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*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear running with the wind, or more like against it!  Holy tornado, it was windy on Monday!  I ran out west and it was crazy!  My hair was blowing straight up at one point.  I tried to get a photo of it but these are the best I could get.  It was so cold!  But after a couple miles I was mostly warmed up and felt fine. 

dear suit shopping....I finally got Dave to go suit shopping.  I've only been trying for a year.  With Stake Conference coming up this weekend, I think he figured it was time too. He had the day off and so we left pretty early after my run.  We had to make several stops on the Walmart for the shower invites and a few other stops.  We then headed to SLC and went to Joseph A. Banks.  My sister in law told me they were having a big sale.  We were only in there for 45 minutes at the most and left with a huge dent in the bank account but with two suits.  Actually, we didn't leave with any suits because they had to order in the extra long one for him.  They will ship them in two weeks, so he won't be wearing his new suits for Stake Conference. Oh well.  Dave is not one that is fond of shopping and he only tried on four and was able to choose from them.  It was just like taking McKay shopping.  McKay tried on one and wanted it but I made him go to several other stores and try on more. We ended up going back for the first one.  I decided with Dave, instead of shopping all day and trying on more and trying to find a better deal, to just get those since he was good with them.  One store.  Tried on four suits.  Bought two.  DONE!  It was a relief even though we spent way more than we had hoped.  But he got some nice ones.  We then headed to Trolley Square to eat lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory.  My favorite place!
 I got what I always do!  The Manager's Special.  Half meat sauce and half Mizithra cheese in browned butter.  Mmmm..... I love that place!  
We went to Dick's bakery (our favorite!) and got some donuts and I bought some eclairs for my tea party tomorrow.  I told Dave my Grandma Mae used to buy me Alligator Jaws when I was a little girl.  Oh. My. Gosh. I remember how much I loved them!  I used to dream about eating them!  But I haven't had one in about 40 years.  Dick's had mini ones and so he bought me one.  It wasn't as good as I remembered. ☺ Definitely won't be dreaming about them again! I also got a mint brownie.  Mmm.... Now those I WILL dream about. Sadly, I was too full eat it.  But that baby is going in my belly tomorrow!

 Dave wanted to run by Bird World to check out the fish as well.  We used to live by it and loved to go in there and check things out.  It wasn't quite as cool as we remembered but it was still pretty fun. Why is things always seem so much better in our memories than real life?  ☺

We then hit Nielsen's Frozen Custard and got a Bumbleberry concrete with almonds. Now those things will always be as good as I remember!  The best!   I only had a few bites because I was still so full. I had to stop at Karen's to get the shower invite address labels and as Karen and I finished up shower details this is what was happening in the other room:
Mickey giving Dave harp lessons.  It was so cute.  He was good too.  She also taught me to play Twinkle Twinkle.  I am just dying to get my own and learn how to play that thing! Sigh.... Maybe Santa will bring me one this year?  I have been a very pretty good girl this year!
It was a full day of shopping and errands.  We counted eleven or twelve stops that we made.  Just relieved to get those suits!

dear gratitude glammas first annual tea party,
It was a blast!  Don't we look like such Glammas?  Check out Kathy's ring over her glove?  So her!  haha
More posing.
Dawn brought us fancy white gloves!  We all felt so elegant in them!
The tea treats...

It was a great party.  Kathy has probably over 100 tea sets in her house. Maybe more!  She inherited them from her mother.  I was in awe at how many she had and then she told us that it was only 1/5th of the collection.  Her siblings all got that many too!  Her mom was quite the collector!

 We do have fun together!
 I love these beautiful Gratitude Glammas!
A few months ago when Dawn, Kathy and I were at Bear Lake, we talked about doing this.  We wanted to make this a worthwhile get together and focus on the power of gratitude.  I hope we pulled it off.  We needed a way to give away the door prizes I brought and so we played a game where we had to say "I am thankful for OR I am grateful for" before we could say anything.  It was hilarious!  We laughed and laughed!  It was hard!  But funny!  I took Gratitude Journals for everyone and talked a little bit about why we wanted to do the tea party and the importance of gratitude in our lives and how it can change our lives. I told how when I lost Tyson that it would have easy to just stay in bed all day but I had four other boys to raise and I had to figure out how to function.  Gratitude was the magic that helped me do that.  I also talked about the Complain Free World campaign. The bracelets came that were for the Special Needs but I had extra and so passed them out at the tea party.  And I talked about this quote:
 I told how the Buddhists believe all people are endowed with the innate ability to create value out of any situation, no matter how awful or tragic. I told how I stumbled on that quote just that morning and learned from a website that unlike the idea that every cloud has a silver lining—that something positive can always be found in everything negative—the principle of changing poison into medicine explains that we can transform even the most horrific tragedy into the very thing we need to become happier than we currently are.
 Kathy told the story from the Hiding Place (my fave book!) about even being grateful for fleas.  I actually gave a talk on that once called Embrace the Fleas.  Dawn talked about gratitude but we were running out of time and so we kind of wrapped it up and the last thing we did was to write something nice about each person.  Here is what was written about me:
All in all, I think it went well. I know I had a good time.  Hopefully everyone left feeling even a little more uplifted than they normally do after one of our lunches.  I did!  

dear mr. cat, you are once crazy cat.  You love the printer and try to attack it when it's printing.
But you also have been getting attacked as well.  I am assuming from fighting with other cats, but I have no idea. All I know is you have had two major head injuries in a week. One was oozing blood and then pus and so we had to get you on antibiotics.  

 And you still love this human more than any other.  Hmm....
Wrong, just wrong! 

dear adorable mother of mine, my Mommy made the front page of one of the sections of the Ogden Standard this week!  Isn't she adorable? 
She is so funny because she text me saying, "I about died as I was reading the paper.  They put me on the front of 9A with the tap dancers.  Worst picture in the world.  Hope you're not too embarrassed."
You can read the entire article  HERE.
She tap dances with a group of ladies even though she is constant pain all the time. 
This is what I posted on Facebook:
My cute Mom in the Standard for her toe tapping talents! Even though she is in chronic back/hip pain all the time, she doesn't let it stop her from enjoying life! So proud of you MOM!
Here is a clearer picture of her.  Isn't she cute?  Love that Mama of mine!

dear turkey trot!  It was bitter cold this morning and if Taylor hadn't shown up to run this race with me, I am not sure I would've braved the cold. I think it was the coldest morning we have had so far.  It was 18° when I first woke up and 21° when we arrived at the race.  In a month those temps will feel like a heat wave, but for now, it was brrrrrrrrr!
Taylor is a good sport and drove all the way down to run this with me.  He did great!  He is so stinkin' fast and he never runs!  If he actually trained he would be unreal! 
And we are off! 
This is me approaching the second lap.  It's a four mile race that repeats a two mile route.
A friend of mine took this and posted it on Facebook before I even got home. 
Dave is always my biggest athletic supporter.  (Sorry....just love to say that! hehe) 
I ran the four miles in a 8:26 pace.  I finished in 33:30.  A new PR for this race as far as I can remember!!!  I was really hoping for a PR because I have been worried I have been losing all the speed work training I did this past year.  Yay!  I hope that means I haven't lost it yet!  I love new PR's!  I took first in my age division and got a gobbler! Taylor ran it in 29:38 with a 7:00 something pace and got 2nd in his age division.  He won a pumpkin pie!  McKay would have been so thrilled!  He used to be sad if I won a turkey for first place and wanted me to always take 2nd because he loves pumpkin pie. LOL  Some 50 year old guy that lives like four hours away took overall winner.  This guy has set all kinds of running records and ran it in a 5:00 pace!  Crazy!  Had he not shown up then the 1st place winner in Taylor's AD would have got overall winner and Taylor would have got 1st.  Next year! 
Getting a good start to our Thanksgiving dinner!

This WILD turkey in our backyard is trotting too!  And for good reason! Tis' the season!

dear stake conference, Saturday night I went to the church for dinner with all the Bishop's and their wives and Elder Porter. The Stake RS prepared the meal and it was delicious!  Roast beef with roasted potatoes and squash, homemade rolls, green salad, and cake.  It was really good.  We had the Parrish's at our table along with Elder Porter and the Agrens.  Elder Porter stood up and talked about how one of the Apostles told the brethren to never think that because of their callings that they are better than their wives.  In fact, he told them your wives are better youAll of us wives appreciated that.  haha  They were all smiling at their husbands as if to say, "See I told ya!"  JK  He gave a little more counsel and then we headed into the adult meeting. It was packed.  I sat by Nadine.  Dave did a great job. He had many in tears.  He has a way of speaking that is just so calming and so inspiring that you can just feel the spirit.  He talked a lot about the all the different trials we must endure and how there is great equality in our trials even though we might not think so.  It was a good meeting.  When we got home I pondered some more and tried to prepare what I was going to say in my testimony in the morning.  I only have five minutes.  That is not a lot of time.  Or, too much time!  I didn't sleep too well!  

Dave left early and I tried to gather some thoughts.  I am sure if I was asked to give a prepared talk it would be easier because I would have notes in front of my face!  At least I say that.  I am not sure I want to find out!  I'll just be happy with this!  I had been given five minutes to bear my testimony.  I headed over to the church (we usually meet in the tabernacle but it was having some work done on it) and really didn't want to sit on the stand just to bear my testimony.  I was afraid people would then expect too much, but I was informed that I "got" to.  Elder Porter told Dave to sit by me so that was actually nice. The place was packed!  The nerves were starting to creep in, but I actually stayed pretty calm (even though I had a camera on me that was broadcasting the meeting to two other buildings).    

When it was my turn, I said,  "Unlike Bro. Vance last night, I did not ask if I could sit on the stand to give moral support to Dave." The people that were there Saturday night "got it".  Those that didn't weren't sure why the others were laughing.  (Bro. Vance ended up having to bear his testimony because he asked if he could sit on the stand to give moral support to his wife who was speaking.  He found out that if you are sitting on the stand and not a presiding authority you have to speak.  Poor guy!)  Anyway, I talked about how I had been thinking a lot about the seasons of life lately and that we are now empty nesters since we sent our baby off to Russia on a mission and how it's been a bit of an adjustment, and we are at a slight disadvantage because we were not as of yet grandparents, and so I joke around that someone needs to start a program called Rent a Grandchild where you rent them for as long as your energy lasts, pay a fee and then send them back until you're ready for them again.  (Everyone laughed, but I am serious here!)

I then said how fast the time went when our children were small and how much I LOVED that time of my life and I wished it would never end and how much I miss it now.  However, there were more than a few times I remember wondering if I would survive and told the story of one time when I was in the grocery store and was very feeling overwhelmed. I had all five boys (probably had one hanging from my leg, another begging for a treat or toy, and the others tossing back and forth a can of beans like it was a football) and a little grandma came up to me and lovingly told me, "Honey, enjoy this time because it will fly by!  You will blink and it will be gone."   I looked at her and said, "I sure hope you're right!

But now being on the other end, I can say she was 100% right.  It went so fast. We as mothers always document when our children do major things for the first time.... first smile, first word, first step, first day of school...and on and on.  But we don't document the lasts....mainly because we never know when they are going to be.  We don't know when the last time a child will sit on our lap will be, or the last time we will read a bedtime story, or the last time we will tuck them in at night, or the last fort that will be built with blankets.  And truthfully maybe that's a good thing. I am actually grateful I didn't know or I would have been a mess of tears.  We just need to cherish those moments and appreciate them while they are happening.Yes, I know I am now sounding like that lady in the store, but it hasn't been so long ago that I can't remember those days

Anyway, back to my testimony....(I really can't remember all that I said but hopefully I will remember some of the basics) ...I said how much admiration I have for the young mothers and for what a great job they do and how as mothers we always wonder if what we are doing day in and day out is even making a difference and how everyone yearns to feel like they are making a difference in the world but it's hard to see how you possibly could be when your days are filled with diapers, feeding, cleaning (and I should have added - but didn't - the season of wiping....wiping counters, noses, bottoms, floors....feeling completely wiped out), but I told them that they ARE making a difference.  An eternal one.   It's the law of the harvest at work.  The results don't come for a long time.   

I also talked about how now when I look back at it from my vantage point, I remember what the Savior said about making a difference in the world.  I paraphrased the scripture in Matthew 25  that says, "For I was an hungred and ye gave me meat, I was thirsty and ye gave me drink,  a stranger and ye took me in, naked and ye clothed me, sick and ye visited me, prison and ye took me in.  "Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." (Matthew 25:34-40).

A good friend of mine once talked about this scripture and I remember what I learned from her and said, "Isn't that the very essence of motherhood? We are ALWAYS feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, nursing the sick, and nurturing those in trouble. There is hardly time to do anything else!" I bore my testimony that motherhood is a sacred work and that you are making a difference.  An ETERNAL difference.  Most things we do in life do not make an eternal difference but mothering does.
The rest gets a little fuzzy.  I said how next week it will 10 years since we lost our son Tyson.  I had to stop for a few seconds to compose myself, and then I talked about what a great example he was and how it was a difficult thing but many good things came from it.  I really don't remember all I said about that.  But there were a few people wiping their eyes.  I hope I said something that was helpful to them in their lives.
I closed by bearing my testimony of the Savior and for the gratitude I have for all He did for each of us.  How He took upon Himself not only the sins of every single soul, but also all of their griefs, sorrows, pains, and infirmities and he KNOWS how to succor us perfectly because He came to know how we feel "according to the flesh".  He did it so He would be filled with perfect empathy.  He knows what we are going through because HE suffered it already.  I said that I am so grateful for Him and for His amazing sacrifice for me even when I make stupid mistakes.  I thanked the stake for being so supportive and kind to our family and how grateful I was for that.

Then I turned to sit down and as Dave got up, I seriously almost tripped over him!  Whew!  Lucky I didn't!

He started out by talking about me and said how hard it was to get me up there. (Only because I didn't want to sit on the stand!)  He said that a year ago when they were sustained at stake conference Elder Ballard commented that he had a spunky wife and he said that that pretty much sums her up.  He said the definition of spunky is courageous and determined.  I saw a lot of people grinning...either because they know me well or were surprised.  Most likely the latter.  He said, "My wife’s a runner.  She is very good at it.  We have medals all over the house in recognition of her accomplishments. "  At this point I was wanting to crawl under my chair and just kept thinking....oh please get on with your talk and stop talking about me!  It's one thing if you are sitting in the audience, but an entirely different one if you are right on the stand!  He said how in high school he was on the cross country team and that it was not due to any exceptional talent, but more by default. (yeah right)  He said he has great admiration for runners as they overcome obstacles, conquer their fears, and do things that most of us will only dream of.  He then told the story of the St. George Marathon finish line where he watched so many collapse as they got right to finish line.  He said about how they just ran 26.1 miles and only had .1 to go but couldn't do it without some assistance from others...and that the others helping them were other runners who also had just ran that distance and were worn out an weary as well, but they stopped to help the ones struggling. It was very touching.  He then went on and spoke about McKay and read some excerpts from a few of the letters he sent home including this:

Dear Mom,
   Happy Birthday!  Since serving this mission I have really come to appreciate all you have done for me my whole life.  You’ve always been there when I needed you.  One time in particular is when I used to be deathly afraid of being kidnapped.  Once I was praying that I would feel peace, and right after I said, Amen, you came in my room and calmed me down and let me know that everything would be alright.  Why would the Lord send a Heavenly angel when I have an earthly angel as a mother?
Love McKay

At this point I had to really try to control the tears. First Tyson and now McKay.  How much can a mother's heart take AND while sitting on the stand in front of the entire stake?!

I'm not sure I heard much of the rest of his talk after that.  He did a great job though.

After the meeting Elder Porter wanted to meet with the Stake Presidency and their families.  Sadly, it was just Dave and I representing our family.  But little Mont joined us for a bit. He's a doll! 
Maybe he will be our first "rented grandchild"!
Dave and I with Elder Porter
The Stake Presidency with Elder Porter
Not sure what was so funny, but can tell these guys have a great time together.  

We came home and made the roasted veggies that the RS served us last night.  They were tasty! Then Dave had to run off to more meetings.

dear mckay, a lady that I am friends with on Facebook sent me this photo of you with the AP's who you are working with for a few weeks until you head back to Siberia.  I am not sure if that is your hat, (shapka ushanka) or you are borrowing it, but you're stylin'!  I want one!
Your travels to Korea to renew your Visa sounded like an adventure for sure!  I am feeling pretty bad that we didn't get any photos though!

dear bryce, I am glad you are keeping this stuff with you!  Looks COLD!  I'm not ready for it yet!

dear crazy things you see!  I could see a dark shadow in the shower we have on our main level that we rarely use and it kind of freaked me out!  I was hoping there was no one hiding in there waiting to attack me!  I bravely opened the door and was even more freaked out than before!  FRANKIE!  What is Frankie doing in my shower?!  Just hanging around I guess!  Actually, when I brought him inside to put him away with the Halloween decors, he was still wet and so Dave hung him in the shower to dry him off!  BUT, my decors are already put away and stored now and so poor Frankie is homeless.  I'm going to have to get the guys to get his tote back out so he can get back to his Home Sweet Home.  He looks rather homesick...
This is where Frankie resides during Halloween, but he usually has a brown bag in his hand filled with something that my friend Colleen drops by sneakily each year.  I couldn't find the photo of him holding the "goods" so this one has to do!

Saw this crazy thing on Snapchat.  Taylor posted it.  It's his roomie CJ.  I seriously died laughing when I saw this.  These boys do have fun.

dear quotes this week,  

It's HERE!  Yikes!  Came way too fast this year!

dear quizzes,

My friend Robin posted this one.  Made me laugh!
Sheesh!  What took so long!  hehe

dear facebook memories, everyday Facebook shows me what I posted on that day each year.  I am going to start adding a few of them on here for memory sake.

Sweet Kilo. He found this on a walk and put it in his mouth like that!
~♡ Day 25 ♡~Today I'm grateful that even though I don't have grandbabies... yet. I do have a grandpup! And one that even knows how to take a binky!


Nancy Mc said...

So much to love about this post. Your testimony, you gratitude tea party and the tea sets, the purple Santa, the quotes you chose to share. Very uplifting.

Jodi Wilding said...

Thanks so much Nancy! You are awesome to not only read, but to also comment!

Audrey said...

You did a fabulous job on your testimony at Stake Conference! It is so easy to feel the spirit when you speak.


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