy and they guessed rather quickly.  I wish I had taken some more difficult items, but it was a fun get to know you activity.

After the meeting Karen invited me to go to Consignology with them but I had promised Mona I would take her to Walmart.   It was quite the adventure. The Jazzy's were all gone (of course!) and so I had to go to the other side of the store and try and find one.  I found one but had no idea how to drive the thing - nor did I want to!  I went back to get her to put her in a wheelchair (hopefully this time one without a broken wheel!) and push her back to the Jazzy, but when I got there she wasn't.  I went on a search for her (one of several during our visit to Wallies that day) and finally found her.  She found a Jazzy and had taken off to find me!  We shopped and shopped and shopped. I think I looked at every item on every shelf (twice!) while waiting for her to get what she needed.  She takes a lot longer than I do.  We got checked out and headed to Seagull Book.  She bought a couple cute blouses and cute black skirts.  I got a couple things for McKay's Christmas gift.  My niece Tanae happened to be working.  Then off to the Dollar Store because she needed something there.  Then back to her home.  Getting all her groceries up to her apartment is always an adventure!  We stack her walker high with sacks and I carry the rest.  My arms were loaded this time and it was hilarious.  This is the best shot I got:
 Last time was even better with a case of TP and paper towels towering over her walker.
I must admit we do have fun.  Mona is a hoot.  She is struggling a bit now with some memory issues from the accident, but we still manage to have fun.  Here we are in the elevator at her apartment. 
I helped her unload her groceries and clean up a bit.  After three hours, she was exhausted.  So was I.  I headed home and snuggled up in my heated blanket with Mr. Cat.  This cold weather makes him a bit more snuggly with me.  He jumped on my lap and purred and made biscuits for about 10 minutes!  Awesome!

dear long run, I did my long run on Friday because Saturday I won't have time.  I was going to go nine miles but ended up doing 10 because that is what I really needed to do.  I saw a dead cow just laying in a field today.  Sad.  My run was pretty uneventful and my phone died so I was unable to check my Facebook post that was blowing up.  I was actually glad.  The reason for that is below.... 

dear new church policy reaction, oh my!  Social media blew up today over the new policy the church has instituted considering gay marriage and apostasy and their children being baptized or blessed.  I was in shock at the slandering the church and the brethren were getting.  Not just the church dissenters, but even some members of the church as well.  It really saddened me.  It also confused me.  I was so confused how a policy change can cause people to lose their testimony just like that.  Or maybe they didn't have one in the first place.  Whatever the case may be I was not just going to just sit back and watch this happen without standing as witness for what I believe!  I was so disheartened by what people were posting on Facebook and in the blog posts and news articles as well as the reaction of some of my friends and even family.  I have never seen anything like it before.  I honestly believe I was witnessing the true sifting of the wheat and tares right before my eyes.

I posted this picture quote with the paragraph at the bottom:
Bottom line is do you believe we have a living Prophet who receives revelation from God or not? We may not know all the reasons as to the whys....but we must have faith that if our Prophet is a true mouthpiece of God, then there is a good reason for this change and trust in that.
I took a deep breath and waited.  I knew it was a risk.  I usually stay very clear of anything political or even remotely controversial when it comes to posting on social media because I know it will bring about debate and I did not want to debate anything.  But... I had to stand for what I believe and voice my support for the Prophet.  I could not NOT state my belief.

I took off on my long run and checked my phone off and on to see what kind of reaction I would get.  I got all positive comments and a lot of likes.  But then, a girl that was in my ward growing up who is now a very liberal attorney and strong supporter of the LGTB community and even a supporter of the Ordain Women group, made a comment.  I knew she would.  I planned on it.  She was one of the reasons I almost didn't post.  But in the end she (and others who feel like her) were part of the reason I did.  And even though her comment was misleading if you didn't understand the policy, it was her opinion and I respected it.  I started to write a reply but just before I was to publish it, I deleted it.  I decided I was not going to get in a debate with her because I knew it would never end if I did and I know myself well enough to know that it's better to just let it go before it ever gets started.  Things were getting REALLY ugly on the internet.  REALLY ugly.  It was a war.  And then my phone died.  And I was grateful!  I finished my run without having to keep checking it to see if it was blowing up.  

I understand that this could mean major changes for the LGBT community, but I am not sure why they expected the church to change their stance on homosexuality.  I think they honestly believed that was going to happen because the church has encouraged us to be kind and show tolerance and love.  But that doesn't mean God is going to change His commandments and lower His standards just to "fit in" with the worldly ways of those who feel they should be accepted for their choice to go against what has stood in place since the beginning of time simply due to the social pressure of the day. That's not how God works.  He doesn't change His commandments when the standards of the world change.  He never has.  In 1 Nephi 10:18 it states: "For he is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Those opposing the church use the argument that when the blacks were given the Priesthood and the practice of Polygamy ended it was because of social pressure and came about because of a Prophet pleading with the Lord, so why not allow gay marriage?  Isn't it that simple?  Fortunately, it's not.  What they are refusing to look at it is the fact that it ultimately will be in the best interest of families and it will protect children that will be raised in a same sex marriage.  Instead they are protesting that it is hurting children.  I see the big picture of the policy change and it needed to happen in order to protect children raised in those families. 

I replied to a comment with this:
In the end it ultimately comes down to protecting those children. The church is not punishing children for the decisions of their same-sex parents. It is a protection from making covenants without the support, structure or best opportunity to understand those covenants and keep them, as well as to protect them from losing vital relationships with their parents (food and shelter if they are under 18). It's the same reason the church is cautious about allowing adult Muslims to become a member of the church. It is to protect them and their family because it's dangerous for a Muslim to convert to Christianity due to cultural differences even in countries that protect religious freedoms of Christian and Muslims. The church may still decline to baptize the candidate simply because of cultural conflicts. This will protect the children and prevent conflict in the home.

I really didn't get too many more opposing comments and for that I was grateful.  But then a friend of mine posted my comment on her Facebook wall and said: About the article from the LDS church, I think my friend Jodi said it best...  And then she posted the comment above and tagged me in it.  It totally blew up!  SO. MANY. opposing comments.  I refrained from getting caught up in the debate.  It was a debate and debates were going on all over Facebook.  Ugly debates. I finally un-tagged myself from the post even though it was my comment.  I was sickened as I scrolled through and saw all the haters.  But I was also feeling hope and gratitude that so many were also standing up for their beliefs!  My "bottom line"  post was shared 23 times as of Saturday.  And I was so proud of many of my friends that were standing as witnesses against all the hate.  

I am not a fan of conflict, and I totally understand the conflict so many are having from this news, but I think it stems from their own personal biases and not an understanding of the real issue. Having a background in Child Development and Child Psychology, I understand that a child is simply not neurologically capable of dealing with the ambiguity that would result if they were raised with same-sex parents and then attend the LDS church where they are taught that heterosexual marriage is the only way to have an eternal family and then go home to a family that does not fit that mold.  It places them in a very vicarious and vulnerable position to feel like their own family is not valuable and they are forced to judge it against the church standards.  It has nothing to do with their own worthiness of Heavenly Father's love, but everything to do with putting them in the position of not feeling aligned with their parents set of values.  As I said above, children simply have not yet developed the cognitive ability to handle the ambiguity that would be certain if they find themselves placed in this situation of conflicting beliefs until they are in their late teenage years.  Therefore, this policy change will be protecting these children from a great deal of emotional trauma that would result from trying to choose between two very different value systems. 

I have to reaffirm that it all comes down to one thing... either you believe we have a living Prophet who is the mouthpiece of the Lord Himself or we don't.  It's really as SIMPLE as that. What makes us think we understand things better than the God who created all things?  I for one feel safer knowing that He is at the helm and directing things according to His knowledge and will.

 Here is a video the church released to provide some clarity on the policy change:

 Here are a couple links that are also helpful in understanding it all: 

The 9 Facebook Myths About the Church’s New LGBT Policy

A post written by a gay Mormon man about it all...

A post written by a girl raised by gay parents...

There are many many more....like I said social media has blown up with opinions and debates about it all.  I just don't understand if people feel so strongly about it then they have the choice to leave and go find another church that suits them better instead of staying and bashing and slandering with such viciousness.  I guess it stems back to "people can leave the church, they just can't leave the church alone" thing.

I pray that those who are feeling confused, saddened, or hurt by all this will find the peace that they need to understand that first it is the will of God and second that it ultimately will be in the best interest of everyone it affects.  No one needs to blindly believe.  All can get their own confirmation by asking through prayer.

dear date night, I had to run to the campus to help set up for tomorrow's Women's Forum, but then Dave and I headed out to Costa Vida for dinner and to see the new James Bond movie Spectre.  I love going to dinner and a movie.  Especially when it involves a Sweet Pork Salad from Costa Vida.  Love those things!
The movie was intense but pretty good...as far as a James Bond movie goes.  It is so crazy to leave an empty house and come home to an empty house.  I am not sure I will ever get used to this empty nest thing.  Good thing for Mr. Cat!  

dear women's forum, I headed to the campus extension early on Saturday to help with registration but I really wasn't needed.  It was under control.  It was a fun day and a lot of good friends were there.  I got to meet Nicea D. from Good Things Ut  as she was entering to key note.  She is VERY tall.  I have always really liked her.  She is flawless. Very beautiful.  I had a friend tell me once that she was my Doppelganger. How I wish!  I would like just a portion of her flawless complexion and poise.  Her talk was well done and I thought she did a great job. 
 I rushed to introduce Aleisha for her workshop.  It was so fun to see her and I was so happy she brought her Mama Jenniece.  We have been dear friends for over 25 years now and I just love her to pieces and Aleisha is every bit as amazing. She did a great job and was so bubbly and full of energy.
With Aleisha and Jenneice
I then rushed to get dressed for the fashion show that I was a modeling in.  There were 20 or more of us modeling.  It was actually a lot of fun!  We each had to model two outfits. The first workshop was really full...mostly older ladies. 
With Karen and Tracy in some of the outfits we modeled...
With Karen, Julie, Tracy and Kim (seriously what is my scarf doing!)
With Tracy and Julie
Stacy and Peggy modeling PJ'S!

We had lunch after the first fashion show.  Lunch is catered by Iron Gate Grill and is always fabulous!  I look forward to it...especially the peach punch! Mmm..
I sat with Jenniece, Aleisha, Julie, and Tracy. 

Then I had to run and introduce another speaker and then rush back and get dressed for the second fashion show.  There were fewer in that one, but it was still fun.  Here we are all in one of our outfits.
The last group I introduced was the Wood Sisters.  They did a great musical presentation on Motherhood.  I have been corresponding with Holly and I got a kick out of seeing her name as Holly Wood every time I chatted with her.  She puts a J in the middle so it's not so noticeable, but it cracks me up. How fun!  They were THEE nicest women ever! Loved each of them!
With the Wood Sisters
It was a great conference as it always is.  We had about 140 in attendance and so that was pretty good.  It may be the last year they do it since Joan is retiring.  Hopefully someone else will take it on so it can continue.

dear sunday, when we got home from church we found a pleasant surprise...TWO of them!  Both Bryce and Taylor were home.  Taylor was here to get help for a Chemistry test and Bryce came back for a night to grab some more things for his job and goes back tomorrow.  
We made stuffed peppers before church but only for the two of us and so we threw in some pot pies and made rice and biscuits as well.  What's funny is I told Dave we didn't need to even make dinner because since it's just us I would be fine with toast and hot chocolate.  Or even just cereal. But luckily we did anyway!  This empty nest thing is SO weird!  Not sure I will ever get used to it.  Last night as we were eating dinner (leftovers) we were saying how different it was and how nice it would be if the boys just dropped in.  And they did....a day later, but they did!  I like it when they are here. 

dear randomness....check out Mr. 3 Point!  He was just chilling in our backyard!  Isn't he a beaut?! 
 I love the deer that hang out with us.  They aren't even scared when we go out and make noise unless we go towards them.
Mr. 3 Point
CJ's mom posted this ↓ on Facebook or I wouldn't have known what this boy was up to.  In town too but no visit.  He says he rode with someone so couldn't stop by.  I am grateful for social media so I know what is happening with these kids!  I wish we would have had it when I was this age so my parents knew what I was up to as well because I rarely told them either!  haha

dear siberia, YIKES!  It's getting cold over there!
Forecast!  And that's not even Siberia cold YET! 
My cute Russian boy!  How I miss him!
Winter has arrived!
His coat is named SHARK FORCE..... the labels and some Chicken Alfredo!
Stole this off one of his buds blogs....
McKay heads to Korea this week to get his Visa renewed!  He will be there for a couple days and then go to Vladivostok for a couple of weeks because they are having a Zone Conference and it would be silly for him to fly back to Angarsk (2000 miles away) for a week and head back for Zone Conference.  So he will be hanging out with the AP's in Vlad for a couple weeks.  That should be fun for him!  You can read his letters HERE.

dear quotes:
And I am...
Actually, this year I am looking forward to Christmas.  I am not sure why because it usually just creates feelings of stress and overwhelm, but this year, I am excited!  I hope that feeling lasts and gets me through the New Year!
I hope "you are what you eat" does not apply to this!
How profound!

This would cause a heart attack for me and instant death






Nancy Mc said...

I love how you stated your belief on facebook about the church's recent statement. I don't know if I was chicken or just trying to keep peace. One of my children was being very, very negative about the church. I decided not to fight on facebook and pray that his heart will be softened. I enjoyed reading this post.

Dawn said...

those mint Kit Kats sound yummy. I love your tree that you got ...I really need to go to the Boutique again. It's a good one. I love that you shared your testimony...I feel the same way. I feel bad that I missed the Women's Forum...that is a busy weekend for us usually. I think it was a fluke that I was able to make it once...but I really hope to again. I'm glad your boys surprised you...best surprise. I would love to see a buck in our back yard. I know we have deer around but I haven't ever seen them in our field. So awesome! Your cute missionary looks happy :)

Jodi Wilding said...

Nancy, I felt I had to! I rarely do anything like that due to my husband's calling but I felt I needed to stand as a witness. Hope I did the right thing!!! I have many prayers going up like yours too! I have faith they will one day be answered!

Dawn you would love them! Hopefully you can come next year to the boutique and the forum! They were both fun!

Audrey said...

Good for you for being so brave and posting amid the criticism going on everywhere. You are so wonderful at putting your thoughts into words. I'm going to have to try to make it to the Women's Forum next year, it seems like I have something I have to do every year so I miss it.


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